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Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

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31 July 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Ajit Karnani

Ajit = अजित

Sanskrit Words Translation for Emmy van de Giessen

honesty = सरलता

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

equality = समता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Hai Song Choo

Jaslin = जसलिन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Zeena

Ewan - You-an = यूएन

Kayla - Kay-la = केला

David - Day-vid = डेव्हिड

Zeena - Zee-na = झीना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Patrick Annetts

seize the day = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vishal

Vishal = विशाल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kyle Wright

Deserved through difficulty

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nicole Nolan

What Goes Around Comes Around
यद् परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vanessa Avrambos

LAURO AND VANESSA = लॉरो व्हॅनेसा च

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chris Rhoads

devotion = bhakti = भक्ति

devoted = bhakta = भक्त

om =

shree = श्री

committed = कृत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Meagan Gruber

Jackson(Jack sun) = जॅकसन

Meagan(May gun) = मेगन

Marathi Name Translation for Arran Davidson

Sarah = सेरा

Devanagari Name Translation for Kellie Hart

Kellie Hart = केली हॅर्ट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amanda Cadin

I love you mom = त्वामहमनुरजामि मातः

harriet = हेरीएट

30 July 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Human

Human = मानव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lynne Lawson

Destiny = नियति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jacob

Estranged No Longer = अभिन्न

Sanskrit Word Translation for Catalina Novoa


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sean Hardy

Sean and Diane soulmates forever
शॉन डायॅन चात्ममित्रे शाश्वतम्

Devanagari Name Translation for Alexis Passalacqua

Alexis = अलेक्सिस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kimberly Parsons

Ian = ईअन

Christopher = क्रिस्टोफर

Parsons = पारसन्स

86 = ८६

Sanskrit Word Translation for Manpreet Uppal

Ravi = रवि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sunjum Hundal

strength = शक्ति

fate = नियति

love = प्रेम

kismet = भाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kenny Kyle

Be not afraid of life = जीवनस्य भयं मास्तु

Sanskrit Names Translation for Gabi

Florian = फ्लॉरिअन

Sebastian = सेबस्टीअन

Sharad = शरद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for JAMES BARLOW

life is not a rehearsal = जीवनं नास्ति पूर्वाभ्यासः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mark Charman

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mart

Scholar = पंडित

Warrior = योध

Assassin = घातक

Invisible = अदृष्ट

Magician = ऐंद्रजालिक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Barry Bird

The peace that lies within = अंतरतः शांतिः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shauna Mccaffrey

Shauna = शौना

Shauna-Ann = शौना-आन

Hindi Name Translation for Samjhana Gurung

Samjhana = संझना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anna

Adwaita = अद्वैत

29 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angie Cheong Su-Ann

Only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां ज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Hindi Name Translation for Ginger

Carrie Emory(ka ree em or ee) = कारी एमॉरी

Hindi Name Translation for Brendan Gallagher

Jennifer = जेनिफर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Susan Miles

Death is only the beginning = मृत्युः आरंभः एव

friend = मित्र

lover = कांत

wife = पत्नी

mother = माता

sister = भगिनी

forever = शाश्वत

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lex Dones

Set the world afire = दुनिया को जलाओ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Dilynne Posey

Out of darkness comes light
अंधेरे से उजाला आता है

Hindi Phrase Translation for Adam North

my life my journey = मेरा जीवन मेरी यात्रा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alan

Spirituality dances from within = अध्यात्मं मध्ये नृत्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tiffany Drain

be here now = भवात्राधुना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Serenity Ewart

Gregory = ग्रेगॉरी

Passion = मद

Pain = वेदना

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Harmony = सुसंवाद

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lisa Oconnor

live! = जीव!

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katie Strasburg

ray of light = प्रकाशकिरण

28 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sneha Abraham

sneha = स्नेहा

grace = कृपा

life = जीवन

truth = सत्य

jesus = जीसस

Devanagari Name Translation for Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers = जेनिफर मायर्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Corinne Merwin

त्वामहं शाश्वतमनुरजामि, गॅरी

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lydia Spacher

Adam, love of my life = एडम, मेरी जिंदगी का प्यार

Sanskrit Name Translation for Zahari Angelov

Zahari = झहरी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Eugene Huffman

Eugene Huffman = यूजीन हफमॅन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Meghan Parker

Guardian Angel = रक्षकदेवदूत

Hindi Name Translation for Philip Georgis

Philip = फिलिप

Sanskrit Words Translation for Carole

suffering = दुःख

mourning = करुण

hope = आशा

force = बल

courage = धैर्य

Hindi Words Translation for Pamella Hunt

Emily Rebekah(rebecca) = एमिली रिबेका

Maxwell Oliver = मॅक्सवेल आलिव्हर

Transcend = ऊपर चढना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jake

Samantha and Jake forever = समंथा जेक च शाश्वतम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul Lilley

Live the Dream = स्वप्नं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marion Filloux

Hope and bravery = आशा शौर्यं च

27 July 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Risa Knight

Mr.Ward = वार्ड महाशय

Devanagari Name Translation for Jennifer Campione

nicholas = निकोलॅस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Julie Shaw

