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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 October 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ngaio Claris

1. compassion = करुणा

2. harmony = समरसता

3. live for yourself = तवात्मने जीव

Hindi Word Translation for Channasujy

CODE = कूट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Buget Tuna

In God's Hands = ईश्वरस्य हस्तयोः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Carene

Carene (Ka-rine) = करिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kat Waite

Katharine and Peter forever = कॅथरिन पीटर च शाश्वतम्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cameron Havens

Cam·er·on (kam′ər ən) Havens (hey-vuhns) = कॅमरेन हेवन्स

Sanskrit Name Translation for Hubert Janowski

Hubert Hu(as in Hu-man)Bert(as in ro-Bert) = ह्यूबर्ट

Hindi Word Translation for Burtha

Hindustaan = हिंदुस्तान

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rachel Wright

"to keep always in memory" = हमेशा याद रखने के लिए

Hindi Names Translation for Cristina Piedade

1) Charlie = चार्ली

2)Alex = एलेक्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kayden Cole

"Is true religion" = अस्ति सत्यधर्मः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nina Donley

Nina(Nee Nah) = नीना

Jessica(Jes ee Kah) = जेसीका

Hindi Name Translation for SweetBaby

NATASHA = नताशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sarah Fitz

Caitlin(kate-lin) = केटलिन

danielle(da-nee-ll) = डॅनील

Hindi Word Translation for E.M. Shankar

Foundation = प्रतिष्ठान

Hindi Phrase Translation for Cambri Love

"May my steps be worship" = मेरे कदम पूजा हों

Hindi Words Translation for Kid

PLUTONIUM = प्लुटोनिअम

CONDENSED = संघनित

SOUP = सूप

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for David Benetti

Sometimes the dreams are better = कभी कभी सपनें बेहतर होते है

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ola Hultquist

GIRL = बालिका

Sanskrit Name Translation for Hip Hop

Ciatta(See-Yah-Tah) = सीयाटा

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Jackie

"Om Hreem Namah Shivaya" = ॐ ह्रीम नमः शिवाय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Preetha Venkatesh

Centre for Global Social Research
जागतिक सामाजिक संशोधन केंद्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Primikiris, Linda

strength of will = इच्छाशक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Uraz Dogus

only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Numbers Translation for Drew Price

5150 = ५१५०

30 October 2007

Hindi Phrase Translation for Kirsten Douglas

love, past present future = प्यार, कल आज और कल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brian Muncaster

What must be; will be = यद्‌ भवितव्यं तद्‌ भविष्यति

Hindi Name Translation for Paulo Pinho

SAMANTHA = समंथा

Hindi Word Translation for SmiLeZ

Mom = माँ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tyree

sisters = भगिन्यः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tamara McLean

Believe in yourself = स्वात्मनि विश्वसिहि

My Mother, My Strength

In Sanskrit
मम माता, मम शक्तिः

In Gujarati,
મારી માતા મારી શક્તી

Sanskrit Name Translation for Barry Bratburd

Julia(joo-lee-ah) = जूलीआ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chaya Ganesh

Quiz = कूट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Natasha Fernandez

Be Present = उपतिष्ठस्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chynna Glasgow

Chynna pronounced China = चायना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ashley Kumar

Love all trust a few = सर्वेषु अनुरज, केषुचित्विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Names Translation for Em Cavanagh

Word No. 1: Emily Pronounciation: em-uh-lee = एमली

Word No. 2: Aemilius Pronounciation: a-mil-i-us = एमिलिअस

Word No. 3: Harriet Pronounciation: har-ee-uht = हॅरीअट

Hindi Words Translation for Wiebke A.C. Reiss

Trust = विश्वास

Courage = धीरज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Stinne Petersen

BOY 06 = कुमार ०६

Marathi Phrase Translation for Kalpana Borle

"Silent Valley, a picturesque estate" = शांत दरी, सौंदर्यपूर्ण परिसर

Sanskrit Words Translation for XRE Foundation

1. Sally s (Sam) a (apple) ll (Love) y (Bee) = सॅली

2. Sahr S (Sam) ahr (as in the whole word "are") S'hr = सार

3. Sahedra S (Sam) a (about) hed (heed) ra (r ah) = सहीद्र

4. Rose Roz (long "o") = रोझ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carolina Wallace

premapara = प्रेमपर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Meaghan Woodruff

Sisters = भगिन्यः

Soul sisters = आत्मभगिन्यः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Martin Walton

"for the God is within" = ईश्वरः अंतर्गतः अस्तीति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kendra Heisler

Karuna (kah-roo-nah) = कारूना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samantha Black

peace = शांति

love = प्रेम

life = जीवन

happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Renee Stekel

Truth is one = सत्यमेकमस्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Mishaal Kumar

kaavi kumar = कावि कुमार

Marathi Phrase Translation for Carmen Gill

"Sweet dreams. You are wonderful."
सुंदर स्वप्ने. तू अवर्णनीय आहेस.
sundar svapne. too awarnaneeya aahes.

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marga van den Berg

Feddie (pronounced Fred die) = फ्रेडाय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shannon Smadella C95 FM

1) Trust = विश्वास

2) Smadella (Sma-dell-a) = स्मॅडेला

3) Family = कुटुंबम्‌

4) IS = अस्ति

5) Peace = शांतिः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Yanira Cardenas

LOVE = प्रेम


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Pooja Parupalli

OM TAT SAT = ॐ तत्‌ सत्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jay Robinson

Khalea(Kah-Lee-Yah) = कॅलीया

Sanskrit Name Translation for Benedict Haridas

Benedict Haridas = बेनेडिक्ट हरिदास

Hindi Name Translation for Sally-anne Hately

cooper pronounced "koopa" = कूपा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nait S.

