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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Leroy Grant

JAMIE OWEN = जॅमी ओवेन

30 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Anil Rawal

strength = शक्ति

perseverance = सातत्य

courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. John Schaeffer

You and no other = त्वं न काप्यन्या च

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Hayley

faith = श्रद्धा

hope = आशा

never forgotten = न कदापि विस्मृता

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Peter Sköldborg

I am my own = अहमस्मि स्वात्मनः

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Siddharth Patel

Father = पिता

Mother = माता

Brother = भ्राता

My Family = मम कुटुंबकम्

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jasmina

Jasmina = जस्मिना

Kismet = किस्मेत

Behold God = ईश्वरमुपपश्य

Ramtha = रम्था

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Sudhin Choksey

स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान सर्वत्र पूज्यते।

The king is worshipped in his own country.
A knowledgable person is worshipped everywhere.

व्यये कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम्॥

When spent (i.e. given to others) it always increases.
The wealth of knowledge is prime among all types of wealths.

Hindi Translation for Mr. Greg Berruti

stay in peace = शांतीसे रहो

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Michael Parrett

i am mine = ममाहमस्मि

Hindi Translation for Mr. Hitesh

Grant Victor Rambhai Patel = ग्रँट व्हिक्टर रामभा‍ई पटेल

Hindi Translation for Mr. Joe Ducharme

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
वो बदलाव खुद में होना जरूरी हैं जिसे आप दुनिया में देखना चाहते हैं

mahaatmaa gaandheejee = महात्मा गांधीजी

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Clifford Carol

brothers in arms forever
भ्रातरः भुजेषु सदैव

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Charles Stein

Place of Practice = साधनास्थल = saadhanaasthala

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Michael Zomerdijk

live now = जीवाधुना

29 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Jay Modi

FAITH = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Michael Hill

Then they came for me,and by that time no one was left to speak up
ततस्ते मह्यमागताः तदा न कोऽपि शेषः वक्तुं च

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Lori Temlpe

lokaah samastaah sukhino bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Hans Werner Schumacher

God protects me = ईश्वरः मां रक्षति

28 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Kelly Gommette

jennifer = जेनिफ़र

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Amanda Lavallee

teagan rose = टीगॅन रोस

5-16-2006 = ५-१६-२००६

Devanagari Translation for Mr. Girish Raj

Girish = गिरीश

Hindi Translation for Mr. Nicolas Florio

I love you mum = मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूं माँ

Sanskrit Translation for Dawn Smith

Karma = कर्म

Honesty = सरलता

Truth = सत्य

Serenity = मानसिकशांति

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Danielle M.

dying to live = मृत्युगा जीवितुम्

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Anita Livingstone

Beauty = सुंदरता

Love = प्रेम

Marathi Translation for Mr. Ajit Joshi

Ayush = आयुष

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Shefqet Berlajolli

Love when you can, tomorow isn't promised.

= प्रेम कुरु यदा शक्नोसि, श्वः न विश्वस्तः

Hate when you must, we live for a moment.

= तिरस्कारं कुरु यदा अर्हसि, क्षणं जीवामः

Hindi Translation for Mr. Keiron Keightley

तुम मेरी दुनिया हो मेरे आकर्षण का स्थान हो तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ लॉरा

Hindi Translation for Mr. Stephen

STEPHEN = स्टिफन

SOPHIE = सोफी

SNAPPER = स्नॅपर

JOANNE = जो‍आन

Hindi Translation for Mr. Longamie

longamie = लोंगामी

27 August 2006

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Katherine Heicksen

wisdom = ज्ञान

night = निशा

truth = सत्य

Sophia = सोफिया

Loelia = लोलिया

Heicksen = हेकसन

Katherine = कॅथरिन

Anne = आन

Peter = पीटर

Joseph = जोसेफ

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Jennifer Siddons

Ren = रेन

3/3/06 = ३/३/०६

Harmony = संतुलन

alone = अकेला

family = परिवार

always = हमेशा

mother's love = माँ का प्यार

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Alison J. D'Arrigo

A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages
पंजरस्थारण्यकाय हृदि प्रार्थना