Daniel(dan yel) = डॅनयेल

Hannah(han na) = हॅना

Darcy(Dar cee) = डर्सी

DHD = डीएचडी

Sanskrit Word translation for Randy Johnson

Ayurveda = आयुर्वेद

Sanskrit Names Translation for Carlos Ruiz Marín

ANGELA = अँजेला

ANDRES = आंड्रेस

Hindi Phrase Translation for Emma Gilchrist

No regrets = कोई गम नही

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nick Davidson

nicholas = निकोलॅस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Bernard Cook

Bernard Cook = बर्नार्ड कूक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Debra Valois

Let Go = गच्छतु

Sanskrit Names Translation for Al Cloutier

Logan = लोगॅन

Bailey(bay-lee) = बेली

Keilen(key-lan) = केलॅन

Hindi Name Translation for Cat Tail

Prakash = प्रकाश

Sanskrit Name Translation for Man lan

prakash = प्रकाश

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lucy Armstrong

Lucy = लूसी

Sanskrit Words translation for Brandon Sawh

Brother = भ्राता

Son = पुत्र

Lover = प्रेमिक

Queer = विचित्र

Friend = मित्र

Hindi Name Translation for Grace Rocha

Liam Sauro(lee-um)(saw-row) = लीअम सौरो

M = एम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Matthew Odle

I am Master = अहमस्मि स्वामी

26 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jelena Mirkovic

worthy of being loved(female) = प्रेमार्हा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ieva

Vasugee Subbiah = वसुगी सुबिया

Sanskrit Word translation for Alana Kysar

blessing = आशीर्वाद

Sanskrit Word translation for Xsara

me = अहम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Richard Rushton

can not change the devil = दुष्टः अपरिवर्तनीयः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Emma Lewis

Emma = एमा

Georgia = जॉर्जा

Devanagari Name Translation for Ayesha

Ayesha(ay-ee-sha) = आयीशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Haley McKenzie

Music is the soul = संगीतमात्मास्ति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Newganbluegan

my beautiful wife = मेरी सुंदर पत्नी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shuwen W

Shuwen(Shoe-Wen) = शूवन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Dee Magee

What nourishes me also destroys
यद् मां पुष्णाति प्रणश्यत्यपि

Sanskrit Words translation for Jemma Osy

inner = अंतर्गत

clarity = पारदर्शकता

happiness = आनंद

determination = निश्चय

Ellie = एली

Sanskrit Words translation for Dave Parry

Buffie(bufee) = बफी

Elizabeth = एलिझाबेथ

Dave = डेव्ह

David = डेव्हिड

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian Bloom

possibility of compassion = करुणासंभवः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Triviani Triviani

In the change, is the evolution
परिवर्तने उत्क्रांतिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Slim Thugga

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Janice Vaziri

PETER = पीटर

LUKE = लूक

BONO = बोनो

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emily Stager

I = अहम्

love = अनुरजामि

you = त्वाम्

forever = शाश्वतम्

Hindi Words translation for Erica Li

motivation = प्रेरणा

self = आत्मा

karma = कर्म

Marathi Names Translation for Stephanie Edwards

STEPH = स्टेफ

STEVEN = स्टीव्हन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Brian

Brian = ब्रायन

Peter = पीटर

Devanagari Name Translation for Anita Ramdeo

Anita = अनिता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kevin

My Sweet Lord = मम प्रियः ईश्वरः

Lord Krishna = श्रीकृष्ण

Sanskrit Words translation for Kathryn Hassink

Sister = भगिनी

Friend = मित्र

Sanskrit Word translation for SHELDON JAMES

KARMA = कर्म

Sanskrit Words translation for Calum Wray

to be peaceful = शांतिपूर्ण

Tanya(tania) = तानिया

Lena(leena) = लीना

25 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ajay Rathor

Without Wax = सिक्थेन विना

Devanagari Name Translation for SANDYA

SANDYA = सँड्या

Sandhyaa = संध्या

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kimberly Jones

Kimberly = किंबर्ली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rakesh

Honey, I love you = प्रिये, त्वामहमनुरजामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Woods, Peter

August 17 2007 = ऑगस्ट १७ २००७

Hindi Phrase Translation for Linda Fabijanic

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME = मुझे प्यार करो या छोडो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tim Croft

Rebecca = रिबेका

Tim = टिम

Sanskrit Word translation for Charlie Veale

Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words translation for Krista Grab

Right = योग्य

View = दृष्टि

Mindfulness = ध्यान

Concentration = एकाग्रता

Hindi Name Translation for Rana Sarmad

Rana Sarmad Zamir Khan = राणा सरमद जमीर खान

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marisa Phillips

To Speak Truth = सत्यं वक्तुम्

Peace = शांतिः

Devanagari Name Translation for Keith Harrington

Neil = नील

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Welsh, Chasidy

Angels Watch Over Me = देवदूताः मां रक्षंति

Hindi Words translation for Nurey Dade

mother = माँ

father = पिता

Hindi Names Translation for ALEX OLIVER

Carol Anne = केरल आन

Gordon = गॉर्डन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shannon Nitzsche

Ajlosa(al-yo-sha) = अल्योशा

shannon(sh-ann-on) = शेनॉन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Ryan Fletcher

Cherish life = जिंदगी से प्यार करो

Sanskrit Words translation for Sally Ritts

power = शक्ति

balance = संतुलन

storm = चक्रवात

Sanskrit Word translation for McCord, Megan

karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jason Barnett

Samantha = समंथा

Spencer = स्पेन्सर

Scarlett = स्कार्लेट

Jason = जेसन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Randin Davis

Teri, my darling = टेरी, मम प्रिया

Hindi Names Translation for Samantha Bayley

samantha = समंथा

jason = जेसन

benjamin = बेंजमिन

abigail = अबिगेल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Richie Blake

