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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 July 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Nicole Jenkins

Happiness Is Acceptance = आनंदः अस्ति स्वीकृतिः

Hindi Name Translation for Mathew Punwani

Punwani = पुनवानी

Sanskrit Date Translation for Amy Byrne

Dimitri, pronunciation dee mee tree = डीमीट्री

13 = १३

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yanique J. Norville

The Beautiful Life = सुंदरजीवन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Elaine K

Word 1: mother = माता

Word 2: father = पिता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christina

Christina= Kris-tee-nahh = क्रिस्टीना

Make Love Grow = प्रेमवृद्धिं कुरु

Hindi Name Translation for Raju Kumar Dev

Raju Kumar Dev = राजू कुमार देव

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ms Cox

God is gracious = अस्तीश्वरः कृपालुः

Hindi Names Translation for Gruener Baum Hoevelhof

Zenobia = जेनोबिया

Tracy = ट्रेसी

Markus = मार्कस

Schulmeister = शूल्मीस्टर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rosanna Rothenberger

1) Self-confidence = आत्मविश्वास

2) Assertiveness = आशावाद

3) Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Date Translation for Chung Kennis

Word No. 1: KENNIS (read as Ken-ne-s) = केनेस

Word No. 2: CHUNG (Surname) --read as Ch-ong = चाँग

Word No. 3: 17 March = १७ मार्च

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Hanna Olson

Let it be truth that guides you while hope and love give you strength
सत्यं त्वामुपदिशतु यदाशा प्रेम च ते शक्तिं यच्छतः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Maconachie

Family Pride = कुटुंबाभिमान

Sanskrit Names Translation for Leanne Simmons

1. Obie (o Bie) = ओबी

2. Chittamitra (chitta Mitra) = चित्तमित्रा

3. Dharmayanam (dharma yanam) = धर्मयानम्‌

4. Alex (a lex) = अलेक्स

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Rich Isaac

Real Love is Forever = सत्यप्रेम शाश्वतमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara Hawley

Inner strength = आंतरिकशक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lauren Moore

1.Music = संगीत

2.Love = प्रेम

3.Dance = नृत्य

4.Courage = धैर्य

5.Confidence = आत्मविश्वास

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Pauline Aguilar

Om namah shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Sanskrit Names Translation for Anthea Naidu

> 1. Ants = अँट्स

> 2. Anthea = अँथिया

> 3. Ansuria = अन्सुरिया

> 4. Om =

Sanskrit Name Translation for Priyanka Gomes

Priyanka = प्रियांका

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leila Polomé

Yves(Eve) = इव

Hindi Name Translation for Rachel Mordecai

Ayden, Pronounced as; Ayden = एडेन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Reed Nicola (maidenhead)

I AM MY SONS = अहमस्मि मम पुत्राः

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Maria Elena Bejarano Adalid

Count your blessings = तवाशीर्वादान्गणय

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Bobby Seekao

I will sleep when I die = स्वपिष्यामि यदा म्रिये

Sanskrit Name Translation for INDIRA

INDIRA = इंदिरा

29 July 2008

Hindi Name Translation for Eijpe, S.A.W.M. (Hof Amsterdam)

STEPHANIE(Steefanie) = स्टीफनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kez P

Steven (Steeven) = स्टीव्हन

Plant = वनस्पति

Naughty = चेष्टालु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aaron Ferris

'Ronald' = रोनाल्ड

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bree Hewatt

infatuated = प्रेमविव्हल

beauty = सौंदर्य

serenity = मानसिकशांति

Grace = कृपा

Hindi Word Translation for Aoife O'Neill

father = पिताजी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Angela

1. Madison (Mad uh son) = मॅडसन

2. Zachary (Zack ur ree) = झॅकरी

3. Layla (Lay luh) = लेला

4. Peyton (Pay ton) = पेटन

Bengali Name Translation for Justin

Victoria = বিক্টোরিযা

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Alana

Sincerity gives wings to stength = सारल्यं शक्तिं पक्षौ यच्छति

28 July 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ilona Avramenko

This Too Shall Pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Gujarati Word Translation for Emma Compton

stereophonics (sterr ree o fon iks) = સ્ટેરીઓફોનિક્સ

Chinese Name Translation for Vishal Venugopal

Vishal - 维沙尔

Hindi Name Translation for Myrah Tauqeer

"myrah"("myra") = मायरा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lisa Crotty

Crotty(Crot tea) = क्रॉटी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Shubharthi Sengupta

The End is the Beginning = अंतः अस्ति प्रारंभः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gokul Gopinath

Word No. 1: Redemption = प्रतिदान

Word No.2: Inner Strength = आंतरिकशक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zach Brittain

1.Courage = धैर्य

2.Unity = एकता

3.Determination = निश्चय

4.Unselfishness = निःस्वार्थता

5.Humility = विनम्रता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sneha Patel

Karma = कर्म

Destiny = नियति

Faith = श्रद्धा

Love = प्रेम

Family = कुटुंब

Hindi Name Translation for Kelsey

Jennifer = जेनिफर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa Diep

Two against the world = द्वे जगतः विरुद्धे

Hebrew Name Translation for Jessica

jessica = ג'סיקה

Sanskrit Words Translation for Natalie Villarreal

word 1: fearlessness = अभयता

word 2: seek = मृगयस्व

word 3: happy = आनंदी

word 4: nights = रजनयः

word 5: days = दिनानि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Aliza Miller

EIGHT = अष्ट


Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Regina

You will not break me = मां न खंडयिष्यसि

Hindi Word Translation for Chris

REDEMPTION = प्रतिज्ञान

Hindi Word Translation for Ferguson-Bell, Ainsley

Taurus (the star-sign) = वृषभ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anna Marie Falconit

Ability to survive = अतिजीवितुं शक्तिः

Tamil Name Translation for Kogilan Govender

Nakkiran - நக்கீரன்

Tamil Words Translation for Carra David

1- David - டேவிட்

2- Aureliane - ஆறேலியன்

3- Respect - மரியாதை

4- Moon - சந்திரன்
5- Sun - சூரியன்

Tamil Words Translation for Dominik Rose

1.Father = தந்தை

2.God = கடவுள்

3.Mother = தாய்

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christina Chandler

every day = प्रतिदिनम्‌

Japanese Phrase Translation for Michelle Larson

Land Of Shadows

1. 影の国 [kàge no kùni] or 陰の国 [kàge no kùni] which is a literal translation, meaning "land/country of shadows"
2. 影国 [èikoku] or 陰国 [ìnkoku] which would be like a name, something like "Shadowland" or "Shadows Country"

The difference between and is that mostly means "shadow" in the sense of "silhouette of an object projected on a surface" or "ghost", whereas mostly means "shadow" in the sense of "a dark place" or a "dark secret", more abstract meanings of the word "shadow".

