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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
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Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
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08 July 2013

Sanskrit Translation of English Prayer for Rev. angel Kyodo Williams - C. Christian Williams -

Let me not through habit or fear build any house that may wall out the wind and rain of this love

वृत्त्या भयेन वा मां गृहं निर्मातुं
मा कदाप्यनुजानीहि यमेतस्य
प्रेम्णः वायुं वृष्टिं च निषिधति

writ-tya bha-ye-na wa mam gri-ham nir-ma-tum
ma ka-da-pya-nu-ja-nee-hi ya-me-tas-ya
prem-Nah wa-yum wrish-tim cha ni-shi-dha-ti

Victory Friend = विजयः मित्राय

Victory Warriors-Friends = विजयः योधमित्रेभ्यः

Warrior-Spirit Prayer of Awakening
योधात्मनः प्रार्थना बोधनस्य
yodhaatmanah praarthanaa bodhanasya

May all beings be granted with the strength, determination
and wisdom to extinguish anger and reject violence as a way.
सर्वे मानवाः आप्नुवंतु शक्तिं निश्चयं प्रज्ञां च

क्रोधं प्रणष्टुं हिंसां परित्यक्तुं च सदा

sarve maanavaah aapnuvantu shaktim nishchayam pradnyaam cha krodham pranashtum hinsaam parityaktum cha sadaa

May all suffering cease and may I seek, find and fully
realize the love and compassion that already lives within
me and allow them to inspire and permeate my every action.
सर्वबाधाः विरमंतु च मृग्याणि आप्नवानि

पूर्णतः अनुभवानि च प्रेम करुणां च पूर्वमेव

मयि स्थिते चानुमन्यै ते विश्वसितुं व्याप्तुं

च मम सर्वकर्माणि च

sarvabaadhaah wiramantu cha mrigyaani aapnawaani poornatah anubhavaani cha prema karunaam cha poorvameva mayi sthite chaanumanyai te wishvasitum wyaaptum cha mama sarvakarmaani cha

May I exercise the precious gift of choice and the
power to change that makes me uniquely human and is the
only true path to liberation.
योजानि अमूल्यपारितोषिकं वरस्य शक्तिं

परिवर्तितुं च यथा मां कुरुतः अद्वितीयत्वेन

मानवं चास्ति एकः एव मार्गः मुक्त्यै च

yojaani amoolya paaritoshikam warasya shaktim parivartitum cha yathaa maam karoti adwiteeyatwena maanavam chaasti ekah eva maargah muktyai cha

May I swiftly reach complete, effortless freedom so that
my fearless, unhindered action be of benefit to all.
गच्छानि सत्वरं पूर्णस्वातंत्र्यमनायासेन यथा

ममाभयानवरोधकर्माणि सर्वेषां हितं कुर्वंतु

gachchhaani satvaram poornaswaatantryamanaayaasena yathaa mamaabhayaanawarodhakarmaani sarveshaam hitam kurwantu

May I lead the life of a warrior.
मम जीवनं योधस्यास्तु
mama jeevanam yodhasyaastu

1. May I live, love and lead from the heart.
जीवेयम्, अनुरजेयम्, नयेयम् हृदयतः।
jeeveyam, anurajeyam, nayeyam hridayatah

2. May You live, love and lead from the heart.
जीवेः, अनुरजेः, नयेः हृदयतः।
jeeveh, anurajeh, nayeh hridayatah

3. Do you want to be asleep or do you want to be awake?
निद्रां यातुमिच्छसि किं निद्रां त्यक्तुमिच्छसि वा।
nidraam yaatumichchhasi kim nidraam tyaktumichchhasi vaa

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