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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 August 2007

Devanagari Words Translation for Guna Segaran

guru = गुरु

Shiva = शिव

Shakti = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for LUCY FISHER

'Love is Life' = प्रेम जीवनमस्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Aleksander Stensrud

Aleksander = अलेक्सँडर

Devanagari Names Translation for Sandra

1. Sandra = सँड्रा
2. Eliane (E -lee-an) = एलीएन

Sanskrit Words Translation for King, Krystle

Love = प्रेम

Fidelity = एकनिष्ठता

Marriage = विवाह

Krystle = क्रिस्टल

Jeremy = जेरेमी

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Kunal Ratanpal

1. Transforming Lives = जीवनानां परिवर्तनम्

2. Shaping Personalities = व्यक्तिमत्वानां विकासः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Fam Rossini-Van Uffel

faith = श्रद्धा

hope = आशा

love = प्रेम

familly = कुटुंब

life = जीवन

Hindi Name Translation for Kevin Davison

claire louise(klair looease) = क्लेअर लूईस

Hindi Words Translation for Jonathan Ward

Will = इच्छा

Strength = ताक़त

Determination = निश्चय

Pain = दर्द

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lita Miller

Taylor = टेलर

Jordan = जॉर्डन

Eva = एव्हा

Tamil Name Translation for Kyle Strand

1. Kyle (kai-yul) = கையல

2. Jennifer (jen-ih-fur) = ஜெநிபர

3. David (day-vid) = டெவ்ஹிட

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lee Lindloff

Josey(Jo(long o)zee(long e)) = जोझी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Cyan Solis-Sichel

If God Wills = ईश्वरेच्छा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Rachel Scott

"Breath is Life" = श्वासः जीवनमस्ति

"Life's Breath" = जीवनस्य श्वासः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jonnie Reinhold

Yellow Woman = पीतस्त्री

Sanskrit Words Translation for Julie Dimond

Love = प्रेम

Faith = श्रद्धा

Courage = धैर्य

Compassion = करुणा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kevlar Smith

Samuel = सॅम्यूएल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Siobhan Parekh

PAREKH = पारेख

INNER STRENGTH/COURAGE = आंतरिकशक्तिः/धैर्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lee Millen

west ham = west hamlet = पश्चिमग्राम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Emma Diviney

Only The Strong Survive =




Sanskrit Names Translation for LISA SINKLER

1. Cody = कोडी

2. Cassidee = कॅसिडी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Gillian Taylor

1 - Strength = शक्ति

2 - Determination = निश्चय

3 - Fire = अग्नि

4 - Independence = स्वातंत्र्य

5 - Gillian = जिलीअन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jenny Rodriguez

Family is = कुटुंबमस्ति

Live, Laugh, Love = जीव, हस, अनुरज

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hilary Croach

hreem = ह्रीम्

Hindi Phrase Translation for Karuna G

Viha fashions = विहा फॅशन्स

30 August 2007

Hindi Word Translation for Thomas Andreassen

I love your eyes = मैं तुम्हारी आँखों से प्यार करता हूँ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Virginia Cruz

Made by John and Mary = जॉन तथा मेरी द्वारा कृतम्

Hindi Word Translation for Leah Hunkins

Mom = माँ = maa-wn

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tracey Smith

DARREN pronounced Dar-wren = डारव्रेन

Sanskrit Names Translation for TARA SNYDER

1. Teena = टीना

2. Douglas = डग्लस

Hindi Name Translation for Eglantine AVOT

Eglantine = एग्लाटिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Paul Barnes

never give up = मा कदापि त्यज

Hindi Name Translation for JAMES WALKER

CRAIG = क्रेग

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jay Prescott

come what may = कि म पि भू तं त र्हि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jeannine Romero

Frank = फ्रँक

Jeannine(juneen) = जनीन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Hinton

Only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां ज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Hindi Words Translation for Ajit Ramraj

Word 1 Ajit = अजित

Word 2 Paul = पॉल

Word 3 Ramraj = रामराज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kathleen Koscielski

Inner Peace = आंतरिकशांति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Corey Tassone

Beverly = बिव्हर्ली

Sanskrit Words Translation for Caroline

1. One = एक

2. Harmony = समरसता

3. Balance = संतुलन

4. Karma = कर्म

5. Sunfood = (literally) सूर्यान्न
(meaningwise i.e. natural food) नैसर्गिकान्न

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Todd Rosene

Made of Iron = आयस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jen

Word 1: Courage = धैर्य

Word 2: Compassion = करुणा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alex Ostrem

casey (pronunciation: k c) = केसी

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Cadell Roberts

Destiny = नियति

true heart = सत्यहृदय

serene mind = शांतमनः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Patty

1 Eternal Love = शाश्वतप्रेम

2 Patricia = पॅट्रिशिआ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Sciabica

1. Live = जीव

2. Life = जीवन

3. Breathe = श्वसिहि

4. Dream = स्वप्न

5. Believe = विश्वसिहि

Devanagari Name Translation for Steve Jenkins

1. Cameron - pronounced cam-er-on = कॅमेरॉन

2. Kailey - pronounced Kay-lee = केली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rachel Berk

Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavantu
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tim Thompson

Compassion = करुणा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Natalie Benn

1. Jayla(pronounced jai-lar) = जैलार

2. Sun = सूर्य

3. Life = जीवन

4. Happiness = आनंद

5. Spirit = आत्मा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Natalie Littlemore

Bachelor of Education = शिक्षास्नातक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bettina Gruber

Contentment is the only real wealth
संतोषः सत्यसंपदस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Glenin Baker

RED MOON = रक्तचंद्रमाः

Hindi Phrase Translation for Laura Walker

Free Spirit = मुक्त आत्मा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carly

NAMASTE = नमस्ते

Hindi Name Translation for Peter Jones

Tasneem = तसनीम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samuel Peterson