Nait (pronounced as Nat) = नॅट

29 October 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Maria Oliveira

"peace" = शांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tre Ridings

My Love For You = तुभ्यं मम प्रेम

Marathi Phrase Translation for Angela Wiesiniger

Angela = अँजेला

luck = भाग्य

content is happiness = संतोषात आनंद आहे

Sanskrit Names Translation for PRECILLA NAVARRO

Precilla (Preh-cill-uh) = प्रिसिला

Cesar (Cee-sir) = सीसर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Avendra Naidoo

word 1 - Avendra (aa-ven-draa) Naidoo (ny-doo) = आवेंद्रा नायडू

word 2 - Prenila (pre-nill-la) = प्रिनिला

word 3 - Eternity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ricky Owen

Destiny is to be achieved = नियतिः लभ्या

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kelly Hendricks

follow your bliss = तवानंदमनुगच्छ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lucia

King of my heart = मम हृदयस्य राजा

Rainer(Raina) = रैना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaya Mehta

i like to eat = मे भोजने रुचिः

Hindi Word Translation for Latoya Khan

Freedom = आजादी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jennifer Quiles

weight loss surgery = शरीरभारनियंत्रणशल्यकर्म

Sanskrit Initials Translation for Melissa Rivera

1 = R = आर

2= I = आय

3= P = पी

4= Jasmin (jaz.min) = जॅझमिन

Hindi Words Translation for A Donno

Family = परिवार

Granddad: father's father = दादा mothers's father = नाना

Kenneth(name) = केनेथ

Ken(name) = केन

Hindi Words Translation for Delfina Peña

Word Nº1 : Delfina(del-FEEN-ah) = डेल्फीना

Word Nº 2 : Balance = संतुलन

Word Nº 3: equilibrium = समतोल

Word Nº 4 and 5: Middle Way = मध्यममार्ग

Hindi Name Translation for TILLY NAIDOO

DHIREN = धिरेन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Brenda Campbell

"sword" = असिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jasmine

Tomorrow is a new day = श्वः नवदिनमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Videv Vadukumchery

INSPIRE CREATION = सृजनं प्रेर

Hindi Word Translation for Flavia Samper



Hindi Phrase Translation for Dieter Kothmaier

live your life = तुम्हारी जिंदगी जियो

28 October 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Faïza Ephrem

1. Faïza = फैझा

2 : Mehdi = मेहदी

3.Shirine = शिरिन

4. Sara = सारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rachael Bingham

Chloe(khlo ee) = क्लोई

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Plamena Dionissieva

"where there is love, there" = यत्र प्रेमास्ति, तत्र

Hindi Name Translation for N M C

Nikki Amit Desai = निकी अमित देसाई

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rohan Ishwarlal

Rohan = रोहन

Sanskrit Date Translation for Reynese

30 January 2007 = ३० जानुआरी २००७

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alex Queenan

father's mother = पितामही

mother's mother = मातामही

Gujarati Name Translation for Sarah Haxby

Sarah = સારા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sean Cruz

True Happiness Lies In Family = सत्यानंदः कुटुंबे तिष्ठति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Anne Bahnweg

1: Anne (pronounced an-ne) = एनी

2: hamen tumse muhabbat hai = हमें तुम से मुहब्बत है

Sanskrit Words Translation for Esperanza Romero

rebirth = पुनर्जन्म

metamorphisis = परिवर्तन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sumeet Bikha

Ryshaan Romario Krishna = रिशान रोमॅरिओ कृष्णा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kendra Carden

1. The Lord's = ईश्वरस्य

2. Kendra = केंद्रा

3. Love = प्रेम

4. Brett = ब्रेट

Gurumukhi Phrase Translation for Jeremy Singh

ek pyaar = ਏਕ ਪ੍ਯਾਰ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jackie

The Road without name = अनाममार्गः

Sanskrit Quote Translation for Devangi Chopra

यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यंते रमंते तत्र देवताः।

यत्र तास्तु न पूज्यंते तत्र सर्वाफलक्रियाः॥

English translation of Sanskrit quote:

Where women are worshipped, goddesses dwell.
Where they are not worshipped, all actions are fruitless.

27 October 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Keeley Hernandez

No. 1 - India = हिंदुस्तान

No.2 - Keeley (Kee- Lee) = कीली

Bengali Name Translation for VICKY GONI

JORJA = জোর্জা

Hindi Phrase Translation for Mario Maldonado

"True Love Is Forever" = सच्चा प्यार शाश्वत है

Sanskrit Names Translation for Mar Vilanova Liebana

MIGUEL ( MI-GEL) = मिगेल

VILANOVA = व्हिलानोव्हा

RITA = रिटा

LIEBANA = लीबेना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jesus Cedillo

1. Catherine [KATH-RIN] = कॅथरिन

2. Jalen [JAY-LEN] = जेलेन

3.JC [J-C] = जे सी

4. mother = माता

5. father = पिता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Drew Taylor

"I thank the heavenly teacher" = दिव्यगुरवे धन्यवादाः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sadie Prickett

loss is gain = अलाभः अस्ति लाभः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Viren Desai

ARUNA = अरुणा

Gujarati Woed Translation for Visha Gandhi

"desired" = મન ઇચ્છિત વસ્તુ

Hindi Name Translation for Jennifer Jessee

Gage, pronounced Gayj = गेज

Hindi Name Translation for David Hestand

David = डेविड

Hindi Name Translation for Varacheben

ARIELE = एरिएला

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anabel Salome Martinez

anna = एना

Punjabi Names Translation for Kanwal Singh

"Kiran" = ਕਿਰਣ

"Kanwal" = ਕਂਵਲ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Widow Twanky

1 Sunshine = सूर्यप्रकाश

2 Jaded = जेडेड

3 Goddess = देवी

4 Widow = विडो

5 Twanky = ट्वँकी

Sanskrit Names Translation for iRa :P

Irene (I-r-e-n-e) = आयरीन

Isaac (Is-ak) = इसाक

26 October 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shamente Russell

courage = धैर्य

experience = अनुभव

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Noss

Lillian - Pronounced Lil-e-anne = लिलेएन

Andrew - Pronounced Ann-drew = अँड्रू

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leila Bui

Dara = दारा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Toni Keown

Toni (toe-knee) = टोनी

Love = प्रेम

Live = जीव

Dance = नृत्य

Cry = रुत

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jarrod Hall

Brothers = भ्रातरः

Hindi Word Translation for Christopher Tower

Kelly = केली

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kristen Proud

"Karma" = कर्म

Devanagari Translations for EPHouse

In Sanskrit,
1. Never look back = मा कदापि पश्य पृष्ठतः

2. Live for today = अद्यं जीव

3. Nicole my life my world = निकोल मम जीवनम्‌ मम जगत्‌

In Hindi,
1. Never look back = कभी भी पीछे मुडिये नही

2. Live for today = आज के लिए जियो

3. Nicole my life my world = निकोल मेरी जिंदगी मेरी दुनिया

Sanskrit Name Translation for Adam Church

Gene Terence Church(jeen ter-uh ns church) = जीन टेरन्स चर्च

G = जी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lorraine

1. P-r-i-s-h-a-n-i = प्रिशनि

2. L-i-r-i-s-a = लिरिसा

3. A-l-v-i-n = अल्विन

4. L-o-r-r-a-i-n-e = लॉरेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tarquatese TeOte

Interdisciplinary = विभागांतर्गत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angie Bastida

What Goes Around Comes Around
यद् परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Leah

