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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 May 2008

Hindi Words Translation for Nicholas

"eternity" = अनंतता

"Jade" = जेड

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jes Langley

Kerri = केरी

Donlin (Don - lyn) = डॉनलिन

Five = पंच

5 =

Sanskrit Name Translation for Neil Moralee

Leoni = लीओनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Catarina Marques

victory over oneself = आत्मविजय = aat-ma-wi-ja-ya

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Courtney Schmidt

"be extraordinary" = भवासाधारणा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel

family = कुटुंब

protect = रक्ष

Hindi Words Translation for Amanda Fiorino

"Freedom" = आजादी

"Free" = आजाद

30 May 2008

Sanskrit Dates Translation for Rahsan Tan

Number 1- 14.01.1975 = १४.०१.१९७५

Number 2 - 11.09.2001 = ११.०९.२००१

Number 3 - 18.12.2006 = १८.१२.२००६

Number 4 - 03.12.1982 = ०३.१२.१९८२

1- 18.December.2006 = १८.डिसेंबर.२००६

2- Can love be stronger than infidelity
किं प्रेम विश्वासघाताद्बलवत्तरं कर्तुं शक्यमस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle N Miller

faith = श्रद्धा

love = प्रेम

true (genuine) = सत्य

hope = आशा

peace = शांति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Vishal Barve

SMALL CHANGES BIG DIFFERENCE = छोटे बदलाव बडा फर्क

Sanskrit Numbar Translation for Jen Carroll

> Name 1: Samuel (pronounced sam-yoo-el) = सॅम्यूएल
> Name 2: Sara (pronounced sare-uh NOT sahhr -uh) = सेरा
> Name 3. Jon (pronounced jah-n) = जान
> Word 4. Seven (the number) =

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sean

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Strong(as in "strong-minded") = दृढ

Arabic Name Translation for Jasmin Jobe

Jasmin = جاسمين

Arabic Name Translation for Maya

Maya = مايا

Arabic Phrase Translation for John Jackson

1.Nycky = نكي

2.Nicole = نيقول love = حبيبي

Arabic Name Translation for James

lisa = ليسا

Arabic Names Translation for Shay Williams

Tristan = ترستان

Trinity = ترينيتي

Arabic Names Translation for Lee Ward

Tyler = تايلر

Jayden = جيدن

Jhené = جيني

Arabic Words Translation for Benjamin Karzai

1. Honor = شرف

2. Strength = قوة

3. Faith = إخلاص

4. Courage = شجاعة

5. Hope = أمل

Arabic Words Translation for Maria

forever = إلى الأبد

family = عائلة

ttjb = تتجب

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laura Griffith

dwayne chambers = ड्वायने चेंबर्स

Chinese Phrase Translation for Rebecca Tidmarsh

i believe in the best = 坚信最好

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Wende Claire Mueller

beloved mother = प्रियमाता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Gemma Schettino

Word no.1 Carmel (Pronounced "Car-MELL") = कारमेल

Word no. 2 trust = विश्वास

word no 3 allow = अनुमन्यस्व

Word no 4 surrender = शरणं गच्छ

Word no 5 peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lesley Thomas

"All for one" = सर्वमेकाय

Gujarati Words Translation for Cynthia Marcar

1. Cynthia (pronunciations: cintia) = સિંટિયા

2. Mommy = બા

Hindi Phrase Translation for Alex Fannen

Life and Death = जिंदगी और मौत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristin Stroly

"Happy Body" = शरीरमानंदि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Chelsea

"God is my Love"= मम प्रेमास्तीश्वरः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Johanna Perez

Faith = श्रद्धा

Gujarati Names Translation for Jeiten Panchani

roshni = રોશની

rosh = રોશ

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Sebastien Rueff

live life to its fullest = जीवनं संपूर्णत्वेन जीव

Chinese Phrase Translation for Kelly

Word No. 1: Perseverance = 毅力

Word No. 2: Inner Strength = 内在的力量

Word No. 3: Determination = 决心

Hindi Names Translation for Samantha Dussoye

NITIN = नितिन

SAMANTHA = समंथा

Hindi Name Translation for Sam Woodhouse

Hafid (Pronounced Haff-eed) = हफीद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Meera Pat

instrument of god = उपकरणमीश्वरस्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for M. Karr

Cat = मार्जार

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kerry Bassett

jade = जेड

Sanskrit Numbers Translation for Tara Corwin

45.55494 = ४५.५५४९४

-122.557769 = -१२२.५५७७६९

Sanskrit WordsTranslation for Chandra Inglis

Word 1: Chandra (shawn(like fawn)-Dra) = शाँड्रा

Word 2 : Andrew (an - Drew [like screw without the sc]) = अँड्रू

Word 3: 6 =

Word 4: Serenity = मनःशांति

Word 5: Rastazugs (Rasta (like pasta) - zug (Like Rug)) = रास्ताझग

Sanskrit Name Translation for Warwick Botham

Wozza = वोझा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jamie Downs

Name: Azna (az-na) = आझना

Name: Chloe (Klo-ee) = क्लोई

phrase: Angel eyes = देवदूतनेत्रे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hannah Murphy

Imagine Peace = शांतिं मन्यस्व

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Therese Hammond

i do not know = न जानामि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Amanda M Soto

my heart is with you = मम हृदयं त्वया सहास्ति

29 May 2008

Sanskrit Words Translation for Christina

Word 1: aatmashakti (soul power) = आत्मशक्ति

Word 2: courage = धैर्य

Word 3: family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Elle

LOVE IS REAL = प्रेम सत्यमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hillary Hall

namaste = नमस्ते

Hindi Names Translation for Samantha

Anthony = अँथनी

Ricardo = रिकार्डो

Samantha = समंथा

Tamil Phrase Translation for Tania Fernanda Ruiz Mijares

1) Bibi - பீபீ

2) Tania - தனியா

3) Friends - நண்பர்கள்

4) Always close - எப்பொழுதும் நெருக்கமாக

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Robyn Leigh

what goes around comes around = यत्परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Manny

I live for my son = मम पुत्राय जीवामि

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Uwe Spira

"om tat sat" = ॐ तत्‌ सत्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for Megan W

Serenity = मनःशांति

Tamil Words Translation for Naresh Veerni

1.Vaishnavi - வைஷ்ணவி

2.Vaish - வைஷ்

3.Vaishu - வைஷு

4.Sri - ஸ்ரீ

5. Monkey - குரங்கு

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for David Evans

Jena (pronounced 'Jen' 'a') = जेना

'My one and only' = मम एकमेव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stefania Floeth

A HEART THAT LOVES = हृदयं यदनुरजति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Janice Mickey

Son = पुत्र

Sanskrit Word Translation for Raghavendra Padanad

Gift = पारितोषिक

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amy Ramm

Rosie rose - ee = रोसी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anne

Forever = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emmanuelle

family" = कुटुंब

mom and dad = माता पिता च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Priyanka