1. Purusha = पुरुष

2. Prakriti = प्रकृति

3. Satya = सत्य

4. Atman = आत्मन्

5. Strength = shakti = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kellie

Blessed Bee = धन्या मक्षिका

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jennifer Pena

friendship = मैत्री

29 August 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Jeff

1 - julie (pronounced joolee) = जूली

2 - jeff = जेफ

3 - shannon = शॅनॉन

4 - ellie (pronounced ellee) = एली

Hindi Names Translation for GARY PATTERSON

Name : Rhianna = रीएना

Name : Rebecca = रिबेका

Hindi Phrase Translation for Gustafson, Mark

The Inner Circle = आंतरिक परिमंडल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katharine Grant

Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Patience = धैर्य

Love = प्रेम

Harmony = समरसता

Balance = संतुलन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Emma Mills

griffiths = ग्रिफिथ्स

mum = माता

dad = पिता

Sanskrit Names Translation for JB Martin

Simon = सिमन

Sabina = सबीना

Jason = जेसन

Mollie = मॉली

Sanskrit Word Translation for Regina

Success = यशः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Frances Williams

what we think, we become = य था चिं त या मः भ वा मः

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Phrases Translation for Kishan Patel

Jai Shri Krishna = जय श्री कृष्ण

Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho
दादाभगवानमहाशयस्य असीमजयजयकारः भवतु
DadaBhagawanaMahashayasya Jayajayakarah Bhawatu

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kirsten Davies

Work on your dreams to make them real
स्वप्नान्सत्यान्कर्तुं यतस्व

Hindi Names Translation for Jill Dorsey, AB GRI

Jill = जिल

Adam = एडम

Jilly = जिली

Hindi Name Translation for Dana

Dana = दाना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lisa Sharpe

1. Spiritual Liberation = अध्यात्मिकमुक्ति

2. Laughter = हास्य

3. Jimmy = जिमी

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa Lemon

-harmony = मेल

-live = जियो

-to the end = अंत तक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Latona Batey

angel = देवदूत

baby = शिशु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Tinsley

BE TRUE TO YOURSELF = स्वात्मनं प्रति सत्येन वर्तस्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Meredith Tate

Seize the day = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stacey Thomas

One Life = एकं जीवनम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Smith, Mallory J

Faith in God = ईश्वरे श्रद्धा

Peace = शांति

Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for JOEL

M A I A = माया

J A R E D = जॅरेड

K A Y D E N = केडन

D E R E K = डेरेक

FAMILY = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for David Cook

Paula = पॉला

Hindi Phrase Translation for Adam Gaskell

You'll Never Walk Alone = आप कभी भी अकेले नही चलोगे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shanti Kelly

Shanti = शांति

Hindi Names Translation for Louise

Linda = लिंडा

Peter = पीटर

Gemma = जेमा

Louise = लुईस

Hindi Name Translation for Joshua

Joshua = जोशुआ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jessie Gladstone

Fate = नियति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Abdel Sultan

Abdel Rahaman = अब्देल रहमान

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mitesh Patel

Only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां ज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bianca Franco

God is my Judge = ईश्वरः मम न्यायदातास्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for AJ Randave

1. silent witness = मूकदर्शी

2. magic lion = ऐंद्रजालिकः सिंहः

3. miracles = आश्चर्याणि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Greg Goodman

1. Greg = ग्रेग

2. Angela = अँजेला

3. March 21st 2006 = मार्च २१ २००६

Sanskrit Words Translation for Leo Kamenetskiy

1. LEO = लिओ

2. LION = सिंह

3. STRENGTH = शक्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amy Carr

Frank = फ्रँक

Amy = एमी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Will & Rhonda Williamson

1. KARMA = कर्म

2. WILLIAM = विलिअम

3. RYAN = राएन

4. MATTHEW = मॅथ्यू

5. DEVIN = डेव्हिन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Daphne Wayans

1. Jolie = जोली

2. Nala = नला

3. Keenen = कीनन

4. Bella = बेला

5. Daphne = डॅफने

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nicole Romyn

love = प्रेम

strength = शक्ति

beauty = सौंदर्य

28 August 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Alejandro

Cristina = क्रिस्टीना

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Jonathon P BUTTERS

In memory = स्मृत्याम्

Anthony[Anth-ony] = अँथोनी

died 1997 = मृत्युः १९९७

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa-Marie Hacksteiner

fly with your own wings = तव स्वपक्षाभ्यां डयस्व

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Claudia Neves

the beauty of the soul = आत्मसौंदर्य

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tim Bonshor

julia = जुलिआ

jamie = जेमी

Hindi Name Translation for Neville Dsouza

Neville Dsouza = नेविल डिसूजा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Leah Jover

1. Anais(ah-na-eese) = आनाईस

2. Noah = नोआ

3. family = कुटुंब

4. mother = माता

5. love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jeremy Brooks

One love forever = एकं प्रेम शाश्वतम्

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kristine N.

Kristine Marcey = क्रिस्टिन मर्सी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Drew

Blessed = धन्य

Hindi Name Translation for Kerrie Ann

kerrie ann(ke-ree-an) = केरी एन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marisa Pietersz

marisa(ma-ri-sa) = मरिसा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Elizabeth Mitchell

Question. Act. Change. = सवाल पूछो। कृती करो। बदलो।

Sanskrit Word Translation for Timothy Kulesza

Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Becky Creech

Family is Love = कुटुंबमस्ति प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Wes

cosmic love = वैश्विकप्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Monica Kumar

GOD = ईश्वर

MOTHER = माता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Noel Zeh

family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Keith McKnight

निश्चयः श्रद्धा सर्वेषु श्रेष्ठे

Hindi Name Translation for Rodrigo Valdivia Valera

Lauren = लॉरेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Lidtke

Strength of will = इच्छाशक्ति

Hindi Name Translation for Victor Santiago

VICTOR = व्हिक्टर

ANA FLAVIA = आना फ़्लाविआ

Hindi Name Translation for Richard Troop

Isobelle = इसोबेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Clyde Jones

Trust No One = न कस्मिनपि विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Austin Riddick

only the strong survive = केवलं बलवान्जीवति

Sanskrit Names Translation for LORI COUCH

nickolas = निकोलस

katelyn = केटलिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Corinne Raymond

Trust Thyself = स्वा त्म नि वि श्व सि हि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ask Maybe Ill Tell

