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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 December 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Gema Lee

Pablo = पाब्लो

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Neri Barnhart

Breathing in, Breathing out = श्वासोच्छ्वासः

Hindi Names Translation for Rohit

1. Amanda = अमंडा

2. Amy = एमी

3. Zara = झारा

4. Shravani = श्रावणी

5. Chaddah = चड्डा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Teresa Conant

rose = पाटलपुष्प

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anita Malatová

Anita = अनिता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Govind Goyal

"Modi" = मोदी

"Santosh" = संतोष

"Govind" = गोविंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kim

Despair doubles our strength
निराशास्माकं शक्तिं द्विगुणीकरोति

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Dawn Hayhurst

Breathe = श्वसिहि

Just breathe = श्वसिहि एव

Courage = धैर्य

Dawn (dôn) = डॉन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for MELINA

Life is beautiful = जीवनं सुंदरमस्ति

MELINA = मेलिना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jessie

to be loved = प्रेमयोग्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Darr

love = प्रेम

lotus = पद्म

inner peace = अंतर्गतशांति

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sharon Percy

Kailee Jo Reta Foyle(kay lee jo re tah foy l) = केली जो रेटा फोयल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lauren Ioannides

Ruza (roo-jya) = रूज्या

vesna (ves-na) = व्हेस्ना

lauren = लौरेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Divya Gunda

Beloved = प्रिय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephen Smith

"FAITH TIES THE HEART" = श्रद्धा हृदयं बध्नाति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristin Walton

Walk without tarrying, without hurrying
चर अविलंबेन अत्वरया

Gujarati Words Translation for Grace McClellan

"Believe" = વિશ્વાસ રાખો

"Warrior" = સૈનિક

"Eternity" = હમેશા

"Metamorphosis" = મોટો બદલ

"Grace" (Gray-ssss) = ગ્રેસ

Hindi Names Translation for Erica Courville

Erica (eh-rih-cuh) = एरिका

Jess (jehs) = जेस

Courville (cor-vell) = कॉर्वेल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nica Lazatin

Alessandra(a-le-ssan-dra) = अलेसांड्रा

forvever = सदैव

Hindi Name Translation for GORDON BUCHAN


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tamara N A Welsh

"love is life" = प्रेम जीवनमस्ति

English to Hindi Tattoos Names Translation for Steve Gaywood

Stephen (pronounced Stee-ven) = स्टीव्हन

Kieran = कीरन

OM =

Chloe [klo-ee] = क्लोई

Sanskrit Names Translation for Craig Robinson

gabriel (gay-bree-ell) = गेब्रीएल

chloe (clo-ee) = क्लोई

jessica (jess-eek-ah) = जेसीका

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Xednee Taveras

happiness is journey not destination
आनंदः यात्रास्ति ध्येयं न

Sanskrit Word Translation for Adrienne Brewer

Recovery = आरोग्यप्राप्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ariela

"Sweet Nectar of Life" = स्वादु मधु जीवनस्य

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Athena Foltz

1. Ham Sa = हं स

2. I Am That = तदस्मि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley

1. Compassion (karuna) = करुणा

2. Service (seva) = सेवा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Jons Receipts

"Thanks" = "Thank you" = धन्यवादाः

Hindi Word Translation for Rachel Banta

Aiden (ay-den) = एडेन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tammy Martin

word no. 1- strength = शक्ति
word no. 2-courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nathan McAllan

Together we are one = संघटिताः वयं एकम्‌

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for COURTNEY DOOLIN

"Love freely" = मुक्तहस्तेनानुरज = muk-ta-has-te-naa-nu-ra-ja

"Honor knowledge" = ज्ञानमाद्रियस्व = dnyaa-na-maa-dri-ya-sva

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tova Dann

LET GO, LET GOD = गच्छतु, ईश्वरः करोतु

Sanskrit Word Translation for Manning, Kathleen

karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ally

Be Tough = शक्तिमती भव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Michael Klenner

Fire = अग्नि

Sky = आकाश

Dharma = धर्म

30 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Courtney Perry

"Love, Trust & Betrayal" = प्रेम विश्वासः विश्वासघातश्च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nikul Padhya

"This is Where i belong" = एतद्मदीयमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara Favis

one day at a time = एकदिवसः एकैकशः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Maheshwar Samaroo

Maheshwar Samaroo = महेश्वर समरू

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katrina Fernandez

past, present, future = भूतकाल, वर्तमानकाल, भविष्यकाल

Hindi Name Translation for Kimberly

Kimberly = किंबर्ली

RL = आरएल

RKL = आरकेएल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lorena Saenz

Awareness = प्रबोधन

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Michael Cruz

'Killing Loneleness' = अकेलेपन को मारना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vera

"Bodhisattva" = बोधिसत्त्व

Hindi Phrase Translation for Gina Baroni

Small steps = छोटे कदम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Liz Diesel

"Love is Eternal" = प्रेम शाश्वतमस्ति

Bengalii Name Translation for Daisy Pedersen

Daisy (day-see') = डेसी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Melissa Abbott

"To always see the sun" = सूर्यं द्रष्टुं सदैव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Nolan

"passion" = उत्कटता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Karisha Trotman

Karisha = करिशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for David Corkett

Family and Friends = कुटुंबं मित्राणि च

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for C E

1. mental and spiritual growth = मानसिकाध्यात्मिकवृद्धि

2.Mankind = मानुषता

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Fionna G.

learn = अधिगच्छ

teach = शाधि

live your life = तव जीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kae Cazenas

“love wins” = प्रेम जयति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rene Montiel

BORN AGAIN = पुनर्जातः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nunyah Bizness

"Believe in thyself first" = तवात्मनि प्रथमं विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nesha Simeon

" Our love is forever MNF"
अस्माकं प्रेम शाश्वतमस्ति एम्‌एन्‌एफ्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chris

NIRWANA = निर्वाण

29 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tasha Tyler

"Failure is never a option" = अपयशः कदापि नास्ति विकल्पः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Montes Amore