Devanagari Translation for Mr. Paul Flitcroft

Kimberley = किंबर्ली

Devanagari Translation for Mr. Jacob Olsen

Jacob = जेकब

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Steph Duncan

SD = एसडी

SED = सेड

JM = जे‍एम

JAM = जॅम

24 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Alex Seewer

alexander = अलेक्सँडर

renate = रेनेट

guardian angel = रक्षकदेवदूत

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Chanda Reynolds

Chanda = चंदा

bright faced person = चंद्रमुखी

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Jeannette Rizo-Warr

MAURY = मौरी

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Cherelyn Sawyer

One love - Jackson = एकं प्रेम - जॅकसन

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Jennifer Carbone

Always together = हमेशा साथमे

Forever yours = हमेशा तुम्हारी

I love you = मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हूं

Hindi Translation for Mr. David Moulding

Olivia = ऑलिव्हिया

23 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Sam Tyler

Tyler = टायलर

Denise And Paul = डेनिस पॉल च

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Rejini Alemkunnapuzha

Strength = शक्ति = shakti

Courage = धैर्य = dhairya

Wisdom = ज्ञान = dnyaana

Hindi Translation for Mr. Mette Fischer Thomsen

KIM = किम

K = के

Mia = मिया

M = एम

22 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jess Mc Donnell

Joseph = जोसेफ

Ann = अॅन (Ignore the circle.)

Jessica = जेसिका

Hindi Translation for Mr. Rasmus

Rasmus = रॅस्मस

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Donna J. Regan

Cheryl = शेरल

Steffyn = स्टेफ़िन

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Tim Rose

One Life = एकं जीवनम्

One Love = एकं प्रेम

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Samantha Persaud

Samantha Persaud = समंथा परसौड

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Sara

Sara = सारा

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Elyse Realey

Elyse = इलिस

twins = जुडवा

Lauren = लॉरेन

Meghna = मेघना

nurse = परिचारिका

Meenal = मीनल

Ula = युला

cookie = मिष्टान्न

grandmother => mother's mother = नानी father's mother = दादी

Love = प्यार

21 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. CHRISTINA

JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOUR = जीसस ख्रा‍ईस्ट मम रक्षकः

CHRISTINA = क्रिस्टिना

20 August 2006

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Tejal Mistry

Tejal = तेज

Tej = तेजल

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Vicki Pells

mandala = मंडल

journey through life = जीवनयात्रा

path to enlightenment = मोक्षमार्ग

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Kirsty McLeod

Every living creature on earth dies alone
पृथ्वी का हरेक जिंदा प्राणी अकेले ही मरता है।
prithvee kaa harek jindaa praanee akelehee marataa hai

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Scott Rowland

MEADOW 17.9.2005 = मेडोव १७.९.२००५

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Shae O'Reilly

KARMA = karma = कर्म

FAITH = shraddhaa = श्रद्धा

TRUTH = satya = सत्य

Hindi Translation for Mr. Darryl Mark

Simon 1970 - 2002 = सायमन १९७० - २००२

Hindi Translation for Miss Patel

Kirosh = किरोश

Kiroshni = किरोश्नी

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Stephanie Wood

SISTERS = भगिन्यः

SISTERHOOD = भगिनीभावः

Older sister = अग्रजा भगिनी

younger sister = अनुजा भगिनी

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Nitara Lockwood

Nitara = नितारा

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Alana Ramroop

mela = मेल = match

melaa = मेला = fair, festival

Marathi Translation for Mrs. Lesley Montgomery

Ganapati = गणपती = ganesh

bappa = बाप्पा = god

maurya = मोरया = salute

pudcha = पुढच्या = next

varshi = वर्षी = in year

laukar = लौकर = early

ya = या = come

So the whole sentence will translate into
(We) salute god ganesh, come early in next year.

