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Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

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29 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cindy Rupp

Cindy (pronounced sindee) Rupp (the upp is pronounced like "up")
सिंडी रप

Hindi Phrase Translation for Lee Arnold

ARNOLD = अर्नॉल्ड

MADE TO PERFECTION = पूर्णता से तैय्यार

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for James Moran

LOVE CONQUERS ALL = प्रेम सर्वान्जयति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Puja Maniar

All you need is love = केवलं प्रेम तवावश्यकमस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for MiamiBrookie

rama rama = राम राम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shawna Gardham

#1 Breathe = श्वसिहि

#2 Breath = श्वास

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stefan

SEIZE THE DAY = दिनं गृहाण

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jade

Jade = जेड

Sanskrit Names Translation for Belinda

Maleka (maa-lee-ka) = मालीका

Chantala (shan-ta-la) = शंतल

Keali (kee-lee) = कीली

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle

peace be on earth = पृथिव्यां शांतिः अस्तु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Romain Delmas

"Romain" (RO- M - AIN) = रोमेन

28 February 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rende Langlois

"Friendship" = मैत्री

Sanskrit Names Translation for Vivien Kong

Vivien = विविएन

Legan = लीगन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jonathan Mesnard

"BELIEVES IN YOUR STARS" = विश्वासं करोति तव तारासु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michele Hennessy

1. Junior(small) = लघु

2. Alanna = अलाना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Penny Baker

Warrior of light = प्रकाशयोधिनी

Hindi Name Translation for Candela Mazón

Candela = कँडेला

Sanskrit Names Translation for Leïla Belmokhtar

Leila = लैला

Véronique (VERONIK) = व्हेरोनिक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lila M

"opened eyes" = उन्मीलितनेत्राणि

Hindi Name Translation for Allan JUFFIN

"NOAN" = नोएन

Hindi Name Translation for Andrew Sprouse

Brandi = ब्रँडी

Hindi Sentence Translation for Javier Cañadas Megías

my guardian angel protects me = मेरा रक्षक देवदूत मेरी रक्षा करता है

Hindi Words Translation for Inez Rosario

1. compassion = करुणा

2. Inez("i" as in igloo, "n" as in no, "e" as in egg and "z" as in zoo) = इनेझ

3. family = परिवार

4. grace = कृपा

5. purity = शुद्धता

Sanskrit Date Translation for Mark Walker

1.Lucy (Loo-C) = लूसी

2. 18th September 2008 = १८ सप्टेंबर २००८

Sanskrit Word Translation for Emily Erickson

Soulmate = आत्ममित्र

Sanskrit Names Translation for MA$TER P FATANIA

Narmada = नर्मदा

Pritesh = प्रितेश

Sanskrit Names Translation for Joshua Moruzzi

word1. Joshua ( pronounced jo-shoo-ah) = जोशूआ

word2. Moruzzi (pronounced moh-rut-see) = मोरत्सी

1. 29 December 1989 = २९ डिसेंबर १९८९

2. 13 May 1953 = १३ मे १९५३

3. 26 February 1960 = २६ फेब्रुआरी १९६०

4. Father = पिता

5.Mother = माता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Riley Duffie

"Be Real" = सत्यं भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Amy Eberbach

Big dreams, small steps = महास्वप्नाः, लघुपदानि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brenda Lim

The need to feel pain = पीडासंवेदनावश्यकता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle

WORD 1: (name) Francis = फ्रॅन्सिस

WORD 2: (name) Danielle (pernounced DAN-YELL) = डॅनयेल

WORD 3: LOVE = प्रेम

WORD 4: HOPE = आशा

WORD 5: FAITH = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kristen Horner

KRISTEN = CRISS -TEN = क्रिस्टेन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Nanit Suri

ARTH = अर्थ

Elements = तत्त्वानि

Nanit = ननित

Shuchi = शुचि

Rustic = पुरातन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lina Salahat

BELIEVE = विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jacque Stewart

1. friend = मित्र

2. friendship = मैत्री

3. loyalty = निष्ठा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Aisha Millender

1-3. Experience. Learn. Evolve. = अनुभव अधिगच्छ उत्क्राम

4. Deep = गहन

5. Chris = क्रिस

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Bryan Gonzales

* DIEGO pronounced DEE--EH--GO = डीएगो

* CRUZ pronounced CREWZ = क्रेव्झ

EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT = सर्वं योग्यं भविष्यति

27 February 2008

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jathushanan Kugathasan

Akalya(Aakaliya) = आकलिया

Jathu = जथु

J = जे

A =

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Silver, Scott G.

I WEAR MY HEART ON = मम हृदयं धारयामि

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Joseph Sellitto

Om Mani Padme Hum = ॐ मणि पद्मे हुम्‌

Still I Rise = अद्याप्युत्तिष्ठामि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Samantha Itazawa

Karuna = करुणा

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Naila Olivieri

NAILA = नैला

I AM = अहमस्मि

DIVINE BREATH = दिव्यश्वास

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Emma

1: sadie [pronounced 'say-dee'] = सेडी

2: always love = शाश्वतमनुरज

Sanskrit Word Translation for Elliott, Madison

nartakii = नर्तकी

Gujarati Name Translation for Kristy White

Serenity (Ser-ren-ee-tee) = સેરેનીટી

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for ZAN Y

Be yourself. imitation is suicide
आत्मना वर्तस्व अनुकरणमस्त्यात्महत्या

Hindi Name Translation for Westy

Caitlin West(Kay-t-lin West) = केटलिन वेस्ट

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Brittany Noelle Scott

Om Shree Maatre Namah = ॐ श्री मात्रे नमः

BODHICITTA = बोधिचित्त

Hindi Name Translation for Madelaine Van Der Poel

Kurt Ryan Curran - KCi69 = कर्ट रायन करन - केसीआय६९

Sanskrit Names Translation for Randeep Singh

1. Shaheed Bhagat Singh = हुतात्मा भगत सिंग

2. Sukhdev Thapar = सुखदेव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jace

Jace = जेस

Sanskrit Words Translation for James Warner

1 : James jaym-z = जेम्झ

2 : bravery = धैर्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Brett Kozinn

"Shantih Shantih Shantih" = शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Amanda Buist

Word no 1: Change = परिवर्तस्व

Word no 2: Heal = विरोपय

Gujarati Name Translation for Milan Patel

Milan = મિલન

Sanskrit Name Translation for Omar A. Sierralta Velasquez

Omar Sierralta = ओमर सीरॅल्टा

Hindi Phrase Translation for Danny Pierce

Progress with unity = एकता के साथ प्रगती

Sanskrit Words Translation for Erin Moore

Existence = अस्तित्व

Nonexistence = अनस्तित्व

Coexistence = सास्तित्व

26 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Julie Cole

Nathan(Nay - thin) = नेथिन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lisa A. Wall