Hindi Name Translation for Nawien Ramjiawan

Naveen = नवीन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Leigh Manson

Hisae(he sa e) = हेसए

Kazuki(Ka zu ki) = कझुकी

Sara(Saaraa) = सारा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yasmine Alexander

Safe journey my dear brother = सुरक्षितयात्रा मम प्रियभ्रातः

Hindi Words Translation for ROOPJIT GILL

beauty = खूबसूरती

family = परिवार

friends = दोस्त

unity = एकता

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Merie Dupas

time heals everything = कालः सर्वं विरोपयति

Hindi Words Translation for Landi Pretorius

"Hello" = हेलो

"Love" = प्यार

Sanskrit Date Translation for Ian O'Shea

Mya (my-ah) = माया

08/07/08 = ०८/०७/०८

Sanskrit Name Translation for Angela Foo

ASHWIN = अश्विन

Telugu Name Translation for Kay Wyong

khowla = ఖొవలా

Sanskrit Name Translation for Trusit Patel

Trusit = truesit = ट्रूसिट

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tracey McConachie

The heart of my life = मेरी जिंदगी का दिल

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Julija B

do not give me choice = मे वैकल्पं मा देहि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Diana Prince

Always See Beauty = सदैव सौंदर्यं पश्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Neeral Patel

Neeral = नीरल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alexandra Marey Valenzuela

strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Joshua Beam

Hannah = हॅना

27 July 2008

Sanskrit Names Translation for Leslie Sandoval

1. Luca (loo-kah) = लूका

2. Roman (row-man) = रौमन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jasmine Kiralai

This Too Shall Pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Skiver

not =

mansion = गृह

made = कृत

wood = काष्ठ

stone = पाषाण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kirsten

"trust in only yourself" = विश्वासः तवात्मनि एव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Annette Vincent

Divine Grace: दैवी कृपा

Hindi Name Translation for Lisa Punn

Samir Singh Punn = समिर सिंग पन

Hindi Sentence Translation for Justin Weir

This is not the end = यह अंत नही है

Japanese Name Translation for Heather Hicks

Kay : ケイ [kéi]

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ken Bleznak

Be Present = उपस्थितो भव

KANYINI (ka nay nee) = कनेनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrea Moore

"Believe" = विश्वसिहि

"balance" = संतुलन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dennis

1. dukkha = दुक्ख

2. samudaya = समुदाय

3. nirodha = निरोध

4. magga = मग्ग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephanie


Chinese Name Translation for Stephanie

Stephanie - 斯蒂芬妮

Hindi Dates Translation for Michael Wiltz

Word 1: Mary (mair-ee) = मैरी

Word 2: Roy (rȯi) = रॉइ

1920 = १९२०

2005 = २००५

Hindi Name Translation for Jermey Morrison

Carie(kar-i) = कॅरी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laura Holbert

Denis pronounced DEN-is = डेनिस

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Eddie Garza

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu = लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ananda Librach

Word no. 1: ASHLEY (pronounced: ash - lee) = एशली

Word no. 2: NICHOLAS (pronounced: nick - oh - luss) = निकोलस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Marz Kristine Fernandez

1, Enrico- (en-ree-coh) = एन्रीको

2. Jasmin-(has-min) = हस्मिन

3. Paul-(pol) = पॉल

4. Jules-(dyuls) = ड्युल्स

Sanskrit Words Translation for Debra Potter

Word 1: Surrogate = प्रतिनिधि

Word 2: Forever = शाश्वत

Word 3: Tom = टॉम

Word 4: Cassandra prounounced Cass-on-dra = कॅसँड्रा

WOrd 5: Gwen = ग्वेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katherine Harvey

One life, One Love = एकजीवनमेकप्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vincent Reinders

With you, no war = त्वया सह, युद्धं न

Hindi Phrase Translation for Shanhan Carnegie

My Son = मेरा लडका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Scott McBain

In The Wake Of Determination = निश्चयस्य प्रबोधने

Sanskrit Names Translation for P Patel

Word no1: RAVJI = रावजी

Word no2: JASWANTI = जसवंती

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Robin Askelöf

"I am true to myself" = स्वात्मानं प्रति सत्येन वर्ते

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yoga Balakrishnan

"Soldier of Justice" = न्याययोद्धा = nyaa-ya-yod-dhaa

Sanskrit Word Translation for Paula Taylor

Fortitude = धैर्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amber Louros

saccidananda- सच्चिदानंद

Follow your bliss- तवानंदमनुगच्छ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Margie Gooch

No Regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Roth

1. Life = जीवन

2. Prosperity = समृद्धि

3. Happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Darren Jones

lisa = लिसा

Hindi Words Translation for Natasha Khan

1. Resilience = लौटाव

2. Conflict = विरोध

3. Reconciliation = पुनर्मीलन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Melissa Wolf

Be Here Now = भवात्राधुना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marian Carey

From Hardship to the Stars = कष्टात्‌ ताराः प्रति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Yared Vazquez

Santiago = सँटिएगो

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Scott JONES

We die to be reborn = पुनर्जन्मने म्रियामहे

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tristen Hodgson

1. Understanding = संज्ञान

2. Forgiveness = क्षमाशीलता

3. Compassion = करुणा

4. Granny Wales = पितामही वेल्स

Sanskrit Words Translation for Xavier Flores

# The Nature of Suffering (Dukkha): दुःख

# Suffering's Origin (Samudaya): समुदाय

# Suffering's Cessation (Nirodha): निरोध

# The Way (Mārga) Leading to the Cessation of Suffering: = मार्ग

Sanskrit Words Translation for Paul Suit

Peace = शांति

Love = प्रेम

Unity = एकता

Respect = आदर

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tracy

teacher = शिक्षक

Sanskrit Word Translation for Beckie H

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christopher Babers

BE THE CHANGE = तत्परिवर्तनं भव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jill Connolly

1. Omar (Oh- Maar) = ओमार

2. Happiness = आनंद

3. strength = शक्ति

4. believe = विश्वसिहि

5. Jill (Jeh- ill) = जिल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Debbie Young

Be Yourself =स्वाभाविका भव

Sanskrit Date Translation for Victoria Butcher

Word No. 1: Ciara pronounced Keira = कैरा

Word No. 2: 4 =

Word No. 3: August = ऑगस्ट

Word No. 4: 2006 = २००६

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Collleen Darcy

1 patience = धैर्य

2 surrender = शरणं गच्छ

3 loving kindness = करुणा

4 karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Word Translation for Josh Inman

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Burgundie Miceli

Safe Journey = सुरक्षितयात्रा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Dana Craig

1. One true love = एकं सत्यं प्रेम

2. One love = एकं प्रेम

26 July 2008

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa Huntington

compassion = करुणा

love = प्यार

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

truth = सच्चाई

enlightenment = प्रबोधन

Hindi Sentence Translation for Dave Thakore

This too shall pass = यह भी जाएगा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Dana Brown

1. Haley (hay-ley) = हेली

2. Aaliyah (ah-lee-yah) = आलीया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kaitlyn Irwin

1. Always With You = सदैव त्वया सह

2. Dad = तात

3. Kaitlyn (KAYT-lin) = केटलिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jessica Manning

"Hope & Balance" = आशा संतुलनं च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Grove, Natasha