Serenity = मनःशांति

Courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tricia

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tina Garcia

Forever her soul will dance = शाश्वतं तस्याः आत्मा नर्तिष्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Renee Bolstad

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kim Bocking

Tranquility = मनःशांति

Courage = धैर्य

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Love = प्रेम

27 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kari Lopez

Ricardo (rih-KAR-"doe) = रिकार्डो

2003 August 30 = २००३ ऑगस्ट ३०

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lynnette Graves

1: Lynnette = लिनेट

2: Laugh = हस

3: Often = बहुधा

4: Susie = सूझी

5: Bum = बम

Hindi Words Translation for Suzanna Storr

word 1- jason = जेसन

word 2 - suzanna(sue- zan- a) = सुझाना

word 3- love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amanda Staniski

1) Amanda = अमंडा

2) Josh = जोश

3) Love = प्रेम

4) Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aneal Bharratt

Aneal Bharratt = anil bharat = अनिल भरत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Allen

Love = प्रेम

Drew = ड्रू

Alley = एली

Sanskrit Names Translation for JUSTIN BEATTIE

Eloise (pronounced: Elle oh ease) = एलोइस

Scarlet (pronounced: Skar Let) = स्कार्लेट

Justin (pronounced: Just in) = जस्टिन

Michelle (pronounced: Mish elle) = मिशेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joaquin

God loves his sons = ईश्वरस्तस्य पुत्राननुरजति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stella Cammarata

Stella = स्टेला

Star = तारा

Hindi Phrases Translation for Yasmine/LaNora Moffitt-martinez

Hair has potential(hair has unlimited possibilities)
बालों की अनेक शक्यताएँ है

palm & sole = हथेली और तला

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Names Translation for Michelle Keraus Matt

Drake = ड्रेक

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

Trey [tray] = ट्रे

Jaxson [jack-son] = जॅकसन

Lane [lain] = लैन

Michelle [Ma-Shell] = मॅशेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tara Voll

laugh often = बहुधा हस

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rhoda Mcgivern

Kai Gabriel(Kye Gaybriel) = कै गेब्रिएल

Om Namah Shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Sanskrit Words Translation for John Nelson

Nelson = नेल्सन

5 july 80 = ५ जुलै ८०

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sabrina Meneghello

Sabrina = सॅब्रीना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Karma

Megan = मेगन

Kiel = केएल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angelina Vergari

what we think, we become = यथा चिंतयामः, भवामः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nana Khoupenia

NO REWARD WITHOUT SACRIFICE = न पारितोषिकं यज्ञेन विना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Eliza Grimalid

sisters = भगिन्यः

Sean(Shawn) = शॉन

Carter(Kar-ter) = कार्टर

Daniel = डॅनिएल

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Karley Trista M SrA 509 MXS/MXMFN

forever = शाश्वत

love = प्रेम

future = भविष्य

Hindi Name Translation for Sharvin

KALAY = कलय

Hindi Names Translation for Roberto M.

Raphael = रफीएल

yasmina = यस्मीन

Hindi Name Translation for Lucy Hardman

annette = एनेट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Justine Quinn

COURAGE = धैर्य

STRENGTH = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Axel Jones

Anish = अनिश

Hindi Words Translation for Lia Lamendola

Peace = शांती

Love = प्यार

Happiness = खुशी

Lia(Lee-Uh) = लिआ

Equality = समानता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sherryl Griffen

NEVER ALONE = न कदाप्येकम्

Tattoos Words Translation for Darren Gibson

Sanskrit :

Angela (An-Gee-La) = अँजीला

Lisa (Lee-Sa) = लीसा

Father = पिता

Hindi :

Brother = भाई

Angela (An-Gee-La) = अँजीला

Stacey (Stay-See) = स्टेसी

Father = पिता

Arabic :

brother = أخ

lisa = ليزا

angela = انجيلا

stacey = استاسي

father = أب

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joseph Vaca

Determination = निश्चय

Love = प्रेम

Family = कुटुंब

Loyalty = निष्ठा

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ryan & Jodi

Uma = उमा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tara Thurston

Tara = तारा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ellie Ashby

Karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrea

Live = जीव

Laugh = हस

Seize the day = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jay Kular

Cassiel Angelus(cass-eel angel-us) = कॅसील अँजेलस

26 August 2007

Hindi Words Translation for Fanny Maillet Ferlay

Bliss = aananda = आनंद = khushee = खुशी

desire = इच्छा

passion = मदहोशी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mark

Freedom From Oppression = क्रौर्यात् मुक्तिः

Leader = नेता

Clarity = पारदर्शकता

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Katie Griffin

Passion to dance = नृत्यमद

Beautiful dancer = सुंदरनर्तकी

Sanskrit Words Translation for tuchofheaven

patience = धैर्य

tranquility = शांति

self-restraint = स्वनियंत्रण

fear = भय

god= ईश्वर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kam Gohil

Take control of your destiny = तव नियतिं नियच्छ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sam Moore

Theres a time for everything = सर्वस्मै अस्ति कालः

Hindi Names Translation for Paul Simmons

paul = पॉल

katherine = कॅथरिन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vivienne Rorie

Vivienne(Viv-ee-en) = व्हिव्हीएन

Marwick(Mar-wick) = मारविक

Rorie(Ro-ry) = रोरी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrei Radu

Eternal Love = शाश्वतप्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mark Neely

SIERRA = सीएरा

DAUGHTER = पुत्री

FATHERS LOVE = पितृप्रेम

MARK = मार्क

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dee Daugherty

duhka = दुःख

dukha-nirodha = दुःखःनिरोध

Sanskrit Name Translation for MARIASA JENNINGS

Logan = लोगॅन

Conner = कोनॉर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zoe Kara

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

truth = सत्य

individual = व्यक्ति

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Yasangi Randeni

Namo Buddhaya = नमो बुद्धाय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Karyn Bath

Laugh = हस

Love = अनुरज

Dream = स्वप्नान्पश्य

Live = जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jane Wanniaratchy

29 March 1968 = २९ मार्च १९६८

Sanskrit Word Translation for Maria Vhanneza

Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mel

peace = शांति

mother = माता

daughter = पुत्री

love = प्रेम

one =

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bia Tanos

family = कुटुंब

life = जीवन

happiness = आनंद

freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Melissa Leger

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Hindi Name Translation for Topete, Miguel