Daniel(dan-yul) = डॅनयल

Blake(blayke) = ब्लेक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ben Peterson

wind meditation = वायुध्यान

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mishal Kumar

BERNIE = बर्नी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Karla Luna

Love Is Stronger Than Pride
अभिमानाद्बलवत्तरं प्रेम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Keran James Tharmarajah

strength and honor = शक्ती और आदर

Gujarati Name Translation for Davesh

Charmaine(Sharmaine) = શર્મેન

Hindi Word translation for Eamon Jethi

Eamon = एमॉन

Sanskrit Words translation for Kris

Intention = कारण

Speech = भाषा

Action = कर्म

Livelihood = उपजीविका

Effort = प्रयत्न

Sanskrit Words translation for Natasha Watson

Truth = सत्य

Compassion = करुणा

Serenity = मनःशांति

Happiness = आनंद

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Carlo Richetti

Richetti(Rick-et-ee) = रिकेटी

24 July 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Justin Carrein

Justin = जस्टिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michael Harvey

Athato Brahma-Jijnasa = अथतो ब्रह्मजिज्ञासा

nrisimha = नृसिंह

Hindi Words translation for Charlotte Ross

princess = राजकुमारी

charlotte(char-let) = चार्लेट

Hindi Name Translation for Michael Parsons

Sarah = सारा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Lopez

Taking Control = नियंत्रण

Sanskrit Names Translation for Eeles,Emily

Emily(E-mil-y) = एमिली

Gary(Gar-y) = गॅरी

Katie(Ka-tie) = केट

Holly(Hol-ly) = हॉली

Joshua(Josh-ua) = जोशुआ

Sanskrit Name Translation for MICHAEL PEACH


Sanskrit Word translation for Dot Soto

12 = १२

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brody Dwyer

जीवनमस्ति सूर्यछायेव

Sanskrit Names Translation for Matthew Greene

Isabella(Isa-bell-a) = इसाबेला

Laurel(Lore-el) = लोरेल

09/06/07 = ०९/०६/०७

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Boettcher, Edward

Always with you = शाश्वतं सहितं त्वया

Devanagari Phrase Translation for Anthony Benenati

atha yogaanushaasanam = अथ योगानुशासनम्

23 July 2007

Marathi Phrase Translation for Vincent Coelho

Have a nice day ahead = आजचा दिवस चांगला जावो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cate Munro

Cate = केट

Connie = कॉनी

23/04/2005 = २३/०४/२००५

Sanskrit Words translation for Sophy Ellis

myself = ममात्मा

innocent minded = निष्पापबुद्धि

hidden beauty = गुप्तसौंदर्य

Sanskrit Word translation for The Armstrongs

Namaste = नमस्ते

Hindi Words translation for Anna Jadhav Gimeson

Jyoti = ज्योती

golden sunshine = सुनहरी धूप

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sharon Sweeney

Bradley(bradlee) = ब्रॅडली

Sweeney(Sweenee) = स्वीनी

22 July 2007

Sanskrit Words translation for Warren

MOTHER = माता

BUTTERFLY = चित्रपतंगिका

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shrina Parekh

Shrina(sh-ree-na) = श्रीना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Navindra Singh

NEVER LOVE = मा कदाप्यनुरज

Hindi Name Translation for Emma Boyd

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

Hindi Name Translation for Angela Ortiz

Manuel(mahnoowe) = मानूवे

Sanskrit Words translation for Celine Regimbald

Earth = पृथ्वी

Air = वायु

Fire = अग्नि

Water = जल

Sanskrit Words translation for AJ Alexander

Frank = फ्रँक

Amanda = अमंडा

Heaven = स्वर्ग

Lovers = प्रियाः

Forgive = क्षमस्व

Hindi Word translation for Claudette Francois

Happiness = खुशी

21 July 2007

Sanskrit Words translation for Myriam Mitelet

myriam = मिरीअम

carpe diem = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Names Translation for Cherri

Cherri = चेरी

Holly = हॉली

Nicholas = निकोलस

Douglas = डग्लस

William = विलीअम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Søs Anja Larsen

SøsAnja(Sisanya) = सिसन्या

Leo = सिंह

Sanskrit Word translation for Victoria Cullip

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Words translation for Alexis Scipione

Happiness = आनंद

Joy = हर्ष

Love = प्रेम

Laughter = हास्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andrew Garbett

ethan(ee-than) = ईथन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Neil Evans

तमसः प्रकाशः याति

Sanskrit Word translation for Joy Anderson

Catalyst = utpreraka = उत्प्रेरक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Agnieszka Oklek

what is essential is invisible

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ryan Maeker

Be Still = निश्चलः भव

And Know = जानीहि च

Marathi Phrase Translation for Shruti Salian

global warming = जागतिक तापमानातील वाढ

sneha = स्नेहा

umar = उमर

shruti = श्रुती

Hindi Phrase Translation for SHAUN BASTON

lisa forever and always = लिसा हमेशा और सदा के लिए

Sanskrit Names Translation for Dave Wertz III

Davie = डेव्ही

Stephanie = स्टेफनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Zeena Hayden