Grace = कृपा

Presence = उपस्थिति

Beauty = सौंदर्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ashley Sherrick

Ashley pronounced ash-lēe = एशली

Sanskrit Words Translation for Drew Kerr

1.) Strength = शक्ति

2.) Warrior = सैनिक

3.) Faith = श्रद्धा

4.) Honor = सन्मान

Hindi Numbers Translation for Anthony Whisken

Leah 3 9 5 = ली ३ ९ ५

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Yano

1.) Ananda = आनंद

2.) Passion = उत्कटता

3.) Dance = नृत्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Waldman

Waldman (pronounced Wal-d-man) = वॅल्डमन

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Matthew Spinks

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om = ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः ॐ

25 July 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sarah Leblanc

dream = स्वप्न

Sanskrit Name Translation for DARINKA CORREA

AMBAR = अंबर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Clif

"My true love" = मम सत्यं प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hillary Moore

BALANCE = संतुलन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jaye Parsley

Word 1: Inayan (in-I-yan) = इनायन

Word 2: Eskrima (es-kree-ma) = एस्क्रीमा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ben Caddy

1. CREATE = सृज

2. LIFE = जीवन

3. THINK = मन्यस्व

4. FEEL = अनुभव

5. GOOD = शोभन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara Roby

1. shanti = शांति

2. peace = शांति

3. Tara = तारा

4. om shanti = ॐ शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Dina SantaMaria

1. Dina (pronounced Deena) = दीना

2. Light of Day = दिनस्य प्रकाशः

3. Soulmate = आत्ममित्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristin Daoust

one day at a time = एकदिवसः एकैकशः

Sanskrit Name Translation for LAEL HOOPS

Lael (Lay-ohl) = लेऑल

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kimia Nadim

True happiness lies within = सत्यानंदः अंतरतः विद्यते

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Amy Eksteen

"To touch is to heal" = स्पर्शः विरोपकः अस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sangeetha Thomas

1. Sangeetha = संगीथा

2. Vidya = विद्या

3. Music = संगीत

4. Knowledge = ज्ञान

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Margaret Broaddus

The only constant is change = परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Khalilah Croes

You Are My Everything = मम सर्वमसि

Hindi Words Translation for Jess

Truly = सच्चाई से

Madly = पागलपन से

Deeply = गहराई से

Hindi Name Translation for Sandra McKenna

Ava = prononced "A - vah" = एवा

Hindi Words Translation for Alexandrine Aubry

Alexandrine (a-lek-ssan-dri-ne) = अलेक्सांड्रिन

word = शब्द

travels = यात्राः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Madhuri Blaylock

DASH = डॅश

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Zak Lerner

Heal with compassion = कारुण्येन सह विरोपय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Suwinai Viponchai

SON OF THE MOON = चंद्रपुत्र

Sanskrit Name Translation for L. A. VARGAS

LUIS ANTONIO VARGAS(Lwees Ahn-toh-neo Var-gas) = लवीस आंटोनिओ व्हर्गास

Gujarati Names Translation for Ash Kosmadia

Kosmadia = કોસ્માદિયા

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Harris

'Innocence' = निष्पापता

'Innocent' = निष्पाप

Hindi Name Translation for David Hill

Louise(Loo-eez) = लूईझ

Hindi Sentence Translation for Emma Seaman

"love is pain" = प्रेमास्ति पीडा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chelsea Preston

1. Baby = शिशु

2. Girl = बाला

3. Matthews = मॅथ्यूज

4. Baby Girl = बालिका

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Allyn Spear

A Lone Traveler Delays = एकाकियात्रिकः विलंबते

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for SCHERISE GARCIA

freedom comes within yourself = मुक्तिः त्वत्तः आगच्छति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chetna S Singh

Recognition & success = अभिज्ञानं यशश्च

Sanskrit Date Translation for Aubrey Jandoc

1. Aubrey (Aw-Bree) = औब्री

2. Jandoc (Han-Dock) = हँडॉक

3. October 27, 1984 = ऑक्टोबर २७, १९८४

Sanskrit Words Translation for MOODY K.H.

1) Believe = विश्वसिहि

2) Ambition = आकांक्षा

3) Passion = उत्कटता

4) Aspire = स्पृहय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Emma Edwards

> 1) Emma = एमा

> 2) Lisa = लिसा

> 3) Butterfly = चित्रपतंगिका

> 4) Bumble Bee = बंबल बी

Chinese Name Translation for Jessica Treat

treat is pronounced "treet" = 曲特

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amy Rose

Amy (pronounced 'A-me') = एमी

Beloved = प्रिया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rajeev Nair

"little eyes" = लघुनेत्राणि

Bengali Name Translation for Hope Seymer

Abbey Road = এবী রোড

Hindi Name Translation for Krystle Blaize

Liam (pronunciation - lee-am) = लीएम

Hindi Names Translation for Paul Leone

Vince pronounced "V-ince" = विन्स

Victoria pronounced "Vic-tor-ia" = विक्टोरिया

Ava pronounced "A-vah" = एवा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Sambrook

Samantha = समंथा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Lex La Var

Love = प्रेम

I am Love = प्रेमास्मि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vora, Hitesh (RBS London West)

Alana(A-lan-a) Mae = एलाना मै

Monique = मोनिक

Hitesh = हितेश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Manish Singh - HR

"aspects of life" = जीवनावस्था

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashleigh Webb

1 - lotus = पद्म

2 - breathe = विश्वसिहि

3 - sweetness = माधुर्य

4 - end = अंत

5 - cherish = चिंतय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jessy Naumoff

Janardana = जनार्दन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kathleen McGinn

1. Mindful = सावधान

2. Mindfullness = सावधानता

Hindi Name Translation for Nadai Zamapg

Ava pronounced - "A - vah" = एवा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sebastien Cortina

CORTINA SEBASTIEN = कोर्टिना सेबॅस्ट्याँ

AARON PIERRE CORTINA = एरॅन पायर कोर्टिना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danyell Guyton

word no 1: artist = कलाकार

word no 2: artistic = कलापूर्ण

word no 3: creative = सर्जनशील

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Louie Freeman

I Love Anamarie = एनामरिबालामनुरजामि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joshua Meier

Word 1. yesterday = ह्यः

Word 2. tomorrow = श्वः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Claire Backhouse

Word 1: curious = जिज्ञासु

Word 2: curiosity = जिज्ञासा

Hindi Name Translation for Romina Asray

ROMINA = रोमिना

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Aimee Jones

Love Conquers all = प्रेम सर्वान्‌ जयति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lee Jack

Word No. 1 - Victoria (Vic-toria) = व्हिक्टोरिया

Word No. 2 - Noah (No-ah) = नोआ

Word No. 3 - Patience = धैर्य

Word No. 4 - Belief = श्रद्धा

Word No. 5 - Happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Shulman

"think" = चिंतय

"daughters" = पुत्र्यः

Japanese Names Translation for ROBERT THOMPSON

Victoria : ビクトリア [bikutòria] or ヴィクトリア [vikutòria]