"forever" = शाश्वत

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Griffith, Lindsay (Commonwealth)

niwaseh mayi = निवसेः मयि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for S. LYDICK

"beautiful mountain" = सुंदरपर्वत = sundara-parwata

Sanskrit Names Translation for Christina Schultz

> 1. Racheal ( RAYCH-ull ) = रेचल

> 2. Alana ( AY-LAY-NUH ) = एलेना

> 3. Aiden ( AY-den ) = एडेन

> 4. Nolan ( NOLL-len ) = नॉलेन

Gujarati Name Translation for Dishna Patel

Dishna = દિશના

Hindi Phrase Translation for Steven Malloch

Better Thank Your Lucky Stars
बेहतर होगा के तुम्हारे भाग्यशाली तारों को धन्यवाद दो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Allison Schumacher

confidence = आत्मविश्वास

honor = आदर

death = मृत्यु

life = जीवन

dishonor = अनादर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Newton

1. Lauren (law-rehn) = लॉरेन

2. Damion (day-mee- uhn) = डेमीअन

3. Patience = धैर्य

4/5. Know Thyself = तवात्मानं जानीहि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Justine

1 . you only live once = एकवारमेव जीवसि

2. Justine = जस्टिन

Hindi Phrase Translation for Britany Matthews

1, britany (bri-tah-nee) = ब्रिटनी

2, daryl (dare-uhl) = डेरल

3. sing a song = गाना गाओ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Thomas Brightbill

1) courage = धैर्य

2) calm = शांति

Sanskrit Word Translation for Sharon Sorrell

Ham-sa = हंस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kelly Donohue

metta = मेत्त

karuna = करुणा

mudita = मुदित

upekkha = उपेक्खा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rebekah Holmes

Cynthia (pronounced Sin-thee-uh) = सिंथीआ

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for C Orzechowski

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah = ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

Gujarati Name Translation for Joseph Sellitto

Roshan = રોશન

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Legna Castaneda

"inner strength" = अंतर्शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Andrew Dingwall

andrew(an-droo) = अँड्रू

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Adrienne Loero

1) Courage bordering on recklessness = धैर्यं साहसमिव

2) Strength in the face of lonliness = निर्जनतायां शक्तिः

lonliness = निर्जनता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Henry Sebastian

Va-le-rie(VA - LUR - REE) = व्हॅलरी

Hindi Name Translation for Matt Evans

Sandra = सँड्रा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Talina Mete

samsara = संसार

Sanskrit Name Translation for Samantha Sales

"samantha" = समंथा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kasi G

Trust The Voice Within = अंतर्नादे विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Vish Hanoman

Life Is Short = जीवनं लघु अस्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jorz Lopz Treegoo

Afonso = अफोन्सो

25 February 2008

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle

over come = अभिभव

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kevin Modelly

Keira (Key - ra) = केरा

Marathi Phrase Translation for Robert Bohm

The farmer's bhakeri = शेतकर्‌याची भाकरी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jenny Meenan

Angels = देवदूताः

guard = रक्षक

guide = मार्गदर्शक

protection = रक्षण

love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lucy Carlyon

Jenna is pronounced JEN-NAH = जेना

Rosemary is pronounced ROSe (as in the flower) and MARYEE = रोसमरी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Alexandros Liakatas

MAGDALENE = मॅगडलिन

ALEXANDER = अलेक्सँडर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Craig Birrell

1. Craig - kr-āg = क्रेग

2. Birrell - bĭr-ŭl = बिरल

3. Falkirk - fôl'kûrk' = फॉलकर्क

4. Scotland - skŏt'lənd = स्कॉटलँड

5. Keegan - kēg-ăn = केगन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Trifon

light = प्रकाश

magnetic = आकर्षणशील

money = धन

woman = स्त्री

soulmate = आत्ममित्र

Sanskrit Words Translation for Simone Pelgrim

> Mother = माता

> Child = शिशु

> Lover = प्रिया

> Women = स्त्रियः

Sanskrit Word Translation for martin fletcher

anich-chhaa = अनिच्छा

Hindi Words Translation for Lisa Imberi

Strength = ताकत

Unique = एकही

Love = प्यार

Lisa = लिसा

Passion = जोश

Hindi Name Translation for Kate Matzick

Dance = नाच

Hindi Word Translation for Bruna Alberti

BELIEVE = विश्वास रखो

24 February 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alberto Marci

"to forgive, to forsake" = क्षांतं त्यक्तमिति

Hindi Name Translation for Joanne Lee

"JOANNE" jo anne = जोएन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Thomas Bamford

"James, always in our hearts and memories"
जेम्स, शाश्वतमस्माकं हृदयेषु स्मृतिषु च

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Christopher Lederich

1. Aum Vighna Nashanaya Namah = ॐ विघ्ननाशनाय नमः

2. Aum Vinayakaya Namah = ॐ विनायकाय नमः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Claire Newman

1. honour = आदर

2. empowerment = बलीकरण

3. mastery = प्राविण्य

4. transformation = परिवर्तन

5. heart = हृदय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zara

independence = स्वातंत्र्य

freedom = मुक्ति

happiness = आनंद

hope = आशा

luck = भाग्य

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for François TICHIT

The Ascent of Living Beings = प्राणिनामुत्क्रांतिः

Year of Light, Clarity, Beauty = वर्षं प्रकाशस्य, स्पष्टतायाः, सौंदर्यस्य च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jaz

1. forever = शाश्वत

2. matt = मॅट

3. cooper = कूपर

4. jaz = जॅझ

5. love = प्रेम

Bengali Name Translation for S

Sabina = সবিনা

Gujarati Names Translation for Kim Harris

Lauren (law-ren) = લૌરેન

Kimberly (Kim-bur-lee) = કિંબર્લી

Hunter (Hun-ter) = હંટર

Munchie (Munch-ee) = મંચી

Kim (Kĭm) = કિમ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Samantha dipalma

prativastu = प्रतिवस्तु

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Melinda Urban

"I know God in joy" = जानामीश्वरमानंदे

Hindi Phrase Translation for Rob C

aspiring yogi = आकांक्षी योगी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ev'Yan Moland

>> breathe. = श्वसिहि

>> God. = ईश्वर

>> dragonfly. = महामक्षिका

>> peace. = शांति

>> love. = प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Ron

Candace(Can as in a can of beer, da as in the word damp and the last c makes an s sound) = कँडॅस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Nik Anderson