Topete = टोपेटी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Madeleine Botes

Peace = शांति

Love = प्रेम

Strength = शक्ति

Courage = धैर्य

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sabina

Sabina = सबीना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Olivia Dashun

girl who never knew love = बाला यया प्रेम न कदापि ज्ञातम्

Hindi Words Translation for Amz Paul

Amz = एम्झ

Amy = एमी

Hercules = हर्क्यूलिज

Tyler = टाएलर

Jack = जॅक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dee Gandhi

Love = प्रेम

Life = जीवन

Light = प्रकाश

Luck = भाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for DeAnn Dallas

Reverence for all life = आदरः सर्वजीवनेभ्यः

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Serenity Ewart Chase

Surrender = शरणं गच्छ

Let go = गच्छतु

Jennifer = जेनिफर

Daniel = डॅनिएल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Stephanie Alexander

one who sings for God = ईश्वरगायक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sophie Jean Baptiste

Love = अनुरज

Life = जीवन

Live = जीव

Sophia(So-phee-ya) = सोफीया

Libra = तुला

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristi Schmeichel

balance = संतुलन

breath = श्वास

dharma = धर्म

kristi = क्रिस्टी

josh = जोश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jessica

Beautiful Tiger = सुंदरः व्याघ्रः

Hindi Words Translation for Dave Illman

Courtney = कॉर्टनी

Strength = ताक़त

Nine = नौ

Forever = हमेशा

Grateful = कृतज्ञ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lindsay

older sister = अग्रजा

younger sister = अनुजा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lauren Basile

Hope = आशा

Strength = शक्ति

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Words Translation for Denise Kittle

Pisces = मीन

Aquarias = कुंभ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tracy

June = जून

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tiff Offalla

gemini = मिथुन

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jill Boon

brussel = ब्रुसेल

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cesar

Cesar = सेसार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nathalie de Groot

Gift from God = ईश्वरस्य पारितोषिकम्

Mateo(mat-e-oh) = मॅटिओ

July = जुलिए

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kelly Kitts

Eleven = ekaadasha = ११ = एकादश

Kelly(Kel-ee) = केली

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michelle Mendoza

Ajay = अजय

Sanskrit Names Translation for Dana&Nina Hamilton

Rhett = रिट

Neve = निव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rafael Cal

Rafael = राफाएल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Carolina Montoya

my children my strength = मम शिशवः मम शक्तिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alexis Thames

You are part of everything = त्वमसि भागः सर्वस्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Clare McPartland

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for ERICKA NICHOLAS

DAX = डॅक्स

BROTHER = भ्राता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julien D.

serenity through pain = मनःशांतिः दुःखात्

Hindi Name Translation for Andrew Sprouse

Brandi = ब्रँडी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Keri Barnhart

right here, right now = अत्र एव, अधुना एव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Matt Fisher

seize the night eternal = शाश्वतरात्रीं गृहाण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christy Krisch

one day at a time = एकदिवसः एकैकशः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Keyte

beauty of the soul = आत्मसौंदर्य

Hindi Name Translation for Danielle Kirkpatrick

Olivia = ओलिविया

Sanskrit Name Translation for PATRICIA ANN E. BATESTIL

Tricia = ट्रिशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vanessa

God is my Strength = ईश्वरः अस्ति मम शक्तिः

25 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samhitha Rai

Prem = प्रेम

Veena = वीणा

Greeshma = ग्रीष्मा

Samhitha = संहिथा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Heena Patel

Ben = बेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heidi Parent

jnana = dnyaana = ज्ञान

Sanskrit Name Translation for Steve Fahrney

F = एफ

Fahrney = फर्ने

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nicole

Nicole = निकोल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nicole

Kayleigh Paige(kay-lee page) = केली पेज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sherryl Jenkinson

NEVER ALONE = न कदाप्येकम्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Katie Murphy

sisterly love = भगिनीप्रेम

balance = संतुलन

love = प्रेम

hope = आशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Bart Neuts

bart = बार्ट

claudia = क्लॉडिया

tipsy = टिप्सी

tilly = टिली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Josh Mazza

who is this colin jeff = कोऽस्त्येषः कॉलिन जेफ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Becky Vaughn

CADEN(kay-din) = केडिन

Marathi Word Translation for Sanjay Bhalgat

world = जग

Sanskrit Word Translation for Michelle Gavin

Faith = श्रद्धा

Hindi Names Translation for Mohit Khiani

Mohit Khiani = मोहित खिआनि

02/02/1991 = ०२/०२/१९९१

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lindsey Douglas

Dance until you shatter yourself
(Dance until you are free of your ego)
नृत्य यावदहंकारान्न मुक्तः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shanti de Broen

Shanti = शांति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Mark Antoine

antoine = आँत्वॉन

19-june-1972 = १९ जून १९७२

ferrol = फेरोल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tanya Clarke

Music joy and love within = संगीतमानंदः प्रेम च मध्ये

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jessica Kurji

Jessica = जेसिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ralna Martinez

Lead me from the unreal to the Real = असतो मा सद्गमय

Rebirth = पुनर्जन्म

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Karla Carlisle

child of mine = मम शिशुः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tanya Kim

Warren = वॉरेन

Hindi Name Translation for Sophie Edwards

Sophie Kerala Edwards = सोफी केरल एडवर्डस

Hannah = हॅना

Taurus = वृषभ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tiffany Dyson

Tiffany[Tih-fa-nee] = टिफनी

Virgo = कन्या

Love is eternal = प्यार अमर है

Sanskrit Word Translation for Megan Wilsey

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Judith Hall

NEVER GO BACK = मा कदापि परागच्छ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Domenic Craner

lifted never again = फिर कभी भी उठाया नहीं

24 August 2007

Hindi Words Translation for Louise Burns

Louise = लुईस

Nicholas = निकोलस

Friendship = मैत्री

16/04/04 = १६/०४/०४

23 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Friend

LOVE = प्रेम

LIFE = जीवन


LUCK = भाग्य

ETERNITY = अनंतता

Hindi Phrase Translation for JoAnn Hatcher

I love you Wally
मैं तुमसे प्यार करता(male)/करती(female)हूँ वाली

Sanskrit Words Translation for Renee Barker

Equanimity = मानसिकस्थैर्य

compassion = करुणा

dharma = धर्म

mindfulness = अवधान

vegetarian = शाकाहारी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nichole Bobeda