Nina : ニーナ [ní:na]

Rachel : レイチェル [réicheru] or ラケル [rakeru]

Ryan : ライアン [ráian]

Japanese Name Translation for RYAN WADE

Ryan : ライアン [ráian]

Hindi Words Translation for Priscilla Ramjiawan

Maa = Mother = माँ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Daniela Saya

Love me if you dare = मामनुरज यदि शक्नोसि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rebecca Jean

Harmony = समरसता

Peace = शांति

Love = प्रेम

Happiness = आनंद

Health = स्वास्थ्य

Dhara 22.11.2007 = धारा २२.११.२००७

Balin 25.08.2009 = बलिन्‌ २५.०८.२००९

Amala = अमला

24 July 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Megan Campbell

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Hindi Name Translation for Lukas Orlowski

DORIAN = डोरिएन

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Dave Hardy

1. watches over us = अस्मान्रक्षति

2. guardian angel = रक्षकदेवदूत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Crystal Collen

Aslan Pronunciation: As-Lan = अस्लन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Williams,Rebecca

Love = प्रेम

Hope = आशा

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jessica Baehr

1. LIVE = जीव

2. LOVE = अनुरज

3. BEAUTIFUL = सुंदर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jessica Michuda

Jessica = जेसिका

Serenity = मानसिकशांति

Sanskrit Date Translation for Michelle Borg

Michelle (Me-Shell) = मिशेल

Fox (F-ox) = फॉक्स

1969 = १९६९

2001 = २००१

Kathryn (Kath-rin) = कॅथरिन

Sanskrit Initial Translation for Alexandra Kukalis

A =

lotus flower = पद्मपुष्प

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lori Kay

"IN everything,give thanks" = सर्वेषु धन्यवादान्देहि

Sanskrit Date Translation for Kylie McCallum

28.06.1981 = २८.०६.१९८१

Kylie(kai-lee) = कैली

Hindi Name Translation for Hannah Batley

BATLEY (batlee) = बॅटली

Hindi Name Translation for Helen Stanley

helen - helun = हेलन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Diego Lombana

LIVE YOUNG DIE FAST = यौवनं जीव शीघ्रं म्रियस्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kevin Sheen

1. Luke ('u' sound like in rule, 'e' silent) = लूक

2. Kevin ("Keh-vehn") = केव्हिन

3. Kylie ("Ki-lee") = किली

4. Kelsey ("Kehl-see") = केल्सी

5. Corbin ("Kohr-ben") = कोर्बेन

Hindi Word Translation for Claire Mynn

cat = बिल्ली

Sanskrit Date Translation for Jamil Sarkis

Hanna Sarkis 1944 - 1995 = हॅना सरकीस १९९४ - १९९५

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aurelie Toureille

don't worry = चिंतां मा कुरु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vishal Solanki

Vishal = विशाल

Sanskrit Initials Translation for Kerry

1. S (letter S) = एस

2. W (letter W) = डब्ल्यू

3. E (letter E) =

4. Kez (Kehz) = केझ

5. Steve (Steev) = स्टीव्ह

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amarjit Randhawa

Sukhjeen = सुखजीन

Bavan = बवन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tony

thank you = धन्यवादाः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Char Newman

melissa = मेलिसा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Vanessa

1 strength = शक्ति

2 laughter = हास्य

3 love = प्रेम

Chinese Names Translation for Barry

Amanda - 阿曼达

Barry - 巴里

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Laura Zabaleviciute

Give me a reason but = देहि मे कारणं तु

Sanskrit Name Translation for E-max Aluminium, Bidjoy

Dhara Pronunciation: Daa-raa = दारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jhesal Bhoola

Jhesal pronunciation is Jessel = जेसेल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Petra Remesova

1. Holly (ho-li) = हॉली

2. Angelina (an-dze-li-na) = अँजेलिना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alexander B. Christof

Isabell = इसबेल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Isabelle Bally

JESSICA. Prononciation like JESSIKA = जेसिका

RAPHAËL. Prononciation like RAFAEL = रफएल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Renee Janssen-Gibson

Asteya = अस्तेय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hiteshay Kacha

liberty = स्वातंत्र्य

freedom = मुक्ति

attitude = वृत्ति

victory = विजय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Megan Boardman

Word 1 - daughter = पुत्री

Word 2 - sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chris

1.chris = क्रिस

2.ramdial pronunciation= ram-dee-al = रामडिएल = कुटुंब = प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Keith Hemsley

cheryl = share ill = शेरिल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Leslie

never give up = मा कदापि त्यज

tyler prounounced tie-lr = टिएलर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Varathan Ramalingam

Varathan - pronounce - va-reh-dhan = वरेधन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Phillip Windeler

Manchester United European Champions 2008
मँचेस्टर युनायटेड युरोपीय विजेता २००८

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carlene Baumgardner

FREEDOM = मुक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tara Stroulger

Tara = तारा

Hindi Name Translation for Grant Smith

DANIEL (DAN-YAL) = डॅनयल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Claire Garenne

1. Fire = अग्नि

2. Tiger = व्याघ्र

3. Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

Hindi Phrase Translation for Arthur Cannelongo

Happy Birthday Friend
जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभेच्छाएँ दोस्त

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joe Nose

freedom = मुक्ति

gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Nicole Dietrich

Grace (as in divine grace or god's grace) = कृपा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mackenzie Hannon

1. Breathe: श्वसिहि

2. Love is: प्रेमास्ति

3. Inner Peace: आंतरिकशांति

4. Serendipity: सौभाग्य

23 July 2008

Hindi Name Translation for Vernon Govender

shobana = शोबना

Sanskrit Names Translation for Hannah Windmill

1) Judith (jew-dith) = ज्यूडिथ

2)Michael (My-kle) = मायकल

Hindi Name Translation for Browchay

'Mia Lucie' are pronounced ' Meah' 'Lu Si' = मिया लुसी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Quanasia

Being successful is destined = यशप्राप्तिः अस्ति नियतिः

Hindi Names Translation for Jessica Delk

Jessica (jess-a-ka) = जेसिका

Allen (al-en) = एलेन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Yvonne Thomas

I am not lost = नास्मि नष्टा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Laura Lauryna

Look at stars beneath feet = पदयोः अधः ताराः पश्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emma Diskin

What we think we become = यथा चिंतयामः भवामः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tiffany Renee

BE THE CHANGE = तत्परिवर्तनं भव

Hindi Names Translation for Leigh Womack

Leigh, pronounced LE, long E = ली

NEVADA = नेवाडा

Hindi Name Translation for Nancy Mitchell

Randy = रँडी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jane Totney

Word 1 Karma = कर्म

Word 2 Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

Word 3 October = ऑक्टोबर

Word 4 Twin = यमल

Word 5 Cate (kayte) = केट

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Brian Lee

pansy I love you always = पॅन्सी सदैव त्वामनुरजामि

Gujarati Name Translation for Lauren O'Malley

Roshni = રોશની

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kevin Perry

each breath is a gift
प्रत्येकश्वासः पारितोषिकमस्ति
pra-tye-ka-shwaa-sah paa-ri-to-shi-ka-ma-sti