"Success is a virtue" = यशः अस्ति गुणः

Hindi Word Translation for Lilbxmami

Devi = देवी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jason Netland

Word No.1: Love = प्रेम

Word No. 2: Pain = पीडा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Daniel Moll

Peaceful warrior = शांतिपूर्णयोध

Sanskrit Word Translation for SYNthesized SRI

vidhi = विधि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Trevor Lynn

"Mow & Grow" = खंडय वर्धस्व च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leith

Leith LI – EE – TH = लीथ

Michelle ME – SHELL = मेशेल

Jones JOE – N – Z = जोएन्झ

LEITHY = लीथी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Carlos Kubos

CUBOS = क्यूबोस

Sanskrit Date Translation for Katrina Valeriano

VALERIANO = व्हॅलेरिएनो

21 February 2001 = २१ फेब्रुवारी २००१

Hindi Date Translation for Stephanie Yeomans

JACK 4TH NOVEMBER 2007 = जॅक ४ नवंबर २००७

28 December 2007

Punjabi Name Translation for Jasdev Lall

Tarsem Singh Matharu = ਤਰ੍ਸੇਮ ਸਿਂਘ ਮਥਾਰੁ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Natasha Devi

Perfection = परिपूर्णता

Wicked = दुष्ट

Bengalii Name Translation for Natacha

Natacha = নতাচা

Sanskrit Name Translation for Preshan Rambridge

Preshan = प्रेशान

Gujarati Names Translation for Deepa Patel

1. Prabhatavati Patel = પ્રભાવતી પટેલ

2. Chandravadan Patel = ચંદ્રવદન પટેલ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emily Gilbert

The path is the obstacle = मार्गः अस्त्यंतरायः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Enco

Because I love life = जीवनमनुरजामीति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaka Kovac

I shall have no sorrow = मम कमपि दुःखं न भवेत्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Moki Novak

'to die' = मर्तुम्‌

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sandi Hughes

love = प्रेम

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jason Seegobin

Sonia(so-knee-ah) = सोनीआ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Max Walker

1) optimism = आशावाद

2) laughter = हास्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lorali Corsiatto

live = जीव

love = अनुरज

laugh = हस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michelle

compassion = करुणा

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gibrán X. Rivera

Chidvilasananda = चिद्विलासानंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Joydeep Sil

Aishani is pronounced as 'Oishani' = औशनि

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Steve Young

tad-yathā oṁ cale cule cundi svāhā
तद्‌ - यथा ॐ काले कुले चंडि स्वाहा

Sanskrit Name Translation for neesha neesha

'anisha' (an-ee-sha) = अनीशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for David Boyd (DTS Process)

Lisa (pronunciation is Leesa) = लीसा

Mark (pronunciation is Ma ark) = मार्क

Nicola (pronunciation is Nic ola) = निकोला

Alistair (pronunciation is Al i stair) = अलिस्टेर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joe

"Light, Love and Laughter" = प्रकाशः प्रेम हास्यं च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Winston Fong

Pray For Me = मह्यं प्रार्थयस्व

Hindi Names Translation for Carl McMullen

1) Stephanie (steh-fan-ee) = स्टिफॅनी

2) Carl (carl) = कार्ल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Figge, Richar

'DIVINE' = दैवी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Earl Thomas

the fruit of our love = अस्माकं प्रेमणः फलम्‌

27 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for GEORGIA GEBOW

miracles can happen, ariana sophia (air-ee-on-uh)
चमत्काराः शक्याः, एरीओना सोफिया

Sanskrit Date Translation for Kristina Cloney

February 27 2007 = फेब्रुवारी २७ २००७

Sanskrit Names Translation for Martina

1 Martina = मार्टिना

2 Maria = मारिया

3 Kailas = कैलास

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mark Weber

Ann Marie - pronounced as [an muh-ree] = एन मरी

Chloe - pronounced as [kloh-ee] = क्लोई

Family - कुटुंब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Monique Greasley

eternal sisters = शाश्वतभगिन्यः

Joanne (jo-ann) = जोएन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Dr. Abhay Walvekar

Global Center for Stability Studies
जागतिक स्थिरताभ्यास केंद्र

Sanskrit Initials Translation for Stephanie Lindeblad

my loves = मम प्रेमाणि

MOL = एम्‌ ओ एल्‌

EML = ई एम्‌ एल्‌

MPL = एम्‌ पी एल्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for L J Wilson

Fearlessness = अभयत्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Moran, Lisa A

Patience = धैर्य

Faith = श्रद्धा

Happiness = आनंद

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andy Cobbe

Dying I Sing = गायाम्यहं म्रियमाणः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amber Barrios

"love eternal" = शाश्वतप्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nadine Richardson

"secret" = रहस्य

"trust" = विश्वास

"always" = सदैव

"eternal addiction" = शाश्वतव्यसन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Blackburn

Joyful Noise = आनंदनाद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Thomson

"Just be" = भवैव

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Katja Klavzar

I came = मयागतम्‌

I saw = मया दृष्टम्‌

conquerd = जित

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Min Tan

"The only constant in life is change."
जीवने केवलं परिवर्तनमेव स्थिरमस्ति

26 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zara Athina

faith = विश्वास

self-confidence = आत्मविश्वास

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alana

Alana: ah-lah-nah

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nery Saenz

1) Passion = उत्कटता

2) Persistence = सातत्य

3) Laugh = हास्य

4) Honor = सन्मान

5) butterfly = चित्रपतंगिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Eleanor Mann

"love through unity" = एकतायाः प्रेम

24 December 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Rajan V. Vohra

Bhumija = भूमिजा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Scott Aller

RYAN = रइन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Janeen

Nothing Lasts Forever = न कमपि शाश्वतम्‌

Gujarati Names Translation for Keilesh Morar

1. Kailesh = કૈલેશ

2. Bhavesh = ભાવેશ

3. Morar = મોરર

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrea Weir

1. Sing = गाय

2. Music = संगीत

Hindi Name Translation for Brodie Bott

CARLY = कार्ली

Sanskrit Name Translation for ROHIT SHARMA

SANDESH = संदेश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ryan Behling

"Town of falling rocks" = पतत्शिलाखंडानां नगरम्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lenora DeWilde

svastika = स्वस्तिक

Hindi Names Translation for Vero Boury

- Christiane (Kris / ti / a / ne) = क्रिस्टिएन

- Liliane (Li / li /a / ne) = लिलिएन

- Fabrice (Fa / bri / ce) = फॅब्रिक

- Véronique (Vé / ro / nik) = वेरोनिक

- Roméo (Ro / mé / o) = रोमिओ

23 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Sara Corwin

Good Thoughts = सुविचाराः

Good Words = सुशब्दाः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Josephine Morris

strengthen = बलीकुरु

contribute = प्रवर्धस्व

inspire = प्रेर

respect = आद्रियस्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for resfr33