NICHOLE = निकोल

GAGE = गेज

PAUL = पॉल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Joseph

love = प्रेम

caged = पंजरस्थित

bird = पक्षी

destiny = नियति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Laura Rutherford

sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Pete

Blessed Child of God = अनुगृहितः बालः ईश्वरस्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jim Deniston

RENEE = रिने

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ariane Gagnon

LOVE = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Mason

love each day = प्रतिदिनमनुरज

Hindi Phrase Translation for Nisha Roberts

Nisha = निशा

God is my judge = ईश्वर मेरा न्यायदाता है

22 August 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for REGINA LANE

Connor = कानर

Zachary = झॅकरी

McKenna = मॅकेना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tony Nelson

ink = kajjala = कज्जल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Denise & Roman

Denise = डेनिस

Roman = रोमन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Michael Jody Isaacs

Jody = जोडी

Harper = हार्पर

Gina = जीना

Hindi Name Translation for Alex

Alexandra = आलेक्झांड्रा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for T. Webb

Light of God = ईश्वरस्य प्रकाशः

Child of God = ईश्वरस्य बालकः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Leah Varga

sacred = पवित्र

Sanskrit Words Translation for Christina Pumo

love = प्रेम

free = स्वतंत्र

peace = शांति

strength = शक्ति

perserverence = सातत्य

Hindi Name Translation for Ayen Supetran

ayen = एयेन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maria Tranopoulou

Patience means self-suffering = धैर्यमात्मक्लेशः एव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kelly

forgiveness = क्षमा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tania

dignity = गौरव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Leslie Bruce

perserverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Caitlin Mulryan

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Allison Clark

my family, my love = मम कुटुंबम्, मम प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Dr. Avasha Nair

Tanveer = तन्वीर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Riaz Rajabali

Riaz = रिआझ

Nila = निला

Pareen = परीन

Rashikbhai = रशिकभाई

Kantaben = कांताबेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kayla Hirschmugl

Joy = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa Shaw

Scorpio = vrishchika = वृश्चिक

Strength from within = मध्ये शक्तिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah

Nothing to Hide = गुह्यं न किमपि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jaclyn Coronado

Zenayd(Zen-aide) = झेनेड

Cerise(Se-reese) = सेरीस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rob Kirkpatrick

CONQUER = jaya = जय

CONFORM = anuwartasva = अनुवर्तस्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Annie Nicol

Little Angel = बालदेवदूत

Breven = ब्रेव्हन

Camden = कॅमडेन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kelly

True Love = सत्यं प्रेम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Paresh Solanki

Paresh = परेश

Tanisha = तनिशा

Kishan = किशन

Solanki = सोलंकी

Zahira = झहीरा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Manuel Sahagun

Sahagun (sagoon) = सगून

Hindi Names Translation for Mark Abbott

mark = मार्क

steven = स्टीव्हन

abbott = एबट

Hindi Names Translation for Sunita Ramsackal

SUNITA = सुनिता

CHANDANI = चांदनी

RENUKA = रेणुका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jessica Orth

Tayla = टेला

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

mother daughter = माता पुत्री

Sanskrit Word Translation for Amanda Petrovic

Serenity = मनःशांति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Robyn Oram

strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Chris Scheier

Christopher(Cris-Ta-Fer) = क्रिस्टॅफर

Laura(Lor-ah) = लॉरा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kristen Renneker

Maya("illusion") = माया

21 August 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for James Stockwood

Imagine = मन्यस्व

Punjabi Name Translation for Parminder Ubhi

priya = ਪ੍ਰਿਯਾ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Carlos Bermudez

Anthony = अँथोनी

Hindi Words Translation for Katie G.

watched over = संरक्षित

eternal life = शाश्वत जीवन

angel = देवदूत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Brian Buturla

King of the Yoginis = yogineeraajaa = योगिनीराजा

Yogi Brian Buturla = योगी ब्रिएन बाटुरला

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aaron Chan

CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY = तव स्वनियतिं सृज

Hindi Name Translation for Rebecca Keane

Rebecca = रिबेका

Sanskrit Names Translation for Yoigo

Pelayo = पलायो

Lucas = लूकास

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michelle Crean

Joseph = जोसेफ

Sanskrit Words Translation for John Cutler

middle way = madhyamamaarga = मध्यममार्ग

Hindi Phrase Translation for Stacey Kingsman

DREAMS CAN COME TRUE = सपनें सच हो सकते हैं

Hindi Names Translation for Abbey

Shane = शेन

River = रिव्हर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Galen Darkmoor

Family = कुटुंब

Daughter = पुत्री

Kierra = कीएरा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sumita Karmakar

Sumita Karmakar = सुमिता करमाकर

Hindi Names Translation for Alek Freitas

Alek(Al'eck) = आलेक

Hook = अंकुश

Freitas(Fray-tis) = फ्रेटिस

luck = भाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andy Shrider

No Regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Erica

Drisk = ड्रिस्क

Sanskrit Word Translation for Enjolie Esteve

lotus = पद्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marilyn

MARILYN = मेरिलिन

1988 = १९८८

Sanskrit Words Translation for Trish

serenity = मनःशांति

loyalty = निष्ठा

imagination = कल्पना

courage = धैर्य

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Allison Kong

liberation = मुक्ति

selflessness = निःस्वार्थता

compassion = करुणा

balance = संतुलन

karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leyna Davis

Darshan = दर्शन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Melissa Yarborough

love of my life = मम जीवनस्य प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ed Brinkley