Priyanka = प्रियांका

Timothy = टिमोथी

Eternity = अनंतता

Forgiven = क्षांत

Tamil Phrase Translation for Tina Kaburek

1. Tina - டினா

2. Hannes - ஹானஸ்

3: Tina & Hannes - டினா மற்றும் ஹானஸ்

Tamil Words Translation for Miranda Cornelius

1: Clarity - தெளிவு

2: Leonardo - லெனார்டோ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Edmond Leung

Edmond Leung(Ed-mond learng) = एडमाँड लंर्ग

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stuart Fraser

Christian (Kris-chin) = क्रिस्चिन

Olivia (O-liv-e-ah) = ओलिव्हिआ

Angela (An-ji-lah) = अँजिला

Philosophy = तत्वज्ञान

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Robin Sijtsma

1. Compassion = करुणा

2. Balance = संतुलन

3. Kindness = दया

4. Appreciation = गुणग्रहण

5. Joyfull = आनंदी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Deida Dominguez

"True Love: Samuel Julian" = सत्यप्रेम : सॅमयूल जूलीअन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aaron Valbusa

no merit. vast emptiness. = न गुणवत्ता महती शून्यता

Hindi Sentence Translation for Kelly West

Life is beautiful = जिंदगी खूबसूरत है

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nigar Toofany

Nigar (neegar) = नीगर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Fer Dorantes

Alfonso = (it's a name) and its pronounced "Al" (as in Alexander) - "fon" (as in fun) - "so" (as in sonic) = अल्फन्सो

Hindi Name Translation for Jessica

Robert = रॉबर्ट

Sanskrit Name Translation for Raj

Adrit = आदृत = honoured, respected, revered, cared for, devoted

Hindi Name Translation for Aaron Downey

thompson(tomp-son ) = टाँपसन

Hindi Name Translation for Parth Naik

SHNAZ = श्नाझ

28 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Erica Chomsky

All you need is love = केवलं प्रेम तवावश्यकमस्ति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hiten Chouhan

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anup Parmar

Sienna (See enna ) = सीएना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christopher Vandetti

unconditional love = अनियतप्रेम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rob Stahley

Thanks Sandesh, your friend Rob
धन्यवाद संदेश, तुम्हारा दोस्त रॉब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah MacDonald

Big Sister = अग्रजा भगिनी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Revelation Film Festival

Surrender = शरणं गच्छ

intuition = अंतर्ज्ञान

grace = कृपा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Virginie Souffi

Alicia(ali c ya) = अलिसिया

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Eden C. Tepper

1. obi(o-bee) love = ओबी प्रेम

2. om namah shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Sanskrit Number Translation for Magalie CHERAKI

Friendship = मैत्री

2008 = २००८

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lizzi

Unique & Enternal Beauty = अद्वितीयशाश्वतसौंदर्य

Hindi Name Translation for Suzanne

"Suzanne" (soo-zan) = सूझॅन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Arthur

1. Arthur (are-thur) = आर्थर

2. Stephanie (Stefani) = स्टेफनि

3. Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sruti Elson

Devan Nagaraj = देवन नागराज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristy Burton

live for today = अद्यं जीव

Sanskrit Names Translation for Austin Droguett

Austin Droguett pronunciation ( aw-stin drowe-get ) = ऑस्टिन ड्रॉगेट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Josh Misner

1. Prajñā = प्रज्ञा

2. Karuna = करुणा

Japanese Names Translation for Kenny.Vlaijen

Fleur: フロール [furò:ru]


Sanskrit Name Translation for SANDY STEWART

ellie louise = एली लुईस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lewis Haynes

perception is reality = अनुभवः सत्यः अस्ति

death = मृत्यु

He who fights with monsters must take care lest he thereby become a monster.
राक्षसान्‌ सावधानं युध्यतां राक्षसः भवेदथवा

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
यदि गभीरगर्ते चिरं निरीक्षसे,

गभीरगर्तोऽपि त्वां निरीक्षसे च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kreeson

1. KREESON (CRISEN) = क्रिसन

2. STRENGTH = शक्ति

3. HONOUR = सन्मान

4. POWER = बल

5. GLORY = कीर्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nimesh Patel

Aaryan = आर्यन

28 September 2007 = २८ सप्टेंबर २००७

Eashan = ईशान

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yvonne Fuhrer

Kristin ( pronounce Kris-tin) = क्रिस्टिन

Yvonne (pronounce E-von) = एव्हॉन

Our(we two) Unbreakable Bond = आवयोः अखंडनीयबंधः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Naomi Reading

Wanaka(wan-a-ka) = वनेका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Claire Beres

India = इंडिया

Daniel Rotondaro [dan-yuhl] [roh-tun-dar-oh] = डॅनयल रोटंडरो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ms. Tameisha Polk

Tameisha (tah-mee-shah) = तामीशा

peace = शांति

love = प्रेम

joy = आनंद

faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Date Translation for Aaron Harris

1: Abigail - (A-be-gayle) = एबिगेल

2: Harris - (Ha-rris) = हॅरिस

3: 18 October 2007 = १८ ऑक्टोबर २००७

Sanskrit Words Translation for Inbal

Word no. 1 Peace = शांति

Word no. 2 Love = प्रेम

Word no. 3 Music = संगीत

Word no. 4 Inbal (een-bahl) = ईनबाल

Word no. 5 Eric (Eh-rick) = एरिक

27 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Niki Corion

LIAM (pronounced Leeum) = लीअम

Stronger than yesterday = बलवत्तरं ह्यस्तनात्‌

November 23, 2000 = नोव्हेंबर २३, २०००

23-11-2000 = २३-११-२०००

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nynke

janneke: ya ne ke = यनेके

leony : lay o nee = लेओनी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Timmy Braeckmans

I love my (two)brothers = मम भ्रातरौ अनुरजामि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Susan Hausler

You are the best = तुम सब से अच्छे हो

Hindi Name Translation for J B

Priti = प्रीती

Hindi Initials Translation for Smyth Brydon

DJBCS = डी जे बी सी एस

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Phrase Translation for Alyssa Stanwood

Karuna = करुणा

Forever with me = शाश्वतं मया सह 

Jiva = जीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristen Rodriguez

1. Acceptance = स्वीकृति

2. Tathata tathātā = तथाता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ritsuka

pretty things are easily broken
सुंदरवस्तूनि सुकरं भग्नानि

Hindi Words Translation for Allison Baker

Name: Allison Baker = एलिसन बेकर

Word 3: Freedom = आजादी

Word 4: Life = जिंदगी

Word 5: Happiness = खुशी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aleksandra T

Beauty Within = अंतर्गतसौंदर्य

Blessed = धन्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Whitney Lee-Claraha

Everything will be okay = सर्वमुचितं भविष्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brittney

"Your Memory Lives On" = तव स्मृतिः जीवति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Onyx

Amoda = aamoda = आमोद

= fragrance, joy(Meaning changes as per the context)

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angie Stevens

word no. 1: Paul (name) = पॉल

phrase no. 1: My Husband = मम पतिः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Richard Olsen

love = प्रेम

lisa pronounciation leesa = लीसा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jessica Melling