Bailey (prounounced Bay-Lee) = बेली

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sonia Supramaniam

Word 1: Shakti = शक्ति

Word 2: Shiva = शिव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Arun Gopale

Arun = अरुण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Davi Rocha

"family is everything" = कुटुंबं सर्वमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for ADFSINC Asst

Awareness = प्रबोधन

Hindi Name Translation for Stuey Donklockis

Marissa -- Pronunciation: ( /m/ /u/ /r/ /i/ /s/ /u/ ) = मरिस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Frank Cutitta

"man looks like a woman" = पुरुषः स्त्रीसमः दृश्यते

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jennifer

"Darshani" = दर्शनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Steve Toddie

"love eternal" = चिरंतनप्रेम

Hindi Names Translation for KZN Insurance Brokers

SHALINI = शालिनी

VISHAL = विशाल

Marathi Word Translation for Pratiksha Vaze

Mobile = भ्रमणध्वनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Farrant

(I will)See You On The Beach = त्वां सागरतटे द्रक्ष्यामि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sara Coles

(word) 1. Health = स्वास्थ्य

(word) 2. world = जगत्‌

(name) 3. Sara (SER-a) = सेरा

(name) 4. Sue (Soo) = सू

Sanskrit Words Translation for Grace Lee

1. Family = कुटुंब

2. Love = प्रेम

3. Faith = श्रद्धा

4. Peace = शांति

5. Compassion = करुणा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Brandon Wilson

I am buddha = अहमस्मि बुद्धः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jalen Russell

love conquers all = प्रेम सर्वान्जयति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sebastian Smith

life is beautiful = जीवनं सुंदरमस्ति

Hindi Words Translation for Vonlhms

Word No. 1 Shanti = शांती

Word No. 2 Love = प्यार

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for A & J Pauley

I believe = मन्ये

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sam O

live = जीव

love = अनुरज

laugh = हस

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alison

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Word Translation for Claire Lim

Bliss = आनंद

Sanskrit Word Translation for Catherine Brown

'strength' = शक्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rakesh Das

Lipakshi (Lee –Pak –shi) = लीपाक्षी

Kyna (Ky-na) = कायना

Sanskrit Names Translation for Marianne

Marianne Maa-ree-anne = मारीएन

Dwayne Da-wah-ne = डवाने

Malloy Mah-loi = मालोइ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gabrielle Aube

INDEPENDENCE = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kimberly Szmitkowski

measure in love = प्रेमणि मापकः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Matic Serdoner

MATIJA = मतिजा

Hindi Name Translation for Pavan Budhrani

Pavan Budhrani = पवन बुधरानी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rickard Pettersson

Forever = शाश्वतम्‌

Faithful = श्रद्धायुक्तः(male)/श्रद्धायुक्ता(female)

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maja

everything happens for a reason
सर्ववस्तूनि कारणोद्भवानि

Hindi Sentence Translation for Kenneth Cybulska

Please REMOVE this slanderous Blog!
इस निंदाजनक आंतरजाल चिठ्ठे को यहाँ से निकालो!

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Rachel Clark

sisters forever = सदैव भगिन्यः

eternal sisters = शाश्वतभगिन्यः

Hindi Name Translation for Susan Morgan

Rahul = राहुल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kaitlan Wynter

"I am my brother's keeper"
अहमस्मि मम भ्रातुः रक्षकः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Maira Eiras

chittavrittinirôdha = चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः

Marathi Sentence Translation for Jamie Langford

" In God I trust" = ईश्वरावर माझा विश्वास आहे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lindsay Schmandt

"always love" = सदैवानुरज

Sanskrit Word Translation for Caroline Thai

'freedom' = स्वातंत्र्य

22 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jordyn Cutler

i am committed to myself
मयाहं नियुक्तः(male)/नियुक्ता(female)

Marathi Sentence Translation for Manoj Kumar

Wish you happy new year = नववर्षाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mayank Kumar

knowledge = ज्ञान

Hindi Name Translation for SOUGANTHI

SOUGANTHI = सौगंथी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stacey Beltran

"Only change is forever" = केवलं परिवर्तनं शाश्वतमस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for KJ Compton

Love = प्रेम

Honor = सन्मान

Respect = आदर

Protect = रक्ष

Truth = सत्य

19 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Natália Castro

soham = सोऽहम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mark

so'ham = so aham = सोऽहम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Phil Demmert

"Until the two become one" = यावन्न द्वे मीलिते

Sanskrit Name Translation for Surrinder Kumar

KOROTANIA = कोरोटानिया

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hopa, Dorothy

1: Kelly(Kel-lee) = केली

2: Dot(Dott) = डॉट

3: 23.05.2007 = २३.०५.२००७

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Baljeet Kaur

POWER TO THE PEACE = शांतिं शक्तिः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kishan Devraj

love = प्रेम

Honor = सन्मान

Respect = आदर

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Chelsea

1 Fearless Warrior = अभययोद्धा

3 God's Warrior = ईश्वरस्य योद्धा

4 Warrior = योद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bit O' Heaven Bakery

1. I am = अहमस्मि

2. 143 = १४३

3. Persevere = सदैव प्रयत्नं कुरु

4. Grandmother(Mother's mother) = मातामही

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amancia Kaushal

Sanjana Georgette Kaushal(san-JA-na / jor-jet/ kawshul)
संजाना जॉर्जेट कौशल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mario Calderon