Sanskrit Words Translation for Florian Pöll

word number 1: Faith = श्रद्धा

word number 2: Hope = आशा

word number 3: Protection = रक्षण

Sanskrit Names Translation for Eve

Eve ev = एव

Ronnie ron-ee = रॉनी

Nicky nic-ee = निकी

Allie ael-li = एली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julia Crossley

LOUISE(Loo-eze) = लूएझ

True love is inside = सत्यप्रेमांतर्गतमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kathy

> Word 1: Barry = बॅरी

> Word 2: Kathy = कॅथी

> Word 3: Shorty = शॉर्टी

> Word 4&5: Wise Woman = पंडिता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rebecca

emily amra(em mar lee am rah) = एमर्ली अमरा

zara maheshwari(za rah maheshiwari) = झारा महेश्वरी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Matt Hignett

Love is Gods greatest gift
प्रेम ईश्वरस्य महत्तमपारितोषिकमस्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Peter Beare

what he thinks, he becomes = यथा चिंतयति, भवति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Schaen, Amanda

"one life to live" = एक जिंदगी जीने के लिए

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kerry

"Chandra" = चंद्रा

"Kerry" = केरी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tiffany

1. Tiffany (Tiff - a - knee) = टिफनी

2. J ( jay) = जे

3. O (letter O) =

4. Nicole (nik-ole) = निकोल

5. Z (letter Z) = झेड

Sanskrit Word Translation for Martina Nenova

pain is his teacher = पीडास्ति तस्य शिक्षिका

Hindi Word Translation for Storm Gareth

aalishaan = आलिशान = luxurious

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Rachel Schroeder

Forget me not = मां मा विस्मर

Always remember = सदैव स्मर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian Benedict

Ékam sat vipra bahudā vadanti = एकम्‌ सत्‌ विप्रा बहुधा वदंति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lorraine Fine

Lorraine pronunciation: law-ren = लॉरेन

Hindi Sentence Translation for Sofia Cruz

"Love is the answer" = प्यार ही जवाब है

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katharine Verge

Freedom: मुक्ति

Gratitude: कृतज्ञता

Compassion: करुणा

Yellow Dove: पीतकपोत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nikita Miller

Music = संगीत

Poetry = कविता

Life = जीवन

Love = प्रेम

Nikita (Nah-Key-Tah) = नाकेता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jennifer Kaye

Kaye - pronounced like the letter K = के

BaBa - बाबा

22 July 2008

Hindi Date Translation for Darren O'Reilly

word 1: DARREN - dar-in = डॅरिन

word 2: O'Reilly - O-ry-lee = ओरायली

numbers: 13-08-1990 = १३-०८-१९९०

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Veeru Soundsmiths

Devasya Putraha = देवस्य पुत्रः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lauren Batham

Word No1: Rafe (pronounced Ray-f) = रेफ

Word No 2: Lauren (pronounced Lor-ren) = लोरेन

Word No 3: Gramps (pronounced Gram-ps) = ग्रँप्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Wendy Hyland

"be true to yourself always"
सदैव स्वात्मानं प्रति सत्येन वर्तस्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ciara McGarry

Air = वायु

Earth = पृथ्वी

Water = जल

Fire = अग्नि

Strength = बल

Friendship = मैत्री

Lord give me strength = ईश्वर मे बलं देहि

Hindi Name Translation for Ravinder Kailrai-Sharda

Ravinder = रविंदर

Sanskrit Date Translation for Cathy Thurlow

21 August 2004 = २१ ऑगस्ट २००४

Sanskrit Words Translation for Selina Hall

1. Wilhelmina - pronounce - will-hell-me-na = विलहेल्मिना

2. Darrell - pronounce - darr-rell = डॅरेल

3. Daniel - pronounce - dan-yal = डॅनयल

4. Selina - pronounce - sell-en-na = सेलेना

5. Family - कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mag. Alexandra Zigmund

MARKUS = मार्कस

ALEXANDRA = अलेक्सँड्रा

Hindi Name Translation for Dane Ogden

Dane Mark Ogden(Dain Marq Ogdin) = डैन मार्क ओगडिन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Patrícia Santos

maya = माया

Sanskrit Word Translation for Keri O'loughlin

ONE LOVE = एकप्रेम

21 July 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anisa

moral character = शील

18 July 2008

Sanskrit Quote for Dimple Shah

पुराणमित्येव न साधु सर्वं न चापि काव्यं नवमित्यवद्यम्।

सन्त: परीक्ष्यान्यतरद्भजन्ते मूढ: परप्रत्ययनेयबुद्धि:॥

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

Not all that is old, is good;
Not all that is new, is bad;
After examining wise men know the difference;
Dull-witted are lead by somebody else's intelligence.

Hindi Name Translation for Shima

Shima = शिमा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Suren Veeran

Suren = सुरेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sydney Miller

1. teacher = शिक्षक

2. my children, my love = मम शिशवः, मम प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nina Orlando

1. Nina (Nee-nuh) = नीना

2. Nina Lauren (Nee-nuh) (Law-ren) = नीना लौरेन

3. Orlando (Or-lan-doh) = ऑरलँडो

4. Lover = प्रिया

Hindi Words Translation for Rishabh Kaul

DESTINY = नियती




Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amy Friese

"Many paths, one truth" = एकसत्यं, बहुमार्गाः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Crystal Bowman

"tiny vessels"(as in blood vessels) = लघुधमनयः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rajan Abraham

God's Gift = ईश्वरीयपारितोषिक

17 July 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joy Ann

My little secret = लघुरहस्यं मम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Laetitia

"laetitia" ( lay-tee-cia) = लेटीसिआ

"seize the day" = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jean Cotchin

Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hunksten Proudfoot

SHYAM = श्याम

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Adrianna Anchia

Love is my strength = प्रेमास्ति मम शक्तिः

Hindi Name Translation for Mike Hamilton Jr

Uncas (Un- Kiss) = अंकिस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jasmine

Jasmine = जस्मिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nikita Young-Maini

1. Guna - गुण

2. Sattva - सत्त्व

3. Rajas - रजस्‌

4. Tamas - तमस्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for JULIE SAURUSRE

julie; [joo-lee] = जूली

Sanskrit Names Translation for S.H. Bennett

1. Samantha - Sa-man-thah = समँथा

2. Sam - ss-am = सॅम

3. Havella - ha-vel-la = हवेला

Sanskrit Words Translation for Aiyana Davis

loyal = एकनिष्ठ

loyalty = एकनिष्ठता

16 July 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brendan & Brooke

may all be without disease = सर्वे संतु निरामयाः

Gujarati Name Translation for Lisa Adams

Lisa (pronounced leesa) = લીસા

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Tanja Schweizer

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lean

1. angel = देवदूत

2. death = मृत्यु

3. sanity = स्वास्थ्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alisha Acosta

