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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

30 September 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Bartleby Paikhana

Ridwan(ridwon) = रिदवोन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Denisse Ilabaca

Peace of mind = मनःशांति

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Mark Gollan

Not Every Man Truely Lives
न प्रत्येकमनुष्यः यथार्थतया जीवति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jared Cowan

Jared (Jeh Red) = जेरेड

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nikila Vijayakanthan

Nikila (Nee-Ke-la) = नीकेला

Sanskrit Name Translation for Darshan Lovgren

Darshan = दर्शन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Nick Harvey

MY HEART AND SOUL = मेरे दिल और आत्मा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Danielle Myers

Sarasvati(saraswati) = सरस्वती

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Skip

love peace and unity = प्रेम शांतिः एकता च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Federica

safeguard yourself = तवात्मानं रक्ष

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laura MacKenzie

Laura(Law-rah) = लॉरा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Larry Feist

maie(may) = मे

the next 45 years = आगामीनि ४५ वर्षाणि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Claudia Serban

VEDA CAFE = वेद भोजनगृह

Hindi Phrase Translation for Richard Dingeldein

Peace and Love = शांती और प्यार

29 September 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Blue Buddha

opportunity = Chance = अवसर

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Jen Wade

may there be no despair = निराशा मा भवतु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kaycee Green

Word One: Live = जीव

Word Two: Laugh = हस

Word Three: Love = अनुरज

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mel J

Leia pronounced Leyah = लेया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shaz Totty

May angels walk with me = देवदूताः मया सहितं चरंतु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Larry Feist

Lorraine = लॉरेन

Namaste = नमस्ते

Hindi Name Translation for Richell Allen

Mad-ex(Mad-dox) = मॅडॉक्स

Hindi Words Translation for SUE SMITH

PERFECT = परिपूर्ण

PERFECTION = परिपूर्णता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Laura Younge

Laura and Paul = लॉरा पॉल च

Soulmates = आत्ममित्राणि

Forever = सदैव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alexandra Cruz

sisters = भगिन्यः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Fly Girl

change in mental state = मनःपरिवर्तन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Leslie Kellor

1. Fortitude = मनःशक्ति

2. Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

3. Loyalty = निष्ठा

4. Truth = सत्य

5. Commitment = अनुष्ठान

28 September 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Edgar Kunz

Acintya-bhedabheda-tattva = अचिंत्यभेदाभेदतत्त्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Steve Mikalowsky

1. Christy(kris-tee) = क्रिस्टी

2. Respect = आदर

3. Honor = सन्मान

4. Perseverance = सातत्य

5. Strength = शक्ति

Devanagari Name Translation for Kyra Harris

SARAH (pronounced 'Se-ra') = सेरा

Gurmukhi Name Translation for Bobby Verma

Bobby = ਬੋਬੀ

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Charlotte Stewart

'This Is Who We Are' = આ અમે છિયે

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sherryl Jenkinson

fathers love = पितृप्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shantha Theresa Elter

Shantha = शांथा

Gujarati Name Translation for Tania T

Tania Tasneem = તાનિયા તસનીમ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kelsey Livermore

jai guru deva om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kristyn Donnelly

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Diana Mangin

health and wellbeing = स्वास्थ्य और समाधान

Sanskrit Names Translation for Emmy

Parel = पॅरेल

Pax = पॅक्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kaytee Joice

free from suffering = दुःखमुक्त

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Michael Vandervord

only the strong survive = केवलं बलवान्जीवति

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Stacey Lee

You'll never walk alone = न कदाप्येकं चरिष्यसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara Launchbury

stone of destiny = नियतिपाषाण

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danyal Cheah

Dream = स्वप्न

Death = मृत्यु

Destruction = प्रणाश

Destiny = नियति

Desire = इच्छा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vicky

"Where is the cat?" = कुत्रास्ति बिडालः?

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrea

1. Humility = विनय

2. Patience = धैर्य

3. Morality = नीति

4. Meditation = ध्यान

5. Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Maya Wood

Word No. 1 is Queen = राज्ञी

Word No. 2 is Maya (pronounced my-ya) = माया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for VENKATACHALA SREENIVAS

I perform pooja in God's name
ईश्वरनाम्ना पूजयामि

27 September 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Christina

1. Dominic James = डॉमिनिक जेम्स

2. Taylor Ashley = टेलर एशले

Sanskrit Names Translation for Laura Bottomley

'sawyer' = सॉयर

'iris' = आयरिस

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Annemarieke Jongeleen

"Divine Love" = दिव्यप्रेम = diwyaprema

Divine Light = दिव्यप्रकाश = diwyaprakaasha

Loving Light = प्रेममयप्रकाश = premamayaprakaasha

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joe Marino

believe = विश्वसिहि

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Stephen Capone

"Family" = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Darius Porter

Darius(Dair - ee - us) = डेरीअस

Hindi Name Translation for Sam Haycox

Jack = जॅक

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Aurélie Braga

open your eyes, move forward = तव नेत्रे उन्मील, पुरः गच्छ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jaime Morocco

consciousness = चैतन्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amelia Chua

Keep Calm, think twice = शांत्या वर्त, द्विवारं चिंतय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Diven Halai

Diven Halai = दिवेन हलई

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ali Osman TUFANOĞULLARI

shunyata = शून्यता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Traci Ruiz

Faith = श्रद्धा

Love = प्रेम

Traci = ट्रेसी

Gemini = मिथुन

Randy = रँडी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Taylor Snipes

to evolve = उद्+क्रम्

evolve = उत्क्राम

evolution = उत्क्रांति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Greer

family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danesh Faquih

1 - Peace = शांति

2 - War = समर

3 - Hate = तिरस्कुरु

4 - Love = प्रेम

5 - Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Meg Zurn

joshua = जोशुआ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for LAURA BLANCO

1. My Forever Love = मम शाश्वतप्रेम

2. Laura = लॉरा

3. Tim = टिम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lindsay Crack

Mum = अंब

Dad = तात

Lindsay = लिंडसे

Lee = ली

Tony = टोनी

Hindi Words Translation for Sheena

Word 1. Beautiful = सुंदर

Word 2. Soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Walhout

Word 1: Ashanti = अशांति

Word 2: power of desire = इच्छाशक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Stacie Zilafro

Ryker Broden = रिकर ब्रॉडन

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Nella G

Choose Life = जीवनं वर

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sandra Folkeryd

"Courage, love and patiance" = धैर्य, प्यार और धीरज

Sanskrit Words Translation for BETHANY K HORNOR

dance = नृत्य

female dancer = नर्तकी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nate

With So Much More = सात्यधिकम्

26 September 2007

Hindi Phrase Translation for Angel Morris

humko deewana kar gaye = हमको दीवाना कर गये

Sanskrit Word Translation for Encoo

courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Mansfield

family = कुटुंब

pride = अभिमान

love = प्रेम

health = स्वास्थ्य

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lesley-Anne Davies

Carys(Kariss) = कॅरिस

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Chess

nothing is permanent = न कंचित् शाश्वतम्

be gentle = मृदुत्वेनाचर

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Julie Jones

Jai Guru Deva Om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Megan Monahan