Ewan(Yu-in) = युइन

Sanskrit Names Translation for John Mills

Maddie = मॅडी

Jasmine = जस्मिन

Harry = हेरी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ben Dallas

Caelan(kay-lan) = केलन

Marathi Names Translation for Andrea Marshall

Sunflower = सूर्यफूल

Andrea = अँड्रिआ

Scott = स्कॉट

Forever = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Words translation for L Morrison

warrior = शूर

word = शब्द

Hindi Name Translation for Garry

elspeth(els-puth) = एल्सपथ

20 July 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Michelle Gavin

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Faye Dallas

Benjamin = बेंजमिन

Hindi Name Translation for Sebastian Arvidson

LOCHAN = लोचन

Hindi Name Translation for Laure MICHAUT

ORIANE = ओरिएन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Glynne Cicada

Death = मृत्यु

Male = पुरुष

Fertility = बहुफलत्व

Female = स्त्री

Grave = गभीर

Hindi Word Translation for Linda

Linda = लिंडा

LOVE = प्यार

Sanskrit Name Translation for Elliott Grant

Elliott Grant = एलीअट ग्रँट

01-11-1982 = ०१-११-१९८२

Hindi Name Translation for Kanaiah Asbil

Kanaiah(Ka-NA-yah) = कनाया

twenty-one = २१

Kanhaiyyaa = कन्हैय्या

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carly Rose

BELIEVE = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Arjun Suresh

ARCHANA = अर्चना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vassilisa Johri

perseverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sarah Knipling

Ahimsa = अहिंसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jazmine Sepulveda

Loving mother Teresa = अनुरजंति माता तेरेसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for DAMIAN TURNER

AGAINST THE WIND = वायुविरुद्ध

19 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dan Klayton

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Anatman = अनात्मन्

Samsara = संसार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jay

Be Present = उपतिष्ठस्व

Hindi Phrase Translation for Goff

Live To Ride, Ride To Live
जियो गाडी चलाने के लिए, गाडी चलाओ जीने के लिए

Sanskrit Name Translation for Billy Bigboots

Lola = लोला

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emme

Only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां ज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Merel Evers

Merel = मेरेल

Wouter = वौटर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jen O'Neill

Roopnarine = रूपनरिन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Samantha Bishop


Hindi Phrase Translation for LeTerian Bradley

Laughing Proud Warrior
हंसनेवाला अभिमानी योद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Luke Rankin

live well this life

जीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stacey Matson

KNOW THYSELF = तवात्मानं जानीहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Widad Haddad

Widad Haddad 28 years old = विदाद हदाद २८ वर्षाणि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jagir Patel

Nijatmanam Brahamarupam = निजात्मानं ब्रह्मरूपम्

Hindi Name Translation for Lindy Loo

MAYA = माया

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa

Lisa = लिसा

Eternal = हमेशा

Lee = ली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bryan Piard

In memory of Dirty Nate = डर्टी नेट महाशयस्य स्मृत्यर्थम्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pete Garza

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

perseverance = सातत्य

compassion = करुणा

happiness = आनंद

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tom Lindemann

Tom, be strong = टॉम, शक्तिमान्भव

18 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Leandro Ferreira

I walk with God = चरामि सहितमीश्वरेण

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sophia

AJ = ए जे

Black Pearl = कृष्णमौक्तिक

Loyalty = एकनिष्ठता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Naomi Young

Naomi = नेओमी

Tony = टोनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Linda

MELODY = मेलडी

Hindi Words Translation for Aoife Redser

health, love and happiness = तंदुरुस्ती, प्यार और खुशी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lawrence Hopkins

Ella May Hopkins = एला मे हॉपकिन्स

Sanskrit Words Translation for Christy Hockley

nalini = नलिनी

padma = पद्म

padmapushpa = पद्मपुष्प

Sanskrit Names Translation for Matthew Jones

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

Jones = जोन्स

Lorain = लरेन

Michael = मिएकल

Warrington = वॅरिंग्टन

Sanskrit Word Translation for gas007

JASHWIN = जश्विन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lisa Mirfin

Bodhi Chitta = बोधिचित्त

Commitment = वचनबद्ध

Srength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jessica

Durga = दुर्गा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andy Rohr

Chosen One = वृतः(male)/वृता(female)

Hindi Name Translation for Cesar Rengifo

Cesar Rengifo = सेसर रेंगिफो

Hindi Word Translation for Carey Lyseight

Tahlia(taa-li-ah) = टालिआ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Madhukar Banuri

GREEN REVOLUTION = हरितक्रांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for KERTCHER,KAYLEIGH M

Love conquers all things = प्रेम सर्ववस्तूनि जयति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amy Wardell

peace = शांति

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jay Modi

FAITH = श्रद्धा

17 July 2007

Hindi Phrase Translation for Onassis

Live To Dream, dream to see
सपने देखने के लिए जियो, देखने के लिए सपने देखो

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for SARAH OGDEN

Sat - Chit - Ananda = सत् चित् आनंद

When it hurts to look back and you are scared to look ahead,
look beside you, and I will be there
यदा पृष्ठतः दर्शनं दुःखकारि चाग्रतः दर्शनं

भयकारि च पार्श्वे पश्य तत्र भविष्यामि च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Krishna Jagernauth