Complete each moment = प्रतिक्षणं पूर्णतां गमय

18 December 2007

Hindi Phrase Translation for Damon

"until we(two) die" = यावन्न म्रियावहे

Damon (DAY-men) = डेमेन

Debra (DEB-rah) = डेब्रा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Erika J

karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Diana

Alessandra(ah lehs SAHN drah) = अलेस्सांड्रा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ian Macbeth

'Paramjit' = परमजित

Hindi Name Translation for Rodd Lal

Rodd Lal = रॉड लाल

Hindi Words Translation for Sharma, Ian MCF:EX

IAN SHARMA (ee-yan) = ईयन शर्मा

FOCUS = ध्यान

CALM = शांती

Sanskrit Name Translation for Peter Stuart

" AVA " pronounced Ay-va = एवा

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Vikhyat Jonnada

om ganeshaya namaha = ॐ गणेशाय नमः

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Alejandro Acosta

ETERNAL LOVE = शाश्वतप्रेम

LOVE FOREVER = चिरंतनप्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Natalie Orentas

"Life is just a game" = जीवनमस्ति क्रीडैव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Milini Mingo

"karma" = कर्म

17 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Fred Brewer

hayley ( haylee ) = हेली

felicity = महानंद

daughter = पुत्री

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rosie Hin

"strength" = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Magda Tylus

Always live your dreams = सदैव तव स्वप्नान्जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tracy Martin

jason = जेसन

two souls = द्वौ आत्मानौ

Gujarati Words Translation for gtg551x

Word 1= Bhakta = ભક્ત

Word 2= Dimpal = ડિંપલ

Word 3= Passion = તીવ્ર ઇચ્છા

Gujarati Word Translation for Hannah Johnson

Patience = ધીરજ

16 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Melissa Irving

'positivity, truth, and balance' = धनत्वं, सत्यं संतुलनं च

Sanskrit Word Translation for Qi Flows

"Aja" = अज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Quintine Jesse

1. Henry Jesseh - (Hen ry Jes seh) = हेन्री जेसी

2. Black and Proud = कृष्णः अभिमानी च

Hindi Phrase Translation for Dustin Brunk

Bless Mother Earth = माँ पृथ्वी को आशीर्वाद दो

Hindi Names Translation for Daryl Vink

no1. jayden = जेडन

no2. ryan = रायन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Yin Mei Yee

Victor Ong Choon Shern = विक्टर ओंग चून शर्न

Hindi Phrase Translation for Kyle Beene

Who I Am = मैं कौन हूँ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Diana STRATTON

change = परिवर्तन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Heather Ritenour

love = प्रेम

joy = आनंद

compassion = करुणा

Equanimity = मानसिकस्थैर्य

namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Caitlin Ruiz

Dukkha = दुःख

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ber Bon

"All life is Sacred" = सर्वजीवनं पवित्रमस्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kerrilee

Kerrilee = करिली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Beedie

To yourself be true = स्वात्मनं प्रति सत्येन वर्तस्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kayla

Kayla (Kay-luh) = केयला

Pickersgill (Pick-ers-gill) = पिकर्सगिल

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rachael Pires

never give up = कभीभी कोशिश बंद मत कीजि‍ए

Hindi Names Translation for Ryane AR

1. Ryane("RAIAN") = रईएन

2. Alex = एलेक्स

3. Alexandria = एलेक्सँड्रिया

Hindi Word Translation for Sumintra

BELIEF = विश्वास

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cabosista

1. Jessica = जेसिका

2. dream = स्वप्न

3. breathe = श्वसिहि

4. believe = विश्वसिहि

15 December 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Christopher Parks

Christopher kris-tuh-fer = क्रिस्टाफर

Hindi Name Translation for Shally L.

Shalini = शालिनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rose Bud

Rose = रोस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julio Luiz Vedovatto Neto

He who walks alone = सः यः एकलः चरति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mel & John Russell

family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jarod

Jarod Tham = जॅरोड थॅम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Pranav Sundrum

1. Pranav = प्रणव

2. Yeshen = येशेन

3. Sundrum = सुंदरम्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kristina Candy

K R I S T I N A(kris-teen-ah) = क्रिस्टीना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Erin

Three = त्रि

Tamil Name Translation for Rachel Jones

Tyler (TIE-lurr) = டீலர

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lisa Aragon

Aragon = एरागॉन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Eni

luck = भाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Richa Okhandiar

Everything In It's Own Time = सर्वं योग्यकाले

Hindi Phrase Translation for Zingarelli, Thomas

"You are my best friend" = तू मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त है

Sanskrit Numbers Translation for Neha Chugh

aviva -1 22 9 22 1 = अविवा -१ २२ ९ २२ १

Sanskrit Word Translation for Thiru S

oasis = मरुजलस्थान

Sanskrit Name Translation for Paola King

Paola = पाओला

14 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shalini Allenspach

angel of love = प्रेमदेवदूत

Shalini = शालिनी

Hindi Word Translation for Jesenia Carrero

Beautiful = ख़ूबसूरत

Hindi Names Translation for Vanessa Nguyen

1. VANESSA = वेनेसा

2. NATALIE = नताली

Hindi Word Translation for Tiffany

"heal" = ठीक होना

Hindi Names Translation for Trish Hanegraaf

Name # 1: Jacqulyn = जॅकलिन

Name # 2: Jade = जेड

Name # 3: Tania = तानिया

Name # 4: Trisha = त्रिशा

Sanskrit Name Translation for James Brown

james = जेम्स

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sunaina Saxena

Sunaina Saxena = सुनयना सक्सेना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dharmajazz

word 1 = "dharmajazz" = धर्मजॅझ

word 2 = "improvisation" = रचना

word 3 = "music" = संगीत

Hindi Sentence Translation for Hiteche Bhatt

Pyare sapne meri jaan = प्यारे सपने मेरी जान

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nirvana Rajput

1. mind = मनः

2. body = शरीर

3. soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Charles Dinh

Vu Quoc Hung (Vou - Kou+Hoc - Hong) = वौ कौहोक होंग

Hindi Names Translation for Joanne Mulroy

Amber = एंबर

Jamie = जेमी

Joanne = जोआन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stef

albert and angel = अल्बर्ट एंजेल च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kaitlin Joyce