Tad = टॅड

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kristi Blackard

Father = पिता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Julie Premo

1. Julie = जूली

2. Elizabeth = एलिझाबेथ

3. Intensity = तीव्रता

4. 47 = ४७

Sanskrit Word Translation for Prema Menon

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for DEEBAN KORN

DEEBAN = दीबन

RAJ = राज

Hindi Name Translation for Matthew Bell

PRINCESS = प्रिन्सेस

Hindi Words Translation for Jamie Lee Kirby

Loyalty = वफादारी

Determination = निश्चय

Love = प्यार

Hindi Phrase Translation for Christina

in your honor i sacrifice = आप के सन्मान मे मैं बली देती हूँ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for S Roberts

The Monk Moon Constellation = मुनिचंद्रतारासमूह

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kate Dowridge

Family = कुटुंब

Neil (neal) = नील

Kate (kayte) = केट

Kea (kia) = किया

Mya (miya) = मिया

Hindi Names Translation for Sam Phipps

1.Samuel (sam-you'll) = सॅम्यूएल

2.James = जेम्स

3.Phipps (fipps) = फिप्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emma Gilbert

saul is my sunshine = सॉलपुत्रः अस्ति मम सूर्यप्रकाशः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sean Foley

Strength = शक्ति

Power = बल

Heart = हृदय

Focus = केंद्र

Adrienne (A -dree- in) = एड्रीइन

Sanskrit Words Translation for paranoidkiym

wolf = वृक

forever = सदैव

angel = देवदूत

God = ईश्वर

fox = शृगाल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Simon Daly

Never me without you = न कदाप्यहं त्वया विना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jasmine

Word 1: Jasmine (jaz.min) = जॅस्मिन

Word 2: Brad = ब्रॅड

Word 3: Forever = शाश्वत

Word 4: Harper = हार्पर

Word 5: Stephanie (stef-a-knee) = स्टेफनी

Hindi Names Translation for HMS CHATHAM-ETWE10

1 Sheila = शीला

2 Richard = रिचर्ड

3 Edwina = एडविना

4 Craig = क्रेग

5 Nicole = निकोल

Hindi Name Translation for Arjun

Arjun = अर्जुन

Hindi Name Translation for Ajay Sudan

Ajay Sudan = अजय सुदन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Aswina Kumar

bas aapki yaadon mein doobe = बस आप की यादों में डूबे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ophelia DuBois

be here now = भवात्राधुना

Sanskrit Number Translation for Wayne Humphreys

Word No.1 : JEN = जेन

Word No.2 : WAYNE = वेन

Word No.3 : 160207 = १६०२०७

Hindi Names Translation for Neil Hulford

WORD 1 = CARRIE = कॅरी

WORD 2 = CARRIE-ANN = कॅरी-एन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Olivia Hartley-Belle

God loved world so much = ईश्वरेण जगत् भृशमनुरक्तम्‌

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anan Love

AANAND = आनंद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rachael

Rachael(Ray-chel) = रेचेल

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jan Vandenbergh

Jumping in India = हिंदुस्तान में कूदना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ali Halabi

Word No.1 - God = ईश्वर

Word No.2 - Son = पुत्र

Hindi Name Translation for Hector Trend

Dhruva Mistry = ध्रुव मिस्त्री

Hindi Names Translation for Chris Walton

1. Chris(kris) = क्रिस

2. Christian(kris-t-yan) = क्रिस्ट्यन

3. Tracey(tray-sea) = ट्रेसी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Krista

LIVE = जीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jaquie

love = प्रेम

gratitude = कृतज्ञता

peace = शांति

harmony = समरसता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Wallace King

Darshana drink from the river = दर्शना नद्याः पिब

25 October 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Birgit Thoren

Ghost = Spirit = प्रेतिक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rajah Jethwa

Word no. 1) Sharda (Sha-ra-da) = शारदा

Word no. 2) Jitendra (Jee-ten-dhra) = जीतेंध्र

Word no. 3) Mother = माता

Word no. 4) Farther = पिता

Word no. 5) Loved = प्रिय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Eydie

peace = शांति

tranquility = मनःशांति

believe = विश्वसिहि

healing = रोपण

art = कला

Hindi Phrase Translation for Kathy Seago

MOTHER'S LOVE CHILD'S STRENGTH = माँ का प्यार बच्चे की ताकत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gill, S.

andrew ( pronounced 'and-roo' ) = अँड्रू

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ell Parker

mirror = आदर्श

Sanskrit Names Translation for Derrick Burgman

Word #1. Derrick = डेरिक

Word #2. Burgman = बर्गमन

Hindi Name Translation for Tom Harry

Malisa = मलिसा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Margie Wirz

Grace = कृपा

Hope = आशा

Faith = श्रद्धा

Hindi Name Translation for Lindsay Mathai

Lindsay Pronounced: Lin-zee = लिनझी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Love

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Word Translation for Emily Atwood

ahimsa = अहिंसा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nilie Sirvas

I have got the power = शक्तिमानस्मि = shaktimaanasmi

Sanskrit Words Translation for Annemarie

1. Ian pronounced 'eean' = ईअन

2. blessed = धन्य

3. peace = शांति

4. God = ईश्वर

5. serenity = मनःशांति

24 October 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Asha Rampershad

1. Asha = आशा

2. Ricardo = रिकार्डो

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anna Toon

until we meet again = यावन्न पुनः मिलामः

Sanskrit Name Translation for MGB Roadster

Melanie = मेलनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Victoria P. Lowe

Just as I am = यथाहमस्मि = yathaahamasmi

Sanskrit Name Translation for Richard Burley

Father = पिता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marc

"live every day by the fullest" = जीव प्रतिदिनं पूर्णत्वेन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Davyd Samuels

Davyd Samuels = डेव्हिड सॅम्युएल्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Melissa Caldwell

from non truth to truth = असतः सत्यम्‌

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alexis R.