Krishna = कृष्ण

Sanskrit Names Translation for Stacy Malloch

Malloch(Mallock) = मॅलॉक

Arohanui(Arowhanewee) = अरॉहन्यूई

Kaas(Cos) = कॉस

Archer(Archer) = आर्चर

Ng Yuen(Ningyen) = निंग्येन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ashley Lockwood

May the sun bring you new energy by day,
May the moon softly restore you by night,
May the rain wash away your worries.
May the breeze blow new strength into your being.
May you walk gently through the world
and know its beauty all the days of your life.
सूर्यः त्वां नवोर्जामानयतु दिने,

चंद्रमाः त्वां मृदु समाधत्तां निशायाम्,

वर्षा तव दुःखानि प्रक्षालयतु,

वायुः तवात्मनि नवशक्तिंधमः अस्तु,

जगति मंदं चर

जानीहि च तस्य सौंदर्यं तव जीवनस्य सर्वदिनेषु।

Punjabi Name Translation for Sant Kaur Sandhu

Santi = ਸਂਤਿ

Sanskrit Name Translation for R Schaal

Mallory(MA-luh-ree) = मॅलरी

Hindi Name Translation for Hannah Parsons

Hannah = हॅना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leigh Mayo

tommy = टॉमी

Hindi Name Translation for Charlyn Swofford

Charlyn(sharlyn) = शर्लिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Matt Poole

May all beings be happy = सर्वेऽपि सुखिनः संतु

Devanagari Name Translation for Dan Bishop

hailey = हेली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Henrik Ege Olsen

My children, my pride = मम शिशवः ममाभिमानः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stacey Husband

Happiness = आनंद

Love = प्रेम

Passion = मद

Air = वायु

Trust = विश्वास

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Poornima Ananthanarayanan

ONE BLOOD = एकं रक्तम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hannelore Broux

sent by God = ईश्वरप्रेषितः(male)/ ईश्वरप्रेषिता(female)

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lynn Davies

LYNN = लिन

DEBBIE = डेबी

Hindi Name Translation for McCauley, Aimee B

Aimee = इमे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Abigail Rea

INNER PEACE AND HAPPINESS = अंतर्गतशांतिः आनंदः च

Hindi Words Translation for David Moore

Callum = कॅलम

Kian = किअन

Julie = जूली

Love = प्यार

16 July 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Jonathan Richardson

Jonathan Richardson = जोनाथन रिचर्डसन

Hindi Name Translation for Sharon & Dean Mavis

Kaitlyn Haddad(kay-t-lin huh-dad) = केटलिन हडॅड

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mirche Tuyleva

Filip Vatashki = फिलिप वतश्की

Hindi Words Translation for Ajay Kohli

mohabbat = मुहब्बत

strength = शक्ती

determination = निश्चय

miles = मायल्स

Anthony = एँथनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jo-Lyn Low

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
शुद्धमनसः शाश्वतसूर्यप्रकाशः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stephenie Gillett

Freedom of spirit and mind
स्वातंत्र्यमात्मनः मनसश्च

Sanskrit Sentences Translation for Priya Parmar

Bhavik = भाविक

Peace comes from within
शांतिरंतरतः आगच्छति

My Love embracing my mind body and soul
मम शरीरमात्मानं मनश्चालिंगन्मम प्रेम

Creating footprints along my journey
मम यात्रामनु पदचिह्नानि सृजन्ती

Sanskrit Names Translation for Glen Cooper

Dharma = धर्म

Sharada = शारदा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Leahi Frias

faith = विश्वास

forever loved = हमेशा प्यार किया

Hindi Phrase Translation for Massimo Alberio

मैं कभी भी अकेला नही चलूँगा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Schiltz

sometime somehow = कस्मिंश्चित्काले येन केनापि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Neffy

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

balance = संतुलन

growth = वृद्धि

love = प्रेम

fearless = अभय

15 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rani Beauty

Tere Ishq me Fanaa Hojaoon
I will get destroyed in your love
तव प्रेम्णि प्रणंक्ष्यामि

Hindi Words Translation for Emma Taylor

emma 1980 = एमा १९८०

Hindi Words Translation for Virginia

Virginia Eternal Love Roger
व्हर्जिनिया अमर प्रेम रॉजर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Elaine Williams

Caleb(kalub) = कॅलब

Hindi Words Translation for Martin Ayers

Oliver = आलिव्हर

Family = परिवार

Family and Friends = परिवार और मित्र

Martin = मार्टिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashwini Mana Mohan

Angel = देवदूत

Gaurdian = पालक

Protection = रक्षण

Ashwini = अश्विनी

Sumathi = सुमथि

The original word here is Sumati = सुमति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Celene

peace = शांति

calm = शांतता

clarity = पारदर्शकता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marcus Yue

Marcus = मार्कस

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rachel Mednick

BALANCE = संतुलन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lewis Dickson

Lewis = लूइस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Richard Will

Hand of the gods = देवानां हस्तः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katie Lipman

Trust = विश्वास

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jess

Sweet child of mine = मम प्रियशिशुः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jonathan

Only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां ज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Brigid Metter

Mother = माता

Daughter = पुत्री

Kelsey = केल्सी

Wind Horse = वाताश्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Adam Warner

Fear is the mind killer = भीतिः मनसः घातकास्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sabrina Soper