Jessica = जेसिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Tait

rachael(ray-chel) and shaun(shawn) forever = शाश्वतं रेचेल शॉन च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kelly George

Kelly George = केली जॉर्ज

Sanskrit Names Translation for Alessandro Zanchi

1: Courage = धैर्य

2: Force = शक्ति

3: Evolution = उत्क्रांति

4: Love = प्रेम

5: Alessandro = अलेसँड्रो

Hindi Names Translation for baby kavz

Suniti = सुनिती

Sapna = सपना

Hindi Words Translation for Lorna Bishop

> 1, Ama = एमा

> 2, Anne-Marie = एन-मरी

> 3, Love = प्यार

> 4, Happiness = आनंद

> 5, Family = परिवार

26 May 2008

Sanskrit Words Translation for Naomi Turner

word 1 - LILA (pronounced LYLA) = लायला

word 2 - GRACE = कृपा

Hindi Names Translation for Gemma Case

Al fee (pronounced like mouthy) = Alfie = एल्फी

Sam (pronounced like man) = Sam = सॅम

Arabic Word Translation for Clarissa

forgiven = مصفوح عنه

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Laura D

1. Undefeated Strength = अपराजितशक्ति

2. Without fear = अभय

Hindi Names Translation for Kaushik Bhatoo

name 1 : kaushik = कौशिक

name 2 : vandana = वंदना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tamlyn Burke

harmony = समरसता = samarasataa

head = शीर्ष = sheersha

heart = हृदय = hridaya

(for two hands) = हस्तौ = hastau

( for many hands) = हस्ताः = hastaah

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Deborah Cattani

Deborah and Igor = डेबोरा इगोर च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Paola Carolina Flores Ornelas

1 earth = पृथ्वी

2 wind = वायु

3 fire = अग्नि

4 water = जल

5 warriors = सैनिकाः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jes Neal

loving = प्रिय

intuitive = अंतर्ज्ञानज

imaginative = कल्पक

sympathetic = सदय

protective = रक्षिता

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Gayle Hamilton

1. James = જેમ્સ

2. Mum and Dad = બા અને પિતાજી

Sanskrit Date Translation for Deirdre Everhart

"May 6 1986" = मे ६ १९८६

"Independent" = स्वतंत्र

Hindi Name Translation for Lily Leaker

Harry pronounced Hari = हॅरी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ilse Bercx

I will be the answer = उत्तरं भविष्यामि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Preesha Harilall

P R E E S H A = प्रीशा

B O Y K I E = बॉयकी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Beata Kovacova

No 1 : eternal = शाश्वत

No 2 : light = प्रकाश

No 3 : angel = देवदूत

No 4 : " joybringer" = आनंदवाह

No 5 : hope = आशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephanie Coffman

1. Brenden = ब्रेंडेन

2. Meant to be = इति अर्थः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Meka

one truth(ekam sat) = एकं सत्‌

Gujarati Name Translation for Louise Nijman

Judith (youdith) = યૂડિથ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ina Krasteva


Sanskrit Name Translation for Rina Bhudia

Shree Krishna = श्री कृष्ण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Farah Jesani

Free spirit = मुक्तात्मा

Hindi Words Translation for Carla Warchol

1 Carla = कार्ला

2 Love = प्यार

3 Strength = ताकत

4 Infinity = अनंतता

5 forever = हमेशा

Tamil Name Translation for Leslie Krief

Leslie - லெஸ்லீ

Hindi Name Translation for Jill

Jill = जिल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Manisha Patel

Manisha = मनिषा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Atul Sharma

MY PARENTS MY GOD MY SISTER MY ANGEL(heavenly protector-female)
मम पितरौ मम ईश्वरः मम भगिनी मम दिव्यरक्षिका

Hindi Phrase Translation for Trish

may YOUR soul rest in peace = तुम्हारी आत्मा को शांती मिले

25 May 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Herles Velasco

पीडास्त्यपरिहार्या, दुःखं वैकल्पिकम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alicia Mulholland

Till death do us part = यावन्मृत्युः पृथक्करोत्यावाम्‌

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Mark

I give you my heart = ते मम हृदयं यच्छामि

Arabic Name Translation for Robyn Walters

Robyn =روبينن

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Abby Linke

Mother's boy = मातुः बालकः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Umesh

Umesh = उमेश

Sanskrit Word Translation for Deshan Goonewardene

Honour = आदर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Janu Muthukumaru

shashi kumar = शशिकुमार

Sanskrit Word Translation for Matthias

shanti = शांति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Louise Jones (Stu)

Hello, where am I?
नमस्ते, मैं कहाँ हूँ?
namaste, main kahaan hoon?

Sanskrit Name Translation for katy hall

Chris = क्रिस

Sanskrit Words Translation for MaNdA

1. Corey = कोरि

2. Amanda = अमँडा

3. Star = तारा

4. Forever = शाश्वत

5. Paradise = स्वर्ग

Hindi Phrase Translation for Craig Roberts

Friends and Family Forever = दोस्त और परिवार हमेशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Han Ko

wings to freedom = स्वातंत्र्याय पक्षौ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for choiyoon

Only live once, enjoy life = जीव एकदा एव, जीवनमनुभव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Liz and Tony

Word #1: Elizabeth (female first name) = एलिझबेथ

Word #2: Edwin (male first name) = एडविन

Word #3: Trust = विश्वास

Hindi Word Translation for Amber Irvin

LOVE = प्यार

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carly

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kristin Poirier

Tyson (pronounced Tye-son) = टायसन

Julia (pronounced Jewel-e-ah) = ज्वेलेआ

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Abneet Sandhar

Abneet = अभिनीत

Ohm Namah Shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Melinda Moreira

vinesh = विनेश

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lim Fang Hong

Lim Fang Hong = लिम फँग हाँग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Eric Ferry

Shadow Makers = छायाकराः

Maria( Mar-ee-aa) = मरीआ

Kaelan(Kay-lan) = केलॅन

Elias(Eee-lee-ass) = ईलीएस

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jenny Gee

impermanence = अशाश्वतता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Fabiola Torres

Honor = आदर

Trust = विश्वास

Respect = सन्मान

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Word Translation for De

liberation = मुक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rodrigo Arena

Much Love = विपुलप्रेम

Bengali Name Translation for Ananya Banerjee

Ananya = অনন্যা

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kate Fung

1) Fate = भाग्य

2) Destiny = नियति

3) Narayan = नारायण

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jennifer

"Peace" = "shanti" = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jeff Coward

what goes around comes around = यत्परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Devanagari Script Translation for Dany Catherine Neu

Putali = पुतली

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gina Magnuson

temple = मंदिर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Robin Allsop

Shine On you crazy diamond = प्रकाशस्व मत्तहीरक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jasen Masek

Word 1 - now = अधुना

Word 2 - free = मुक्त

Word 3 - one = एक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Niesbeth

the 1-st name Niese (Nie-se) one speaks:

N like No, ie like in please, s how in please, e like in else = नीसे

The 2-nd name Nine (Ni-ne) one speaks man:

N like No, i like in please, n like in No, e like in else = नीने

I love You = त्वामनुरजामि

Hindi Name Translation for Jessica Ogermann

Jessica = जेसिका

Chinese Name Translation for Nina Flack

Atrayhu - 亚翠宇

Hindi Name Translation for Alex

marcela pronounced:mar-SEH-luh = मार्सेला

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Karen Handley

I am not this body = शरीरमेतन्नास्मि = sha-ree-ra-me-tan-naa-smi

Gujarati Name Translation for Vickie Westerman

Brogan = બ્રોગન

Sanskrit Names Translation for Brandy Malone

Joshua (josh-oo-uh) = जोशूआ

Cyrus (ci-rus) = सायरस

Calvin (kal-vin) = कॅल्व्हिन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Ryan Harris

One Life One Chance = एक जिंदगी एक मौका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ryan

Breathe = विश्वसिहि

Love = प्रेम

Forever = शाश्वत

Friends = मित्राणि

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Courtney S

stay what you are = यावदसि तावत्तिष्ठ

Words Translation for Hina Jadav

1) (name) MANJULA = मंजुला

2) SURVIVOR = उत्तरजीवी
MANJULA = मन्जुला
MANJULA = મંજુળા

24 May 2008

Hindi Phrase Translation for Adam Hill

Carrie 'Ka re' = कॅरि

'Love and Honour' = प्यार और आदर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Heidi

One Love = एकप्रेम

Jeff (pronounced - Jef) = जेफ

Myers ˈmī(-ə)rz = मायर्झ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Carlos Guzman Cordon

1.- Honor = आदर

2.- Dignity = मान

3.- passion = उत्कटेच्छा

4.-Respect = सन्मान

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ella Mavett Manela

I love you forever = शाश्वतं त्वामनुरजामि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tom Fox

VISUDDHAYA = विशुद्धाय

ADHISTHANADHISTHITA = अधिस्थानाधिष्ठाय

PRATIVISISTAYA = प्रतिविशिष्टाय

SAMASVASAYANTU = समाश्वसयंतु

PARISUDDHE = परिशुद्धे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Emma Ingram

Emma = एमा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Josselyn Kingsley

ananda = आनंद

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kristy Skirvin

Love yourself = स्वात्मानमनुरज = swaat-maa-na-ma-nu-ra-ja

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Zach Hobbs

I thought I lost you = अचिंतयं मया त्वं नष्टा

Hindi Sentence Translation for Ireen W

this too shall pass = ये भी जाएगा

Sanskrit Date Translation for Elmari Jansen van Vuuren

05 July 1979 = ०५ जुलै १९७९

Elmari (El-ma-ree) = एल्मरी

Sanskrit Number Translation for Shannon Rainey

fourteen = चतुर्दश

14 = १४

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenna Wright

what goes around comes around = यत्परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jackie Ramsey-B

Love Or Lust = प्रेम लालसा वा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jenna

everything is beautiful = सर्वं सुंदरमस्ति

23 May 2008

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Reed

jai guru deva om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Sam Edwards

BE FAITHFUL EVEN UNTO DEATH = मृत्युपर्यंतं श्रद्धया वर्तस्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kate Em.

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brandi Bock

to awaken = प्रबोधितुम्‌

Sanskrit Words Translation for Roopindar Sidhu

'Undefeated' = अपराजित

'Faith' = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anna-Louise

Words 1 2 3 FAITH AND COURAGE = श्रद्धा धैर्यं च

Words 4 PEACE = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Laura Bruzzese

Art = a mad search for
कला = प्रसह्यानुसंधानं कृते

Karma = कर्म

Telugu Name Translation for Rohan Desai

Chaitali = చైతాలీ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jessica Westgarth

Jessica (pronounced jess-y-ka) = जेसिका

Nicky (pronunced nick-ee) = निकी

Friends Forever(addressed to the two) = शाश्वतं मित्रे

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chris

1. Fearless = अभय

2. Mayenschein (May in Shine) = मेयिनशाईन

Hindi Name Translation for Ashika Deskins

Ashika pronunciation-- Ah-shee-kah = आशीका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Harish Anchan

Energy = ऊर्जा

Fire = अग्नि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leon Ingram

EMMA = एमा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shaun

For My Family = मम कुटुंबाय

Eternity = अनंतता

Hindi Name Translation for Erika Hess

Mary Lou (pronunciation: Mare-ee Loo) = मरी लू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Samanther J

United always = एकत्र सदैव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hima Rao

hope = aashaa = आशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amy Leith

Do no harm = मा पीडय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Thu-Linh Nguyen

Thu-Linh ( too-lin) = टूलिन

will give me strength = मे शक्तिं दास्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jennifer

Last left in extinct culture = नामशेषसंस्कृत्यामंतिमा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Rebecca Buckley

My guardian angel protects me = मम रक्षकदेवदूतः मां रक्षति

Sanskrit Date Translation for Tanja Fischer

soham = सोऽहम्‌

18th november 1975 = १८ नोव्हेंबर १९७५

Ute (U-te) = उटे

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joakim Bjørgen

1. Tobias (To-bi-as) = टोबिअस

2. Lone (Lo-neh) = लोने

3. Samadhi = समाधि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dave Pulham Jnr

Harrison Ha-ris-son = हॅरिसन

George Jaw-orge = जॉर्ज

Reece R-ecs = रेक्स

Travis Trav-is = ट्रॅविस

22 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kyrie Taylor

1. truth = सत्य

2. heaven and earth = स्वर्गः पृथ्वी च

3. optimistic = आशावादी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kait Sterrantino

> word 1= ambition = आकांक्षा

> word 2= patience = धैर्य

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Meredith Nault

DESTINY BRINGS TRUE LOVE = नियतिः सत्यप्रेमानयति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Yvar

Emotions = भावाः

Sanskrit Word Translation for SEAN HOGAN


Sanskrit Words Translation for Adetolani

1. Beauty = सौंदर्य

2. Faith = श्रद्धा

3. Believe = विश्वसिहि

Hindi Names Translation for Vétrivel DUVIZERT

Vétrivel (Ve-tri-vel) = वेट्रिवेल

Laurianne (Lo-ri-anne) = लोरिएन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shashikumar

SHASHI KUMAR = शशिकुमार

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jenna Grant

and this too shall pass = चेतदपि गमिष्यामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angelia Brown

"come let us reason together"("come to me and let us talk")
मां प्रत्यागच्छ संवदाव च

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Katy Reuter

my serenity is with you = मम मनःशांतिस्त्वया सहास्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alise Sulte

1. harmony = समरसता

2. happiness = आनंद

3. love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Parul Chaturvedi

apple = आताफल

mango = आम्रफल

orange = नारंग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chris Lindsay

forever in my heart = शाश्वतं मम हृदये

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Carlberg, Candace Elizabeth (MU-Student)