1: Megan = मेगन

2: Denise = डेनिस

3: Angelina = अँजेलिना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jaime Pylkowski

1. Jaime (Jay-Me) = जेमी

2. Karma = कर्म

3. Yoga = योग

4. Bliss = परमानंद

Gujarati Name Translation for Jimmyjo Shabado

Anita (aneeta) = અનીતા

Sanskrit Name Translation for Robin

Robin (pronounced Rah-bin) = राबिन

Sanskrit Word Translation for TINA LEA

butterfly = चित्रपतंगिका

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle Cloutier

whole = संपूर्ण

love = प्रेम

cherish = संस्मर

fearless = अभय

be = भव

Hindi Name Translation for Alexandra Collins

Alexandra = अलेक्सँड्रा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Heather Boisvert

1. Lindsay (Lin-zee) = लिनझी

2. Emery (Em-er-ee) = एमरी

3. Daughter = पुत्री

4. Son = पुत्र

5. Mother = माता

Hindi Words Translation for Cesar Collazo

Humble = नम्र

Free = आजाद

Easy = आसान

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amrik Ajimal

Amrik Pronunciation: Amreek = अमरीक

Gujarati Sentence Translation for Robert Green

'Life is for living = જીવન જીવવા માટે છે

Gujarati Name Translation for Hayden Matheson

KELLY SHEVAUN = કેલી શેવૌન

Gujarati Words Translation for Olivert Hansson

Familylove = કુટુંબપ્રેમ

Mother = બા

Father = બાપુ

Andy = અઁડી

Sara = સૅરા

Gujarati Names Translation for RISHI chudasama

1.Sheela = શીલા

2.Nilesh = નિલેશ

Gujarati Sentence Translation for Alan Caveney

Happy Little Elephant = આનંદી નાનો હાથી

Gujarati Names translation for BETTS Sarah J

sarah(ser-ah) = સેરા

robert (ro-bert) = રોબર્ટ

cameron (cam-er-on) = કામેરોન

emily (em-i-ly) = એમિલી

love = પ્રેમ

Gujarati Phrase Translation for IMRAN SAYANI

live together, die alone = સાથે જિવિયે, એકલા મરિયે

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Rutuma Patel

I am in love = હું પ્રેમમાં છું

Gujarati Name Translation for Dee R

Himmatlal = હિંમ્મતલાલ

Ruparelia = રુપરેલિયા

Gujarati Words Translation for Carissa Music

1) Perseverance = પાછળ લાગી જાવો

2) VISION = દૃષ્ટી

3) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF = પોતાના ઉપર વિશ્વાસ રાખો

Gujarati Words Translation for Jonathan Ward

Will = ઇચ્છા

Strength = શક્તી

Determination = નિશ્ચય

Gujarati Names Translation for Cara Wilson

Word 1. Chelsea = ચેલ્સી

Word 2. Alba = અલ્બા

Gujarati Names Translation for Mark Raybould

1. Kenneth: Ken-neth = કેનેથ

2. Margaret: Mar-gret = માર્ગરેટ

3. Mary: Mair-re = મેરી

4. Raybould: Ray-bold = રેબોલ્ડ

Gujarati Phrase Translation for E. Lev.

1. this too shall pass = આ પણ જશે

2. Calvin (Kal-vin) = કેલ્વિન

Gujarati Name Translation for PRITESH BARBER

PRITESH = પ્રિતેશ

Hindi Name Translation for Jessica Tan

Nikhil = निखिल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Gei

Above all, do no harm = महत्त्वपूर्णमस्ति मा पीडय

Marathi Phrase Translation for Mohamed

भारत जमीन आणि मालमत्तेचे अडते‌

Sentences Translation for Niels Bark

Fight the good fight
In Sanskrit = सुयुद्धं कुरु

In Gujarati = સારી રીતે યુદ્ધ કરો

23 February 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Dwyre

1. Father = पिता

2. family = कुटुंब

3. heart and soul = हृदयमात्मा च

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sonia Suprai

word no.1 princess = राजकन्या

word no.2 happiness = आनंद

word no.3 love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Martyn Raymond

My Brother David (David pronounced Day-vid) = मम भ्राता डेव्हिड

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Valerie Jessica

1. Henry = हेन्री

2. Om Shanti = ॐ शांति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Natalie Stonnell

Grant (graant) = ग्रांट

With love, comes understanding = प्रेम्णा सहितमागच्छति बोधः

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Jillian Loslo

"no regrets" = न पश्चात्तापः

"fearlessness" = अभयत्व

"second chance" = द्वितीयावसर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Landis Black

1. inner strength = अंतर्शक्ति

2. courage = धैर्य

3. wisdom = प्रज्ञा

22 February 2008

Hindi Names Translation for Marjon Goedschalk

word no.1: biki [bee-kee] = बीकी

word no.2: india [in-di-a] = इंडिया

word no.3: marjon [mar-jon] = मारजॉन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lauren M. Moloney

1 Michael = my-kul = मायकल

2 Karen = kah-rin = कारिन

3 Lauren = law-rin = लौरिन

4 Bruce = broos = ब्रूस

5 Timothy = tym o the = टायमोदी

Hindi Name Translation for Michael Daniewicz

"sundog" = सनडॉग

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kristen Masuoka

"Karma" = कर्म

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Gaurav Kohli

Each dream is dear = प्रत्येकस्वप्नं प्रियमस्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Demelza Peacock

Lila (ly - lah) = लायला

Joan ( Jo - nn) = जॉन

Demelza (Dee - mel - zah) = डीमेलझा

Day (Dae) = डे

Hindi Name Translation for ROXI SIDNEY

Sanehi(San-eh-hee) = सनेही

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Elisa

everything happens for a reason = सर्ववस्तूनि कारणोद्भवानि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tara Kidd

Tara = तारा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Doni Liang

1. doni ( do-ni ) = डोनी

2. donny (do-ni ) = डोनी

3. david (da-vit ) = डव्हित

4. freedy ( fre-di ) = फ्रेडी

5. vitri ( vit-ri) = व्हिट्री

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Carla Ornelas

Female warrior = योधिनी

Unconditional love = अनियतप्रेम

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jennifer Weisenfluh

1. Jennifer ( J in jump, eh , nnn, soft i sound, frrrr sound) = जेनिफर

2. Cade ( c like cat, then long a, d- duh, e silent) = काड

3. Ava (a is long a sound, then the vuh sound) = आव्हा

4. Spirit(meaning: will) = इच्छा

5. strong minded = = प्रबलमनस्‌

Sanskrit Names Translation for Leigh Qualls

1 Cole (pronounced like coal) = कोल

2 Leigh (pronounced like Lee) = ली

3 Josephine (pronounced like Jo-siv-een) = जोसिव्हीन

4 Christian (pronounced like Kris-chin) = क्रिस्चिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Anderson Sanders

"Not bound to Anything" = अबद्ध

Sanskrit Name Translation for Wayne Sunday

Uttra Devi Sundar = उत्तरा देवी सुंदर

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tiffany L. Kersten

dance = नृत्य

to dance is life = जीवनं नृत्यमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for K-lee Bowman