Tiger = व्याघ्र

Hindi Names Translation for Orlando Chirinos

ORLANDO = ऑरलँडो

SANDRA = सँड्रा

Gujarati Name Translation for Dee R

Himmatlal = હિંમ્મતલાલ

Ruparelia = રુપરેલિયા

Sanskrit Words Translation for Wendy Williams

strength = शक्ति

july 19 = जुलै १९

Live Love Laugh


20 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Georgina Candy

Georgina = जॉर्जीना

Family = कुटुंब

Forever = शाश्वत

candygirl = कँडीबाला

Hindi Name Translation for Thomas Wiik Christensen

Thomas Wiik Christensen = थॉमस वीक क्रिस्टनसेन

Hindi Name Translation for Chris Braithwaite

Chris Braithwaite = क्रिस ब्रेथवेट

Kannada Name Translation for Alexandra

Alexandra = ಆಲೆಝಾಂಡಾರ್

Hindi Names Translation for Kayleigh Holt

Jane = जेन

Debra = डेब्रा

Marathi Name Translation for Kirsty Craig

Thomas = थॉमस

Hindi Name Translation for Mikael Andersson

Jenny = जेनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gary Ang

Gary = गॅरी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chelcee Thomas

Chelcee Thomas = जीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Nicole Susser

Live Freely = जीव स्वातंत्र्येण

Love Completely = अनुरज पूर्णतः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jenna Rech

Jason = जेसन

Amy = एमी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Layla Hawley

decision = निर्णय

grandparents = महापितरौ

feminism = स्त्रीवाद

independent = स्वतंत्र

Hindi Phrase Translation for Asha Dattani

The Good Life = अच्छी जिंदगी

Sanskrit Name Translation for CHRISTINA KING

Ruby(Roo-be) = रूबी

19 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Irene Khoo

Chadel = चॅडेल

Irene = आएरिन

Unconditional = निरपेक्ष

Love = प्रेम

Eternal = शाश्वत

Hindi Names Translation for Leticia Verreschi

leticia = लेटीश्या

claudia = क्लॉडीआ

flavio = फ्लॅव्हिओ

lucas = लूकस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Fiona Sinnathamby

Fiona Sinnathamby = फिओना सिन्नथंबी

Sharma Lachumenan = शर्मा लचुमेनन

Hindi Name Translation for Kayleigh Clavery

sophie louise = सोफी लूईझ

kayleigh louise = केली लूईझ

Marathi Phrases Translation for Poornima Rathod

sansthet pharaka padala ki naahee
संस्थेत फरक पडला की नाही

Devanagari Name Translation for TEHANE

TEHANE(té-a-neu) = तेअनू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maloney Sara - Jane Wilde

TRUST LIFE = जीवने विश्वसिहि

What nourishes me,destroys me
यन्मां पुष्णाति, मां नाशयति

That which does not kill me makes me stronger
यन्मां न हंति, मां बलवत्तरां करोति

Let go,end the suffering
गच्छतु, पीडां समाप्नुहि

प्रेम, एना

Marathi Phrases Translation for Juhi Chaudhary

hasta hasta dole,algad yetilahi bharun;
हँसते हँसते आँखे हलके से भर भी आएंगी

bolta bolta shabd ,othi jatilahi virun.
बोलते बोलते अलफ़ाज होठों से ओझल भी हो जाएंगे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ameena Shah

Ameena = अमीना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sonia

Strength = शक्ति

Love = प्रेम

Hope = आशा

Hindi Word Translation for Fernanda Silveira

BALANCE = संतुलन

Devanagari Name Translation for Janine Gunasekara

manishka = मनिष्का

Devanagari Name Translation for Arti Singh

Arti Singh = आरती सिंग

Gujarati Phrase Translation for IMRAN SAYANI

live together, die alone = સાથે જિવિયે, એકલા મરિયે

Sanskrit Word Translation for April Powell

possibility = शक्यता

Hindi Words Translation for Tara Godinho

Hope = आशा

Faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jana Dowling

Little Angel = लघुदेवदूत

Love yourself little angel = तवात्मानमनुरज लघुदेवदूत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Janet

Jimmy(Jim-me) = जिमी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cameron McKay

compassion = करुणा

peace = शांति

namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Bryan Hill

balance = संतुलन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alexandre Gouvea Santiago

Praise be to God = ईश्वरस्तुति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Giuseppe Miguel

Giuseppe(jOOzep´pA) = जूझेपा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sonal Kanabar

CHANDRIKA = चंद्रिका

Hindi Names Translation for Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael = राफाएल

Malcolm = माल्कम

Gonzalez = गॉन्सालेझ

Smith = स्मिथ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Vora

house = गृह निलय आवास आलय वास्तु भवन सदन

18 August 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tasha Panico

Felicity = फेलिसिटी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Luke Kelly

Karma = कर्म

Family = कुटुंब

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rae-Lynn Hanscom

Choose Love = प्यार को चुनो

Rae-Lynn(ray-lin) = रेलिन

Be Extraordinary = असाधारण हो जाओ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Audra Petrulis

trust the Universe = जगद्विश्वसिहि

namaste = नमस्ते

grace = कृपा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gregory Harris

life proceeding from destiny = जीवनं प्रगच्छन्नियत्याः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hillary Lewis

grace = कृपा

truth = सत्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shannboy

God is my Judge = ईश्वरः मम न्यायदातास्ति

17 August 2007

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Rutuma Patel

I am in love = હું પ્રેમમાં છું

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Katie Whiteman

Watched Over = रक्षित

Michael = मिएकल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laurence Cole

Laurence Cole = लॉरेन्स कोल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aneale Singh Uppal

Anil Singh Uppal = अनिल सिंग उप्पल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bob Chavez

sun = सूर्य

flower = पुष्प

patience = धैर्य

strength = शक्ति

Angel = अँजेल

Marathi Phrase Translation for Mirka Žilková

I love you very much = माझे तुझ्यावर खूप प्रेम आहे

Hindi Word Translation for Rina Kessopersadh

Nandi = नंदी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angela Ng

To the Enlightened One = बुद्धम्

Karma = कर्म

Hindi Names Translation for Jay

Alexis = अलेक्सिस

Elyse = एलिस

Tasha = ताशा

Nick = निक

Cherise = शेरीस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kerry Greenfield