Sabrina Soper = सब्रीना सोपर

Sanskrit Names Translation for KEITH NOCERA

Keith(KEY-TH) = केथ

Nocera(NO-SER-A) = नोसेरा

Anthony(AN-THO-NEE) = अँथोनी

14 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for KAREN OSBORNE

INNER PEACE AND HAPPINESS = अंतर्गतशांतिः आनंदः च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rajan Sheth

Rajan Jay Sheth 11 = राजन जय शेठ ११

Sanskrit Names Translation for J MOORE

robbie = रॉबी

alex = आलेक्स

jessica = जेसिका

daniel = डॅनयल

Hindi Name Translation for Natasha Branson

Matt(ma-tt) = मॅट

Dillon(dill-on) = डिलन

Hindi Phrase Translation for ANNA PERRIN

Music Saves = संगीत बचाता है

13 July 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Khellston Aureliano

Khell = खेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ariel Dejos

No Regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laana Baldeosingh

Laana Chanda = लाना चंदा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amii Stewart

Embrace Life = जीवनमालिंग

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alex Molina

SOLITUDE = एकांत

Hindi NameS Translation for MKreisOT

Jessica = जेसिका

Samantha = समंथा

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

Peter = पीटर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Alex Ostrovski

Sasha = साशा

Alexandre = आल्येक्सांद्र

Sanskrit Name Translation for Melisa

Melisa = मेलिसा

Sanskrit Name Translation for JOAQUIN ROCA PACHECO

Jordi = जॉर्डी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Gilley

Sarah = सेरा

Leslie = लेस्ली

Family Strength = कुटुंबशक्ति

Gilley = गिली

FIND YOUR PEACE = तव शांतिमन्विष्य

Sanskrit Phrass Translation for Shri dhivyaa

ELECTRIFIED MINDS = विद्युत्वंति मनांसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Saul

Stay Curious and Gracious = कुतूहलमनुग्रहं च कुरु

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kaitlin

strength = शक्तिः

12 July 2007

Hindi NameS Translation for Martina Mcshane

Diana and James = डायना और जेम्स

Sanskrit Name Translation for Brandon, Seth Lemuel

Seth = सेथ

Lemuel(Lem-you-el) = लेम्यूएल

Brandon = ब्रँडन

Sanskrit Phrass Translation for Vega Sánchez del Camp

protection for the loved ones
संरक्षणं प्रियजनेभ्यः

Hindi Name Translation for Iain Chisholm

Iain Chisholm = ईअन चिझहोम

CHIZ = चिझ

Big Chiz = महान् चिझ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gary Potter

Live that you may live(you must live life to the fullest)
जीवनं पूर्णत्वेन जीव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Elena Kaczmarek

Elena = एलेना

Sanskrit Names Translation for Keith Drozal

pyper = पायपर

zain = झैन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kelly

Luke = लूक

Sebastian = सेबॅस्टीअन

Heart = हृदय

Soul = आत्मा

Life = जीवन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stacy Mandel-Sonner

Beyond The Sky And The Earth
आकाशपारं पृथ्वीपारं च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nick A Crossland

SAMANTHA = समंथा

Hindi Name Translation for Johan Karlsson

Leon = लिओन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amandine

air = वायु

water = जल

fire = अग्नि

earth = पृथ्वी

11 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andy Larimer

mind = मनः

soul = आत्मा

spirit = चैतन्य

life = जीवन

truth = सत्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Norman West

Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Name Translation for Parth Shah

Parth = पार्थ

Hindi Name Translation for Melissa Felt

Tess = टेस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for S, K & J Todisco

Knowing yourself is the beginning
आत्मज्ञानमस्ति आरंभः

Devanagari Name Translation for Faith Cohen

Faith = shrad-dhaa = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Danny de Nobrega

let hope never fade = न कदिप्याशा ह्रसतु

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vijay Rai

Krishnan = क्रिश्नन

Indi = इंडी

Bright = ब्राइट

Himani = हिमानी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kirsten Robinson

oliver = ऑलिव्हर

kirsten = कर्स्टन

protect = रक्ष

love = प्रेम

unique = एकमेव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vir

nacho = नचो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Karina Johansen

Karina = करीना

Hindi Name Translation for Orlando Gudino

Caitlyn Maree = केटलिन मरी

10 July 2007

Hindi Phrase Translation for Cole Zachary

eternally grateful = हमेशा शुक्रगुजार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Megan Peffer

not all who wander are lost = न सर्वे चरंतः नष्टाः

Sanskrit Word Translation for FOTI,MEAGHAN M

fate = नियति

Hindi Name Translation for Peter D DeCraene

Evan = इव्हॅन

Ryan = रिआन

Dane = डेन
Siobhan(shvaughn) = श्वॉन

Ciara(care-ah) = केअरा

Hindi Name Translation for Shalini Tedjai

Shalini = शालिनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for JoJoArmaniiiii

Naomi(Nay-o-mi) = नेओमी

Theresa(Ter-ay-sa) = तेरेसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Trishana Suman

Jay Sat Chit Anand = जय सत् चित् आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lance Brooks

Live Strong = जीव शक्त्या

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ashutosh Dhiman

Infinity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sally

strength = शक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Alexandra Venetikidis

Alexandra Venetikidis = अलेक्सँड्रा व्हेनेटिकिडिस

"The Chase Has Begun." = पीछा शुरु हुआ है

Hindi Phrase Translation for roxanne foxyroxy

true love never dies
सच्चा प्यार कभी भी मरता नही

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alex Byers

No Worries = न चिंताः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Graber

one love = एकं प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bob Reynolds