1 - Clara (pronnce Klara) = क्लॅरा

2 - Eloi (prononce Éloi) = एलोय

3 - Aum =

4 - Prana = प्राण

Hindi Words Translation for Chad

Margie(MÄR-gē) = मार्जी

"strength" = ताकत

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley

1.Live = जीव

2.Laugh = हस

3.Love = अनुरज

Sanskrit Words Translation for Simon Lau

Word 1: sacrifice = आहुति

word 2: endure = सहस्व

word 3: succeed = विजयस्व

word 4: destiny = नियति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Carrie Hulford

Carrie ( pronounced carry) = कॅरी

Hindi Phrase Translation for Melissa Gilkes

With love, your girls = प्यार के साथ, तुम्हारी लडकियाँ

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for ss06n2d

I'll be your mirror = तवादर्शः भविष्यामि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Ellen Shively

passion = उत्कटता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ali

1. Heal = विरोपय

2. Unity = एकता

3. Earth Child = पृथ्वीबालक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ally McBeads

1. Surf = संतर

2. Pray = प्रार्थयस्व

3. Love = प्रेम

4. Audra = ऑड्रा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kyle MacEachern

Kyle [kahyl] = कॅयल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for N. Martinez

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nina Avery

Maya = माया

Phoenix(pronounced "FeeNix") = फीनिक्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Donna Tularam

I am my beloved's = अहमस्मि मम प्रियस्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Allan Vigil

Metamorphosis = महाकारपरिवर्तन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lisa McCoy

I AM FREE = मैं आझाद हूँ

Hindi Names Translation for Chelsea Sutrisno

Chelsea = चेल्सी

Amanda = अमंडा

Hindi Name Translation for Nara Latip

NARA = नॅरा

Hindi Name Translation for Crystal Moonlight

Christina Pronunciation: kris-TEE-nuh = क्रिस्टीना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Heather Rand

wounded = क्षतिग्रस्त

healed = विरोपित

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Eleanore O'Sullivan

live passionately = उत्कटतया जीव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Dani Keith

"karma" = कर्म

Sanskrit Words Translation for Angela

Vitality and Prosperity = चैतन्यं समृद्धिः च

Juice = रस

Warriors = योधाः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jasmin Johal

Fate = नियति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sigrid Molin

You learn from pain = दुःखादधिगच्छसि

Hindi Name Translation for Fredrik Norberg

Nirupa = निरुपा

23 October 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rick Duarte

1. Nourishment = पोषण

2. Food = अन्न

3. Fresh = नूतन

4. Seasonal = ऋतुज

5. Nutritious = पुष्टिकर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aleida

one love = एकं प्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Quinn Campbell

mother = माता

scorpion = वृश्चिक

father = पिता

burke = बर्क

quinn = क्विन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kalisha DeVan

BELOVED = प्रिय

Punjabi Name Translation for Sunny Jatt

priya = ਪ੍ਰਿਯਾ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marcel Acebedo

Soul Twin = आत्मयमल

Hindi Name Translation for ANDREW SARGEANT

Leigh(Lee) = ली

Hindi Word Translation for Sonya Cuellar

brave = धैर्यवान

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joy Fontes

LIVE STRONG = शक्तिपूर्णत्वेन जीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Banbury

Word 1: Nirvana = निर्वाण

Word 2: Inspire = प्रेर

Word 3: Peace = शांति

Word 4 and 5: Just Believe = विश्वसिहि एव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Anji

KAVITA = कविता

Hindi Name Translation for MIRIAM LOPEZ

SIENNA = सिएना

Hindi Sentence Translation for Alexandra Baldursd?ttir

You only live once = तुम सिर्फ़ एक बार जीते हो

Punjabi Name Translation for Harleen Nijjar

Harleen = ਹਰਲੀਨ

Hindi Words Translation for Kish

1.Belief = श्रद्धा

2.Desire = इच्छा

3.Belief and Desire = श्रद्धा और इच्छा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for D L

"tat tvam asi" = तत्‌ त्वम्‌ असि

Hindi Names Translation for Bianca Jones

Dashawn- DAY- SHAWN = डेशॉन

Bianca- BE- Aan- Ka = बेआंका

Hindi Phrase Translation for Gillie Hine

NO EXPECTATIONS = कोई अपेक्षा नही

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mario Pampini

1. Ana Maria = एना मारिया

2. fullness = पूर्णत्व

3. Harmony = समरसता

4. Balance = संतुलन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Pritesh Ujenia

1. Pritesh = प्रितेश

2. Respect = आदर

Sanskrit Word Translation for Atina Cunha

perseverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sean De Costa

"The World Is Yours" = जगत्त्वदीयमस्ति

Gujarati Name Translation for Knatalie Miller

Meg = મેગ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Tracy

inspiration = प्रेरणा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ann-Marie B. Zammit

Word No. 1: NEVER = न कदापि

Word No. 2: AGAIN = पुनः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sabrina Gans

heal = विरोपय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Danse Avec Moi

destiny = नियति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Samantha Soomdat

My father, my strength = मेरे पिता, मेरी शक्ती

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Laura Campbell

'Love and Family' = प्रेम कुटुंबं च

Sanskrit Name Translation for D. Karali

Deppy = डेपी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chanda Disanti

chanda = चंदा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Risha Singh

Risha = रिशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lisa Parker

"my mother" = मम माता

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hannah Ayers

paradise = स्वर्ग

Sanskrit Words Translation for LAURA RIGGS

1.) Ahimsa = अहिंसा

2.) Satya = सत्य

3.) Shanti = शांति

4.) Ishvarapranidhana = ईश्वरप्रणिधान

Sanskrit Word Translation for Courtney Smith

Peace = शांति

Sanskrit Name Translation for D D

Donna = डोना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Camilla J

Imagine = मन्यस्व

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Manifest = आविर्भव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Gabby Valles

friendship = मैत्री

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Catherine Nguyen

Love is eternal = प्रेम शाश्वतमस्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Scott

1) Scott = स्कॉट

2) Kelley = केली

Sanskrit Names Translation for Serge Zarconi

Teresa Jayne (ter-es-a) (jay-ne) = टेरेसा जेन

Sergio (ser-gi-o) = सर्जिओ

22 October 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shilla & Wayne

Shilla = शिला

Yasmin = यास्मिन

Faith = श्रद्धा

Hope = आशा

Love = प्यार

Hindi Words Translation for Angela Damink

- Me = मैं

- Strength = ताकत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brie Shinn

Brieanna Shinn (bree-annn-a) (sh-i-nnn) = ब्रीएना शिन

follow your bliss = तवानंदमनुगच्छ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Danielle Murphy

Danielle (danny-elle) = डॅनीएल

Leigh (lee) = ली

Murphy (mer-fee) = मर्फी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amelia Yong

Amelia ( aeh-may- lee- yer) = ऐमेलीएर

Hindi Name Translation for Nicolas

Nicolas = निकोलस

Hindi Names Translation for E. Van Geffen-Goffin

ASHLEY as asj-li = एस्जली

NAOMI as it is: na-o-mi = नाओमी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Alexandra Skamen

lion = सिंह

hope = आशा

faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jose Luis Martinez Barragan

1 JOSE = जोस

2 ERIKA = एरिका

3 DYLAN = डायलन

4 MALCOM = माल्कम

5 GRECIA = ग्रेसिया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tran, Monique

only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

21 October 2007

Hindi Sentence Translation for Miriam

I love you dad Mustafa = मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हूँ पिताजी मुस्तफा