Alisha = अलिशा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sarah Baker

grace = कृपा

Sanskrit Words Translation for NERIZA LISING

1. Ness Nes = नेस

2. Neriza Ne-ree-za = नेरीझा

3. Faith = श्रद्धा

4. Strength = शक्ति

5. Courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Patrick Wright

Ananda = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephanie Anchia

"Fear in God" = ईश्वरे भीतिः

" beauty" = सौंदर्य

"inteliguence" = बुद्धि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Cherilyn Martinetti

I control my destiny = मम नियतिं नियच्छामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julia

wild one = वन्य

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Laxmi Haynes

I am not this body = शरीरमेतन्नास्मि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Corey Chappelle

1.) Honor = सन्मान

2.) Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

3.) Strength = शक्ति

4.) Clarity = स्पष्टता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gorham, Jamie

Christopher(Kristoefer) = क्रिस्टोफर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Avinash Seepersad

Avinash = अविनाश

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ashley

June eighteenth has my heart = जूनमासस्य अष्टादशदिनं मम हृदयमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tristan Dowding

never despair = मा कदापि निराशां गम

Gujarati Word Translation for Davina Shah

Hope = આશા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sara Gort

everything happens for a reason = सर्ववस्तूनि कारणोद्भवानि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hollie Craig

Independent = स्वतंत्र

Sanskrit Name Translation for Richard Newman

Kelly Anne Pronunciation: Kel'e Ann = केली एन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sheryl Nisbet

Unconventional thinker = अपरंपरागतचिंतक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Teresa

1. TERESA (ter-ee-sa) = टेरीसा

2. Astrid = एस्ट्रिड

3. Father = पिता

4. Dad = तात

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kevin

enjoy love live life = जीवनमनुभवानुरज जीव

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Sonia Rios

love is my strength = प्रेमास्ति मम शक्तिः

Gujarati Name Translation for Lola

Lola = લોલા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Williams

Pain is a Gift = पीडा पारितोषिकमस्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Will Wooten

truth is a revolutionary act = सत्यमस्ति क्रांतिकारि कर्म

Sanskrit Word Translation for Thomas Crozier

non-attachment = अनासक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Sabrina

Sabrina (Saa-bree-na) = साब्रीना

Tamil Name Translation for J Black

Olivia - ஒலிவியா

Sanskrit Words Translation for Emma Sanders

True happiness lies within = सत्यानंदः अंतरतः विद्यते

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Beth Connor

Jai guru deva = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kumuthan Krishna Murthi

Kumuthan Krishna Murthi = कुमुथन कृष्ण मूर्थि

Hindi Words Translation for Julia Shoesmith

Courage = धीरज

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

serenity = मनशांती

strength = ताकत

freedom = आजादी

Hindi Word Translation for Bhima Gavaskar

Discipline = अनुशासन

Chinese Word Translation for Shawn Sheffield

live =

Chinese Name Translation for Shalini Sri

Shasu = 萨苏

15 July 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Symphony George

Symphony (Sim-fa-nee) = सिंफनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joe Burmeister

1. Live = जीव

2. Love = अनुरज

3. Laugh = हस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Susan D

Never Settle = मा कदापि स्थिरा भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Luke Keller

One Love = एकप्रेम

Hindi Words Translation for Sam Ness

1: Rescue = छुटकारा

2: Sanctuary = पवित्र स्थान

3: Awake = जागृत

4: Unafraid = बेडर

5: Chaos = गडबडी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Divyan Menon

God's Gift To Women
= ईश्वरपारितोषिकं स्त्रीभ्यः
= ee-shwa-ra-paa-ri-to-shi-kam stree-bhyah

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anonymous

Malti = मालती

I Love You = त्वामनुरजामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Fiona Richardson

Infinite compassion, transcendental wisdom
अनंतकरुणा, आध्यात्मिकप्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Eman Ebed

Word 1 - Faith = श्रद्धा

Word 2 - Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sare Stewart

1 - Sarah(Sare-ah) = सेरा

2 - Kia(Key-ah) = केआ

3 - Stacia(Stay-sha) = स्टेशा

4 - Kody(Code-ee) = कोडी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Charmaine Belgrave

Through darkness there is light = तमसः प्रकाशः अस्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Lally

ian (pronounced eean) = ईएन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jovana

jovana("jo" "vhana") = जोव्हाना

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tiffany Afanador

Name: Nico [knee-co] = नीको

Name: Luis [lu-wis] = लुविस

Quote: No regrets = कोई खेद नही

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sanja Aliefendic

Jasenko Havel (pronounced JA-SEN-ko) (ha-vel) = जासेन्को हवेल

Azra (AZ-ra) = एझ्रा

Fahrudin (FAH-ru-din) = फारुदिन

Sanja (SAN-ja) = सान्जा

Hindi Name Translation for Paul Marcus Smith

HANNA pronunced HA NA = हाना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Douglas M. Haddad

hope will guide you = त्वामाशा मार्गदर्शनं करिष्यति

Translation for Cheaten Pankhania

खुद में उस बदलाव को लाना जरूरी है जो आप देखना चाहते है

तत्परिवर्तनं भव द्रष्टुं यदिच्छसि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Abneet Sandhar

lotus = padma = पद्म

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jenilee Mead

We must be the change we wish to see
परिवर्तनं भवाम द्रष्टुं यदिच्छामः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julie Jensen

If you are a bird = यद्यसि पक्षी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tatiana Silvestre

word 1: Tatiana (pronounced ta-tee-AN-a) = ततीएना

word 2: Emmanuel (pronounced e-MAN-yoo-el) = इमॅन्यूएल

word 3: Lotus Flower = पद्मपुष्प

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Michelle Silinch

I will remember you = त्वां स्मरिष्यमि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sandy Ovalle

Bless by God = ईश्वरानुग्रहः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sandra Kalisz

Be Here Now = भवात्राधुना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Adriana Naranjo

1. innocense = निष्पापता

2. destiny = नियति

3. way = मार्ग

4. return = प्रत्यागच्छ

5. yourself = तवात्मा

Hindi Name Translation for Jackie Storrar

Jackie = जेकी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Anne Janes

1. Survivor = अतिजीविन्‌

2. Woman = स्त्री

3. Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

4. Faith = श्रद्धा

5. karma = कर्म

14 July 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Tanya Sablic

Kali = काली

live once = एकवारं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nicole

Truth is Love = सत्यमस्ति प्रेम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michael Lindstrom

Michael Lindstrom(mykull linstrum) = मायकल लिनस्ट्रम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Giedre Paliukaityte

BY YOUR SIDE = तव पार्श्वतः

GIEDRE (Gie dre) = गीड्रे

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hudson Smith

Battlefield = युद्धभूमि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alan Moore