Hot = उष्ण

Fierce = उग्र

Passionate = मत्त

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ann Kessinger

Love Yourself = आत्मानमनुरज

Ann = आन

09 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nina Desai

Believe = विश्वसिहि = wishwasihi

Faith = श्रद्धा = shraddhaa

Hindi Names Translation for LG Renate

LEO = लेओ

CEDRIC = सेडरिक

YANNICK = यॅनिक

Leon Luca = लेऑन लूका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for James Townley

Seize the Day(make the most use of the day)
दिनस्य संपूर्णमुपयोगं कुरु

Sanskrit Names Translation for Danny Palma

Kishor = किशोर

Nalini = नलिनी

Avinash = अविनाश

Krishen = क्रिशन

Kailashi = कैलाशी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tommy Wilson

God is with me = ईश्वरः मम सकाशमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Dayana Dios

you are always in my heart
त्वमसि शाश्वतं मम हृदये

Sanskrit Words Translation for Elle Guru


ELLE = एल

MATT = मॅट

FREEDOM = स्वातंत्र्य

BALANCE = संतुलन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jim Westlake

mother = माता

father = पिता

brother = भ्राता

08 July 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kiran Denis

Kiran = किरण

Denis(De-ney) = डेनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lesley Lotto

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Namaste = नमस्ते

Dare to Dream = स्वप्नान्द्रष्टुमुत्सहस्व

Hindi Names Translation for Denny Dörfler

Denny Dörfler = डेनी डॉर्फ्लर

Verena Vitzthum = व्हेरेना व्हिझथम

Devanagari Names Translation for Nancyto

samuel = सॅम्यूएल

zoe = झोई

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tanja

protection from the unlucky ones

Sanskrit Names Translation for Inga Tiainen

irmeli = इर्मेली

inga = इंगा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Andrew Brown

KARMA = कर्म

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kirsten Gwin

Faith = Shraddha = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jarold Sng

jarold(ja- rold) = जरॉल्ड

charmaine(shar-mae-en) = शर्मेन

Hindi Word Translation for Elocin

Arun = अरुण

Sanskrit Word Translation for Eloise Woods

sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ming Lampson

Love = प्रेम

Respect = आदर

Sanskrit Name Translation for David Drapes

Sascha(SAH-shah) = साशा

07 July 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Kamini Bhunjun

Kamini = कामिनी

Devanagari Name Translation for Richard Rodrigo

Richard Rodrigo = रिचर्ड रॉड्रिगो

Hindi Name Translation for Rob & Ryann Grisko

Oliver = ऑलिव्हर

Hindi Phrase Translation for Len L Rodarmel

Happy Anniversary = जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएँ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jo Gohol

Datta = दत्त

Hindi Name Translation for James Bush

BUSHY 15/04/87 = बुशी १५/०४/८७

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kim Sosa

Peace = शांति

Love = प्रेम

Happiness = आनंद

JC = जे सी

Hindi Name Translation for Jason Bignell

Maisie(mayzee) = मेझी

06 July 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Jennifer Harrilal

Rajesh = राजेश

Ramesh = रमेश

Hindi Phrase Translation for Michelle

One day at a time = एक दिन एक बार

Devanagari Name Translation for Sonali

Molleigh(Mollee) = मॉली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bianca

that which nourishes me, destroys me
यन्मां पुष्णाति, मां प्रणश्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tyron Miller

two parts = द्वौ भागौ

Devanagari Name Translation for Tom

Veronique(veerooniek) = व्हीरूनीक

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rebecca McCoig

Ginger = जिंजर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sara Funston

Sara = सारा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gina Cabrera

Resilient = आयम्य

Know your rights = तवाधिकारान्जानीहि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michael Kang

Michael Kang = मिएकल कँग

Hindi Name Translation for Jeruza Alves

BUSHY 15/04/87 = बुशी १५/०४/८७

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jeruza Alves

Jeruza(jirooZuh) = जिरूझु

05 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cheezncrakerz

Live = जीव

Love = अनुरज

Learn = अधिगच्छ

Laugh = हस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kayleigh Toner

Kayleigh = केली

Hindi Name Translation for Miss Toyota

Timmy = टिमी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chelsie

my baby girl my love = मम बाला मम प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Brigitte Dupuis

Ishvara Prasada = ईश्वर प्रसाद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul Sgouromallis

Surfing the oceans = महासागरेषु उत्प्लवमाणः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Neeraj Prasad

prasad = प्रसाद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for William Chang

Work smart not hard = कार्यं कुरु चतुरत्वेन न विषमत्वेन

Hindi Name Translation for Oliver Hall

Oliver = ऑलिव्हर

Sanskrit Word Translation for Dani Lucic

ambunAtha = अंबुनाथ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Erre Etyereyr

oath = शपथ

Angeliki = अँजेलिकी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nejc Golob

happiness = आनंद

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

health = स्वास्थ्य

love = प्रेम

godlikness = ईश्वरत्व

Hindi Name Translation for Jennifer Armitage

Jennifer = जेनिफर

Marathi Names Translation for Debbie Collins

Cassidy = कॅसिडी

Aidan = एडन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tom Lavigne

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

balance = संतुलन

compassion = करुणा

sasquatch[saskwach] = सॅसक्वाच

breath = श्वास

04 July 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Melissa Cornell

passion = मद

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

through difficulty sweetness = विषमतायाः माधुर्यम्

courage = धैर्य

joy = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Agnieszka W

Oliver(AH-lih-ver) = आलिव्हर

Hindi Names Translation for Josh Remis

Madison = मॅडिसन

Hannah = हॅना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sidney M. Riley