TRUTH = सत्य

KNOWER OF TRUTH = सत्यज्ञाता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alyssa Tauer

Pumpkin = पंपकिन

Scooter = स्कूटर

Angels = देवदूताः

Love = प्रेम

Beauty = सौंदर्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Adrian

Etienne(E-ty-enn) = एटिएन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Ryan Gazzard

Kerry = केरी

My Angel = मेरा देवदूत

Hindi Phrase Translation for Janne Timoska

born in sawo = सावो में जन्मा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pablo Bähr

Mother = माता

Father = पिता

Family = कुटुंब

Isabela( Ezabela) = एझबेला

Bähr(bér) = बेर

Hindi Quote Translation for Joanne Ross

Tomorrow is a new day = कल एक नया दिन है

Devanagari Name Translation for Sylviana Andhella

Alastair Yves(Ah-lah-stair Ee-Vest) = आलास्टेर ईव्हेस्ट

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sashmee Ramlall

Sashmee = सशमी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Natascha Pearl

Jay Guru Deva Om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Hindi Name Translation for Gillian

Gillian = जिलीएन

Hindi Name Translation for Bhavana Makvana

Bhavana = भावना

Sanskrit Words Translation for JOHN MARTIN

1. survivor = अतिजीवित

2. recovery = पूर्वस्थितिप्राप्ति

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Taylor

Only God can judge me



Sanskrit Words Translation for Elizabeth Cleary

1. Namaste = नमस्ते

2. Atma = आत्मा

3 Elizabeth(pronounced Ee - Liz - Ah -Beth) = एलिझाबेथ

4. David(pronounced Day- vid) = डेव्हिड

5. Yoga = योग

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michael Fantuz

1. Sydney = सिडनी

2. Terri = टेरी

3. Survival = अतिजीवन

4. Strength = शक्ति

5. Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michelle Cooney

1. Michelle = मिशेल

2. Jed = जेड

3. love = प्रेम

4. trust = विश्वास

5. honour = आदर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ernest Simon

MY BEST FRIEND LARA = मम सर्वोत्तमभद्रा लारा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gary Burness

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sammi Coulthard

'Maitreyi' = मैत्रेयी

'Samantha' = समंथा

'Believe In Truth' = सत्ये विश्वसिहि

Hindi Name Translation for Stacie Sutton

CAMMY = कॅमी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kay

1) forever = सदैव

2) love = प्रेम

3) Barry (bar-ree) = बारी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jonny Singh

1. Jonathan Singh = जोनाथन सिंघ

2. Jonny Singh = जॉनी सिंघ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Brendan Kent

Honesty = सरलता

Loyalty = निष्ठा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nicolas Brondo

1- wisdom = प्रज्ञा

2-courage = धैर्य

3-perseverance = सातत्य

4-Brondo[bron-doh] = ब्राँडो

25 September 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pamela Thornton

Bodhisattva = बोधिसत्त्व

Servant = सेवक

Bodhichitta = बोधिचित्त

Perfect Health = संपूर्णस्वास्थ्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nikita

Word 1: Hope (Asha) = आशा

Word 2: Balance = संतुलन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lindsay French

Forsake greed. Practice forgiveness.
लोभं त्यज। क्षमावृत्तिमाचर।

May you live all the days of your life.
तव जीवनस्य


Sanskrit Name Translation for Nikki Smiley

Nikki Smiley = निकी स्मायली

Sanskrit Prayer Translation for Alexandra Klabin

Kwan Yin of the gentle hands, with arms held wide in benediction:
come between my enemies and me and join us together in peace.
क्वान यिन मृदुहस्ते, भुजाः धारयति शुभेच्छाः दत्तुं,

तिष्ठ मम शत्रूणां मम मध्ये चास्मान्शांतिपूर्णतया संगमय च

Sanskrit Word Translation for Louise Blick

taurus = वृषभ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lorraine Robson

My Angels = मेरे देवदूत

Sanskrit Word Translation for Benjamin Tryon

soulmate = आत्ममित्र

Sanskrit Name Translation for Adam John Colby

Adam John Colby = एडम जॉन कोल्बी

Marathi Phrase Translation for Kaustubh Beedkar

what time are we meeting
आपण किती वाजता भेटणार आहोत?

Hindi Names Translation for Rodrigo Santiago

DANIELA = डॅनिएला

RODRIGO = रॉड्रिगो

Sanskrit Word Translation for Trevor Smyth

MAYA = माया

Sanskrit Name Translation for Giorgia

Giorgia = जॉर्जिया

Lord Shiva = श्री शिव

Hindi Words Translation for Danielle Johnson

1. Warrior = सैनिक

2. Beloved = प्यारा(male)\प्यारी(female)

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenessa Paige

My Precious Lotus = अमूल्यपद्मं मम = amoolyapadmam mama

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Esther

Father forvever in my heart = पितः शाश्वतं मम हृदये

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kreemers-Jones, Lisa

Isabella = इसाबेला

Inez = इनेझ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Clyde Straw

Om shaantih = ॐ शांतिः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kathleen Scholz

ETERNITY = अनंतता

Hindi Phrase Translation for Aimee Martin

Line #1 – Palwinder Singh Saini = पलविंदर सिंघ सैनी

Line #2 – Forever My Love = हमेशा मेरा प्यार

P S S = पी एस एस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rachel Wise

"Rachel Wise" (name: Ray-chul Whys) = रेचल व्हायस

"Lance Anderson" (name: Lants An-dur-sun) = लँटस अँडरसन

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Steve Bruna

only pain makes you stronger
केवलं दुःखं त्वां बलवत्तरं करोति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kristofer Söderqvist

Kristofer = क्रिस्टोफर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ron McElhaney

no matter what = किमपि भवेत्यदि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Amber

strength = बल शक्ति सामर्थ्य क्षमता प्राबल्य

24 September 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Richard Pillay

1.RICHARD = रिचर्ड

2.SUBASHNEE = सुबश्नी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for LUKE A. SIRICO

Day by Day = प्रतिदिनम्

Hindi Name Translation for Ryan Cowdell

Ryan = रियन

Hindi Words Translation for Shivani Sahu

1-faith = विश्वास

2-trust = भरोसा

3-belief = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Suzy Saunders

Step = पद

Happy = सानंद

Pure = शुद्ध

Listen = श्रुणु

Chances = अवसराः

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Melissa Mullen

"may you despair no more"
तव निराशा न कदापि भवतु
tava niraashaa na kadaapi bhavatu