> Butterfly = चित्रपतंगिका
> Daddy = पितः
> At Peace( At Peace: a state of tranquillity or serenity) = मनःप्रसादे

Tamil Names Translation for Miranda Cornelius

1.LEO - லியோ

2.MIRANDA - மிராண்டா

Gujarati Name Translation for Bhumi Dave

Dave = દવે

Segovia = સેગોવિયા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vinay Thakorlal

"Never give up" = मा कदापि त्यज

Sanskrit Initials Translation For Gemma Dickson

L = एल

LYNNE = लिन

Sanskrit Initials Translation For Tania Manghnani

RM = आर एम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara

I love him = तमनुरजामि

Bengali Name Translation for Amelia Michael

Glen = গ্লেন

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jenna Hudson

1) Love = प्रेम

2) Gavin = गॅविन

3) Always = सदैव

4) Magic = इंद्रजाल

5) Jenna = जेना

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jamila Somani

AKBAR Pronounciation: Uk-bar = अकबर

JAMILA Pronounciation: Jam-ee-la = जमीला

Sanskrit Words Translation for Carmen Rodriguez

1)love = प्रेम

2)hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alexander Sosh

Word 1: life = जीवन

Word 2: brotherhood = बंधुता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andrew Carty

NIAMH pronounced NEEV = नीव्ह

Hindi Name Translation for Kaz Hamilton

Mr Jess = श्रीमान जेस

Hindi Name Translation for Keshia Maude

Keshia (K e s j a) = केस्जा

Hindi Word Translation for Katherine Buglione

LOVE = प्यार

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Jazmin Lovenguth

1. in change = परिवर्तने

2. Time heals everything = कालः सर्वं विरोपयति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jantien Kobus

1. Shepherd = मेषपाल

2. Sophie pronounced as soofy = सूफी

3. Jule(tj eu l) = ज्यूल

4. passion = उत्कटेच्छा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zane Harrison

1 Ethan ( E-than) = ईथन

2 Lotus = पद्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shannon Rene

LIVE IN THE MOMENT = क्षणे जीव

Hindi Phrases Translation for Maria Leites

1. strength of will = इच्छाशक्ती

2. inner strength = अंदरोनी शक्ती

21 May 2008

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ana Stama

1. ana ( a-nn-a) = एना

2. gracious = कृपालु

3. 11 may 1981 = ११ मे १९८१

Hindi Name Translation for Mihaela

Mihaela Puican = मिहेला पुरिकान

Sanskrit Name Translation for Holly Taberner

Holly Prounounciation: HAH-lee = हाली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rita Varano

Live = जीव

Love = अनुरज

Let go = गच्छतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Roxana Vajda

Faith, hope and love! = श्रद्धा, आशा प्रेम च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Karla Refojo

Sat Chit Ananda = सत्‌ चित्‌ आनंद

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jaryd Sage

1. Thank = धन्यवादः

2. You = त्वम्‌

3. Thanks = धन्यवादाः

Hindi Sentence Translation for Daniella Delmonte

I love John = मैं जॉन से प्यार करती हूँ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vera

BODHISATTVA = बोधिसत्त्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Pratik Trivedi

"Live Forever" = चिरं जीव

Hindi Words Translation for Alicia Worobec

1. Not = नही

2. Length = लंबाई

3.Life = जिंदगी

4. But = पर

5. depth = गहराई

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristen Anderson

1) Live = जीव

2) Always = सदा

3) Serendipity = सौभाग्य

4) Kristen = क्रिस्टिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sierra Gallese

Word 1 - Eternally = शाश्वतम्‌

Word 2 - Forever = सदैव

Word 3 - Alone = एकाकिनी

Word 4 - Heart = हृदय

Word 5 - Soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sabrina C

-Mauricio - (more- e- c- o) = मोरीसिओ

-Alexander - (al-x-an- der) = अलेक्सँडर

-Campeau - ( camp- poe) = कँपो

-Rivera - (pronunced how it sounds) = रिवेरा

-41 = ४१

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Holly Jochum

KarmaYoga = कर्मयोग

Peace = शांति

Bliss = परमानंद

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Jyotika Dua

Happiness be unto all = सर्वऽपि सुखिनः संतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for JACQUELINE

Daniel Be With God = डॅनयल ईश्वरेण सह भव

Japanese Initials Translation for Annie Aguilar

A : エー [e:]

M : エム [ému]

Z : ゼット [zétto]

Anthony : アンソニー [ánsoni:]

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jordanne Nevin

change you wish to see = परिवर्तनं यत्त्वं द्रष्टुमिच्छसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shpakov Artyr

Overcome yourself to achieve perfection
आत्मानमभिभव नैपुण्याय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andrew Street


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ericka Wicks

Everything and nothing = सर्वं न किमपि च

1. Everything = सर्वम्‌

2. Nothing = न किमपि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rachel Conner

1 GRACE = कृपा

2 ELSIE = एल्सी

3 MAY = मे

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Megan McCanna

om kleem namah = ॐ ह्रीं नमः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Apryl

HEAL = विरोपय

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Cassie

> > 1.Beautiful Soul = सुंदरात्मा
> >
> > 2.Rebirth = पुनर्जन्म
> >
> > 3.Cassie = कॅसी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rebecka

SET ME FREE = मां मुंच

20 May 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alicia Walton

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Karl Cereno

Life = जीवन

Sanskrit Words Translation for TJ Chavis

1. Henry = हेन्री

2. Eternal = शाश्वत

3. Love = प्रेम

4. Always = सदैव

5. Peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Woodington, Chloe

everything happens for a reason = सर्ववस्तूनि कारणोद्भवानि

Hindi Phrase Translation for David P

I carry your heart(I will always have a deep love for you)
मै हमेशा तुमसे बहुत प्यार करूंगा

Hindi Words Translation for Ryan Holleran

1. strength = ताकत

2. family = परिवार

3. honor = आदर

4. faith = श्रद्धा

5. virtue = गुण

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michelle Milam

Michelle Pronunciation: mi-SHEL = मिशेल

Angela Pronunciation: AN-jel-a = अँजेला

Glenn Pronunciation: glen = ग्लेन

Sisters = भगिन्यः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Charoula Kirpitsi

Know your rights = तवाधिकारान्जानीहि

Gujarati Sentence Translation for Saijal

everything happens for a reason
બદ્ધુ થવામાં કોઈ કારણ હોયછે

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lauren Arrington

Family = कुटुंब

Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Vandeberg

do not fear failure = अपयशसः मा भैषीः

Hindi Names Translation for Kevin Egger

name: CHRIS (CHRISTOPHER) = क्रिस(क्रिस्टोफर)

name: JON (JONATHAN) = जॉन(जोनाथन)

Sanskrit Words Translation for Melanie WInter

1. Grace = कृपा

2. Water = जल

3. Dance = नृत्य

4. Winter = शीतकाल

5. Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Janice

Be Strong In Life = जीवने शक्तिमती भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julia Smith

nothing is for real = न किमपि वास्तविकमस्ति

dream (as a verb) = स्वप्नं पश्य

Gujarati Words Translation for Luke Gwinnett

Word No: 1. Mother = બા

Word No: 2. Lesley = લેસ્લી

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrea

Andrea and Tom = अँड्रिया टॉम च

Sanskrit Word Translation for MCADAMS, ANANDA

Ananda = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Christie McBrayer

N 44 7.6801' = एन ४४ ७.६८०१'