Names for Mr. Anant Hankare

ojaseenaa = ओजसीना

ojasyaa = ओजस्या

ojaswatee = ओजस्वती

ojaswinee = ओजस्विनी

Hindi Translation for Mr.Andreas

Theo = टि‍ओ

Tilde = टिल्डी

19 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Andrea Heinig

Andrea and Tom = अँड्रिया टॉम च

wherever I go = यत्रापि अहं गच्छामि

guarding light = रक्षकः प्रकाशः

forever = शाश्वतम्

Hindi Translation for Mr. Nejc Vugrinec

Life is more than merely staying alive
जिंदगी सिर्फ़ जीने से और ज्यादा भी है

Never give up
कभी छोडिये नही

Gujarati Translation for Mrs. Michela Santoro

freedom = સ્વતંત્રતા

strength = શક્તી

balance = સંતુલન

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Sophie Simmonds

take your = आपका लिजि‍ए

beautiful mistakes = खूबसूरत गलतियाँ

peaceful soul = शांत आत्मा

and fly = और उडिये

pheonix = फिनिक्स

18 August 2006

Hindi Translation for Mr. Andrew

Carla = कार्ला

Lorena = लॉरेना

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Andrea Indiano

YOU ARE BRAHMA = त्वं ब्रह्मासि

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jennie Burcham

hidden beauty = गूढसौदर्य

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Michelle Maharaj

Michelle Maharaj = मिशेल महाराज

17 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Alan Marin

Each of us is master of his destiny
अस्मासु प्रत्येकः तस्य नियतेः अधिपतिः

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Ari Närhi

विश्वस्तोऽस्मि त्वयि मयि च

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Diana Estelle

soul mates = आत्मसखायः

16 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Dharmen Patel

Dharmen = धर्मेन

Hina = हिना

Jhanvi = जानवी

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Max

Massimiliano = मॅस्सिमिलियानो

Mariella = मॅरि‍एला

Gaia = गैया

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Lynne Dillon

Jess = जेस

respect = आदरः

compassion = करुणा

honesty = सरलता

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Leigh Wakeford

live and die without regret
जीव प्रणश्य च पश्चात्तापेन विना

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Corinne Tinacci

tat tvam asi = तत् त्वम् असि = तत्त्वमसि

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Caroll-Ann Godbout


LOYALTY = निष्ठा

PASSION = रागः

MEMORY = स्मृतिः

CAROLL-ANN = कॅरोल-अॅन (Please ignore the circle between the letters.)

DENIS GODBOUT = डेनिस गॉडबौट

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Ryan Anzalone

Jenna Michelle = जेना मिचेल

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Darren Wheeler

CHRISTOPHER = क्रिस्टोफर

REBECCA = रिबेका

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Sigurd Hunstad

Music is my soul = संगीतं ममात्मा

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Brittany Strain

wife = पत्नी

husband = पति

15 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Suzanne Cross

the path of most resistance = प्रतिकारतमः मार्गः

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Aarati Bali

FRIENDSHIP = मित्रता

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Godfrey McDermott

Sophie = सोफी

14 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Kristin Nelson

Body = शरीर

Soul = आत्मा

Wellness = सौख्य

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Andrea Bell

Live = जीव

Laugh = हस

Love = अनुरज

Light = प्रकाश

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Eliza Holley

Soar = उड्डीन

Fighter = योध

Strength = शक्ति

Dreamer = स्वप्नदृश्वा

Wonder = आश्चर्य

Survivor = जीव

Soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Shane Martin

Right = योग्य

View = दर्शन

Intention = कारण

Speech = वाचा

Action = कर्म

Livelihood = उपजीविका

Effort = प्रयत्न

Mindfulness = ध्यान

Concentration = एकाग्रता

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Sentence Translation for Ben Rigg

LOVE & HONOUR = प्रेम पुरस्कारः च

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved, One true love
जीवने केवलमेकः आनंदः,