Hope = आशा

Faith = श्रद्धा

Dream = स्वप्न

Survivor = अतिजीवित

Peace = शांति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Scott Summers

"phoenix from the flames" = ज्वालाओं से फिनिक्स

Sanskrit Word Translation for Taylon Starr

Stable = मंदुरा

"sweet dreams and rest well" = सुस्वप्नाः सुनिद्रा च

Gujarati Words Translation for Mamdouh Shakaa

Layla (pronounced as written) = લેલા

Forever = હમેશા

Palestine (country name) = પેલેસ્ટીન

my (as in mine) = મ્હારો

everything = બદ્ધુ

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Debra Hollander

awareness = प्रबोधन = pra-bo-dha-na

self-acceptance = आत्मस्वीकृति = aat-ma-swee-kri-ti

स्वीकृति = swee-kri-ti

प्रतिपत्ति = pra-ti-pat-ti

प्रतिग्रह = pra-ti-gra-ha

स्वीकार = swee-kaa-ra

I accept myself = स्वात्मानं स्वीकरोमि = swaat-maa-nam swee-ka-ro-mi

hope = आशा = aa-shaa

be where you are, see where you go
तिष्ठ यत्रासि, पश्य यत्र गच्छसि
tish-tha yat-raa-si, pash-ya yat-ra gach-chha-si

Hindi Name Translation for Muz Patel

Pravina = प्रविणा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Phillip Southan

beautiful earth = सुंदरपृथ्वी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stacy Damon

My Love = मम प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Woltin Family Chiropractic

She who runs with wolves = सा या वृकैः सह धावति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maya Smith

Strength Of Will = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Scott Breske

LIVE STRONG = शक्तिपूर्णत्वेन जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Koen

"For I am The Chosen One" = वृतः अस्मीति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lily Sheehan

KARMA = कर्म

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hasit Soni

compulsory = अवश्यक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Berkay Baytok

'life is for once' = जीवनमेकवारमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Prakruthi D

marketing = विपणन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Basak Ayik

'life is for once' = जीवनमेकवारमस्ति

basak = बसाक

Hindi Name Translation for Mac

ONEIL = ओनील

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brandon Pettingell

know thyself = तवात्मानं जानीहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Debbie Fisher

Runs with wolves = वृकैः सह धावति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nicole Jones

Second Chance = द्वितीयावसर

Leah Brielle (Pronounced Lee-Ah Bree-L) = लीआ ब्रीएल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paulo Penman

"Wake up" = प्रबोध

Sanskrit Names Translation for Paramjit Kaur

1. Paramjit Kaur (PA RAM JIT KA UR) = परमजित कौर

2. Quintine (Que n tin) = क्वेन्टिन

Hindi Name Translation for Latisha Chauhan

Latisha = लतिशा

13 December 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ale

Alexandre (Ale+xandre) = अलेक्सांद्रे

Maria (like english Ma+riah) = मरिया

Reinaldo (Rey+naldo) = रेनॅल्डो

Vivian (Vi+Vi+an) = विवियन

Giuliana (Jul+lha+nah) = जुल्हाना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nicole

Maitri = मैत्री

Karuna = करुणा

Mudita = मुदित

Upeksha = उपेक्षा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jag Johal

1. The name Saira = सायरा

2. The name Indira = इंदिरा

3. The name Jagjit = जगजित

Hindi Name Translation for Houser, Mike J (AT - Atlanta)

"LAUREN" = लॉरेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tyler West

Bodhisattva = बोधिसत्त्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leigh-Anne Gardiner

Vinay = विनय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Puvin Chandra

PUPEI - pronunciation - poo-pay = पूपे

Hindi Name Translation for Tye Lovato

Tye Leon Don Lovato(Tie lee-on don Lo-va-to)
टी लीऑन डॉन लोवॅटो

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Hande Hande

never care about people's thoughts

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Dhyani Bella

दुष्टात्मानं मा पश्य माकर्णय मा वद

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jason Castaneda

Forever in my heart = हमेशा मेरे दिल में

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jamie Blackburn

(word) power and passion = शक्तिः उत्कटता च

(Name) jamie lee = जेमी ली

Hindi Phrase Translation for David

"what is your name" = तुम्हारा नाम क्या है

Sanskrit Names Translation for Dave Tracey

Anna = एना

Nick = निक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sheridan Rowe




12 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jos Jardine

FREEDOM = स्वातंत्र्य

FREE = स्वतंत्र

Sanskrit Names Translation for Alx Hoss

Sydny(Sid-knee) = सिडनी

Babette(Bab- ett) = बॅबेट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristine Manalo

1. Awake = Awakened = बुद्ध

2. Bodhi = बोधि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Emma Jamieson

"Choose life" = जीवन को चुनो

11 December 2007

Gujarati Words Translation for Morgane Allignet

1°- chance = સંધી

2°- Emma (Em-ma) = એમા

3°- Val ("a" like the "a" of america) = વેલ

4°- hope = આશા

5°- love = પ્રેમ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Farzaneh

Farzaneh = फर्झानी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joe Smith

Dharmah and Sanmatih = धर्मः सन्मतिश्च

Sanskrit Word Translation for Karen

"passion" = उत्कटता = utkaTataa

Hindi Phrase Translation for Olivia Rowe

friendship = दोस्ती

friends forever = दोस्त हमेशा

Marathi Words Translation for Neha Joshi

1) Radio = आकाशवाणी

2) Mobile = भ्रमणध्वनी

3) Calculator = गणकयंत्र

4) Sweater = लोकरी कपडा

Hindi Word Translation for Brooke Hill

Twins = जुडवे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Houman Zarsazegar

"anyone can hurt you" = कोऽपि त्वामर्दितुं शक्नोति

"so" = एवम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shelby

"Always nourish, never hurt (harm)" = सदैव पोष, न कदाप्यर्द

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jacqueline Lopez

abhaya = fearless = अभय

abhayatwa = fearlessness = अभयत्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Franklin Chacon

"free man" = मुक्तमानव

"unconquerable" = अजेय

"undefeated" = अपराजित

"karma" = कर्म

Gujarati Name Translation for Dash

Rob = રોબ

Marathi Sentence Translation for Biswadeep Das

how are your exams goin? = तुझी परीक्षा कशी चालली आहे?