W 69 18.7504' = डब्ल्यू ६९ १८.७५०४'

Sanskrit Names Translation for HARROLD Dane (AXA-I)

Word 1: Danielle (pron: Dan-ie-elle) = डॅनिएल

Word 2: Dane (pron: Dane) = डेन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jann Heinrich Sumagaysay-Suaberon

The Lord is my protector = ईश्वरः अस्ति मम रक्षकः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Deb Jasinski

word no. 1 jada (pronounced jay-duh) = जेडा

word no. 2 jared (pronounced j-air-ed) = जैरेड

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tom Hornbuckle

Word 1: Lauren Pronounced: Lo ren = लोरेन

Word 2: Thomas Pronounced: To mus = टॉमस

Chinese Words Translation for Yhang Nase

Dog -

Rabbit - 兔子

Dragon -

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vikram Mathur

Hanuman = हनुमान्‌

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joann

eternal = शाश्वत

forever = सदैव

young = तरुण

peace = शांति

soul = आत्मा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andy Ahuja

word no. 1--moses (m-o-s-e-s) = मोसेस

word no. 2--thoth (th-o-th) = थोथ

word no. 3--levitation (l-ev-i-t-a-shon)(fly) = उड्डाण

word no. 4--ka(k-a) = का

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sandra Jai


Sanskrit Words Translation for Ankur

sahasrara = सहस्रार

vitala = वितल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaclyn Philpott

When the life is taken from us,
we realise our capacity to love
यदा जीवनमस्मदपहृतं,


Hindi Sentence Translation for Zoe Simmonds

Simmonds ( simm -unds) = सिमंड्स

Be Strong For Yourself = खुद के लिए ताकतवर बनो

Sanskrit Name Translation for Fiona Drew

Tom Coates = टॉम कोट्स

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sadie Simmonds

1- Sadie (Prounuciation - Saydee) = सेडी

2 - This = ये

3 - Is = हूँ

4 - Me = मैं

19 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jimmy

Such as life = जीवनमेवमस्ति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sylvia Firglen

Anything's Possible
सब कुछ मुमकिन है

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Erica Jaggers

1 - strength = शक्ति

2 - live your life = तव जीवनं जीव

3 - courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Vered Federman

aham brahmasmi = अहं ब्रह्मास्मि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Dina

balance = संतुलन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Melanie

Sthira = स्थिर

Sukha = सुख

Aasana = आसन

Hindi Phrases Translation for Brian Black

No fear = डर नही

Without fear = डर के बिना

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Nicole M. Pellecchia

Time Tells The Truth = समयः सत्यं कथयति

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Liz Watson

om hram hrim sa svaha = ॐ ह्रम्‌ ह्रीम्‌ स स्वाहा

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Heather Sullivan

ॐ ईम्‌ ह्रीम्‌ क्लीम्‌ चामुंडायै विच्चे नमः

Telugu Name Translation for Sandra Jai


Sanskrit Word Translation for Lance Watson

freedom = मुक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa Stacey

Patience = धैर्य

Passive leadership = अकर्मकनेतृत्व

Horses = अश्वाः

Freedom = मुक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Linda Hellman

Linda = लिंडा

Bengali Name Translation for Kate Collini

Katherine = কেথরিন

Sanskrit Name Translation for Liz Manson

charlotte(sharlet) = शर्लेट

liz = लिझ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jane & Kelvin Fielding

Aaa – dree – ann = आड्रीएन

A =

Bengali Names Translation for Seyra Ahmed

Word No.1: Sarah(Sair-ah) = সৈরা

Word No. 2: Chad = চাড

Word No. 3: Hammond(Ham-mend) = হমেণ্ড

Gujarati Name Translation for Kits G

Kirti = કીર્તી

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nick Hallam

Alisha = अलिशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for James Bohling

agustina damayanti(AG-us-teena dah-may-antee) = एगस्टीना दमयंती

james bohling (pronounced like the sport "bowling") = जेम्स बॉलिंग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anthony

ALONE AGAINST EVERYTHING = सर्वविरुद्धः एकाकी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Steve Little

''natalie"pronounced na-ta-lee = नताली

18 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for BONNY PHYFIELD

I Am That = तद्‌ अहमस्मि

Remember = स्मर

Dream = स्वप्नं पश्य

Arabic Sentence Translation for Amy Gerami

Only God can judge me = فقط الله يمكن ان يحكمني

Arabic Words Translation for Jessica Levy

live = عاش

love = احب

Arabic Phrase Translation for Kasia Sabatowski

seize the day = استفد من اليوم

Arabic Name Translation for Stephanie Morville

Stephanie = ستيفاني

Arabic Name Translation for Esther Gutierrez

Ivania = ايفانيا

Arabic Names Translation for Amy Marsden

Amy = امي

Ella-Beth = الا بث

Arabic Names Translation for Shannon Bailey

Joseph = جوزيف

Shannon = شانون

Joel = جويل

Jude = جيود

Arabic Word Translation for Marlene Luciano

freedom = حرية

Arabic Words Translation for Heather Rita

*Janessa =جانيسا

*Denee = ديني

*Heather = هيذر

*Love = الحب

*Trust = الثقة

Japanese Phrase Translation for Cyrus Lord

Peter Lord = ピーター ロード [pí:ta: rò:do]

Airline Transport Pilot
1. If it's a cargo aircraft (freighter) :

輸送機操縦士 [yuso:ki so:ju:shi] or
輸送機パイロット [yuso:ki pàiro:to]

2. If it's a passenger aircraft (airliner) :

旅客機操縦士 [ryokyàkuki so:ju:shi] or
旅客機パイロット [ryokyàkuki pàiro:to]

Japanese Phrase Translation for Tom

Live life = あなたは人生を生きる [anàta wa jinséi wo ikíru]

(literally: "you live the/your life")

Hindi Name Translation for Roya Mahmid

Dave(Day-v) = डेव्ही

Hindi Name Translation for Nita M

Anita Malik = अनिता मलिक

Hindi Name Translation for TODD AVERY

elizabeth = एलिझबेथ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Adrian Crawley

Hope = आशा

Tamil Names Translation for Lindsey

1. Lindsey - லிண்ட்சி

2. Geertje - கீர்த்ஜே

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tamara P

Tamara(Tamaaraaa) = तमारा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Merryn

fortitude = शूरता

inner strength = अंदरोनी शक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kimberley Fernandez

#1 Mynkz (Pronounciation - 'mingks') = मिंक्स

#2 Sophisticated = अद्यतन

#3 Street = मार्ग

#4 Glamorous = मोहिनी

#5 Woman = स्त्री

Sanskrit Word Translation for Raigaga, Pooja

Purab = पूरब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jesphenie Lai

Jesphenie Lai Pei Ting (jes-fer-ny La-i Pe-i Ting) = जेसफर्नी लै पै टिंग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marcel Labrie