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Jennifer Storring

We are all teachers = वयं सर्वे अध्यापकाः

We are all students = वयं सर्वे विद्यार्थिनः

The Kingdom of Heaven is within = स्वर्गराज्यमंतर्गतमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Casey

1. Ananda = आनंद

2. Yoga = योग

3. Peace = शांति

4. Love = प्रेम

5. Life = जीवन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Robert King

Robert = रॉबर्ट

Sanskrit Word Translation for Nicky Oliver

1. "Journey" (as in the noun, "the journey") = यात्रा

2. "Journey" (as in the verb "I journey through life") = प्र+या

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristi Hayes

Casey (Kay-see) = केसी

My love 1144 = मम प्रेम ११४४

Hindi Name Translation for Pratik Desai

Pratik = प्रतिक

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Jean Louise Zancanella

I believe in you = मम श्रद्धा त्वयि अस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rebecca Lind

Word #1 balance = संतुलन

Word #2 pain = दुःख

Word #3 equals = सम

Word #4 pleasure = सुख

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nyesha Green

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Renuka Badhe

adhah karoshi ratnaani, moordhnaa dhaarayase triNa
अधः करोषि रत्नानि मूर्ध्ना धारयसे तृणम्।

23 September 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amrita Ramesh

1.change = परिवर्तन

2. difference = भेद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Adam Zacharias

Yves = ईव्ह

Hindi Phrase Translation for Asif

"Eid Mubarak" = ईद मुबारक

Marathi Phrase Translation for Lovely George

I will learn marathi = मी मराठी शिकेन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nadine Assmann

NADINE = नदिन

RENÉ = रिने

Hindi Name Translation for Shane Parker

Lucy = लूसी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Charlotte A

Word No.1:Hashmeer (HASH-MEER) = हशमीर

Word No.2:Shashmeer (SHASH-MEER) = शशमीर

Sanskrit Yog Sutra Translation for Philip Metzger

yoga sutra 1.21
tivrasamveganam asannah
तीव्रसंवेगनम् आसनाः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marion Castelain

MARION(prononcation: ma-ri-on) = मारिऑन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sharyn

Princess = राजकुमारी

Hindi Word Translation for Meredith Cope

Karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Miguel Brembilla

"MIGUEL"("mighel") = मिघेल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kaiko Walker

Harmony = समरसता

Essence = सार

Sanskrit Names Translation for Devon Gordon

grace elizabeth = ग्रेस एलिझाबेथ

savannah hamilton = सॅव्हाना हॅमिल्टन

tyler = टायलर

Hindi Words Translation for Paul Washington


GODS FAVORITE = ईश्वर का पसंदीदा

LOYALTY = निष्ठा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Josh Hales

"Forever Loving God" = शाश्वतमनुरजन्भगवन्तम्

Punjabi Name Translation for Kamal Asija

PALLAVI = ਪਲ੍ਲਵੀ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shauna Jones

Karen = कॅरेन

faith = श्रद्धा

fate = नियति

strength = शक्ति

fantasy = अद्भुतरसः

Sanskrit Numbers Translation for Ted Sandberg

Ted = टेड

790302 = ७९०३०२

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hannah Myers

Grace of god = ईश्वरकृपा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tina

Tina = टिना

Sanskrit Words Translation for shyland

1st word : shailendre = शैलेन्द्रि

2nd word : truth = सत्य

3rd word : faith = श्रद्धा

4th word : trust = विश्वास

5th word : sacrifice = आहुति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Erin Moulton

Only the good die young = केवलं सज्जनाः म्रियंते यौवने

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for TUSHAR CHATURVEDI

everybody begins a fresher
सर्वे प्रारभंते नूतनाः

Hindi Name Translation for Shilpa Patel

saqib = सकिब

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carol Checkel

Mother = माता

22 September 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gina

Gina = जिना

Hindi Word Translation for Christian Hadden

father = पिता

Sanskrit Words Translation for John Hoffman

1. Father = पिता

2. Mother = माता

3. Brother (younger) = अनुज

4. Sister (older) = अग्रजा

5. Wife = पत्नी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Allison Pereira

What nourishes me, destroys me
यन्मां पुष्णाति, मां प्रणश्यति

Gurmukhi Name Translation for Rekha Kaur

1) Munpreet = ਮਨਪ੍ਰੀਤ

2) Rekha = ਰੇਖਾ

3) Kaur = ਕੌਰ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Damon Rocker

Ganesha = गणेश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Geri

I Can Because I Think = शक्नोमि चिंतयामीति

Sanskrit Mantras Translation for Mona Lisa

Om Nama Shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Mahalakshmi namostute = महालक्ष्मि नमोऽस्तुते

21 September 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shyam Ramamurthy

Jai Hind = जय हिंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Taianny Rodrigues

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
मोचय युष्मान्मानसिकदास्यात्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rachel Allen

happiness is key = आनंदः महत्त्वपूर्णः अस्ति

Aaron (air-ron) = ऐरॉन

Tilley (till-ee) = टिली

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rini Sucahyo

Amanda = अमंडा

Telugu Names Translation for Rena Sunassee

Rena(re-na) = రినా

Silvere(seel-ver) = సీలవ్హ్ర

Gujarati Name Translation for Kamal Mistri

Kamal Mistri = કમલ મિસ્ત્રી

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rachael Millar

diversity = विविधता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heather Baynes

Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Halpern, Heather

laughter = हास्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Noa

Noa = नोआ

Terri = टेरी

Sacred = पवित्र

Love = प्रेम

20 September 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ketan Jogia

Enlightenment = बोधिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Becky Barthel

Live Free in the Sea = जीव स्वेच्छया सागरे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kelly Mccombs

Kelly = केली

Hindi Words Translation for Brenda Corado

1.Jessica (Jes-E-Cah) = जेसिका

2.Love = प्यार

3.Family = परिवार

4.God = ईश्वर

5.Grace = कृपा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Finessa M Luna

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bunce, Nellie A

Noble = कुलीन

Nobel = नोबेल

Hindi Name Translation for Devika Patel

Devika = देविका

Hindi Phrase Translation for Marc Browne

Our Home = हमारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Melissa Rae

Melissa Rae : ( Me-liss-a Ray ) = मेलिसा रे

Sanskrit Word Translation for Natalia Kotrwnaki

ANGEL = देवदूत

Sanskrit Names Translation for Simon Cantillon

Word No. 1 Poppy = पॉपी

Word No. 2 Samantha = समंथा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Vickesh Patel

1.KATRINA (KA-TRI-NA) = कॅट्रिना

2.VICKESH (VICK-ESH) = विकेश

3.ROHAN (RO-HAN) = रोहन

4.JITU (JI-TU) = जितु

5.NIRMALA (NIR-MA-LA) = निर्मला

Hindi Name Translation for David John Lexmond

David John = डेव्हिड जॉन

Devanagari Phrase Translation for Larry Hall

Sabbe satta sukhi hontu = सब्बे सत्त सुखि होंतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenay Martin