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shanta Bodhan

word: shanta = शांता

letter: the sanskrit character that most closely represents the letter s =

10 December 2007

Gujarati Sentence Translation for Deborah Massey

"i will see you soon"
હૂં તને જલદી મળિશ
hoon tane jaladee maLisha

Gujarati Words Translation for Odile

courage = ધૈર્ય

passion = તીવ્ર ઇચ્છા

force = તાકત

serenity = મનશાંતી

Hindi Phrase Translation for NaTaSha sANklA

Sai Ram Sita....साई राम सीता

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Nina Wilson

Love = પ્રેમ

To be loved = વહેલો

Gujarati Word Translation for Freya Pountney

Grandad =

Father's father = દાદાજી

Mother's father = નાનાજી

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tyler Gillard

1) Bodhichitta = बोधिचित्त

2) Equanimity = मानसिकस्थैर्य

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Katheryne Adonna Small

love is my salvation = प्रेमास्ति मम मोक्षः

Hindi Name Translation for Anjali Verma

Anjali = अंजली

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Giavanna Gaffney

love life = प्रेमजीवन

love conquers all = प्रेम सर्वान्जयति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mandi Greenway

Guardian of the night = निशारक्षक

Hindi Phrase Translation for Pratik Mirani

i am who i am -- मैं हूँ जो मैं हूँ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alina Ceaus

together untill the end of life = जीवनांतपर्यंतमेकत्र

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chanika

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joan Carrasco Safont

Nalanda = नालंदा

University = विश्वविद्यालय

Hindi Phrase Translation for Carol Cutie

1. Carol = केरल

2. Live & Let Live = जियो और जीने दो

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Blanca B.

the whole world = संपूर्णजगत्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for Trevor T.

Khia Jade (pronounced key-ya jay-d) = केया जेड

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Rosine NAKOU

Finally,i carry life = છેલ્લે હું જીવન ઉપાડુ છું

09 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lara-Lyn Ahrens

Anesh - Ah nesh (a: - like heart or start, n, e - like pen or lend, sh - like shake or shall) = अनेश

Lara-Lyn - Lahrah Lin (L - like lip, a: - like heart or start, r, a: - like heart or start, L, in - like pin or win) = लारा लिन

Sigrid - Si grid (S - like soon or snake, i: - like meet or feed, g - like good, r- like run, i: - like meet or feed, d - like done) = सीग्रीड

Nicolas - Ni coh laas (N - like nine or nose, i: - like meet or feed, c - like call or cat, o - like more or cord, L - like lip, a: like heart, s - like snake) = नीकोलास

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aggelos Theodwrou

NATALIA = नाटालीआ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marta Scott

marta martina = मार्टा मार्टिना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Piro

one day at a time = एकदिवसः एकैकशः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Angela White

"destiny" = नियति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anita Sharma

Anita = अनिता

Hindi Name Translation for Stephanie

Stephanie = स्टेफॅनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Schulze

1. sky = आकाश

2. moon = चंद्र

3. stars = ताराः

4. rain = वर्षा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Juz T

Love gives life within = प्रेम अंतर्गतं जीवनं यच्छति

Hindi Phrases Translation for Brianna Lelo

1. JUNE = जून

2. Eternally June = हमेशा जून

3. One Love = एक प्यार

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rosemarie

Jayde = जेड

Andrew = अँड्रू

Hayley = हेली

Sanskrit Names Translation for Wendi Ellinger

1. Name: VILLE VALO (pronounced: Vil-la V-ah-lo ) = व्हिला व्हालो

2. Name: WENDI = वेंडी

3. Name: BRYAN = ब्रीएन

Hindi Name Translation for MARTIN GRIST

Verity (prounounced ve-ri-tee) = व्हेरिटी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Chloe Roblett

Chloe - Clo-wee = क्लोवी

Daniel - DAN - yuhl = डॅनयल

08 December 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ashen Rajah

Reshmika = रेश्मिका

Hindi Name Translation for Raynor Clarke

SACHA(sar - shar) = सॅरशॅर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maria Rodriguez Garcia

SEIZE THE DAY = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for May P

क्षणस्वप्नः १९८६ ख्रिस्ताब्दतः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alyssa Lima

1. "Passion" = उत्कटता

2. "Devotion" = भक्ति

3. "Balance" = संतुलन

07 December 2007

Hindi Word Translation for Justin

"LOVE" = प्यार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mercedes Jalil

Mercedes = मर्सेडेझ

Truthfulness above all = सत्यत्वं सर्वश्रेष्ठम्‌

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Jenny Loofbourrow

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo = ओंग नमो गुरु देव नमो

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Kalle Anka

1, sunrise = सूर्योदय

2, free at heart = हृदये स्वतंत्रा

3, hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Miriam

hapiness = आनंद = aananda

search for hapiness = आनंदान्वेषण = aa-nan-daa-nwe-sha-na

Hindi Phrase Translation for Aakriti Mittal

My parents are the best = मेरे माता पिता सबसे अच्छे हैं

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dilip Kumar Mishra

Security = संरक्षण

as in military intelligence = वृत्तांत

as in intelligence of a person = मेधा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shinai Angela Schindler

1. Samadhi = समाधि

2. Upaya = उपाय

3. Prajna = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Laura Fortin

Viveka = विवेक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenee Brown

"have faith in tomorrow" = श्वस्तने विश्वसिहि

Hindi Name Translation for Sean Flanagan

Chandra = चंद्रा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Info

the name - Mohammed (mo-ham-med) = मोहम्मेद

the name - Jamilee (ja-mil-ee) = जमिली

the word - Forever = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Word Translation for Darshana Mahtani

SOULMATE = आत्ममित्र

06 December 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Joshua Hyman

"kshanti" = क्षांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lindzey Perez