#1 - Anneke (An-ne-ke) = एनेके

#2 - Marcel = मार्सेल

#3 - Forever = शाश्वत

#4 - I Love = अनुरजामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Polley

Thankful = कृतज्ञ (male)/ कृतज्ञा (female)

for every piece = प्रत्येकभागाय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Savannahh Gordon

the quiet place you create = शांतस्थानं यत्सृजसि

Hindi Name Translation for hardislander

santosh = संतोष

Sanskrit Word Translation for Voltaire Vizcarra

Happiness = आनंद

Hindi Word Translation for Susan Ellenwood

kiss = चुंबन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ronak

Karma = कर्म

Hindi Phrase Translation for Swati Polce

The End of My World = मेरी दुनिया का अंत

Japanese Names Translation for Fred

Errol: エロール [éro:ru]

Carol: キャロル [kyároru]

Trevor: トレバー [torèba:]

Greg: グレッグ [gurèggu]

Bailey: ベイリー [béiri:]

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Brittany Schwabe

all things must pass = सर्ववस्तूनि गच्छंतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Scottie

Live Like You Were Dying = म्रियसे इति जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sheri

Live, Love and Laugh = जीव, अनुरज, हस च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Chen

1)Visistacaritra = विशिष्टचरित्र

2) Anantacaritra = अनंतचरित्र

3) Visuddhacaritra = विशुद्धचरित्र

4)Supratisthitacaritra = सुप्रतिष्ठितचरित्र

5) Bodhisattva = बोधिसत्त्व

Bengali Name Translation for Shamli Kisto

KOUSIK DEY = কৌসিক ডে

Sanskrit Name Translation for Umayaal Malini

umayaal malini = उमयाल मालिनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bambi Davistown

STRENGTH = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Prue Cameron

TAJ = ताज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nina Krist

Nina (n) (e) (n) (ah) and Heimo (h) (i) (m) (o) forever
नेना हिमो च शाश्वतम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alison Lucas

keeping faith = श्रद्धारक्षण

Faith = श्रद्धा

17 May 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Paul McConico

Chaos = कोलाहल

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Roxanne Scrudders

Everything must change = सर्वं परिवर्तताम्‌

Only through emotion can you encounter the force field of your own soul
केवलं भावादेव तव स्वात्मनः बलक्षेत्रं संमुखीभवितुं शक्नोसि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laurien Vervloesem

Laurien = लौरीन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aquavis Webb

Jessica, Love Eternal = जेसिका, शाश्वतप्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Raymond Joseph

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chandra Bingaman

James= Jaayms (say the aa as in the word "play") = जेम्स

Eric= Airick = एरिक

Cullum= kulluhm = कलम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Phenix Industries

All God's children = सभी ईश्वर के बच्चे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Breonna Kua

Breonna Kaichen Kua("Bri-o-na Kai-chen Ku-a")
ब्रिओना कैचेन कुआ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Boyet Auxtero

1. April = एप्रिल

2. Boyet ( pronounced as bo-yet ) = बॉयट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Arianna Shannon

1. Anatman = अनात्मन्‌

2. Compassion = करुणा

3. Luminosity = प्रभा

4. Fearlessness = अभय

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Natalie Ramsay

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

भवतु एतत्‌ = Let this be.

(Incorrect Version) इदमपि निर्गमिश्यति

(Correct Version) इदमपि निर्गमिष्यति = This too shall pass.

(Better Version) = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sofiya Wildwood

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

freedom = मुक्ति

strength = शक्ति

Hindi Words Translation for Dave Harding

Dave - day-ve = डेव्ही

Keirrie - care-e = केरी

Joshua - Josh-you-are = जोशुआ

Lola - Low-lar = लोला

Stressed - तनाव आया हुवा

Hindi Words Translation for DAVID HADGRAFT

> 1)David = डेव्हिड

> 2) Tracey = ट्रेसी

> 3) Together = साथ में

> 4)Always = सदा

> 5) Forever = हमेशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Deanna Le

"selflessness and compassion" = निःस्वार्थता करुणा च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Hruza

I shall overcome = अभिभवेयम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mariana Menendez Paredes

aspire to perfection = परिपूर्णत्वाय प्रयतस्व

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for crazyboo

He brought me to paradise = तेनाहमानीता स्वर्गे

Hindi Words Translation for Jamie Poole

Courage = धैर्य

Jamie = जेमी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Maria Adolfsson

Word No. 1 freedom = मुक्ति

Word No. 2 love = प्रेम

Word No. 3 strength = शक्ति

Word No. 4 mother = माता

Word No. 5 solidarity = एकात्मता

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Andrea Samuelson

I ask for faithfulness = एकनिष्ठतां पृच्छामि

Hindi Word Translation for Katie Hoelscher

Ganesh = गणेश

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jen Schlitt

Ananda = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brianna Colon

Be all my sins remembered = मम सर्वपापाणि विस्मृतानि भवंतु

16 May 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joann Thompson

peace and love = शांतिः प्रेम च

eternity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jack Bennefield

Camryn (pronounced Cam-ren) = कॅमरेन

Bengali Name Translation for Michelle Lenora

Michelle Lenora (Mi' shell Li' Nora) = মিশেল লিনোরা

Hindi Name Translation for Azaria

Amrita = अमृता

Sanskrit Names Translation for Stefon Khan

Stefon (Steh-fon) = स्टेफॉन

Justin (Jus-tin) = जस्टिन

Khan (Kan) = कान

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anna Hjelmeland

Compassion = करुणा

Sanskrit Mantra Translation For Rob Dauber

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Will Rontgen

ELLA VALENTINA = एला व्हॅलेंटिना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anthia Christodoulou

strength of will = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jakob Lundbäck

Out of flowers and dirt = पुष्पेभ्यः धूलिभ्यश्च

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Robby Tjia

Your blood travels with me = तव रक्तं मया सहितं पर्यटति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nashaira Lima

Daddy's little girl = पितुः बालिका

Hindi Name Translation for Aaron Patel

Shanta = शांता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mira Patel

tat tvam asi = तत्‌ त्वम्‌ असि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrea Cianci


Sanskrit Name Translation for Rebecca Cooper

Dennis Arthur Payling = डेनिस आर्थर पेलिंग

Sanskrit Words Translation for Darlene Downs

1. Rachel (Ray-chal) = रेचॅल

2. Rebecca (Ri-bek-ah) = रिबेका

3. Compassion = करुणा

4. Nurse = परिचारिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michael Fernandes

Stillness within Chaos = कोलाहले शांतता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Manpreet Bhatti

"Shishya" = शिष्य

"13" = १३

Translations for Stetina Birgit


Nikolaus [nee-ko-laus] = नीकोलौस

lives in my heart = मम हृदये वसति

Yukon [ju-kɒn] = जुकॉन


Yukon = ???????