1. Journey = यात्रा

2. Hope = आशा

3. Be the change = तत्परिवर्तनं भव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Maximilian

Family forever in my heart = कुटुंबं शाश्वतं मम हृदये

Hindi Sentences Translation for Smitha Vijayan

1) tyohar - the festival of diwali is celebrated by most Indians
jyaadaatar bhaarateey log deewaalee kaa tyohaar manaate hai
ज्यादातर भारतीय लोग दीवाली का त्योहार मनाते है।

2) Nagarik - I am a good Indian citizen.
main ek ach-chhaa bhaarateey naagareek hoon
मैं एक अच्छा भारतीय नागरिक हूँ।

3) Durghatna - This is the place of accident.
yah durghatanaa kee jagah hai
यह दुर्घटना की जगह है।

4) Vatika - There are beautiful flowers in this garden.
is vaatikaa main khoobasoorat phool hain
इस वाटिका में खूबसूरत फूल है।

5) Dhyan - I concentrate while teacher is teaching in class.
main dhyaan detaa hoon jaba adhyaak kakshaa men sikhaate hai
मैं ध्यान देता हूँ जब अध्यापक कक्षा में सिखातें है।

6) Bhasha - I can speak only one language.
main sirph ek hee bhaashaa bol sakataa hoon
मैं सिर्फ एक ही भाषा बोल सकता हूँ।

7) Upasthit - My parents were present during the annual day.
vaarshik din ke li-e mere paalak upasthit the
वार्षिक दिन के लिए मेरे पालक उपस्थित थे।

8) Adhyapak - My teacher is a very good person.
mere adhyaapak ek ach-chhe insaan hai
मेरे अध्यापक एक अच्छे इन्सान है।

9) dhyaan dekar seekhane se hee tarakkee hotee hai
ध्यान देकर सीखने से ही तरक्की होती है।

10)aap ke ghar aane kaa nimantran mujhe milaa
आप के घर आने का निमंत्रण मुझे मिला।

21 February 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Henry Hansen

what goes around comes around = यत्परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Damien Berges

damien // da-mi-un = डेमियन

billel // bil-el = बिलेल

brothers for life = भाई जिंदगी भर के लिए

Sanskrit Words Translation for Laura Boles = स्वास्थ्य = प्रेम

3.happiness = आनंद

Sanskrit Words Translation for Teressa De Merchant

1. Dream = स्वप्न

2. Beauty = सौंदर्य

3. Joy = आनंद

4. Music = संगीत

5. Teressa (tur-ess-ahh) = तरेसा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Davondra Sealey

Pronounciation: (da-von-dra KA-ME-SHA SEAL-E )
दवाँद्र कमेश सीले

Sanskrit Word Translation for Michelle Ann Powers

Amrita = अमृत

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Michael Rosso

Blame yourself, praise yourself = त्वां निंद, त्वां प्रशंस

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Honey Murjani

nobody cares = सर्वे वीतचिंताः

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Anna Lukashevich

I love you Dad = पितस्त्वामहमनुरजामि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Neetika Verma

strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for SADIE LE PELLEY

SADIE (say dee) = सेडी

Hindi Name Translation for Phil Hutchinson

TRACEY = ट्रेसी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Elijah Reddy

soldiers are always hungry = सैनिकाः सदैव क्षुधार्ताः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Megan Carpenter

junior pronounced like jr = जेआर

megan pronounced meg an = मेगॅन

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Kelly Wanstall

1. inner confidence = अंतरात्मविश्वास

2. self belief = आत्मविश्वास

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ikonia Bojovic Touche

Ava [AVA] = एव्हा

Teo [TEO] = टेओ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jillian Merritt

Gage = गेज

Jeremy = जेरेमी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Bowman

Cameron[KAM-er-on] = कॅमेरॉन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Kaitlyn Vega

All you need is love = केवलं प्रेम तवावश्यकमस्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Caterina Colombo

I am mine = ममाहमस्मि

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Rebecca Aguilar

"remember the day" = दिनं स्मर

Hindi Phrase Translation for Ben Branche

Blades for ever = ब्लेडस्‌ हमेशा के लिए

Hindi Words Translation for Zac

"tania" = तानिया

"denny" = डेनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ellen Murray

Kenny Lee Cherry = केनी ली चेरी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Meagan Kaiser

"Be the Change" = तत्परिवर्तनं भव

Sanskrit Names Translation for Patty Paiz

henry,,,,henrē = हेन्री

solis......solēs = सोलिस

ruiz........ruēs = रुएस

Sanskrit Names Translation for Mark Brenton

WILLIAM (WILL E AM) = विलिअम

LOTTIE (LOT E) = लॉटि

WILL = विल

LOTS = लॉटस्‌

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Allyson Heany

forever and always = शाश्वतं सदैव च

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Karina McFall

Time heals all things = समयः सर्वाणि विरोपयति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Roopa Raja

Roopa = रूपा

rupa = रुपा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristin Pennington

Everything In It's Own Time = सर्वं योग्यकाले

Hindi Words Translation for Sumita Gupta

Fusion = एकीकरण

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Yasmin M

"Heavin is within." = स्वर्गः अंतर्गतः अस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Samantha

Word #1 Samantha = समंथा

Words#2 and #3 Desired, Beautiful (one sentence) = इच्छित, सुंदर

Word#4 Love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Anne-Sophie Bogetoft Mortensen

OM =

Hindi Names Translation for Folole Leuluai

Word 1: James = जेम्स

Word 2: Lenore - pronounced lin-oar = लिनोअर

Word 3: Thomas = थॉमस

Word 4: MacGraff - pronounced mac graf = मॅकग्राफ

Word 5: Ruvea - pronounced roo-vare = रूवेर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kanishea Jay

carwin = (car)-(win) = कार्विन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Zach Smith