प्रेम दातुमादातुं च, एकसत्यप्रेम

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Chandra

I am a being of the violet flame = अहमस्मि नीलज्वालायाः

I am the purity god desires = अहमस्मि पवित्रता ईश्वरः इच्छति

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Toby Mapson

Liz = लिझ

Wolfie = वॉल्फी

night wandering demon = निशाचरदैत्य

13 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Glynn Burch

Lick me now please = मामाचम शीघ्रं कृपया

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Kyle Henshaw

jessica = जेसिका

Sanskrit Translation for Miss Belinda Raposo

All that I have to learn is within me
सर्वं ज्ञानं मयि विद्यते

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Catherine Jameson

Hugo = ह्यूगो

daughter of ocean = सागरपुत्री

killer whale = घातकमहामत्स्य

orca = ऑर्का

24/12/1988 = २४ /१२ /१९८८

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Mark Searle

Katherine = कॅथेरिन

Jason = जॅसन

Ryan = रायन

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Jose Garcia

Om Mani Padme Hum
ॐ मणि पद्मे हुम्

Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha
ॐ गते गते परगते परसंगते बोधी स्वाहा

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Tanya

Ross and Imogen = रॉस इमोजेन च

my family = मम कुटुंबकम्

my life = मम भार्या

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Phil Jackson

KARMA = कर्म

12 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Timothy Capello

I am one with God = सहैश्वरेण ममैकात्मता

11 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Rebeckah Lamb

Challenge yourself = स्वात्मानमाह्वय

Truth = सत्य

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Dharshana Wijesuriya

Charles Dharshana Ediriweera Wijesuriya
चार्ल्स धर्शना एदिरिवीरा विजेसुरिया

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Trisha Peacock

Children = शिशवः

10 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Annick Viaccoz

Guardian angel = रक्षकदेवदूत

Rebirth = पुनर्जन्म

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Emma Alston

Dylan = डायलन

beloved = प्रिय

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Scott Struhs

nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Billie Croatia

lotos = लोटोस

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jennie Petrarca

Wait = तिष्ठ

Hope = आशा

Happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Catherine Boutin

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.
गृहीकृतार्थे तव सदैवोत्तरदायित्वम्

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Mirva Lonnqvist




Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Rachael F.

impermanent are all created things = अशाश्वतानि सर्वाणि जातवस्तूनि

strive on with awareness = प्रज्ञया जीव

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Geoff Broadfoot

Joshua = जोशु‍आ

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Sabine Jade

Sabine Jade = सॅबिन जेड

Michelle = मिचेल

Hindi Translation for Mr. Kenneth Moe

Camilla = कॅमिला

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Luis M. Roberto

Gilgamesh = जिल्गमेश

09 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. John Smith

There is nothing for me but to love you
त्वामेवानुरजामि नान्यं करोमि

Devanagari Translation for Mr. Louise Hamel

Louise Hamel = लु‍ईज़ हॅमेल

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Tom

Come on Newcastle = आगच्छाग्रे न्यू कॅसल

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Claire Lister

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Chris van Vuuren

I'm caught in between future's fantasies and memories I playback
भविष्यकालस्य मनोरथाः भूतकालस्य स्मृतयः च तयोर्मध्ये गृहितोऽहम्

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Krystle Drewitt

Drewitt = ड्रेविट

Hindi Translation for Mr. Brian Smith

Serenity = शांती

Strength = शक्ती

Fulfillment = यश

Potential = अर्हता

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Stuart Boyce

Do not perpetuate the past = भूतकालं मा चिंतय

Do not predict the future = भविष्यकालं मा कथय

Hindi Translation for Mr. Shammi Gill

DILLAN = डिलन

HARVIN = हार्विन

08 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Sian Martin

mum and dad = माता पिता च

you are who you are = त्वमसि तत्त्वमसि

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Kristin Mosher

Love must cost must hurt must empty us of self
प्रेम व्ययीकरोतु हंतु रिणक्तु चास्मानात्मनः

Sanskrit Translation for Adam R. Paul

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam,
Punarapi jananee jathare shayanam,
Iha samsaare khalu dustaare,
Kripayaa paare paahi muraare.

पुनरपि जननं पुनरपि मरणं पुनरपि जननी जठरे शयनम्।

इह संसारे खलु दुस्तारे कृपया पारे पाहि मुरारे॥

Kaamam krodham lobham moham,
Tyaktvaatmaanam bhaavaya koham,
Ste pachyante narakanigoodhah.