Hindi Word Translation for Paulanthony Coburn

"FAMILY" = परिवार

Sanskrit Words Translation for Craig Smith

Tree boy = वृक्षबालक

craig = क्रेग

hannah = हॅना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Benjamin Thompson

Power over calamity = संकटात्शक्तिः श्रेयकरा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alex Sullivan

Alexandria = अलेक्सँड्रिया

Hindi Phrases Translation for Olivia Andrade

phrase 1: Love and hope = प्यार और आशा

phrase 2: Love humanity = प्यार मानवता

20 October 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Milki Chand

Milki(mil-keee) = मिल्की

Hindi Word Translation for Alex Sullivan

Alexandria = अलेक्सांड्रिया

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mark Leyland

Karen = कॅरेन

Daisy = डेसी

Ellis = एलिस

Love = प्रेम

Supreme = उच्चतम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mayuri Deshmukh

COTTON = कार्पास

CLOTH = वस्त्र

Sanskrit Words Translation for Toutmov

kemal = केमल

sena = सेना

love = प्रेम

free = स्वतंत्र

think = मन्यस्व

Hindi Phrases Translation for Esteban Monti

- KEEP RUNNING = भागते रहो

- RUN FOREVER = हमेशा भागो

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kanina O'Neil

I believe in me = आत्मनि मन्ये

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anita Barsden - Johnny Oreb

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Taryn Patterson

"Truth" = सत्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Manuel

1. faith = श्रद्धा

2. serve = सेवस्व

19 October 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Shilpa Panchal

Shilpa (shil-pa) = शि ल्पा

Bhavini (bha-vee-nee) = भा वी नी

Hindi Words Translation for Simon Gonsalves

The love = प्यार

of = का

gives = देता है

me = मुझे

Sanskrit Name Translation for Katherine Henriksson

Lucas Gordon (pronounced lukus gordon) = लकस गॉरडॉन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Roobiny Ruby

1. VINOD (vi-nod) = विनोद

2. ROOBINY ( roo-bee-ni) = रूबीनि

3. RUTHRAN ( roo-th-run) = रूथरन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Harpreet Panesar

'for your eyes only' = सिर्फ़ आपकी आँख़ों के लिए

Sanskrit Name Translation for Matt Gibbons

Matthew = मॅथ्यू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kraig V Kissinger

what we think we become = यथा चिंतयामः भवामः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Luke K

Kundala's Dawn = कुंडलायाः उषा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Vijay Gami

Vijay = विजय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Del Kazakov

As per your request, the words are written as it is in Sanskrit phonetically i.e. as per pronunciation & not translated.

1. GODDESS ~ pronounciation ( gŏd'ĭs) = गोडिज

2. DIVA ~ pronounciation ( dē'və) = देव

3. SENSUAL ~ pronounciation ( sĕn'shū-əl) = सेन्शुअल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Johnny Rifle

Lorna = लोर्ना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Winterholer

Peace to all who enter = सर्वप्रविशद्भ्यः शांतिः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Valerie

Word No. 1: antevasin = अंतेवासिन्‌

Word No. 2: open smile = मुक्तहास्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Allyson Holloway

Raine (pronounced like rain) = रेन

Free = स्वतंत्र

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hadaka

“Be yourself” = स्वात्मना वर्तस्व

Gujarati Name Translation for Julia Brass

October = ઓક્ટોબર

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lisa Lawson

Despair = निराशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kerstin Dengl

"I am a walking tree" = अहमस्मि चलत्वृक्षः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Hannah Gray

Dream Forever = शाश्वतं स्वप्नान्पश्य

Hindi Name Translation for Ariadna Molina Abad

Ariadna = एरियद्ना

Hindi Name Translation for Lekhraj Gurung

Gurung = गुरुंग

Sanskrit Name Translation for Patanjali Ishaya

Patanjali = पतंजलि

18 October 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Prithin Vellai

First name- Prithin (Pree-thin) = प्रीथिन

Last name- Vellai (Vell-eye) = वेल्लाय

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Simon Webb

only god can judge me = ઈશ્વરજ મને સમઝી શકશે

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle

1. Maitri = मैत्री

2. Karuna = करुणा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Srimati Radharani d.d. [Rose Naiff]

Srimati Radharani = श्रीमती राधारानी

Marathi Phrase Translation for GEETA JOSHI

चांगलेपणा जो पसरतो
chaangalepanaa jo pasarato

Sanskrit Names Translation for Darren

Samuel ( Sam u el) = सॅम्यूएल

Michael (my kal) = मायकल

Garley (gar lee) = गॅर्ली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Joanne Kavaliauskas

guide me through this life = एतज्जीवने मामुपदिश

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dee Dee

1) Deepti (name) = दीप्ति

2) Flame = ज्योति

3) Rana (name) = राणा

4) Desire = इच्छा

5) Passion = उत्कटता

Hindi Word Translation for El Brillo

"Dear"(woman) = प्रिये

Gujarati Names Translation for Sonal Kerr

Sonal = સોનલ

Roger (R o j r) = રોજર

Evan = એવેન

Bryson = બ્રિસન

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Margaret Howard

Love = प्रेम

Gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Love and Gratitude = प्रेम कृतज्ञता च

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tracey Gillooly

Mum and Dad = माँ और पिताजी

Bengali Name Translation for Ranjit Kumar Chatterjee

"Ranjit Kumar Chatterjee" = রন্জিত কুমার চটর্জী

Hindi Names Translation for Arnoud

Wedu = वेदु

Priti = प्रिति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Benson

"strength and surrender" = शक्तिः शरणागतिश्च

Hindi Phrase Translation for Kathy

I AM ALL THAT IS = मैं हूँ जो सब है

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jessica Belen

Jes·si·ca [jes-i-kuh] = जेसिका

Be·len· [bel-hen-] = बेल्हेन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Heather Pilcher

1. samsara = संसार

2. heather = हीदर

3. 2007 = २००७

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Bryan

Stay Positive = आशावादी भव

Love Your Life = तव जीवनमनुरज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrea Nelson

"Jai Deva Guru Om" = जय देव गुरु ॐ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Candy Nair

Candy = कँडी

NCJ = एन सी जे

Twins = यमल

Josh Claudi = जोश क्लौडी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chelsea Jones

Tamzin(ta am sin) = टामसिन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Amish Parmar

USHA = उषा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Angelica

Believe = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cassie Ruiz

IN LOVE = प्रेमणि

Sanskrit Name Translation for JoAnn LaBella

Carmine Angie = कार्मिन अँजी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marcy Ousley

Marcy = मर्सी

Seek wisdom, truth, simplicity = प्रज्ञां, सत्यं, सरलतां मॄगयस्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for Taj