1. you = त्वम्‌

2. In the = अंतर्‌

3. Paulette Smith = पॉलेट स्मिथ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kassandra

Nana (Nah-nah) = नाना

Love = प्रेम

Peace = शांति

Happiness = आनंद

Believe = विश्वसिहि

20 February 2008

Sanskrit Words Translation for Hagen, Leah Rose

>> 1. cayenne pepper = कटुफल

>> 2. turmeric = हरिद्रा

>> 3. cloves = लवंग

>> 4. teaspoon = लघुदर्वी

>> 5. tablespoon = महादर्वी

Hindi Names Translation for Alison Moodley

veren - as in veeren = वीरेन

aadil - as in aadil = आदिल

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Blondu Dan

god protect me = ईश्वर मां रक्ष

Sanskrit Words Translation for Cory Shelton

Valeda Fay Clevenger(Va lee da Fa y Clev en ger
व्हॅलीडा फाय क्लेव्हेंजर

Mother = माता

Family = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aarti Tailor

SAVITA RAMANLAL JALDEVI = सविता रमणलाल जलदेवी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Aaron Gordon

live life to its fullest = जीवनं परिपूर्णत्वेन जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Teigan Craven

True Love = सत्यप्रेम

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sagagil

Euphrosyne (pronunciation: YOU FROS A NEE) = यूफ्रॉसनी

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Vishnu Ambur

Never Quit = मा कदापि त्यज

Never Give Up = मा कदापि विरम

Sanskrit Names Translation for Lourve Struck

Elisha: El (sELL) - ish (lEASH) - a (fUn) = एलीशा

Vinaceous: V - in - a (Ate) - ceous (ConSCIOUS) = व्हिनेशिअस

Sanskrit Name Translation for Katrine Jakobsen

Katrine (ka-tri-ne) = कॅट्रिन

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Diana Chen

"Live, Laugh, Learn" = जीव, हस, अधिगच्छ

"I WILL" = करिष्यामि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Braun Csilla

Karma = कर्म

Dance = नृत्य

Star = तारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Nisha Patel

Nisha = निशा

Hindi Name Translation for Rita Euini-Ilai

Rita Euini-Ilai = रिटा एवीनि इलै

19 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Selçuk Ozaydın

Fırat = फिरत

Sanskrit Name Translation for Danielle Croft

Lauren = लोरेन

Hindi Names Translation for MARISSA CRUZ

1 NIKHIL = निखिल

2 VISHAL = विशाल

3 JAMIE = जेमी

4 MARISSA = मरिसा

Hindi Name Translation for Kota, Smitha

Bob Votaw = बॉब व्होटेव

Hindi Words Translation for Kiran Kumar

1. Kaushik = कौशिक

2. Kiran = किरण

3.Kumar = कुमार

4.Software = संगणकीय आज्ञाप्रणाली

5. Engineer = अभियंता

Hindi Names Translation for Chris

Jack = जॅक

Brady = ब्रॅडी

rahni = रहनी

Marathi Sentence Translation for Vijayeta Tilak

Hi how are you doing? = नमस्कार तुझे कसे चालले आहे?

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Chelsea Lovell

I won't be broken = भग्ना न भविष्यामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jade Round

Health Wealth and Happiness = स्वास्थ्यं धनमानंदश्च

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kacie

FAMILY = कुटुंब

Sanskrit Name Translation for Cass Orms

cassieanna = कॅसीएना

Sanskrit Name Translation for Wendy Pappin

Savannah = सॅव्हाना

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Francesca Gallera

Wait for me = मह्यं तिष्ठ

Sanskrit Word Translation for Nicole Lindler

"AWAKENING" = प्रबोधन

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Del Valle, Hector Leonel

jai guru deva om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Hindi Name Translation for Nelson, Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter Nelson = कायल हंटर नेल्सन

Sanskrit Names Translation for Rodrigo Ortiz

word 1 Rodrigo = रॉड्रीगो

word 2 Irene = आयरीन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Hrishi.O.A

'Economics' = अर्थशास्त्र

Marathi Sentence Translation for Amarpreet Johar

We enjoyed saturday's get-together
आम्ही शनिवारच्या स्नेहसंमेलनाचा आनंद घेतला

Sanskrit Names Translation for Shareen Singh

Kuldip (pronounced cool-deep) = कुलदीप

Premjit (pronounced prem jeet) = प्रेमजीत

Rishin = रिशिन

Shareen = शरीन

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jodi Simmonds

I am a free spirit = मुक्तात्मास्मि

18 February 2008

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jack Clarke

Sun = "soorya" = सूर्य

Marathi Name Translation for Snehal Desai

Snehal = स्नेहल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Darpan Gorsia

Ramji = रामजी

Keshar (pronounced ke-sar) = केसर

Bi-ni-ta = बिनिता

Be-ni-ta = बेनिता

Om Shri Mata Pitribhyam Namaha = ॐ श्री मातापितृभ्यां नमः

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alfredo Avalos

God's Bee = ईश्वरस्य मक्षिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shaay Farago

animal protector = पशुरक्षक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lisa

charming = मनोरम

infatuating = मोहन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Charissa

mother = माता

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Daniel Tran

blood of my blood



we bleed the same



we will walk together again




just remember the day (30th, september 1997)


Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise = सारा लुईस

"quiet strength" = शांतशक्ति

1. peace = शांति

2. dream = स्वप्न

3. seven (the written word) saptan = सप्तन्‌

4. peru (pronunced pur-roo) = परू

serenity = मानसिकशांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Renate Alsterberg

Family = कुटुंब

Strength = शक्ति

Balance = संतुलन

Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Matthew Evanko

Matthew (math-you) = मॅथ्यू

Evanko (E-vain-co) = एव्हेन्को

Sanskrit Names Translation for Charles Randolph

1. COLTRANE = कॉल्ट्रेन

2. JAMES = जेम्स

3. CHARLES = चार्ल्स

4.ROGERS = रॉजर्स

5.RANDOLPH = रँडॉल्फ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Megan Atkinson

Reyna pronounced (Ray-Nuh) = रेना

my daughter, my love = मम पुत्री, मम प्रेम

Hindi Name Translation for Nathalie Chartier

Ethan Gill = ईथन गिल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Augustus Kangas

Raevyn (sounds like Raven) = रॅव्हेन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Aida

Aida = आईडा

Hindi Sentence Translation for Mark Cundall

You only live once = तुम एक बार ही जीते हो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Scott Stevens

1. maisie pronounced may ze = मेझी

2. scott = स्कॉट

3. beryl pronounced be rill = बेरिल

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ashlie Davis

Happiness depends upon ourselves = आनंदः अस्मानवलंबते

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ben Couchman

Such Is Life = जीवनमेवमस्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for KRISTIN M REED