BIRTH = जन्म

STRENGTH = शक्ति

LEARNING = शिक्षण

LOVE = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Robert Pardue

Believe in yourself = विश्वसिहि तवात्मनि

Hindi Word Translation for Cole Appleman

Family = परिवार

Sanskrit Names Translation for Les Card

Valerie = व्हॅलरी

Leslie = लेस्ली

Renee = रिने

Fire Dancer = अग्निनर्तकी(female)

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jolie

I am someones daughter = मैं किसी की लडकी हूँ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kris

Satya = सत्य

Kris = क्रिस

Nick = निक

16 August 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michael Hay

matthew = मॅथ्यू

19:18-19 = १९:१८-१९

Sanskrit Words Translation for Crue Kirkley

fire = अग्नि

water = जल

air = वायु

earth = पृथ्वी

lightning = विद्युत्

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kimberly Wood

karma = कर्म

Hindi Name Translation for Juergen Beck

Indra = इंद्रा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Andrea Jurgilanis

blessed = अनुगृहीत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Stuart Maclean

Leah(leeyah) = लीया

Sanskrit Words Translation for Corbin Wright

10-21-07 = १०-२१-०७

Forever Love = शाश्वतं प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Brianne Hleucka

Forever = शाश्वत

Cheyenne = शिएन

Brianne = ब्रायन

Music = संगीत

Eternity = अनंतता

Hindi Name Translation for DAVID JOHNSON

Nikhil = निखिल

Priya = प्रिया

Hindi Phrase Translation for Samantha And Jonathan

Samantha And Jonathan = समंथा और जोनाथन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gemma Vinten

RHYS(REES) = रीस

Hindi Phrase Translation for Dan Lambert

I Love Tina Rees forever
मैं टीना रीस से हमेशा प्यार करता हूँ

Hindi Words Translation for Christoph Pirngruber

LOVE = प्यार

LIFE = ज़िंदगी

LUCK = सौभाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ivan

what doesnt kill me = यन्मां न हंति

Hindi Name Translation for James Blatchly

James = जेम्स

Sam = सॅम

Blatch = ब्लॅच

Lexii(lex-ee) = लेक्सी

Emma = एमा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chrissy Bodis

Live = जीव

Laugh = हस

Love = अनुरज

Sanskrit Names Translation for Michael Antoine

michael = मायकेल

sharon = शेरन

ryan = रायन

shannon = शानन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amy Chan

my temple = मंदिरं मम

Hindi Name Translation for Tyler Whalen

Ethan(EE-thin) = ईथिन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kelly Prothero

KELLY ANNE PROTHERO = केली एन प्रोथेरो

Sanskrit Names Translation for Szabo Katalin

Kati = कॅटी

Regina = रेजीना

Hindi Name Translation for Jeffrey

Jeffrey = जेफ्री

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kay Moody

Kay = के

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lucas J. Kerr

Equality = समानता

15 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Bethany Cree

Bethany = बिथनी

Joshua = जोशुआ

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mark Crook

Talking Voices = मंत्रयंतः स्वराः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Stephanie Tyler

Stephanie = स्टेफनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Teresa Theophano

Duhka-samudaya = दुःखसमुदाय

Dukha-nirodha-marga = दुःखनिरोधमार्ग

Sanskrit Word Translation for JENNIFER HOBBS

Grace = कृपा

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa Nesbitt

Princess = राजकुमारी

Lisa = लिसा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marc Strapp

Harrison = हॅरिसन

Hindi Name Translation for Daniel Napper

Daniel Napper = डॅनयल नॅपर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Karim Abraham Farach Arias

Ana = आना

Karim = करीम

Nancy = नॅन्सी

Hindi Name Translation for Helen Boole

Mark = मार्क

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mikael Andersson

JENNY = जेनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christina Nicole Meyer

governed by honor = आदरेण रक्षितः(male)/रक्षिता(female)

Hindi Words Translation for Sam Riordan

Samuel = सॅम्यूएल

Jessica = जेसिका

Music = संगीत

Life = जीवन

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Daniel John Cole

Daniel John Cole = डॅनयल जॉन कोल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Cece Trevino

LEARN FROM YESTERDAY = ह्यभावादधिगच्छ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Charles Bradley

Charles = चार्ल्स

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vishal Pai

Vishal Pai = विशाल पै

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tara Boerum

Sister = भगिनी

Lisa = लिसा

Tara = तारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rhiannon & Kyle

Rhiannon(Ree ann on) = रीएनॉन

Jordan = जॉर्डन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Diego Maitre

Karin Haemmerli = कारिन हीमेरली

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ashley Baumeister

believe = विश्वसिहि

Hindi Name Translation for Josh Harding

Joshua = जॉशुआ

Harding = हार्डिंग

Jodie = जोडी

Leyland = लेलँड

Forever = हमेशा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stacey

mother = माता

father = पिता

Stacey = स्टेसी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emily Chua

Everything is illuminated = सर्वं द्योतितमस्ति

Sanskrit Tattoos Sentences Translation for Kimberley Loan

Forever shared between us
the whispers of our Souls
Always within my heart
my love for you my God
सदैव भक्ताः आवयोः मध्ये

जपाः आवयोः आत्मनोः

शाश्वतं मम हृदये

मम प्रेम तस्मै मम ईश्वर

I am invincible as long as I am alive
अजेयास्मि यावज्जीवामि

14 August 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Len

rachel = रेचेल

Hindi Name Translation for Sylvia Trsek

REBECCA = रिबेका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kelli Dawson

Flies with her own wings = तस्याः स्वपक्षाभ्यामुड्डयते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Cherie Weston

Eric = एरिक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jane

Love the life you live = जीवनमनुरज यं जीवसि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Laura Mcloughlin

Serendipity = सौभाग्य

faith = श्रद्धा

Eternal hope = शाश्वताशा

Stars = ताराः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tommy Maxwell

The eye of malevolence = तिरस्कारस्य चक्षुः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Arthur Wallis

Beyond the Wall of Sleep = निद्राभित्त्याः पश्चात्

Sanskrit Name Translation for Michael Bates

Daniel Eugene Bates = डॅनयल यूजीन बेटस्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Casade Howard