Pierre = पिएर

Satchi = सचि

Just Breathe = श्वसिहि एव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chante

darkness into light = तमसः प्रकाशे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alan

one hundred percent in all things
शते प्रतिशतं सर्वकार्येषु

Hindi Name Translation for Ivan Lopez

Omar Ivan = ओमर इव्हॅन

Hindi Words Translation for Jinam Kim

Justice = इन्साफ

Faith = श्रद्धा

Revelation = पता चलना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Samantha Gregory

Our love ,our destiny = अस्माकं प्रेम, अस्माकं नियतिः

richard = रिचर्ड

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Corsi, Judith Ann

Dream = स्वप्न

Live the Dream = स्वप्नं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for WoodFrantastic

Inclusion is a human right = अंतर्भावः मानवाधिकारः

03 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Savannah Mirosh

baby bear = भल्लूकशावक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Catherine Darling

screem = स्क्रीम

dhreem = ध्रीम

raksha = रक्ष

kleem = क्लीम

ra ra = रा रा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrea Dalton

Andrea = अँड्रीआ

Light = प्रकाश

Dream = स्वप्न

Sunshine = सूर्यप्रकाश

Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Devanagari Name Translation for Jason Chicosky

Owen = ओएन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ali Ferguson

PEACE FOR MY FATHER = मम पित्रे शांतिः

Punjabi Name Translation for Tranj Bhatti

AKHIL = ਅਖਿਲ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Zac Gilder

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jim

Alexander(ALEX-an-der) = अलेक्सँडर

be strong = बलवान्भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Leesa Richardson

Wounds to Wisdom = क्षतयः प्रज्ञां प्रति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaime Kutzler

Down to you = अंततस्त्वं प्रति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Eliana Pohlmann

Relaxation = विश्रांति

Quiet mind = शांतं मनः

Breathing = श्वसन

Intension = कारण

Sanskrit Words Translation for Haley

music = संगीत

soul = आत्मा

life = जीवन

Devanagari Name Translation for Darren Lawton

SARAH = सेरा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vivian S. Bockian

Human = मानवः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Matti Sopanen

Matti = मत्ति

Mari = मारी

together forever = एकत्र शाश्वतम्

soulmate = आत्ममित्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for David Meiker

good times = सुसमय

alone i walk = चरामि एकाकी

Hindi Name Translation for PAUL MADDISON

Joseph = जोसेफ

Maddison = मॅडिसन

Hindi Name Translation for Greg

Michelle(Mi-shell) = मिशेल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ruud Langeveld

Kevin(k eh v ih n) and Mike(m ay k)
केव्हिन मिएक च

02 July 2007

Devanagari Name Translation for David Velen

Leah(lee-ah) = लीआ

Keira(Kee-ra) = कीरा

Sharon(Sha-ron) = शॅरॉन

David(Day-vid) = डेव्हिड

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lisa

lotus = पद्म

flower = पुष्प

Hindi Phrase Translation for LOUISE

SEIZE THE DAY = दिनका पूरा इस्तेमाल करो

FATHER = पिता


Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Kyte

Rachel(Ray-chull) = रेचल

Breathe = श्वसिहि

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Maria Vianna

strength = शक्ति

courage = धैर्य

faith = श्रद्धा

Hindi Names Translation for Preeyavanda Fallee

Preeyavanda = प्रीयवंदा

Priyamvada = प्रियंवदा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Illyana

dare to dream dare to do
उत्सहस्व स्वप्नान् द्रष्टुम् उत्सहस्व कर्तुम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aris Tsangarides

Reject basic assumptions of civilisation
संस्कृत्याः मूलतत्वान् त्यज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Veronica Borda

love = प्रेम

friend = मित्र

forever = शाश्वत

V S = व्ही एस

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anne Reed

lotus = पद्म

Sanskrit Names Translation for Anna Michelle Pickerel

Anna = आना

Anthony = अँथोनी

01 July 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alex

loner = असहाय

9 =

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rosa Donlin

Doug = डग

Rosa = रोझा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alex Pietzner

09/09/1981 = ०९/०९/१९८१

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alex Baildham

ahimsa = अहिंसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sassy

Knowledge is power = ज्ञानं बलमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ezanet Panucci

Who dares wins = यः धृष्णोति जयति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Heather

compassionate spirit = कारुणिकात्मा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Keeshan Selvakumar

Strength = शक्ति

Devanagari Name Translation for Taina

MALAKI(malachi) = मलची

Sanskrit Name Translation for Flora

Leif(LEEF) = लीफ

Carlos(KAHR los) = कार्लोस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ajay Patel

25/05/52-09/06/00 = २५/०५/५२-०९/०६/००

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hawk

windhorse = वाताश्व

Hawk Stillwind = हॉक स्टिलविंड

Devanagari Name Translation for Anil Banatwala

Anil = अनिल
I am thankful to Prof. B.C.Ramesh, Associate Professor of Sanskrit, Tunga Mahavidyalaya, Tirthahalli, Karnataka for being Honorary Consultant of this Translation Website.

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