Junior - "joon yur" = जूनयर

Lindzey - " Liinn zee" = लीनझी

heart = हृदय

soul = आत्मा

eternity = अनंतता

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lilamode Art

YOU ARE A LOVE TRAP = तुम एक प्रेमपाश हो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alpa Sudra

PRIYESH = प्रियेश

Sanskrit Words Translation for Reeves, Patrick

Patrick(P-at-er-ick) = पॅटरिक

chloe(K-low-e) = क्लोवे

strength = ताकत

life = जिंदगी

perfect = परिपूर्ण

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jessica Philipoom

"Mama I love you" = माँ मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हूँ

In Sanskrit,
LIVE STRONG = शक्तिपूर्णत्वेन जीव

In Hindi,
LIVE STRONG = ताकत से जियो

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ian

1. Ian = (ee-an) = ईएन

2. Eloise = (el-low-eez) = एलोवीझ

3. Keeley = (Kee-lee) = कीली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tessa Rand

"All hail(remember)the Golden Deer"
सर्वे सुवर्णमृगं स्मरत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mobile Email

Reschant Mohangi(Re-sh-ant mo-han-gi) = रेशंत मोहंगी

Hindi Words Translation for Divya Prasad

beneficial = उपयोगी

good = अच्छा

live = जियो

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kneihold

Katrina (Ka-tree-nah) = कॅट्रीना

Erica (Air-i-ka) = एरिका

Neihold (Knee-hold) = नीहोल्ड

Sanskrit Names Translation for Emma Jayne

Emma- एमा

George- जॉर्ज

Hindi Word Translation for Amber

father = पिताजी

Hindi Words Translation for John Smithson

Self control = स्वनियंत्रण

clarity = स्पष्टता

awareness = जागरुकता

death = मृत्यू

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amy Jayne

poppy = pop-ee = पॉपी

nell= n-ell = नेल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Christie Scott Richardson

Maya = माया

Sanskrit Name Translation for LISL AUMAN

' Lisl '(Liesel) = लीसेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul Lithium

"We only live once" = एकवारमेव जीवामः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Justin Roach

Peace and Harmony. Namaste. = शांतिः संतुलनं च। नमस्ते।

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alexander Young

Live the Life you Love = तव प्रियजीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Christie Finn

Karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kyle B

"Soldier of Heaven" = स्वर्गसैनिक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nanie Latortue

"stealing soul" = चोरयनात्मा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Teri Edmonds

STEVEN = स्टीव्हन

Hindi Word Translation for RiTiNhA DiAs Bombardeira

Ritinha - Ri ti nha = रिटिह्ना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kripi Foley

Word no.1 KARNA (kar-nah) = कर्ना

Word no.2 JAMIE (jay-me) = जेमी

Word no.3 KRIPI (kri-pee) = कृपी

Word no.4 PHILIP (fil-ip) = फिलिप

Word no.5 ALICE (a-lis) = एलिस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amish Shah

"Amish Shah" = अमिश शाह

Hindi Name Translation for Nicole Giebeler

Vivian [wiwi´en] = विविएन

Hindi Names Translation for April Cosimano

Dyanne(die-ann) = डायॅन

April(a-pril) = एप्रिल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Stacey Weston

mother = माता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mamdouh

Leyla(LAYLA) = लायला

Pain = पीडा

Love = प्रेम

beloved = प्रिय

forever = शाश्वत

05 December 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Matty James

matthew = मॅथ्यू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amy E. Kemp

"My children are my heart." = मम शिशवः मम हृदयमस्ति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Natasha O'Donnell

things could always be worse = परिस्थिती हमेशा और ख़राब हो सकती है

Sanskrit Words Translation for Paul Yazhemsky

Paul = पॉल

Ambition = आकांक्षा

Prosperity = समृद्धि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Julia Cyr

Ramjeet Kaur = रमजीत कौर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tommy Wynnseree

1) Tommy (Tom-mee) = टॉमी

2) Kaia (Kai-ya) = कैया

3) Wynnseree (Win-se-ree) = विन्सेरी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Cynical Idealist

Heal = विरोपय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Candace Huber

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rebecca Singleton

namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shooter Gavo

sloane = स्लॉएन

Hindi Phrase Translation for ROGER HATTERSLEY

My hindi is not good? = क्या मेरी हिंदी अच्छी नही है?

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bryan J

I Love You Forever = शाश्वतं त्वामनुरजामि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Andy Uzzell

Tuesday - tyooz day = ट्यूझडे

Lily - Lil ee = लिली

Hindi Word Translation for Myrna Singh

SINGH = सिंघ

Sanskrit Words Translation for NALACAT

Word #1. Mother = माता

Word #2 Father = पिता

04 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Allison Fisher

Word 1: Metamorphosis = महाकारपरिवर्तन

Word 2: Serenity = मनःशांति

Word 3: Clarity = स्पष्टता

Word 4: Reflection = प्रतिबिंब

Word 5: Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mounika Reddy

Character to nation building = चारित्र्यं राष्ट्रविकासाय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tegan Hidde

"drishta dharma sukha viharin" = दृष्टधर्मसुखविहारिन्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Saiben

teacher of life = जीवनशिक्षकः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dave Walker

Bodhi (pronounced Bo-dee) = बोडी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emma Lazarou

"Love is enough" = प्यार काफ़ी है

Sanskrit Name Translation for Bernard Menon

"Marisa" = मरिसा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Joshua Dudley

Heal = विरोपय

Sanskrit Names Translation for Fred Express Group Belgium

LUCA pronounced LOO-KA = लूका

MARGO pronounced MAR-GOO = मॅर्गू

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chris Bennetts

Fire = अग्नि

Water = जल

Women = नार्यः

1983 = १९८३

Hindi Name Translation for Camy Naidoo

"CAMMY" = कॅमी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Priya Divakaran

PEACE COMES FROM WITHIN = शां तिः अं त र्ग ता स्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian Tobin

Daughter of the Sun = सूर्यपुत्री = sooryaputree

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Ashleigh

SOUL SISTERS = आत्मभगिन्यः

TWIN FLAMES = यमलज्योती

Sanskrit Date Translation for Daynese Ford

11-26-07 = ११-२६-०७

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Al Pacino

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha = ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