Taj = ताज

Sanskrit Names Translation for Brian Robinson

My name: Brian pronunciation from dictionary brī΄ən = ब्रिअन

My son: Drake pronunciation from dictionary drāk = ड्रेक

My daughter: Brennan pronunciation from dictionary Brĕn΄ən = ब्रेनन

17 October 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Alexa

Vacation(rest day) = विश्रामदिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michael Linster

1. defender = त्राता

2. protector = रक्षक

3. Peaceful warrior = शांतिपूर्णयोध

4. Liam(Lee Um) = लीअम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashlyn Singh

strength = शक्ति

love = प्रेम

unity = एकता

infinite = अनंत

forever = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sean Sharma

"Peaceful Soul" = shaantipoornaatmaa = शांतिपूर्णात्मा

Tamil Name Translation for Kelly Brookes

stephen lynn = ஸ்டீபந லிந

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sophie Lobel

Sophie = सोफी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Robert Gulley

Bodhi = बोधि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Erika

today = अद्यम्‌

Sanskrit Word Translation for Stephen Sandilands

Patience = धैर्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaelen Stodghill

"Child of Mother Earth" = मातुः पृथिव्याः शिशुः

Hindi Initials Translation for Zaitsev Asimov Ivanovich

J-V-L-L-Z = जे वी एल एल झेड

Sanskrit Name Translation for Christopher

Christopher = क्रिस्टोफर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lindsay Schaefer

WIFE = पत्नी

MOTHER = माता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Oaks ANOAKS

courtney = कर्टनी

erica = एरिका

grandmother(mother's mother) = मातामही

mother = माता

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Trey Young

1) charles = चार्लस

2) Love = प्रेम

3) Peace = शांति

4) Void = शून्यता

5) Punk = पंक

Hindi Names Translation for Aswini Ash

1. Aswini = अस्विनी

2.Nivethini = निवेथिनी

3.Anusuya = अनुसुया

4.Vinodhini = विनोधिनी

5.Vimalesh = विमलेश

Hindi Word Translation for Nisha Chouhan

happiness = खुशी

Gujarati Date Translation for Moritz Fromm

nicole ( nicool) = નિકૂલ

11 dec 2004 = ૧૧ ડિસેંબર ૨૦૦૪

Sanskrit Name Translation for Caitlin Luquet

Gared(JARED) = जॅरेड

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jonty Bush

"I Am Enough" = अहमलमस्मि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Cecile Arens

Barbados (Bahr-bay-dos) = बार्बेडॉस

'Safe in my heart' = सुरक्षितं मम हृदये

Sanskrit Word Translation for Manjit Boota

Karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Words Translation for Thais Rodriguez

1) BELOVED = प्रिय

2) AMBITION = महत्त्वाकांक्षा

3) COMPASSION = करुणा

4) DESIRE = इच्छा

5) REALIZATION = साक्षात्कार

Sanskrit Words Translation for Taylor Russell

live = जीव

laugh = हस

love = अनुरज

Taylor = टेलर

serendipity = आकस्मिकलाभ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Danielle Murphy

danni (danny) = डॅनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Angela Crombie

Martyn (Mar tin) = मार्टिन

Gujarati Names Translation for Shahanigan

1.Blaine = બ્લેન

2.Shannon = શેનોન

Hindi Phrases Translation for Ashley Goodchild

twentyfourth june = चौबीस जून

mum and dad = माँ और पिताजी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tuble, Anjo


1. determination = निश्चय

2. perseverance = सातत्य


1. Tuble = टबल

2. Jennifer Magistrado = जेनिफर मॅजिस्ट्रॅडो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Amanda Taylor Campbell

word 1 = sisters = भगिन्यः

word 2 = live = जीव

word 3 = laugh = हस

word 4 = love = अनुरज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Britt, Melissa A

Unity in Diversity, all one = विविधत्वे एकत्वम्‌ , सर्वे एकम्‌

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tom Varga

1. Matyas (Mar-tyarsh) = मर्त्यर्श

2. Pajcsin (Poychin) = पोयचिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jason Bagnall

sate hitam satyam = सते हितं सत्यम्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Elora

"Greatness is to be misunderstood."
महत्त्वं विसंवादित्त्वमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Philip Krejci

"All light fades" = सर्वप्रकाशः ग्लायति

Philip = फिलिप

Sanskrit Letters Translation for Garrett Patrick Maloney

RIP = आर आय पी

JBS = जे बी एस

16 October 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Scott Sutter

Rick = रिक

Ricky = रिकी

Scott = स्कॉट

Hindi Name Translation for Sangeeta Yadav

Natalie(Naitli) = नैटलि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for David Parker

accept without approving = स्वीकुरु विनानुमोदनेन

Hindi Word Translation for Nived Hariprasad

Promise = वादा

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Jess Patrick

Such is Life = જીવન એવુંજ છે

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gemma Tolan

Gemma Louise Tolan = जेमा लुईस टोलन

Hindi Name Translation for Sarah Heggyi

Sarah (pronounced: sair- uh) = सैरा

Hindi Name Translation for ELEANOR WILSON

Eleanor (pronouned l-an-or) = एलेनॉर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shiv Parashar

I Support = धारयामि

Hindi Words Translation for Sabrina Maharaj

1. Strenght = ताकत

2. Stronger = ताकतवर

3. Courage = धीरज

4. Faith = श्रद्धा

5. Peace = शांती

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aida Ademi

Everything has an end = स र्व स्यां तः व र्त ते

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tameka Buckley

live forever = शाश्वतं जीव

Hindi Names Translation for Steve Hughes

Joey (Joee) = जोई

Steve (Steev) = स्टीव

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sansha

PR9605 = पी आर ९६०५

PR9705 = पी आर ९७०५

Just another experience = अपरानुभवः एव

Hindi Phrase Translation for Felicity Lock

Second of September = सप्टेंबर का दूसरा दिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Karen Volpe

volpe = व्होल्प

family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Robert Oleksa

Robert Oleksa = रॉबर्ट ओलेक्सा

Rob = रॉब

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rowie Coleman

LOVE EACH DAY = प्रतिदिनमनुरज

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Katrina Roberge

Seize the day(Translated to mean : Live every moment of life)
જીવનનો દરેક ક્ષણ અનુભવો