-Vishnu = विष्णु

-believe = विश्वसिहि

Hindi Word Translation for Georgia Lister

shanti = शांती

Sanskrit Names Translation for Maki

1. Maki (ma-kee) = मकी

2. Marina (ma-ree-na) = मरीना

3. Mariyo (ma-ree-yo) = मरीयो

4. Dana (da-na) = दना

5. Nikita (nee-kee-ta) = नीकीता

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Liz Kelly

"i am my best self" = ममोत्तमात्माहमस्मि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Rowlands

to love and to cherish = अनुरक्तुं पालयितुं च

Hindi Words Translation for Tanya Kralj

FAMILY FOREVER = परिवार हमेशा

Marathi Name Translation for NuNi

marcus = मार्कस

17 February 2008

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Nicole Idzahl

My Family = कुटुंबं मम

My Heart = हृदयं मम

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sara Paxton

Sara(SA - RAH) = सॅरा

Hindi Sentence Translation for Ian Wright

live in eternity's sunrise = अनंतता के सूर्योदय में जिओ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Cindy Tay

1) Aiden = एडन

2) Cindy Tay = सिंडी टे

Sanskrit Word Translation for Nicci Elliott

moksha = मोक्ष

Hindi Names Translation for Bert van Haeften

ILONA(laaonaa) = लाओना

KYRA(kIra) = किरा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Janine Sheehan

Amber = अँबर

Rose = रोस

Beloved Daughter = प्रियपुत्री

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jenwei

jenwei = जेनवै

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Krystal M Encinias

jai guru deva om = जय गुरु देव ॐ

Hindi Phrase Translation for Christopher Thraves

my darling kim forever = मेरी प्रिया किम हमेशा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Eric Knowlson

grace under pressure = संकटे कृपा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Caitlin Strange

we bleed the same = सदृशं रक्तमोक्षणं कुर्मः

Sanskrit Names Translation for Michael Day

1. Michael (pronounced mycall) = मायकॉल

2. Matthew (pronounced mathyou) = मॅथ्यू

Sanskrit Words Translation for Rae-Anne

1. Rae-Anne (pronounced rayann) = रेयॅन

2. Free = स्वतंत्र

3. Freedom = स्वातंत्र्य

4. Happy = आनंदी

5. Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Word Translation for Karen Anderson

son = पुत्र

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lee Maggs

Becky = बेकी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Corey Hurst

We will walk together again = वयमेकत्र पुनः चरिष्यामः

Sanskrit Name Translation for Savena

Savena(Sa-Vee-Na) = सवीना

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Dave Dannels

"Radiate Pure Love" = प्रसर शुद्धप्रेम

"Give Thanks" = धन्यवादान्यच्छ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Autumn Green

1. Autumn (pronounced like the season) = ऑटम

2. Nick (pronounced Nik) = निक

3. Nicholas (pronounced Nikolahs) = निकोलस

4. Beloved = प्रिय

5. Skye (pronounced sky) = स्काय

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Maeng

Strength of my heart = मम हृदयस्य शक्तिः

Hindi Words Translation for Selin Ozdenak

1- selin (celine) = सेलिन

2-stella(stell-ah) = स्टेला

3-destiny = किस्मत

4-love = प्यार

5-hope = आशा

16 February 2008

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Ann LaFeir

Om bolo shri sat guru bhagavan ki jai
ॐ बोलो श्री सत्‌ गुरु भगवान की जय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Benjamin

Father = पिता

Dad = तात

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jackie Brooks

1) Jackie = जॅकी

2) Family Love = कुटुंबप्रेम

3) Brotherhood = बंधुत्व

4) Friendship = मैत्री

Sanskrit Sentences Translation for Dirk Balow

I attract stars = ताराः कर्षामि

I give stars = ताराः यच्छामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Shay Morris

HIGH LIFE = उच्चजीवन

SHAY (pronounced with long A sound) = शाय

Sanskrit Word Translation for Brianne Hogan

Courage = धैर्य

Sanskrit Names Translation for Steffi

Pauli- poo-li = पूलि

Oskar- os-caar = ऑस्कर

stefanie- stef-ani = स्टेफनी

conny- ko-ni = कोनी

Helga = हेल्गा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jennifer Winchester

Dee = डी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for ccarey

as within so without = यथांतर्गतं बहिर्गतं तथा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Rachel M Bishop

Never = न कदापि

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jim

1. Balance = संतुलन

2. Hope = आशा

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sasha Baskerville

1. Matt /mat/ = मॅट

2. Matthew /math-yoo/ = मॅथ्यू

3. Sasha /sa-sha/ = सॅशा

Gujarati Words Translation for cmclelan

> Word No. 1: life = જીવન

> Word No. 2: beauty = સૌંદર્ય

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Alexandra Smith

Beautifully Human = सौंदर्यपूर्णतया मानवः

Gujarati Name Translation for Zara Choudhury

sagar = સાગર

Sanskrit Words Translation for Denise Nguyen

lotus = पद्म

flower = पुष्प

15 February 2008

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Lydia

I am a free spirit = मुक्तात्मास्मि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Barbara Palacios

अंतिमदिनः इति प्रतिदिनं जीव

Hindi Name Translation for Chantel

Kevin Tyler Nathaniel = केविन टायलर नाथानियल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Gulsah

Pakize = (The p is the same as in english. The a is like the ah sound in father. The k is also like in english the same. i is like the ee sound in week, though a little softer like the ih in wit. The z is the same as in english and e is like the eh sound in bed.) = pahkeezeh

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heather Spiegel

strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Name Translation for Robin Evers

Cynthia = sin-thee-uh = सिंथीआ

Sanskrit Names Translation for Kassandra

word no. 1 : Tara = तारा

word no.2 : Siddhartha = सिद्धार्थ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Allison Doll

Believe, Hope and Love = विश्वसिहि, आशां कुरु, अनुरज च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Breoghan Ferri

stand for something or fall = कस्मै तिष्ठ वा पत

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Chelsea Milligan

Have patience and endure. Om = धैर्यं धारय सहस्व च ॐ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Priscilla Palacios

For life promises no tomorrow = जीवनवचनेभ्यः न श्वः

Hindi Words Translation for Jasvinder Singh

BIO DATA = व्यक्तिगतवृत्त

Hindi Word Translation for Michelle Doon

1 Michelle (mee-sh-elle) = मीशेल

2 Jeanine (jeh-neen) = जेनीन

3 lotus = कमल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jenn LaVangie

"Jennifer" ( je-ni-fer) = जेनिफर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Brooke Garrard

"Hope" = आशा

"Eden" = एडन

"Lotus" = पद्म

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sanket Patel

"Krrish Raj Prasad" = कृश राज प्रसाद

Gujarati Words Translation for Marisa Vega

Unity = એકતા

Peace = શાંતી

Freedom = સ્વાતંત્ર્ય

Hope = આશા

Spirituality = અધ્યાત્મ

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jaclyn Yawit

To thy self be true = तवात्मानं प्रति सत्येन वर्तस्व

Sanskrit Words Translation for Donald Mackay

Twisted = संकुचित

Hotei ( Pronouced Ho - Tye ) = होटाए

Relief = परिहार

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Heather Ann Grundy

"But deliver me from evil" = तु मां पापान्नय

Sanskrit Words Translation for Lammy Obaro

forgiving = क्षमाशीलता

determined = निश्चित

strong = शक्तिमान्‌

noble = कुलीन

content = संतुष्ट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sarah Collie

If I Can = यदि शक्नोमि

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for CHANTILLY HIGBEE

1. "Know thyself" = तवात्मानं जानीहि

2. "self love" = आत्मप्रेम

14 February 2008

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Marta I.