Translation for Julie Kehoe

Amber (pronounced am-bur) = एंबर

Julie (pronounce jew-ley) = जूली

My family is my life = મારો પરિવાર મારુ જીવન છે

Amber pronounced am-bur = એંબર

Noel pronounced Nole = નોલ

My family is my life = משפחתי היא חיי

Amber pronounced am-bur = אמ-בור

Noel pronounced Nole = נול

My family is my life = 私の家族は、私の人生[watàshi no kazòku wa watàshi no jinsèi]

Amber pronounced am-bur = アンバー [ànba:]

Noel pronounced Nole = ノール [nó:ru]

Sanskrit Name Translation for Joni Gephart

"Brodie Jack"(bro-dee ja-k) = ब्रॉडी जॅक

Hindi Names Translation for Thomas Lord

mum = माँ

dad = पिताजी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tania Graham

1. Hari (name) = हरि

2. Joseph (name) = जोसेफ

3. Robert (name) = रॉबर्ट

Sanskrit Word Translation for M .

hope = आशा

pain = पीडा

strength = शक्ति

I = अहम्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for Krista Sweet

vegan(someone who does not eat or wear ANYthing that comes from an animal) = शाकानुसारी

Blessed = धन्य

Love = प्रेम

Joy = आनंद

Give = देहि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Arturo Gonzalez

"Heaven bless and keep you" = स्वर्ग आशीर्वाद दें और रक्षण करें

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul Perkins

One Hundred and Thirteen Days = त्रयोदशाधिकशतदिनानि

Sanskrit Name Translation for David Nari

" NARICADOU" prononced ( NA-Ree-CA-DOO ) = नॅरीकॅडू

Hindi Names Translation for ema CE

Emma = एमा

Rebecca ("rebekka") = रेबेका

Sanskrit Word Translation for Brain

corrupt = भ्रश्य

Bengalii Name Translation for ffde fffd

"Manuel"('Ma-nu-el') = মনুএল

Sanskrit Words Translation for Karen Pride

compassion = करुणा

truth = सत्य

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

peace = शांति

namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marisa Lauren

satyam shivam sundaram = सत्यम्‌ शिवम्‌ सुंदरम्‌

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sandy Otzel

Word 1: courage = धैर्य

Word 2: faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rebecca

Om Shantih Aham Prema = ॐ शांतिः अहं प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tony Pea

" AMEN " = आमेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Andrew Wetmore

"Courage" = धैर्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jackey Bailey

compassion = karuna = करुणा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Linzi Duffy

Denver = डेनव्हर

Gujarati Words Translation for Ross Jose

1. Jesus (Je-sus) Christ (krayst) = જેસસ ક્રાયસ્ટ

2. Ross (Ros) = રોસ

3. Hope = આશા

4. Beloved = પ્રિય

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ariela

1. BALANCE = संतुलन

2. SWEETNESS = माधुर्य

3. STRENGTH = शक्ति

4. APPRECIATION = अभिजानीहि

5. PRESENT (like i am "present"- in the now) = भवाम्यत्र

Sanskrit Names Translation for Celtic Valkyrie

Luke........luke = लुक

Cheri.....shair-ee = शैरी

Jasmine....jaz-min = जॅझमिन

Leslee....lehz-lee = लेझली

Justin...juh-stin = जस्टिन

03 December 2007

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for JABF

1. Life without regret = जीवनं पश्चात्तापेन विना

2. Live Life = जीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tracy Noisette

1-happiness = आनंद

2-harsha = हर्ष

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mytster

Anna my beloved = एना मम प्रिया

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mimi Thompson

JOY = आनंद

INSPIRE = प्रेर

LOVE = प्रेम

JANN (JAN) = जॅन

JOHN (name) = जॉन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lisa Smith

Adam = एडम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maria Batasin

to live means to suffer = जीवनं दुःखप्रदमस्ति

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Alex Johnstone

“Embrace love, togetherness” = પ્રેમ કરો, એકઠા રહો

Sanskrit Names Translation for Aartie Manna

1. "aartie" = आरति

2. "ravien"(re-wien-) = रेवीन

02 December 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Monica Nerland

Monica = मोनिका

Knowledge = ज्ञान

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Beauty = सौंदर्य

Sanskrit Names Translation for Frédéric TURLIN

Frederic(fRedeRiK) = फ्रेडेरिक

Alexia = एलेक्सिआ

Punjabi Names Translation for Bobbie Chahal

Name: Saranjit = ਸਰਣਜਿਤ

Name: Satwant = ਸਤਵਂਤ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rodrigo

Determination = निश्चय

Discipline = अनुशासन

Courage = धैर्य

Patience = धैर्य(The meaning changes as per the context)

Strength = शक्ति

Hindi Names Translation for RenHay

harlee(H A R L E E) = हार्ली

renee(R E N E E) = रेनी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Laurie Blair

DIVA ~ phonetically( dē'və) = दीवा
Translated = devee = देवी
It is a word used to address a respectable woman & also means goddess.

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jamie Sagaran

jai pronounced (j-ye) = जेये

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jess Minchinton

1. Jessica (jess-i-ca) = जेसिका

2. Chiara (ki-a-ra) = किअरा

3. Sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Nathan Brodbeck

OM PA KSHIM SVAHA = ॐ प क्षिम्‌ स्वाहा

01 December 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mona

crow = काक

raven = काकोल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Regina Marotto

Earth = पृथ्वी

Wind = वायु

Water = जल

Fire = अग्नि

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Giuseppe Rodio

ALL IS GOD = सर्वमीश्वरः अस्ति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jimmy Sjöberg

and my beloved is mine = और मेरा पिया मेरा है

Hindi Phrase Translation for Farah Hirji

"The love of my life." = मेरी जिंदगी का प्यार

Sanskrit Word Translation for Dean O'Connell

Dawn = डॉन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gillian Simms

compassion = karuna = करुणा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angela Mandala

always love = शाश्वतमनुरज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yorke Puhl

be here now = भवात्राधुना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Russell Stall

The Great Arcanum(a deep secret) = महागूढरहस्य

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