कामं क्रोधं लोभं मोहं त्यक्त्वात्मानं भावय कोऽहम्।

आत्मज्ञानविहीनमूढस्ते पच्यंते नरकनिगूढः॥

I am dancing at the feet of my Lord
मम ईश्वरस्य पादयोः पुरतः नृत्यामि

Om namah shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Om shantih! shantih! shantih! = ॐ शांतिः! शांतिः! शांतिः!

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
लोकः समस्तः सुखिनो भवंतु



English to Sanskrit Tattoos Sentences Translation for Danielle Harris

Mark Daniels = मार्क डॅनियल्स

Stacey Harris = स्टेसी हॅरिस

When you look beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind is waiting there
यदा त्वत्परतः पश्यसि कदाचिन्मानसिकशांतिं प्रतीक्षमाणां प्राप्नोसि

The time will come when you see we are all one
कालः आगमिष्यति यदा वयं सर्वे एकः स्मः इति पश्यसि

Life flows on within you and without you
जीवनं प्रवहति त्वयि च त्वया विना च

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Sam Wright

The enemy of my enemy is my friend
मम शत्रोः शत्रुः मम सखा

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Kathryn

Kamilah = कॅमिला

Follow your heart to bliss = तव हृदनुगच्छानंदं प्रति

Elysian = एलायशियन

create your souls desire = स्वात्मनः इच्छायाः निर्माणं कुरु

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jasna Jurkovic

न कदापि स्वप्नदर्शनात्विरमिष्यामि
na kadaapi swapnadarshanaatwiramishyaami

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Sanji Karu

sanji = संजी

sanjivan = संजीवन

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Sari Lahav

Sari = सरी

Jonathan = जोनाथन

Siva = शिव

Parvati = पार्वती

07 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Miss Katherine Skeen

Nimesh = निमेश

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Krupa Jhaveri

Karuna = करुणा

Anitya = अनित्य

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Nina Hyvarinen

Jonas = जोनास

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Jared Stace

JARED = जॅरेड

06 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Claus Thorsgaard

Mette forever = मित्ते सदा

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Elizabeth Blush

believe = श्रद्धां कुरु

Sheela = शील

Samadhi = समाधी

Prajna = प्रज्ञा

Hindi Translation for Mr. Patrick Johannes Keus

Patrick Johannes Keus = पॅट्रिक जोहानेस क्यूस

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Samantha Sperry

samantha = समंथा

robert = रॉबर्ट

marriage = विवाह

commitment = प्रतिबद्धता

dolphin = डॉल्फिन

love = प्रेम

sjs = एसजे‍एस

rew = रेव

Tattoos Phrases Translation for Simon Evans

Hindi :
Reece my beloved son = रीस मेरा लाडला बेटा

Lyndsey my heart and soul = लिंडसे मेरा दिल और आत्मा

Farsi :
Seize the day = روز را توقيف كن

05 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jen

LOTUS FLOWER = पद्मपुष्पम्

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Hitesh Patel

Kai = कै

Hindi Translation for Mr. Shagun Bhatia

Shagun = शगुन

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Kaleen E. Love

But the greatest of these is love
तु प्रेम वरिष्ठं एतेषु

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Daksha Hirani

Rishi Sai = ऋषी सा‍ई

04 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Miss Shouky Parker

Sea's daughter = सागरस्य कन्या

Ocean's daughter = महासागरस्य कन्या

Ocean's soul = Ocean's spirit = महासागरस्य आत्मा

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Christian Theunissen

QUINN = क्विन

JOLIE = जोली

FLESH AND BLOOD = नवं रुधिरं च

SON = पुत्रः

DAUGHTER = पुत्री

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Lauren Vargas

Always Dream = स्वप्नां पश्य

Follow Your Personal Legend = स्वकथामनुगच्छ

Learn = पठ

Invite Wisdom = ज्ञानायावहनं कुरु

Vargas = व्हर्गास

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Kaitlin Richardson

Kaitlin = केटलिन

Shanta Batra = शांता बात्रा

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Lillie Melaert

World = जगत्

Yoga = योगः

Within = अंतर्