" From your ash I rise" = तव भस्मनः उद्गच्छामि

Hindi Names Translation for Ashley Hackett

ashley (ash-ley) = एशली

lyndsey (lynds-ey) = लिंडसी

Hindi Words Translation for Ashley McNeil

Comrade = साथी

Lover = प्रेमी

Wife = पत्नी

Mother = माता

Hindi Phrase Translation for Robin Jossen

"my love" = "meraa pyaar" = मेरा प्यार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Komal Hak

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa Corsaletti

live and let die = जीव म्रियंतां च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ellen Van Bladel

"Bless my children" = मम शिशूनाशिषं यच्छ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sarah Marques

the heart is deceitful = दिल बेईमान है

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bambi Hernandez

Word No. 1: BAMBI (bam-bee) = बँबी

Word No. 2: 26 = २६

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gregg Laliberte

Live free, die free = जीव स्वातंत्र्ये म्रियस्व स्वातंत्र्ये

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kerry Thell

Maria Nonna = मारिया नोना

Hindi Words Translation for Aylesha James

Passion = मदहोशी

Goddess = देवता

Princess = राजकुमारी

Freedom = आजादी

Hindi Names Translation for Irene H. Sheridan

1. Vaishali (Vay Shaw lee) = वैशाली

2. Nicky (Ni Key) = निकी

3. Mary (Mare ee) = मेरी

4. Irene (I reen) = आयरीन

5. Charlene (Shar Leen) = शर्लीन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rupa Mukherjee

Patience = धैर्य = dhairya

Steadfast = दृढ = dridha

19 September 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mischa Ferraz

"protection from all enemies" = रक्षणं सर्वशत्रुभ्यः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chardé Thrower

1. King = राजा

2. Cevion (say-vee-on) = सेव्हीऑन

3. Charde (shar-day) = शर्डे

4. queen = राज्ञी

5. sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Elizabeth Farrell

MICHAEL = मायकल

MATTHEW = मॅथ्यू

Hindi Words Translation for Shazana Goff

1. Shazana(Sha-zah-nah) = शझाना

2. Love = प्यार

3. Peace = शांती

4. Happiness = खुशी

5. Togetherness = साथ में रहना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Menace Redz

" Take Me As I Am" = गृहाण मां यथाहमस्मि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Danielle Marie Crume

(Literal word by word translation)
i am divine passion
अहमस्मि दिव्योत्कटता = ahamasmi divyotkatataa

(Meaning translation)
"I am passionate about reaching God"
ईश्वरप्राप्तये मम तीव्रेच्छा = eeshvarapraaptaye mama teewrechchhaa

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chelsey Hersley

peace = शांति

love = प्रेम

family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Donna Maree Marsh

what we think we become = यथा चिंतयामः भवामः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Angelina Dauphine

Strength = शक्ति

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Angela = अँजेला

Faith = श्रद्धा

Hope = आशा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Anonymous

"uski vajeh se" = उसकी वजह से

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katie Rogers

Word No 1. - Blessed = धन्य

Word No. 2 - Believe = विश्वसिहि

Word No. 3 - Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Cathy Parker

slave to my demons = मम दानवानां दासः

By the grace of God = ईश्वरकृपया

Hindi Name Translation for Zoé Vlemincq

Zoé(zowé) = झोवे

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jill Jeppsson

JILL = जिल

JIMMY = जिमी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brittney Vincent

"Love is Patient" = प्रेमास्ति सहिष्णु

Sanskrit Words Translation for T.N. Kiran

Visual = चाक्षुष

Sense = संवेदना

Virtual Reality = यथार्थवास्तव

Touchsense = स्पर्शसंवेदना

Punjabi Name Translation for BILL JAY

mandeep singh dhesi = ਮਨਦੀਪ ਸਿਂਘ ਧੇਸੀ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Keith Nocera

1. Ella (el-a) = एला

2. Dylan (dil-lin) = डिल्लिन

3 Doug (duh-ug) = डाग

4 Jesse (je-see) = जेसी

5 Crivello (kre-vel-o) = क्रेव्हेलो

Devanagari Phrase Translation for Robert Poynton

sabbe satta sukhi attanam pariharantu
सब्बे सत्त सुखि अत्तनं परिहरंतु

Hindi Names Translation for Brianne M.

1. Brianne (Bre-Ann) = ब्रेएन

2. Slate = स्लेट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mick O

somebody get me a drink = कोऽपि मां पेयमानयतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Priyal Patel

1. Priyal Patel (Pree-yul) = प्रीयल पटेल

2. Sanatan Ved Dharma = सनातन वेद धर्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paula Scheidt

1) Surya = सूर्य
2) forever in my heart = शाश्वतं मम हृदये

18 September 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bhaskaran Sunil

Baska = बास्का

Dr = डीआर

Bhuskurun = भस्करन्

Bhaskaran = भास्करन्

Sunil = सुनिल

Hindi Name Translation for Carl Yeo

THERESA = थेरेसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Manish Patel

Culture of the mind, must be subservient to the heart
मनसः संस्कृतिः हृदयानुसारिणी एवास्तु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kim Sørensen

Strenght Of Will = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Caitlin Mason

"Child of God" = ईश्वरशिशु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tracy Shaw

1. Inner Strength = अंतर्गतशक्ति

2. Inner Peace = अंतर्गतशांति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jennifer Mansfield

Kym - forever in my heart = किम - हमेशा मेरे दिल में

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jay Chouhan

Jay Chouhan = जय चौहान

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lori Miller

So it goes = तदित्थं गच्छति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Camilla Pilcher

Hartland (prounced heart land) = हार्टलँड

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dave Cioni

Word No. 1 Amanda = अमंडा

Word No. 2 Love = प्रेम

Word No. 3 Forever = शाश्वत

Word No. 4 Eternity = अनंतत्व

Word No. 5 Mandy = मँडी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ray Anderson

Save me Jebus! = मां रक्ष जेबस!