> 1 Good = उत्तम

> 2 Evil = अधम

> 3 Light = प्रकाशः

> 4 Dark = तमः

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Siri Fiske

I am grateful = कृतज्ञास्मि

Sanskrit Names Translation for David Edge

1. david (day-vid) = डेव्हिड

2. leo (lee-o) = लीओ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Beckie Wheatcroft

Olivia Erin(ohliveeah erin) = ओलिव्हीआ एरिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Erin Emery

Metta = मेत्ता

Karuna = करुणा

Mudita = मुदिता

Upekkha = उपेक्खा

Hindi Name Translation for Sonn T

Sonnam = सोनम

Hindi Word Translation for Storm du Ciel

Freedom = आजादी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Allison O'Donnell

1. eternal love ("prema") = प्रेम

2. goddess ("devi") = देवी

3. fearless = अभय

4. desire = इच्छा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ann Morris

heaven and serenity = स्वर्गः मनःशांतिश्च

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jessums L

What goes around comes around = जो जाता है वो वापस आता है

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Craig Smith

I am awake = प्रबुद्धोऽस्मि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Rachel Toledo

It is ok to Land = सर्वमवतरितुं सुष्ठु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nanci Booher

Ryan (RY-uhn) = रायन

Alexa (uh-LEKS-uh) = अलेक्सा

strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Emma West - JPL4

Nice Guys Finish Last = सभ्यबालकाः अंततः समाप्नुवंति

Japanese Sentence Translation for Karen Aitken

I can handle it : Several ways to translate this, but none of them literal (will only give an equivalent meaning):

1. 頑張る [ganbáru] which is the way Japanese say "I'll do my best (to deal with something)".

2. 大丈夫 [daijò:bu] which is the way Japanese say "it's OK" or "it's going to be OK" or "no problem (I can handle it)".

3. 楽勝 [rakushò:] which is the way Japanese say "piece of cake" or "no trouble at all (in handling it)".

4. 絶対に上手く行く [ze'tài ni umáku ìku] which would mean something like "it's going to work out just fine" or "I promise/I assure you/I bet it's going to be done well/properly skillfully".

Japanese Name Translation for Nicole Guarrasi

Guarrasi: グアラシ [guaràshi] or グアラッシ [guarà'shi]

Sanskrit Words Translation for Anita

1) equanimity ("uppekha") = उप्पेखा

2) compassion (karuna) = करुणा

3) loving-kindness, or friendliness (metta) = मेत्ता

4)sympathetic joy (mudita) = मुदिता

5) wisdom (prajna) = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Initials Translation for Rommy Sosa

J. R. S. = जे.आर.एस.

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heather

River = नदी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Elizabeth Wentworth

shauca = शौच

ishwarapranidhana = ईश्वरप्रणिधान

tapas = तपस्‌

swadhyaya = स्वाध्याय

santosha = संतोष

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kimberly Cizek

Healer = विरोपक

Graham ( GRAY- EM) = ग्रेएम

Sara (SAY-RAH) = सेरा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Doubra Wariebi

with love for my mother = प्रेम्णा सह मम मात्रे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for NAOMI JAMES

God be with me = ईश्वरः मया सहास्तु

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Katie Campbell

Love is eternal = प्रेम शाश्वतमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Brendan Bellantoni

Svecchachara = स्वेच्छाचार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Cappelli

All is One = सर्वमेकमस्ति

Tamil Words Translation for Sophia Fernandez

1.Sophia - சோபியா

2..Paliesimo - பாளியேசிமோ

3.Strength - பலம்

4.Love - காதல்

Tamil Phrase Translation for Brendon Zatirka

1.Love - அன்பு (OR) காதல்

2.Resilience - சகிப்புதன்மை

3.Love conquers all
அன்பு அனைத்தையும் ஆக்ரமித்துவிடும்

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sonam Tsering

"No Fear" = डर नही

Tamil Phrase Translation for Gabby

God grant me the serenity
இறைவா எனக்கு அமைதி தாருங்கள்

Gujarati Name Translation for Jinal Desai

Jinal Desai = જિનલ દેસાઈ

Tamil Word Translation for Phil Bennett

1.Hold my hand - என் கரத்தை பற்று

2.Valory - தைரியம்

3.Love - அன்பு (or) காதல்

Hindi Name Translation for Harmander Kaur

1) Jay = जय

2) Jagdev = जगदेव

Hindi Name Translation for Carrie Jones

"Brad" prononced "B-RAD" = ब्रॅड

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anwesh Acharya

ANWESH = अन्वेश

Sanskrit Name Translation for Roshiny Perera

PERERA, pronoucned per-rare-ra = परेरा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Trinity Connors

remember humbly the process = विनम्रत्वेन क्रियां स्मर

13 July 2008

Hindi Name Translation for Paul McKenna

Zora (pronouced Zoorah) = झूरा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Tristen Hodgson

Paula = पॉला

My Soulmate = आत्ममित्रं मम

My Strength = मम शक्तिः

Om Namo, Bhagavate, Pandurangaya
ॐ नमो भगवते पांडुरंगाय

Om Ham Hanumate, Rudratmakaya Hum Phat, Swaha
ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट्‌ स्वाहा

Om Dum Durgayai, Namaha. Durga
ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः दुर्गा

Om Namo Veerabhadraya, Rudra Bhairavaya, Hum Phat, Swaha
ॐ नमो वीरभद्राय रुद्रभैरवाय हुं फट्‌ स्वाहा

Om Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama
ॐ श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम

Om Gam Ganapataye, Namaha
ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

Om Kleem Krishnaya, Namaha
ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः

Om Shree Mahalakshmyai, Namah
ॐ श्रीमहालक्ष्म्यै नमः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Simon Crossman

Paul = पॉल

Emma = एमा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Niki Enevová

gate to unhearable = द्वारमनाकर्ण्यं प्रति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Linda Jones

dolphin = डॉल्फिन

wolf = वृक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephanie Ray

Bhagavad Gita = भगवद्गीता

Krishna = कृष्ण

Karma = कर्म

Hindi Words Translation for Jasmina Hodzic

ochidee = ओचिडी

lion = शेर

charity = दानधर्म

gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Jasmina - Jas-mi-na = जस्मिना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sara McLean

preman = प्रेम

satya = सत्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Irem Catay

The crow is stronger = काकः अस्ति बलवत्तरः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Priti Hunt

" Amber " = अँबर

" Priti " = प्रीति

" Scott " = स्कॉट

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Mark Palkoner

Spirit is all Truth = सर्वसत्यमात्मास्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian-Keith Stanton

Through Christ = ख्रिस्ततः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kally Johal

1. Kamalpreet = कमलप्रीत

2. Navmeet = नवमीत

3. Sunset = सूर्यास्त

4. Sunrse = सूर्योदय

Hindi Name Translation for Jamie Pearson

Jamie(Jei mii) = जैमी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ana Evans

1. ana (a-na) = एना

2. jose (jo-se) = जोस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Roheel Shah