Sanskrit Names Translation for Braja Sanchez

Keshava Kumar = केशव कुमार

Braja Mandala = ब्रज मंडल

Hindi Names Translation for Alyssia Seecharran

Devon = डेव्हन

Komal = कोमल

Hindi Name Translation for Aaron Pinto

Aaron = एरन

Hindi Sentence Translation for Juan Perez

Usha, I like you = उषा, तुम मुझे अच्छी लगती हो

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kathy Carneiro

Strength (bala) = बल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ashwin Raman

only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Terah Cleveland

Hare Lakshmi = हरे लक्ष्मि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Briony J Segal

connection to peace = शांती से संबंध

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for David J. Carroll

Johnathan loves Deepa = जोनाथनमहाशयः दीपामनुरजामि

Hindi Phrase Translation for Valerie

number five with a bullet = क्रमांक ५ गोली के साथ

15 October 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Paramananda Ishaya

Paramananda = परमानंद

Hindi Words Translation for Anita Jairam

WORD 1. - LOVE = प्यार

WORD 2. - DESIRE = इच्छा

WORD 3. - ANITA = अनिता

WORD 4.- PASSION = उत्कटता

WORD 5. TRINIDAD = त्रिनिदाद

Hindi Names Translation for Helen

Nitisha = नितिशा

Johnathan = जोनाथन

Punjabi Name Translation for Gemma Tuck

Gemma = ਜੇਮਾ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brandi Roberts

Always Fall Forward = सदैव पताग्रतः

Gujarati Name Translation for Tanja Bond

Jayden Luca = જેડન લુકા

Sanskrit Words Translation for Steve Sharma

LOVE = प्रेम

FATE = नियति

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Tcheseret Ifadare

selfless service = निःस्वार्थसेवा

love just is = प्रेमास्त्येव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gloria Lucendo

Gloria Lucendo = ग्लोरिया लुसेंडो

Hindi Name Translation for B. J. Adona

Jerryco Cortez = जेरिको कॉर्टेझ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Army Warokka

Lovely Brian = प्रिय ब्रायन

Hindi Names Translation for Jonathan Davies

Seth = सेथ

Lola = लोला

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Sarah

Live to love = स्नेहितुं जीव

Love to live = जीवितुं स्निह्य

Hindi Names Translation for Carly Muir

Annalise(an as in anarchy and lise as in lease) = एनालीस

Jason = जेसन

Carly = कार्ली

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tracy Flood

Namaste = नमस्ते

Breathe = श्वसिहि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nils Jarle Sætre

FREEDOM = स्वातंत्र्य


SIMPLE THINGS = सरलवस्तूनि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Peter Williams

Dianne(Die-ann), my love, my everything
डायॅन, मम प्रेम, मम सर्वम्

Hindi Phrase Translation for Tom Donald

Home, where the heart is = घर, जहां दिल है

Sentences Translation for Jennifer Terry


Beloved Son River = प्यारा पुत्र रिवर


I will find a way or i will make one
मार्गमन्विष्यामि वैकं करिष्यामि वा

He is half of me
सः ममार्धः अस्ति

9-6-1951 -- 7-1-2011
९-६-१९५१ -- ७-१-२०११

Marathi Name Translation for Nicole Quintal

Thomas = थॉमस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lisa & Steve

J-O-S-H-U-A = जोशुआ

Sanskrit Number Translation for Deek Scargy

Marcus(Mark-us) = मार्कस

Danika(Dan-ee-kah) = डॅनीका

Soraya(so-ray-ah) = सोरेया

1239 = १२३९

Hindi Phrase Translation for YRom3

True Love is Eternal Love = सच्चा प्यार अमर प्यार है

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kelly Stephens

1. live = जीव

2.suffer = पीडामनुभव

3.survive = अतिजीव

4.meaning = अर्थ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Helen Boyce

Never lose hope = मा कदाप्याशां त्यज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chantell Nighswonger

1. forgive = क्षमस्व

2. protect = रक्ष

3. better now = स्वस्थतरः अस्मि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Reyes Andino

all you need is love = तव सर्वापेक्षा प्रेमास्ति

14 October 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Serge Zarconi

Teresa (tur ressa) = तरेसा

Salvatore (sal va tore) = सॅल्वाटोर

Hindi Name Translation for ERIKA FASQUELLE


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brandy Badger

"Let Go" = गच्छतु

Hindi Phrase Translation for Krinus Cars

Kiera (ki-rah) = किरा

I love kiera = मैं किरा से प्यार करता(male)/ करती(female) हूँ।

Hindi Phrase Translation for Cyndiana Sumbal

"yuvraj and cyndiana" = युवराज और सिंडियाना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Natarajan Ganesa Pillai

1.Sparrow = चटक

2.vulture = गृध्र

3.kite = चिल्ल

4.eagle = गरुड

5.hen = कुक्कुटी

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sarah Wightman

Sister = भगिनी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Pankaj Srivastav

we teach to explore boundaries
सीमाः अन्वेष्टुमध्यापयामः।

Sanskrit Words Translation for Maryam Ali

1. Peace = शांति

2. Love = प्रेम

3. Hope = आशा

4. Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Soca

Without music, Without life
संगीतेन विना, जीवनेन विना

Sanskrit Word Translation for Deanna McKinlay

Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Pallavi Shukla

udyane vividhani phalani pushpani ch santi
उद्याने विविधानि फलानि पुष्पाणि च संति।

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chandra Wakenight

Chandra = चंद्रा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kelly Toughill

Mystical Joy = गूढानंदः = goodhaanandah

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cammie H

Jaamin(jaymin) = जेमिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lonny Routt

Breathe from your soul = तवात्मनः श्वसिहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sol Solis

balance = संतुलन = santulana

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Angelina

Exuberance that erupts through skin = उत्साहः त्वचः आगतः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chas Singh

Life is a lesson = जीवनमस्ति पाठः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Leeanne Beresford

karma = कर्म

Hindi Name Translation for Toke. J.

Yoko = योको

Hindi Name Translation for Chris Owen

Tallulah Mae Owen(tal-lul-lah mae o-wen) = तलुल्ला मै ओवेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Isabella Snyder

Remember = स्मर

13 October 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Wayne Simons

1. Wayne (way-n) = वेन

2. Rebecca (Reh-beh-kuh) = रेबेका

3. Amy (Ay-mee) = एमी

4. Daniel (Dan-yuhl) = डॅनयल

5. Matthew (Math-yoo) = मॅथ्यू

Sanskrit Word Translation for Elizabeth

Geeta = गीता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sara

Sarada (saa-ra-dha) = सारध

Buddhini (bu-d-dhi-ni) = बुद्धिनि

Hindi Name Translation for Ameyash Arun Shirur

NATASHA = नताशा

Hindi Word Translation for Ashwini Nalige

chin = चिन

Hindi Names Translation for Nadja Gedig

Nad-ja = नॅडजा

Pe-ter = पीटर

Max = मॅक्स

Trust = विश्वास

Love = प्यार

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jennifer Goddard

"Stand"(stand firm) = अधितिष्ठ

"Emory"(EM ah rhee) = एमारी

"CHIP" = चिप

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Petrie, Amy

Peace is the Path = शांतिरस्ति मार्गः

Hindi Names Translation for Rickard Wallgren

Rickard = रिकार्ड

Johnny = जॉनी

12 October 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Megan

Worth = मूल्य

Truth = सत्य

wanderlust = पर्यटनेच्छा

be free = स्वतंत्रः(male)\स्वतंत्रा(female) भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tamsin Casteel