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chandni Rach

chandni = चांदनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul H. Pineda

Master of my fate = मम नियत्याः अधिपतिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bhavin Mistry

You'll never walk alone = न कदाप्येकं चरिष्यसि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Virginia Selby

tapas = तपस्

santosha = संतोष

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Martha Gonzalez

unconditional love = अप्रतिबद्धप्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ema Land

Sacred Service = पवित्रसेवा

Sanskrit Date Translation for Danielle Smith

October 7, 2006 = ऑक्टोबर ७, २००६

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Thomas Manning

Strength, Courage, and Honor = शक्तिः धैर्यमादरश्च

Marathi Phrase Translation for Ian

"walk with us our Angel"
आमच्या बरोबर चाल आमच्या देवदूता

17 September 2007

Hindi Words Translation for Sonal Talgeri

Word 1) Seduce = बहकाना = bahakaanaa

Word 2) Entice = लुभाना = lubhaanaa

Word 3) Rebel = क्रांतिकारी = kraantikaaree

Word 4) Silver = चाँदी = chaandee

Word 5) Understated = कम दिखाना = kama dikhaanaa

Hindi Name Translation for Jeff Bernal

Kirsty Valerie = कर्स्टी वेलेरी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katie

Always My love = सदा मम प्रेम

Michelle = मिशेल

Katherine = कॅथरीन

Hindi Sentence Translation for Sandya Ajith

Peacock is our national bird
मोर हमारा राष्ट्रीय पक्षी है।

Sanskrit Verse Translation for Harish Sulghar

Bhagawadgeetaa, Chapter 2, Verse 20 :

न जायते म्रियते वा कदाचिन्

नायं भूत्वा भविता वा न भूयः।

"अजो नित्यः शाश्वतोऽयं पुराणो"

न हन्यते हन्यमाने शरीरे॥

Pronunciation of quote: ajo nityah shaashwatoyam puraaNo

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jananii Vanga

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Herpinder Kaur

Herpinder Kaur = हरपिंदर कौर

Sanskrit Words Translation for S Lang

Word 1: Jacob (Jay-kob) = जेकोब

Word 2: Efran (Eff-ran) = एफ्रॅन

Word 3: Mother = माता

Word 4: Son = पुत्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Fosberg

always and forever = happieness
सदा शाश्वतं च = आनंदः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dream Catcher

1) Believe = विश्वसिहि

2) In soul and light = आत्मनि प्रकाशे च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Burthia E. Booker

Love = प्रेम

Life = जीवन

Honor = आदर

Fortitude = मनःशक्ति

Beauty = सौंदर्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amber Heard

Amber = एंबर

Hindi Name Translation for Natalie Bourassa

Natalie = नताली

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Donna Lindsay

Anything is possible, seize the day
सर्वं शक्यमस्ति, दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tara Cook

"samsara" = संसार

Bengali Name Translation for Lara Hope

Mark = মার্ক

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for KAYLIN NAIDOO

You will never walk alone = न कदाप्येकतः चरिष्यसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Samantha Barnes

True Love = सत्यं प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Scott Langford

always with me = सदा मया सह

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mark Hastings

Patience is a virtue = धैर्यमस्ति गुणः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Martin Nielsen

willpower and passion
इच्छाशक्तिः उत्कटता च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jeremy Riggs

Sunitha (soo-nee-THa) = सूनीथा

Hindi Names Translation for Deepa Ghandi

Deepa = दीपा

Vijay = विजय

Anvita = अन्विता

Jayani = जयनी

Ghandi = घंदी

16 September 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Wendie Le Diodic

Wendy = वेंडी

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for KATE

OPEN THE DOOR = द्वारमपावर

MY LOVE = मम प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sofia Carrasco

Sofia(So-fee-ia) = सोफीया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katie

KATIE = केटी

THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD = ईश्वरः अस्ति मम रक्षकः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Summer Wright

INNERSTRENGTH = अंतर्शक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jeff Wallace

1.Now = अधुना

2. Space = अवकाश

3. Native = एतद्देशीय

4. Earth = पृथ्वी

5. Future = भविष्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Simon Beardsley

not all who wander are lost = न सर्वे चरंतः नष्टाः

Sanskrit Words Translation for John Mclaughlin

Hansa = हंस

loyalty = एकनिष्ठता

"it was written" = तद् लिखितमासीत्

AIRES (AIR-ES) = ऐरेस

money = धन

power = शक्ति

respect = आदर

Hindi Name Translation for Brianna Lelo

JUNE = जून

Sanskrit Words Translation for Darla LeDoux

gift = पारितोषिक

light = प्रकाश

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

empowerment = बलीकरण

prosperity = समृद्धि

Kannada Name Translation for Michael Perez

Michael pronounced My-kel = ಮಾಯಕೆಲ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jade Mui

strength of will = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Raghavendra K

DATA = दत्तव्यपदेश
(literally meaning "given information")

Marathi Phrase Translation for Manjari

"Where did you go?" = तू कुठे गेला होतास?

15 September 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dean Johnson

Dean Johnson = डीन जॉन्सन

One should not regret the past.
भूतस्य पश्चात्तापं न कुर्यात्।

One should not worry about the future.
भविष्यस्य चिंतां न कुर्यात्।

Wise men act by the present time.
प्राज्ञाः वर्तमानकालेन वर्तंते।

Marathi Phrase Translation for Tisha

aayushyabaddal vicharoo nakos sadhya taree
आयुष्याबद्दल विचारू नकोस सध्या तरी
Don't ask me about life at least now.

Hindi Name Translation for Teresa Young

Waseem = वसीम

Hindi Name Translation for Antonio Alejandro López Ruiz

Gaby = गॅबी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christine Sitchler

CARPE DIEM("Seize the day") = दिनं गृहाण

Kyle(Ki-yull) = कियल

Zach(Zak) = झॅक

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vonlhms

Shanti = शांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mao Shan

Word 1: Peace = शांति

Word 2: Brother [younger brother] = अनुज

Word 3: Hope = आशा

Word 4: Love [unconditional love] = निःस्वार्थप्रेम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Uri

1. name - ouri = औरि - galit = गलित - mor = मोर - yaniv = यॅनिव्ह

Sanskrit Names Translation for Craig

1. mason = मॅसन

2. knott = नॉट

Sanskrit Name Translation for Zoe May Jervier

Zoe = झोई

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mills Riddick

"He gives me strength" = सः मां शक्तिं यच्छति

Gujarati Words Translation for Adriana Lorena Florentín

1- "WEALTH" = ધન

2 - "SUCCES" = યશ

3 - "BEAUTY" = સુંદરતા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaya Shrivastava

1. Harmony = समरसता

2. Mind and body harmony = मनसः शरीरस्य च समरसता

Sanskrit Words Translation for KARI TAYLOR

word one: honesty = सरलता

word two: loyalty = एकनिष्ठता

word three: friendship = मैत्री

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jennafer Cleverley

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

"My gift from God" = मम पारितोषिकमीश्वरतः

Hindi Phrase Translation for Raquel Rampersad

I am sorry my child = मुझे खेद है मेरे बच्चे

Sanskrit Word Translation for Dionne Bermudez

Word 1- Journey = यात्रा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nichole Lupo

"Let your life speak." = तव जीवनं वदतु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Christine Carlos

Luigi= Pronounced Luweegee = लुवीगी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amanda Jessome

Braxton (Br-axe-ton) = ब्रॅक्सटन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Annie Li