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Dana Leffler

cousins = बांधवः

family = कुटुंबकम्

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Samille Elliston

Samille = सॅमिली

Janelle = जॅनेली

Artist = कलाकारा

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Danielle Pettine

Edward = एडवर्डस्

Donna = डोना

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Penny Burns

Patrick = पॅट्रिक

Colin = कोलिन

Kevin = केव्हिन

just breathe = केवलं श्वसिहि

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Mina Cho

Meena = मीना

Hindi Translation for Mr. Amber Hough

Camrynn = कॅमरिन

Hindi Translation for Mr. Vishal Bakshi

Vishal = विशाल

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
यह धरती और उसके उपर की हर चीज तुम्हारी है

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Stewa

Lyndsey = लिंडसे

Rangers = रेंजर्स

03 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Azul Pierre

Resilient = पुनरुत्थानशील

strong = शक्तिमान्

Daughter of the sun = सूर्यपुत्री

Cute = सुंदर

Special = विशेष

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Elizabeth Sanderson

Toni = टोनी

Charlie = चार्ली

Aimee = एमी

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Mittul Shah

Wholistic approach = संपूर्णतादृष्टिकोणः

Holistic thinking = पवित्रचिंतनम्

Harmony = समरसता

Harmony with nature = निसर्गसमरसता

Zero impact = शून्यप्रभावः

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Sandra Hollingdrake

Mother's Love = वात्सल्यम्

Hindi Translation for Mr. Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones 06/11/1985 = अँथनी जोन्स ०६/११/१९८५

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Shonna Block

JACOB = जेकब

JOSHUA = जोशुआ

WOLFE = वोल्फ़

RIAN = रायन

SHONNA = शॉना

HAYDEN = हेडन

JONATHAN = जोनाथन

JASON = जेसन

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Tracy Falconer

my sixth sense = मम षष्ठमेंद्रियम् = mama shashtthamendriyam

everything = सर्ववस्तूनि = sarvavastooni

Hindi Translation for Mrs. Carly Gibbs

GARETH = गॅरेथ

Devanagari Translation for Mrs. Katrina

Kaishori = कैशोरी

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Jolie

Max = मॅक्स

Manish = मनीष

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Erin Fossum

sisters = भगिन्यः

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Taiane Agnoletto

Taiane = टायनी

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Michele Abeyta

Prana = प्राण

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Joanna Mahan

Peace = शांतिः

Love = प्रेम

Tranquility = मनःशांतिः

Joanna = जो‍आना

JoJo = जोजो

David = डेव्हिड

Zoe' = झो

Jack = जॅक

Hindi Translation for Mr. Daemon Smith

Devanagari script in which hindi is written is phonetic
i.e. the words are written as they are spoken. Since the
pronounciation of both these phrases is same, translation
is also same.

BIG D & BIG DEE = बडा डी

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Esmée de Heer

Illuminate = प्रदीप्यस्व

Friendship = बंधुभाव

Go with the flow = प्रवाहपतितो भव

Bed of Roses = रक्तपुष्पशय्या

Dream = स्वप्न

Hindi Translation for Mr. Dave Parkin

Sentry = द्वाररक्षक

Engineer = अभियंता

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Heather Gray

dhyana prajna paramita = ध्यान प्रज्ञा परमित

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Michael Cossari

Water = जल

Fire = अग्नि

Air = वायु

Earth = पृथिवी

Space = आकाश

Hindi Translation for Mr. Shaun Weiss

Raj = राज

02 August 2006

Hindi Translation for Mr. John Baldock

Sarah = सारा

01 August 2006

Sanskrit Translation for Mr. Zander Hill

one seeking knowledge = जिज्ञासुः

Sanskrit Translation for Mrs. Anna Trawick

jay gurudeva om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Devanagari Translation for Mr. Joann Howard

Prosperity = समृद्धिः

Good Wife = सुभार्या

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