Noah(no.ah) = नोआ

Strength and Honor = शक्तिः आदरः च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Heather Roy

free spirit = मुक्तात्मा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Claire Walters

We are one = हम एक हैं

Sanskrit Names Translation for STEVEN EWART

BRANDON = ब्रँडन

JORDAN = जॉर्डन

LYNNE = लिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kassie

Razif = रझिफ

Kaia = कैआ

inner peace = अंतर्गतशांतिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aparna Sunder

You made it all possible = सर्वं शक्यं कृतं त्वया

13 August 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Joao Pires

luck = भाग्य

health = स्वास्थ्य

happiness = आनंद

sucess = यश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kelly Talley

No Regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Hindi Name Translation for ARNAUD Mirlande

Mimi = मिमी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gavin

D'Cruze = डिक्रुझ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Daniel Yepes

EMMA = एमा

Hindi Name Translation for Paul Christian Arevalo

Paul = पॉल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joan Altvater

live love breathe with passion
जीव अनुरज श्वसिहि मदेन

Hindi Names Translation for Kim Jordan

Kimberley = किंबर्ली

Emma = एमा

Jordan = जॉर्डन

Kim = किम

Symonds = सिमंडस्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kyle Henshaw

truth = सत्य

justice = न्याय

overcome = अभिभव

determination = निश्चय

Sanskrit Names Translation for Indira M.

Maria = मारीआ

Xinia = झिनिआ

Hindi Initials Translation for Ashlee H.

ASHJ = एएसएचजे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andrew Mueller

Andrew = अँड्रू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for MIRIAM Niemela

Only Love can Conquer all
प्रेमैव सर्वान्जेतुं शक्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Christina Mercado

Love = प्रेम

Christina = क्रिस्टिना

Dance = नृत्य

12 August 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ashwini Jain

Consulting = मंत्रयन्

Hindi Words Translation for Deigh Smith

yasemin(yas-i-min) = यस्मिन

virgo = कन्या

strength = ताक़त

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ana Storman

Nothing is forever = किमपि शाश्वतं नास्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ivo de Bruijn

Ivo de Bruijn(Evo the Bruijn) = एव्हो द ब्रुइन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Keeley Bryant

Daniel = डॅनयल

Danny = डॅनी

Hindi Phrase Translation for Katrina

Love the way you live
तुम्हारे जीनेके तरीके से मुझे प्यार है

Hindi Names Translation for Cassandra Browne

Deigh(Dee) = डी

Cassandra(cas-san-dra) = कॅसँड्रा

forever = हमेशा

love = प्यार

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Ashley Frey

Jai Guru Deva Om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Green Tara Mantra Translation for Melanie Campbell

Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha = ॐ तरे तुतरे तरे स्वाहा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vinny Nyamathi

Nyamati(or Nyamathi)(name-uh-thee) = नेमथी

nyamathi In Hindi = न्यमथी In Kannada = ನಯ್ಮಥೀ

Hindi Name Translation for JENNIFER POWELL

Aiden = एडन

Tye = टिए

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sharae Walker

HARMONY & BALANCE = सुसंवादः संतुलनं च


ANAYA = अनय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rita Cataniag

Live a life less ordinary = असाधारणजीवनं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Himanshu Kothari

Forever seek light through darkness
शाश्वतं मृगयस्व प्रकाशं तमसः

Devanagari Name Translation for Mark Zamarripa

Kaylynn(kAy-lin) = केलिन

Braeden(brA-den) = ब्रेडेन

Angela(an-ge-la) = अँजेला

Hindi Name Translation for Lucy Hardman

ANNETTE = एनेट

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jessica Harvey

grow strong = शक्तिमान्भव

Jonathan(JAHN-a-thun) = जानाथन

Shian(Sh-I-an) = शिअन

Shawn(shôn) = शॉन

11 August 2007

Devanagari Name Translation for Fergal O' Brien

Elizabeth O'Brien = एलिझाबेथ ओब्राएन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amanda Altvater

live = जीव

love = प्रेम कुरु

hope = आशां कुरु

breathe = श्वसिहि

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jasleen Gupta

The light is within me = प्रकाशः अस्ति मम मध्ये

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michael Franey

You'll never walk alone = न कदाप्येकं चरिष्यसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Pooja Parupalli

om tat sat = ॐ तत् सत्

10 August 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Darren Fish

everything happens for a reason
सर्ववस्तूनि कारणोद्भवानि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Barath

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Dario = दरिओ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sacim Cumpres

What nourishes me also destroys
यद् मां पुष्णाति प्रणश्यत्यपि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Julie M

for, an, older, brother, and = बडे भैय्या के लिए और

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sharyl M. Burson

Sharyl = शेरिल

Hindi Phrase Translation for Adriana Flores

love for all my heroes = मेरे सब नायकों के लिए प्यार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Trish Hahn & Chris German

Trisha and Chris forever = त्रिशा क्रिस च शाश्वतम्

Devanagari Name Translation for Bobby Evans

Maria = मारीआ

Hindi Names Translation for NATASHA WILLIAMS

Natasha = नताशा

Michael = मिएकल

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mark Charman

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aleisha Kleist

Aleisha(a-lay-sha) = अलेशा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anders Vesterager

Anders = अँडर्स

Sanskrit Names Translation for Samantha Krapf

Holger(Hol-ger) = होल्गर

Holisa(Ho-lisa) = होलिसा

Melisa(Me-li-sa) = मेलिसा

09 August 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Paren Chuahan

belive = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ananya Raman

Ananya = अनन्या

Hindi Name Translation for Tom Bush

Tom Bush = टॉम बुश

Sanskrit Words Translation for Colby Branham

Fearlessness = अभयत्व

Colby(Coal-Bee) = कोलबी

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Translation for Grant Alexander

Cameron = कॅमरन

Lachlan = लॅक्लॅन

Morgan = मॉर्गन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kasandra Mohammed

To be at peace = शांतिपूर्णमस्तुम्

Devanagari Name Translation for Elaine

Elaine = एलेन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Evelyn Skeide

Dennis = डेनिस

September = सेप्टेम्बर

Oliver = ऑलिव्हर

January = जॅनुआरी

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