Word 1: Always = शाश्वतम्

Word 2 : Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Justine Watson

Not in the circumstance = न परिस्थित्याम्

14 September 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lauren Burley

1. Emma (pronounce E-MA) = एमा

2. Olivia (pronounce O-LIV-I-A) = ओलिव्हिआ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mya Ananda Kuhaavati Westly

1. Kuhaavati = कुहावती

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rebecca Zuck

Pleasant Living = सुखकरं जीवनम्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Morgan

London = लंडन

eight = अष्ट

seven = सप्त

six = षट्

Marriage = विवाह

Sanskrit Name Translation for Naidu, Shavari S

Aveshen = अवेशेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Darshika Patel

Rakesh I love you = राकेश त्वामहमनुरजामि

Mahoney = महोनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rich Donbavand

1 Chelsea (Chel-sea) = चेल्सी

2 Always = शाश्वत

3 Faithful = श्रद्धालु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lucy Rothenberg

1 - CHELSEA = चेल्सी

2 - PRIDE = अभिमान

3 - FOREVER = शाश्वत

4 - SOUL = आत्मा

5 - LOYAL = एकनिष्ठ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Vishal Patel

Motivation = प्रेरणा

Determination = निश्चय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Melissa Boykin

guardian mother = रक्षकमाता

Tamil Name Translation for Amanda Blair

Amanda(a-man-da) = அமந்டா

Hindi Names Translation for Lisa Monchak

1. Matthew (MATH-yoo) masculine = मॅथ्यू

2. Makayla (ma-KAY-la) feminine = मकेला

3. Mya (MIE-a) feminine = मीया

4. Lisa (LEE-sa) feminine = लीसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stevey Scott

granddad(mother's father), you are forever with me
मातामह, त्वमसि शाश्वतं मया सह

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jessica Vincent

Word No. 1 : Lou = लौ

Word No.2 : Ellerina = एलेरिना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Omid Singh

Word No. 1 Dad = माता

Word No. 2 Mom = पिता

Word No. 3. Negin (Neh geen) = नेगीन

Word No. 4 Samantha = समंथा

Word No. 5 Frosty = फ्रॉस्टी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Parks, Anupma (BEVERLY HILLS, CA)

Karma = कर्म

Dharma = धर्म

Prema = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Asha Majithia

It can be done. Believe. = तत्कर्तुं शक्यते। विश्वसिहि।

1. It is not difficult = तद्दुष्करं नास्ति

2. Asha = आशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ozge O'Neill

name 1: ozge (pronounced as ouzgey) = औझगे

name 2: burak(pronounced as boorock) = बूरॉक

13 September 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kandi Rae

1. Strength = शक्ति

2. Willpower = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hina Vadgama

IN ANOTHER LIFE = अपरजन्मनि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Carl Yeo

THERESA = थेरेसा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kelly

love = प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Sam Mathew

Continuation of the topic = विषय का जारी रखना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christopher J Dietze

Faithful devotion and love = श्रद्धायुक्ता भक्तिः प्रेम च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Matthew Jones

1. Matthew = मॅथ्यू

2.Jones = जोन्स

3.Resurrection = पुनरुत्थान

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Dellon

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

THANK YOU = धन्यवादाः

Hindi Name Translation for Marta Elizari

marta = मार्टा

Gujarati Phrases Translation for Sabin G. Shah

Amma (ummah) = અમ્મા

keep courage = ધીરજ રાખો

stay strong = બળવાન રહો

Punjabi Name Translation for Gurmeet Singh

Gurmeet Singh = ਗੁਰਮੀਤ ਸਿਂਗ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jorge Volta

1. Adriana (it is a female name) = एड्रियाना

2. Jorge or George (it is male name) = जॉर्ज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Virtual Joe

relax = विश्राम्य

move = चर

breathe = श्वसिहि

observe = अवलोकय

do yoga now = कुरु योगाभ्यासमधुना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jasmine Carlson

FATHER = पिता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Melanie Cresswell

Word No.1 - Paul (pronounced 'pawl') = पॉल

Word No.2 - Melanie (pronounced MEL-AN-I) = मेलनी

Word No.3&4 - Free Spirit = मुक्तात्मा

Word No.5 - Forever = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jenn Brown

1. bride = वधू

2. groom = वर

3. wedding = विवाह

4. congratulations = अभिनंदन

5. drunk = मत्त

Marathi Word Translation for Bhushan Ingle

Word: Brown = तपकिरी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Martin James

Love Honour Family Jack (JAK) Angela (AN-GEL-A)
प्रेम आदरः कुटुंबम् जॅक अँजेला

Sanskrit Words Translation for Carole Goyette

Word No. 1 Adventurous = साहसिक

Word No. 2 Sensitivity = संवेदनशीलता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rebecca

Tahnee = टानी

Tayah = टाया

Charli = चार्ली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Natalie Kovacevich

Happiness Is In The Heart = आनंदः हृदये अस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lindsay Werble

My beautiful life = सुंदरं जीवनं मम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kim McCutcheon

1. Addison = एडिसन

2. Nolan = नोलॅन

3. Owen = ओवेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian Fernandez

Even though I walk = यद्यपि चरामि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Mcgee

Word 1: Beauty = सौंदर्य

Word 2: Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for SUNIL PATEL

1. ''Guardian Angel'' = रक्षकदेवदूत

2. 'faithful' = श्रद्धालु

3. 'Godsend' = ईश्वरप्रेरित

Sanskrit Word Translation for Karena

'believe' = विश्वसिहि

12 September 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amber D

God's love = ईश्वरस्य प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Bauer Yvonne

Narayana = नारायण

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alex Nicholas

Alexandra Nicholas = अलेक्सँड्रा निकोलस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenna Contuchio

"Freedom From Distraction" = संभ्रमात्स्वातंत्र्यम्

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shaun Mullen

Shaun Mullen = शॉन म्युलेन

Sanskrit Date Translation for Anna Davies

Anna = आना

Paul = पॉल

30 09 2006 = ३० ०९ २००६

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kelly Armstrong

Ethan Hutchinson = ईथन हचिन्सन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Simon Hope

MY RAGE IS MY ENEMY = मम क्रोधः अस्ति मम शत्रुः

Hindi Words Translation for MeAgAn NiCoLe

1. Faith = श्रद्धा

2. Hope = आशा

3. Love = प्यार

Gujarati Name Translation for Kizzer Louise

Kiri = કિરિ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nirvana .N. Nehorah

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rusty Blosser

Rusty = रस्टी

Hindi Name Translation for Tori Montgomery

MiMi (me me) = मीमी

Hindi Name Translation for GARETH WALKER

Stacey = स्टेसी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andreik Mc'Culley

"That I love and cherish" = तदहमनुरजामि पोषामि च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Joelle

"Joelle"pronunciatation- (Jo-el) = जोएल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tamara Vollmin