Tamil Phrase Translation for Amber Gibbs

My Mother My Angel - என் தாய் என் தேவதை

Tamil Phrase Translation for Tracy Johnstone

Fate - பாக்கியம்

Destiny - நியமிக்கப்பட்டது

WHAT WILL BE - என்னவாக இருக்கும்

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Candice Adams

Love is all = प्रेम सर्वमस्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Sean Nolan

georgina = जॉर्जिना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Louise MacLeod

live to dance = नर्तितुं जीव

Hindi Words Translation for Melanie Ewing

1. Melanie(Mel o knee) = मेलोनी

2. Love = प्यार

3. Strength = ताकत

4. Hope = आशा

5. Peace = शांती

Bengali Names Translation for Lisa TImmins

Beau (bow as in bow & arrow) = বৌ

Luke (Looke) = লূক

Colt (coalt) = কোল্ট

Jefferson (jeff-er-sun) = জেফরসন

Darran (daran) = ডরন

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for kertz kertz

She's my everything = मम सर्वस्वं सास्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samantha Waid

DREAM = स्वप्नं पश्य

BELIEVE = विश्वसिहि

ACHIEVE = प्राप्नुहि

Japanese Name Translation for Shifty Boi

Lucas: ルーカス [rù:kasu]

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joshua Hill

> 1 seize the day = दिनं गृहाण
> 4 honour = आदर
> 5 courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rafael Munoz

Word No. 1 - walker = पादचारी

Word No. 2 - path = मार्ग

Word No. 3 - wealth = संपत्ति

Word No. 4 - auspicious = शुभ

Sanskrit Date Translation for Tessa Gunderson

Jakobsson (pronounced as: jakeobson) = जेकोबसन

June 14, 2008 = जून १४, २००८

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrew Saunders

1. Andrew (and-rew) = अँड्रू

2. Ella (el-a) = एला

3. Ashlea (ash-lee) = एशली

4. Love = प्रेम

5. Happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mike Watkins

1. Forever Love = शाश्वतप्रेम

2. Family = कुटुंब

3. Happiness = आनंद

4. Daughters = दुहितरः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Janelle Gutierrez

word #1 (name): Janelle (pronounced Juh-nel) = जनेल

word #2 (name): Yiyi (pronounced yee-yee) = यीयी

words #3-#5: Bless this union = एतत्संगममाशीर्वादं देहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alexis Block

Forgiven = क्षांत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Righter

1. Fearless = अभय

2. Courageous = धीर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Andrew Hostutler

>> word 1 challenge = आह्वान

>> word 2 rise = उत्तिष्ठ

>> word 3 will(verb) = भविष्यति

Gujarati Names Translation for Ana Cláudia Garcia

Word No. 1 ana = એના

Word No. 2 claudia = ક્લોડિયા

Word No. 3 cristiano = ક્રિસ્ટિયાનો

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Roxanne

To find yourself, think for = तवात्मानमन्वेष्टुं चिंतय

Sanskrit Names Translation for Cindy Williams

s ih n th ee ah (Cynthia) = सिंथीआ

jaims (James) = जैम्स

nih- k oh - l uh s (Nicolas) = निकोलस

aa l uhx (Alex) = आलक्स

aa sh l ee (Ashley) = आशली

Sanskrit Date Translation for Kirsty Olden

15th July 2006 = १५ जुलै २००६

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Maria Casta

tomorrow is only a vision = श्वः अस्ति केवलं दृष्टिः

Hindi Name Translation for Kevin

Kevin = केविन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Cameron Spears

My heart = हृदयं मम

Hindi Name Translation for Jay Smith

Niamh (Neev) = नीव

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Chanel Eakin

I think therefore I am = चिंतयामि तस्मादस्मि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Anil Abraham

Satyagraha = सत्याग्रह

Sanskrit Word Translation for Joyce

EARTH = पृथ्वी

Hindi Name Translation for Brigitte Deuschle

Brian = ब्रायन

15 May 2008

Japanese Mantra Translation for Sanjeev Das

[namumyo:ho:rengekyo:] = 南無妙法蓮華経

Hindi Phrase Translation for Shane Aitken

Your memory lives on = तुम्हारी याद जिंदा है

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michel Porsch

WORTH OF LIFE FORCE DECISION = जीवनशक्तिनिर्णयार्ह

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rachel Cruz

Joy in Krishna" = कृष्ण में आनंद

Rowena Rachel (Rowena is read as is but pronounced with a long e & Rachel is pronounced as 'raytchl') = रोवीना रेचल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Marjolijn Brandt

mother = माता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kathi Greenwaldt

> 1. TESSA = टेसा

> 2. MORGAN = मॉर्गन

> 3. SWEET(dear; beloved) = प्रिय

> 4.ANGEL = देवदूत

> 5. BABY(infant) = शिशु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tiffany Rose

1. Sister = भगिनी

2. Sisters = भगिन्यः

Hindi Names Translation for Keirrie Parsons

Owen = ओवेन

Beth = बेथ

Hindi Name Translation for Simona Poposka

WIKTOR = विक्टर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gail

Merku (Meircoo) = मेरकू

Oni (On Eye) = ओनाय

Verdettrian (Ver det tri an) = व्हेरडेट्रिएन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lee

SHANTI = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nicki Bowling

1. mother = माता

2. no lies just love = नानृतं प्रेमैव

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Vik Dattani

Karma = कर्म

Hare Krishna = हरे कृष्ण

Hare Ram = हरे राम

Hindi Word Translation for Charlie Twyman

Angel = देवदूत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nikhil Narayanan

Word1: Intellect = बुद्धि

Word2:Knowledge = ज्ञान

Word3:Intelligence = मेधा

Word4:Infinity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Matt Boxx

CHLOE = क्लोई

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jevon Lataire

Know Thyself = तवात्मानं जानीहि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ragnar Seton

korpberget [co - r (roling r as in "door") - p (as in "put") - (paus) - be (as in "begging") - r (another rolling r) - yet]

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Oliver Sporrer

Word No. 1: Freedom = मुक्ति

Word No. 2: Strength = शक्ति

Words 3,4,5: Believe in yourself = तवात्मनि विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Buddy Pulandram

vegetarian = शाकाहारी

Sanskrit PhraseTranslation for Mary Markova

Free from fears and temptation = भयप्रलोभनमुक्त

Hindi Phrase Translation for Iulia Anamaria Sima

nothing is for real = कुछ भी वास्तव नही है

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julie Thompson

Never look back = मा कदापि पश्य पृष्ठतः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jacqueline Feuerstein

live laugh love = जीव हस अनुरज

Sanskrit Names Translation for Celina Tobarez

word nº 1: filomena pronounced phee-lo-me-na = फीलोमिना

word nº 2: celina proounced se-lee-na = सेलीना

word nº 3: daniel pronounced da-njel = डँजेल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dusha Linga

Kaje Dusha (Dhu-shaa Ka-jee) = धुशा कजी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alan

salutations to the shining one = प्रकाशमानाय नमः

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