Roheel Sha = रोहील शाह

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sukhy D

JAY = जय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Denise Hagan

seize the day = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Name Translation for Seyran Toprak

Pelin Zahide (Pel-in Za-hi-de) = पेलिन झहिदि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Claire Rogers

claire (clay-er) = क्लेर

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lisanya Pillay

perseverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kohilah Nadaraja

1. Kohilah = कोहिला

2. Kohilah Nadaraja = कोहिला नादराज

Hindi Sentence Translation for Emma Ibanez

bear-tah is my strength = बेअर्टा मेरी शक्ति है

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Robert Marino

only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Antoaneta Ivanova

Infinity = अनंतता

The World Is Mine = जगद्मदीयमस्ति

Hindi Words Translation for Beate Lohse

1) Bea = बी

2) Gina ( schina) = शिना

3) Manu = मनु

4) 2001 = २००१

5) heart = हृदय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Julia Wakefield

> Word 1: Mother = माता

> Word 2: Father = पिता

Hindi Names Translation for Sven Valentijn

MINOU actual way to say ---> MIENOE = मीनोए

MILAN actual way to say ---> MIELAN = मीलन

LUCA actual way to say ---> LOEKA = लोएका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pradeep Joe Marineni

PRIDE = अभिमान

HONOUR = सन्मान

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Stephanie

"I give you my heart" = ते मम हृदयं यच्छामि

Hindi Name Translation for Nanda McCormick

Nandini = नंदिनी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gina Biegel

perseverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Young

devotion = भक्ति

young = तरुण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for NEAL PATEL

Sanatana Dharma = सनातनधर्म

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lucy McLean

chloe (said Kloe) = क्लोए

jasmin (said jazmin) = जॅस्मिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Seeta Bhatt

desire = इच्छा

shining one = प्रकाशमान

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tabatha Bennett

live laugh love = जियो हसो प्यार करो

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Kiran Edelstein

jai guru deva om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gem Norris

Gemma(jem ma) and Jordan(jor dan) Eternal Love
जेमा जॉर्डन च शाश्वतप्रेम

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jennifer Simental

Jesus(jee-zuhs) is my savior = जीझस ममास्ति रक्षकः

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Evan Otto

Tat tvam asi = तत्‌ त्वम्‌ असि

Hindi Name Translation for Brad Calleja

"Ava" "Aye-vah" = एवा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sheelana Hawelu

One = एक

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sarah Satterthwaite

Acceptance = स्वीकृति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mohit Bhasin

1.JOURNEY = यात्रा

2.INFINITE = अनंत

3.SILENCE = शांतता

4.UNBOUNDED = अनिबद्ध

5.DIVINE = दैवी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alex Young

music is my lover = संगीतमस्ति मम प्रेमिका

Hindi Name Translation for Amrita Mahabier

Ajay = अजय

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa Pendergast

1. Family = परिवार

2. Friendship = दोस्ती

3. Love = प्यार

4. Pride = अभिमान

5. Respect = सन्मान

Sanskrit Names Translation for Arun Krishnalingam

Nitin = नितिन

Danin (pronounced da-nin) = दनिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Heather Green

"Strength in God alone" = ईश्वरे एव शक्तिः

"Renee" (Ra-nay) = रॅने

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Adam Mayhew

Three little birds = त्रिलघुपक्षिणः

Hindi Names Translation for Lynn Bhaskaran

Shib = शिब

Lauren(Loren) = लॉरेन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Paul Fairbrother

Holly = Hol-e = होली

Paul = पोल

Mathilda = Ma-til-da = मटिल्डा

Esmé = Ez-may = एझ्मे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gabrielle Platukis

for me this is heaven = मह्यमेषः अस्ति स्वर्गः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for A & J Pauley

> > 1. Amber (Amb-er) = अँबर

> > 2. No regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

> > 3. Skye = स्काय

> > 4. Imagine = मन्यस्व

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jordan Meekh

1. Live Life = जिंदगी जियो

2. Faith = श्रद्धा

3. Happiness = ख़ुशी

Gujarati Name Translation for Kevin O Leary

Bijal = બિજલ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrea Wade

1.Annie........anee = एनी = मार्क

3.Voice = स्वन

4.Strength = शक्ति

5.Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kirsten Wilson

1. Kirsten (Kur-sten) = कर्स्टेन

2. Damien (Dah-me-ahn) = डामिआन

3. Sophie (So-fee) = सोफी

4. Chloe (Klo-eh) = क्लोई

5. Eternity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Katherine O

Live life = जीवनं जीव

Regret nothing = कस्यापि पश्चात्तापं मा कुरु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Megan Schaeffer

Robert(rahbert), family, strength, faith, hope
राबर्ट, कुटुंब, शक्ति, श्रद्धा, आशा

Sanskrit Initials Translation for Ulrike Scheck

MDCD = एमडीसीडी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vicki C

NOAH (No-Ah) = नोआ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Georges Restaurant

Do not leave your values = तव गुणान्मा त्यज

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dawn Johnson

chance = अवसर

Hindi Name Translation for Hope Justine Clark

Hope = होप

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jesse Bond

"protected" = रक्षित

Sanskrit Names Translation for Billie McGovern

alistair (AL E STAIR) = एलिस्टेर

billie (BILL E) = बिली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katy

michael(my-kull): lover, soulmate, friend
मायकल : प्रिय, आममित्र, मित्र

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sara Bell

Forgiven = क्षमा की गई

Live today = आज जियो

Japanese Names Translation for Jay Hutchins

Jay: ジェイ [djèi]

Carrie: キャリー [kyári:]

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Miriam Heads

From the dirt a lotus = कमलं धूलेः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nick Taylor

With love for my mom = प्रेम्णा सह मम मात्रे

Sanskrit Words Translation for Christian Davis

word no. 1-fate = नियति

word no. 2- life = जीवन

word no. 3- live = जीव

word no. 4- dream = स्वप्न

word no. 5- peace = शांति

Japanese Names Translation for Logan Valentini

Lucas: ルーカス [lù:kasu]

Jenna: ジェンナ [djè'na]

Caden: ケイデン [kéiden]

Sanskrit Date Translation for Carrie Moss

James K Moss (Ja - aames- kay- ma-oss) = जामस के मॉस

1945 - 2008 = १९४५ - २००८

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alyson Leschke

1. ALYSON al e son = एलिसन


3. INDEPENDENT = स्वतंत्र

4. DESTINY = नियति

5. SPONTANEOUS = उत्स्फूर्त

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kieran Morrow

thirst = तृष्णा

hunger = क्षुधा

literature = साहित्य

knowledge = ज्ञान

curiosity = कुतूहल

conquer = जय

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stephanie Vandyk

1) I = अहम्‌

2) Heart = हृदय

3) Michael (Myk-al) = मायकल

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Pamela Nichol

This too will change = एतदपि परिवर्तिष्यते

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Josh Henderson

"Family is strength in one." = कुटुंबमस्ति एकस्मिन्शक्तिः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Devika

devika = देविका

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