My Life, Journey, My Destiny = मम जीवनं, यात्रा, मम नियतिः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sonia Halal Azat

God is big = ईश्वरः महानस्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Elisha Sparrow

Elisha = एलिशा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Blue Young

India = इंडिया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Megan E Dieffenbach

"open your mind, your heart" = उन्मील तव मनः, तव हृदयम्

Sanskrit Names Translation for SAJU PANICKER

Saju----sa--ju = साजू

Saseendran---- shashi--n--dran = ससींद्रन्

Panicker----pa--nii-- ckker = पनीक्केर

Gujarati Names Translation for Janca Catipon

"Janca" (pronounced as JANG-KA) = જંકા

"ORANGE" (o- reynj) = ઓરેંજ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Raj Kumar

1. KESHAV = केशव

2. LAKSHAN = लक्षण

3. NIKHEETA = निखीता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Perry Sando

Knowledge itself is power = ज्ञानं स्वतः अस्ति शक्तिः

Sanskrit Names Translation for ButtercuP FairY

1 - Simren = सिमरेन

2 - Raj = राज

Hindi Names Translation for Tracy Bornman

Tracy (tray-see) = ट्रेसी

Rudi (Ru-dee) = रुडी

Hindi Phrase Translation for Angelica Karlsson

just love me = मुझे सिर्फ़ प्यार करो

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hannah Gracy

"Beautiful" = सुंदर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tina Da Morada

"love all, all is one" = सर्वाननुरज, सर्वे एकम्

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Basia

Learn from your mistakes = प्रमादेभ्यः तवाधिगच्छ

Gujarati Names Translation for Dylan Billimoria

Word number 1. Vinod = વિનોદ

Word number 2. Prity = પ્રીતી

Word number 3. Jessica = જેસિકા

Word number 4. Praneel = પ્રણીલ

Gujaratii Phrase Translation for TANIA

My Life, My Journey = મારુ જીવન, મારી યાત્રા

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Libby Paige

serenity = मनःशांति

touch me not = मां मा स्पर्शयस्व

Sanskrit Names Translation for Iris van Hees

annabel (you say it like you wright it) = एनाबेल

Iris (ieris) = ऐरिस

Gujarati Date Translation for Jennifer

Ja - marr - Ja (sounds like the jump) - Marr (exactly like to mar someone)

2007 = ૨૦૦૭

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for NANCY WARD

"Crescent Moon" = अर्धचंद्रः = ardhachandrah

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Mark Terza - Metta Massage Therapy

1/2 of what you want = अर्धं तवेच्छायाः

1/2 of what you need = अर्धं तवापेक्षायाः

Karma = कर्म

Prana = प्राण

Mahasamaadhi = महासमाधि

Kartik = कार्तिक

Tomorrow is never promised so be grateful for today
श्वस्तनदिनं न कदापि प्रतिज्ञातमतः कृतज्ञः भवाद्यदिनाय

other side = पार्श्वांतरम्‌ = paar-shwaan-ta-ram

11 October 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Rudra Sinharoy

only God can judge me
केवलमीश्वरः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sara

I love you my life = त्वामहमनुरजामि मम जीवन

Hindi Phrase Translation for TEEBISKET

"No Regret" = कोई खेद नही

Hindi Name Translation for Ria Saroop

Ria Saroop = रिया सरूप

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kay

"out of many one" = सर्वेष्वेकम्

Hindi Words Translation for Fabio Giorgio Cassina

THE LAST ONE = आखिरी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lauren Hayworth

Amala = अमला

Sanskrit Name Translation for Bryan, Laura

LAURA(law ra) = लॉरा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Debbie Dougan

Word 1 love = प्रेम

Word 2 divine = दिव्य

Hindi Phrase Translation for Jlenia Sagaria

live every day as if = जियो हर दिन जैसे की

Hindi Name Translation for Steve Glasgow

"Steve"(Stee-v) = स्टीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Niamh Mc Enhill

The temple dancer(female) = मंदिरनर्तकी

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Heather Flower

kimbo always = किंबो सदैव

heather always = हीदर सदैव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Simon

it's all one = तत्सर्वमेकमस्ति

Hindi Words Translation for Rebecca Leitch

1. incense = धूप

2. burn = जलाना

3.culture = सभ्यता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Olivia Arvay

Word 1- strength = शक्ति

Word 2- rebirth = पुनर्जन्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Harriet Stapleton

Scott = स्कॉट

Hindi Name Translation for Harrison, David


Sanskrit Names Translation for Jiachin Pillay

1. Nishan - (Nish-en) = निशेन

2. Denver - (Den-ver) = डेन्वर

3. Jeevs - (Gee-vs) = गीव्स

4. Nischal - (Nish-shal) = निशल

5. Jiachin - (Gee-ah-shin) = गीआशिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Szabo Katalin

1.I love you = त्वामहमनुरजामि

2.Regina = रेजिना

3.Kati = केटी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samantha Summerton

Temperance = स्वनियंत्रण

Clarity = पारदर्शकता

Serenity = मनःशांति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emma Yabsley

Forever Yours Rob = सदैव तव रॉब

Hindi Phrase Translation for Enis Özsaruhan

Two souls one thought = दो आत्माएँ एक विचार

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarasvati

1) Complete = संपूर्ण

2) Wholesome = सकल

3) Wholehearted = पूर्ण

Hindi Word Translation for Lee Peach

mum = माँ

10 October 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Viraaj Chugani

Viraaj = विराज

Sanskrit Words Translation for April Isaac

1. surrender = शरणं गच्छ

2. breathe = श्वसिहि

3. warrior = योधः

4. sisters = भगिन्यः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Justin

1.casey = कॅसे

2.lewis = लेविस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Garrett Sinfield

Garrett Sinfield(g(a)-rra-tt sinfield) = गरॅट सिनफिल्ड

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nicolai Rytter

Nicolai Rytter(Ni-ko-laj Ryt-ter) = निकोलज रिटर

Hindi Name Translation for Heather Natali de Pérez

Maya pronunciation is Ma-ya = माया

Sanskrit Name Translation for Benjamin Klein

"Jeana"(jean-a) = जीना

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