Tamara = तमारा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angela Rumel

"Be intimate with the unknown" = अज्ञातं सुपरिचितं कुरु

Hindi Names Translation for Jannah Whitmore

ashton = एश्टन

adam = एडम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Trina Patel

PATEL = पटेल

Sanskrit Date Translation for Kara Junk

03.12.2004 = ०३.१२.२००४

Morgan = मॉर्गन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Erica Jensen

1. Love = प्रेम

2. Strenght = शक्ति

3. Live = जीव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Justin

Justin = जस्टिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Molly Pellegrini

1 Molly = मॉली

2 Butterfly = चित्रपतंग

3 Wildflower = वन्यपुष्प

4 Hayden = हेडन

5 Dreamer = स्वप्नदर्शी

Hindi Words Translation for Marie Tayoto

"PO WIE" = पॉवी

"destinty" = नियती

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle Shattuck

Happiness = आनंद

Harmony = समरसता

11 September 2007

Sanskrit Date Translation for Trupti Bhatt

Trupti = तृप्ति

24.01.87 = २४.०१.८७

Sanskrit Date Translation for Derek

28-09-2005 = २८-०९-२००५

Hindi Mantra Translation for Laura Huckaby

Ganapati Om = गणपती ॐ

Hindi Name Translation for Shyla Soni

Shyla = शायला

Hindi Phrase Translation for John Symonds

Happy Birthday Kim = जन्मदिन की शुभेच्छाएँ किम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jamie Reece

1. Forever = शाश्वत

2. Aaron (Air-un) = एरन

3. Jamie (J-me) = जेमी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Antonio Rojas

antonio gonzalo = अँटोनिओ गोंझॅलो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Julie Jesneck

1. Courage = धैर्य

2. Bliss = आनंद

3. Unity = एकता

4. Focus = केंद्र

5. Release = मुक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Victoria Mullins

Janett = जॅनेट

1950 = १९५०

Sanskrit Name Translation for Birva Depala

Nina = निना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jeremie Castelain

"(I) lend to others, give to me" = इतरानर्पयामि मां यच्छामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Josh Clark

"Throw away your sheath" = तव कोशं क्षिप

Sanskrit Words Translation for Francesca Sainton

Love = प्रेम

Peace = शांति

Patience = धैर्य

Serenity = मनःशांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hammond, Matt

1. O C = ओ सी

2. Olivia (oh-liv-ee-ah) = ओलिव्हीआ

3. Claire (claire) = क्लेर

4. 0306 = ०३०६

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andreas Weber

Victor = व्हिक्टर

Gujarati Name Translation for PRITESH BARBER

PRITESH = પ્રિતેશ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Holly Nicholls

1. Happiness = आनंद

2. Family = कुटुंब

3. Princess = राजकन्या

4. Holly = होली

5. Nicholls (nick-alls) = निकॉल्स

Hindi Name Translation for Barry Walden

Barry = बॅरी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anita Chua

Anita = अनिता

I am Peace = अहमस्मि शांतिः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alex Perez

1. warrior = योधः

2. "inner strength" = आंतरिकशक्तिः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tom

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Joe Fraga

Rhianna = रीएना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Krystle King

Lucy Mary Monk = लूसी मेरी माँक

25 6 = २५ ६

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nicole

Love one soul two bodies = अनुरज एकात्मानं द्वे शरीरे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joelle Martin

"My life is my message." = मम जीवनमस्ति मम संदेशः

Hindi Names Translation for Sarah Illingworth

Jack = जॅक

Brian = ब्रायन

Sowerby = सोवरबाय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tanya Poynton

ॐ स्वभावशुद्धाः सर्वधर्माः स्वभावशुद्धोऽहम्

Sanskrit Name Translation for Claudia Ximena Garcia Sandoval

Jose Pablo = जोस पाब्लो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Stephen Tilley

1. stephen (ste ven) = स्टिव्हन

2. melissa (mel liss a) = मेलिसा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Anya Irvine

'ananyaja rAjata duvasana' = अनन्यजा राजता दुवासना

The one, Silver Eagle = एकः, रौप्यगरुडः = ekah, rau-pya-ga-ru-dah

Bringing Heaven to Earth = स्वर्गस्यागमनं पृथिवीं प्रति

Elevating Earth to Heaven = पृथिव्याः उन्नयनं स्वर्गं प्रति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bonny Hilborn

life is the dancer = जीवनमस्ति नर्तकः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dave Bruce

Husband = पति

Father = पिता

Brother = भ्राता

Son = पुत्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rachel Reinert

"Beautiful Journey" = सुंदरयात्रा

10 September 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Omar Ogenyi

1. Abdullahi Omar Ogenyi = अब्दुल्लाही ओमर ओगेन्यी

2. Oluwasemilore Alabi = ओलुवसेमिलोरे अलबी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Roberto Gaffanicio

Robert(RAH-burt ) = राबर्ट

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Jacek Kozak

'I love my mum' = હું મારી માતાને પ્રેમ કરું છું

Hindi Name Translation for Santiago Soria Quisbert

SHARON = शेरन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jolie

Lotus = पद्म

Sanskrit Names Translation for Samuel

Word 1 : Kristelle = क्रिस्टल

Word 2 : Kelly = केली

Word 3 : Jordache = जॉर्डेक

Word 4 : Jo = जो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nick Vassilopoulos

"thank you" = धन्यवाद

Sanskrit Names Translation for Justin Mul

1 Jort(J-OR-D) = जॉर्ड

2 Noure(NOU-RE) = नौरी

3 Jacqueline(JACK-LYN) = जॅकलिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for G Sravya

"vidyaa param daivatam" = विद्या परं दैवतम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tawnya Peacock

House Of Blood Red Roses

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gen Mann

"free my soul" = ममात्मानं मुंच

Laura = लॉरा

Stephen = स्टीफेन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Melissa Pollard

Word No. 1
Melissa (Mel-iss-a) = मेलिसा

Word No.2
Susan (Su-san) = सुसन

Word No. 3
Sue (Su) = सु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Adrian Holdsworth

Juliet = जुलिएट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Janel Ibrahim

laugh = हस

love = अनुरज

dream = स्वप्नं पश्य

live = जीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jan Lanckzweirt

JAN = जॅन

INNER STRENGTH = आंतरिकशक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Derek Mc Connell

mark mc connell = मार्क मॅक कॉनेल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Marquez

1. Irene = आयरीन

2. Michael = मायकेल

3. my eternal love = मम शाश्वतं प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Suzi

Courtney---Kort nee = कोर्टनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Elizabeth Farmer

ANNIE = एनी

Hindi Name Translation for Sunethra Gainda

Anil = अनिल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jean Paul Polo

serenity = मनःशांति

09 September 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Just Kate

"I am a singer forever"(for a female)