(you are quiet about something (not all silence) you don't forget it (is oblivion))
तूष्णीं भूतं तु विस्मृतं न

Sanskrit Names Translation for SONIA DOUADI

- Jacqueline ( pronunciation : ja-ke-line) = जॅकेलिन

- Aziz ( pronunciation : a-zi-z) = अझिझ

- Marina (pronunciation : ma-ri-na) = मरिना

- Luna ( pronunciation : lou-na) = लौना

- Lucile ( pronunciation : lu-ci-le) = लुसिल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Kaye Chapman

HARJINDER SIGNH MANN = हरजिंदर सिंग मन

Hindi Name Translation for Andrew Creamer

Carol = कॅरॉल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Laura Dyke

Joshua = जोशुआ

Sanskrit Words Translation for Laurel

gratitude = कृतज्ञता

life = जीवन

love = प्रेम

bright = उज्ज्वल

river = नदी

Hindi Word Translation for Mala Isla

beautiful = ख़ूबसूरत

Sanskrit Names Translation for Inci Karakuzu

inci = इन्सी

umut = इमुत

yigit = यिगित

Sanskrit Words Translation for Belinda Bates

1) Sister = भगिनी

2) Belinda (buh-linda) = बलिंडा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Karisa Harvey

Fear will not kill you = भीतिः त्वां न हनिष्यति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Michael Warton

> Word 1) Samual = सॅमुएल

> Word 2) William = विलिअम

> Word 3) Kelly = केली

> Word 4&5) United Together = मिलितैकत्र

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Amber Z. Kilpatrick

Om Namah Shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

Be the change you wish to see in the world
तत्परिवर्तनं भव यज्जगति द्रष्टुमिच्छसि

Namaste = नमस्ते

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Ritchie Omega Foster

Ritchie loves Cynthia = रिचीकुमारः सिंथियाबालामनुरजति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Damon Dupen

Word 1- Anita = अनिता

Word 2- Aria = अरिआ

Sentence- My Brother's Keeper
मम भ्रातृरक्षकः (male)/भ्रातृरक्षका (female)

Hindi Words Translation for Raj Mooneelal

1. Brinton (Brin-tin) = ब्रिन्टिन

2. Divine = दैवी

3. Angel = देवदूत

4. Dracula = पिशाच

5. Immortal = अमर

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Cassi Fox

What nourishes me destroys me
यन्मां पुष्णाति मां प्रणश्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bente Hauge

AT GILDED BUTTERFLIES(someone who acts like they are better then they are)

Sanskrit Word Translation for Melissa Hansen

power = शक्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jennie Rylee

1. Pumpkin = पंपकिन

2. Peanut = पीनट

Sanskrit Names Translation for Ronny

Word 1: Ronny = रॉनी

Word 2: Monika = मोनिका

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Samantha Kalette

This Too Shall Pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ben

stand tall : तिष्ठोच्चकैः

Ben: बेन

Scovern: स्कॉवर्न

Scov: स्कॉव

Sanskrit Name Translation for João Henriques

1. João (pronunciation: Juown) = जुओन

2. Henriques = हेन्रिक्स

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Helen Bray

what goes around comes around = यत्परिगच्छति पुनरागच्छति

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for David Skinner

Jai Guru Dev Om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

13 February 2008

Hindi Names Translation for Annu Maheshwari

Chelsea Terhune = चेल्सी टरह्यून

Charles = चार्ल्स

Sanskrit Name Translation for Christine Shield

Kalpesh = कल्पेश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kasandra

1- Imagine = मन्यस्व

2- Believe = विश्वसिहि

3- Live for Today = अद्यं जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Geir Ove Andresen

We will all laugh = वयं सर्वे हसिष्यामः

Hindi Words Translation for Ruben Johansson

Libra = तूल

The scales = तराजू

Hindi Name Translation for Timothy Roux

21/13/1813 = २१/१३/१८१३

Sanskrit Name Translation for Chandra

Chandra = चंद्र

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Demaris Liberatore

1. Christ = क्रिस्ट

2. Christopher = क्रिस्टोफर

3. Love = प्रेम

Hindi Initials Translation for Jill Rajak

KAJJN = केएजेजेएन

Hindi Words Translation for Martha Flores

1) Love = प्यार

2) Music = संगीत

3) Art = कला

4) Flower = फूल

5) Freedom = आजादी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vinay Patel

Godspeed = good fortune; success (used as a wish to a person starting on a journey, a new venture
शुभास्ते पंथानः संतु

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Julien Divert

serenity through pain = पीडायाः मनःशांतिः

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Tara Jaaskelainen

Remember your mortality = तव मरणशीलतां स्मर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jill Boney

Trent = ट्रेंट

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Mallory Wingo

Blessed with Beauty and Love = सौंदर्यप्रेमप्राप्त

Sanskrit Words Translation for Guilherme

1- archangel = महादेवदूत

2-Heart = हृदय

3-creation = सृजन

4-love = प्रेम

5- blind(Can't see his place among the creation) = सृजनस्थानांध

Sanskrit Name Translation for Manz

K e l l y = केली

Hindi Names Translation for Stephen Lewis

Matthew(mat̸h′yoo′) = मॅथ्यू

daniel Dan·iel (dan′yel) = डॅनयेल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Suraj Oderdra

Suraj = सूरज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Louisene Louisaint

Lead me not in temptation = मोहं मां मा गमय

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Sarah Pringle

Word 1 Dreamer = स्वप्नदर्शी

Sentence 1 No Lies = नानृतम्‌

Sentence 2 Just Love = प्रेमैव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Henry Egbari

Life and Hustle = जीवनं धनप्राप्तिश्च

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Celine Currier

the work explorer = कार्यान्वेषकः

12 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Stuart Gomes

Layla ( lay - luh ) = लेला

Hindi Name Translation for jworraker

justin = जस्टिन

Hindi Name Translation for Jordi Cardona

Jordi (Jor-d) = जोर्डी

Sanskrit Date Translation for Mark Amies

June 17th 2006 = जून १७ २००६

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Michelle Davies

Strength of heart = हृदयशक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sophia Buie

