03 July 2013

Sanskrit Translation of English Sentences for Tattoo of Deniz Börner

There are places in the heart = स्थानानि संति हृदये

you don't know exist = यानि न जानासि

until you love a child = यावन्न शिशुमनुरजसि

In my eyes = मम नेत्रयोः

you will always be = सदैव भविष्यसि

the most wonderful gift ever given to me = अद्भुततमोपहारः मयादत्तः

I carry your heart = तव हृदयं वहामि

I carry it in mine = तन्मम हृदये वहामि

Luca [Lu Cah] = लुका

Diego [di- A - go] = डिएगो

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