Sanskrit Names Translation for DAN KNIGHT

Daniel = डॅनिएल

Halford = हॅलफोर्ड

Knight = नाइट

Hindi Names Translation for Calle Appelqvist

Name: Izabella = इजाबेला

Name: Appelqvist = एपलक्विस्ट

Name: Anna = आना

Name: Felicia = फ़ेलिसिया

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lenny Syafawatie

Lenny = लेनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tessa Gillis

Tessa = टेसा

Gujarati Names Translation for Mark Raybould

1. Kenneth: Ken-neth = કેનેથ

2. Margaret: Mar-gret = માર્ગરેટ

3. Mary: Mair-re = મેરી

4. Raybould: Ray-bold = રેબોલ્ડ

Hindi Name Translation for Arun Kumar Verma

Arun Kumar Verma = अरुण कुमार वर्मा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rachel Benton

where there is life, rest = यत्र जीवनमस्ति तत्र विरम

Kannada Name Translation for Ciara Smith

Ciara (key ra) Rig = ಕೆರಾ ರಿಗ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Stout

Ryan James = रायन जेम्स

4.18.2005 = ४.१८.२००५

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chelsia Ng

FAITH = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Gass

serenity = मनःशांति

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Words Translation for Merry Berry

1. Integrity = शीलम्

2. Spirit = मनः

3. Equality = समानता

4. free = मुक्त

5. soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chris

word: natural = नैसर्गिक

word: healing = रोपण

word: clothes = वस्त्राणि

sentence: one world = एकं जगत्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Divya Jadeja

Eternal Love = शाश्वतप्रेम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amanda Jackson

1: Amanda (A-Man-Da) = अमंडा

2: Jackson (Jack-Son) = जॅकसन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lin Hong Ting

1. Alex = अलेक्स

2. Ann = आन

3. Vince = व्हिन्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Elizabeth Myers

"hope is home" = aashaa grihamasti = आशा गृहमस्ति

Hindi Words Translation for Delphine Daburon

word n.1 Delphine (Dell / fee / n = it's a name) = डेल्फ़ीन

word n.2 D (just the letter D) = डी

word n.3 happiness = ख़ुशी

word n.4 love = प्यार

Hindi Words Translation for Olivia Andrade

Love = प्रेम

Hope = आशा

Kannada Names Translation for James

Giacomo (ja-ko-mo) = ಜಕೊಮೊ

Isaac (ai-zac) = ಐಜಾಕ

Roan (ro-an) = ರೊಎನ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chelsey Heath-Smith

Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jeff van Nieuwkerk

Walk With Me In Hell = मया सहितं चर नरके

Hindi Name Translation for Linda Aho

Linda Aho = लिंडा एहो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Adrien Garcia

word n1 : Linda = लिंडा

word n2 : Adrien = एड्रियन

word n3 : freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

word n4 : love Linda = प्रेम लिंडा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kelly Carroll

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Devanagari Word Translation for Caroline Holbrook

Bodhisattva = बोधिसत्त्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shelly Reid

"the beautiful one has arrived"
सौंदर्यवती आगता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Soraya Miaou

Soraya ( pronounced so-ra-ia) = सोरैया

forbidden = निषिद्ध

desire = इच्छा

passionate = रागयुक्त

addiction = आसक्ति

08 September 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Yolanda Silvas

rabecca = रबेका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Arathi Manamohan

1) Arathi = आरथी

2) S = एस

3) ManaMohan = मनमोहन

4) Avinesh = अविनेश

5) Dancer = नर्तक(male)/नर्तकी(female)

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pradhyumna

Young = तरुण

creative = सर्जनशील

thought = विचार

ideal = उत्तम

speech = भाषा

Gujarati Phrase Translation for E. Lev.

1. this too shall pass = આ પણ જશે

2. Calvin (Kal-vin) = કેલ્વિન

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yasmin Whelan

angel walk beside me = देवदूत मया सहितं चर

Sanskrit Word Translation for Amber

"family" = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hannah Kim

lotus flower = पद्मपुष्प

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Hamel

1. Hamel(HAM-el) = हॅमेल

2. Fight = युद्ध

3. Dedication = समर्पण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emily Owens

"Nothing is trivial" = न तुच्छं कमपि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mandy Podperyhora

"friends" = मित्राणि

"friendship" = मैत्री

Sanskrit Word Translation for Darryl H.

1 = eka =

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Malaka Thrower

"And this too Shall Pass" = एतदपि गमिष्यति च

Sanskrit Prayer Translation for gDubB

Namo Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa namine,
Gaura karuna swarupaya Radha Krsna presthayate
नमो सिद्धस्वरूपानंद परमहंस नमिने

गौर करुण स्वरूपाय राधा कृष्ण प्रेस्थयते

Namah om Vishnu padaya Krsna presthaya bhutale
Srimate Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa iti namine
नमः ॐ विष्णु पादाय कृष्ण प्रेस्थाय भूतले

श्रीमते सिद्धस्वरूपानंद परमहंस इति नमिने

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shanequa Wood

Family = कुटुंब

First = प्रथम

Shanequa(pronounciation = Sha - knee - qua) = शनीका

Julian(pronounciation = Jew - lee - an) = ज्यूलियन

Donna(pronounciation = Don - nah) = डोना

Hindi Word Translation for Mandy Jones

hope = आशा

07 September 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Darshan Patel

Darshan Patel = दर्शन पटेल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anita

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chelsea

1. Together = एकत्र

2. Love = प्रेम

3. Chelsea = चेल्सी

4. Nathan = नाथन

5. Rose = रोज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cassandra H.

1 mother - माता

2 daughter - पुत्री

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Depala, Bharvi

bhaavasthiraanee jananaantarasauhridaanee
भावस्थिराणि जननांतरसौहृदाणि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachael

1. Rachael (pronunciation rei-chel) = रैचेल

2. mother = माता

3. family = कुटुंब

4. sister = भगिनी

5. symbols for initials: G R I = जी आर आय

Hindi Name Translation for Lisa Cooley

Lisa = लिसा

Emily = एमिली

Jarrod = जॅरॉड

Jordan = जॉर्डन

Tarl = टार्ल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Margaret

Margaret = मार्गरेट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hannah Sagala

1. Sheila (She - La) = शीला

2. Sagala (Sa - ga - la) = सगला

3. Strength = शक्ति

4. Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

5. Courage = धैर्य

As a lamp cannot burn without oil,
so we cannot live without God

यथा दीपः तैलेन विना ज्वलितुं न शक्नोति,

तथा देवेन विना जीवितुं न शक्नुमः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jeremiah Erickson

Inspiration = प्रेरणा

Ambition = महत्त्वाकांक्षा

Honor = आदर

Family = कुटुंब

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Chiranthi Paranamanage

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna = कभी अलविदा ना कहना

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