1. Perseverance = दीर्घोद्योग

2. Focus = केंद्र

3. Balance = संतुलन

4. respect = आदर

5. Karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Stuart Henshall

great love and great achievements involve great risk
and I will risk the world for you
महाप्रेम महाविजयाश्च महासंकटास्पदाः

तुभ्यं सर्वनाशसंशये चात्मानं पतिष्यामि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nawel Peters

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 = १ कोरिन्थीएन्स १३:४-८

Sanskrit Names Translation for Yannick Gouin

1 - Shéryne (Shey - reen) = शेरीन

2 - Yannick (ya - neeck) = यॅनीक

Sanskrit Name Translation for Zudith Lopez

MILAGROS Pronounced- Mill-Ah-Gross = मिलाग्रॉस

Sanskrit Words Translation for Soma Ghoshal

AtmaShakti = आत्मशक्ति

AtmaSaktim = आत्मशक्तिम्‌

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Andre Padros

be yourself = તમે જેવા છો તેવાજ રહો

Hindi Names Translation for ISA SILLEMON

SOPHIA (so FEE ah) = सोफीआ

SEAN (shawn) = शॉन

SAMUEL (SAM yool) = सॅमयूल

ISA (ESA) = एसा

JOHN (JON) = जॉन

Hindi Words Translation for Kate Bartelski

Sky = आकाश

Explore = खोजो

Earth = पृथ्वी

Journey = यात्रा

Breathe = सांस लो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Loren Lusch

Loren (lo-ren) = लोरेन

Love = प्रेम

Heart = हृदय

Soul = आत्मा

peace = शांति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mytreyi Bharadwaj

love = प्रेम

faith = श्रद्धा

hope = आशा

courage = धैर्य

beauty = सौंदर्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Deepa

1. Auspicious = मंगल

2. Precious = मूल्यवान्‌

3. Beautiful = सुंदर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mike Randall

Reincarnation = पुनर्जन्म

Lovingkindness (metta) = मेत्ता

Nature = निसर्ग

Empty = रिक्त

Michael (my - cool) = मायकूल

Sanskrit Name Translation for Hans Øyvind Hvidsten

Merethe(Me-re-te) = मिरिटे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Aydin Eshref

impossible is nothing = अशक्यमस्ति न किमपि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Ninad J

KNOW YOURSELF = तवात्मानं जानीहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heather Hakola

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Victoria Rani

"Good luck" = सौभाग्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Shane

Word No 1. regret = पश्चात्तापं कुरु

Word No 2. let go = गच्छतु

Hindi Name Translation for Elizabeth

elizabeth- Eh-liz'-ah-beth = एलिझाबेथ

Hindi Name Translation for Ben Lee

Benjamin (Ben-ja-min) = बेंजामिन

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kirstine

Kirstine(I is like the ee in "see") = कीर्स्टीन

Believe, Hope and Love = विश्वसिहि, आशां कुरु, अनुरज च

11 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Myla Asthana

Name: DAEVEN Proununciation: DAY-VEN = डेव्हेन

Hindi Names Translation for Gemma Graham

Ryan (Ri-an) = रिएन

Gemma (Gem-ma) = जेमा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Richard Taylor

Taylor tay looor = टेलूर

Sanskrit Names Translation for Anthony King

Abigail AB-i-gayl = एबिगेल

Sonny SUN-ee = सनी

Freddie FRED-ee = फ्रेडी

Finley/Finlay FIN lee = फिनली

Gujarati Name Translation for Jasmine Maxwell

Samantha = સમંથા

Sanskrit Words Translation for Sarah Pearce

Sarah Jayne(Sa - ra...Jay - en) = सारा जेन

Capricorn = मकर

Sanskrit Name Translation for Abdel

NANCY = नॅन्सी

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jamie Dyer

life sure is weird but what else have I to know
जीवनमस्ति विचित्रं खलु किमन्यदर्हामि ज्ञातुं तु

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jake Hartley

Jake = जेक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Keerie Noorda

word #1 Keerie (its a name pronounced with a long e) = कीरी

word #2 friends forever = शाश्वतमित्राणि

word #3 live = जीव

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Theresa

LOVE WILL LEAD US = प्रेमास्मान्नेष्यति

Hindi Phrase Translation for Sam Girwarnauth

Laughter is the language of = हास्य की भाषा है

Sanskrit Names Translation for Edward Sussex

Word No. 1: Ted = टेड

Word No. 2: Sussex = ससेक्स

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lauren Henderson

"to meet again" = पुनर्मिलन

Hindi Words Translation for Kayla Ramaker

> > 1. Beloved = प्रिय

> > 2. Kayla( K-la) = केला

> > 3. Pure = शुद्ध

> > 4. Kaybee( K-B) Baby = केबी बेबी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Moira Donovan

no regrets = न पश्चात्तापः

Hindi Name Translation for Julie Kokemor

Julie(JU-lee) = जूली

Sanskrit Name Translation for Shyam Nathan

Srinivasan Ranganathan = श्रीनिवासन्‌ रंगनाथन्‌

10 February 2008

Sanskrit Name Translation for Priya Shah

Priya = प्रिया

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Varsha Odedra

Desire creates the power = शक्तिं सृजतीच्छा

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Julie Crowson

Life is beautiful = जीवनं सुंदरमस्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Carly Gudgion

'what would you do' = त्वं किं करिष्यसि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Taneal Beaumont

Law of cause and effect = कार्यकारणभाव

Hindi Names Translation for vriti vriti

1. Nitin = नितिन

2. varuna = वरुणा

3. Dhanisha = धनिशा

4 Manisha = मनिषा

5 vyoumesh = व्योमेश

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for KEYANNA STANDARD

"God is love" = ईश्वरः प्रेमास्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Whitney Clevenger

1. Whitney (Pronounced- wit - nee) = विटनी

2. Live Forever = शाश्वतं जीव

3. Fly Away = उड्डयस्व

Sanskrit Name Translation for Tim O

Timothy (tee-mo-thi) = टीमोथि

Hindi Names Translation for FeralBanana

Josh = जोश

Laurine - law-reen = लॉरीन

Eric - er-ik = एरिक

Greg = ग्रेग

Philip - fil-ip = फिलिप

Sanskrit Names Translation for Shannon Sumera

1. Shannon (shah-nun) = शानन

2. Darek (Dare-ick) = डेरिक

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Meg Townsend

"Om Hraum Mitraya Namaha" = ॐ ह्रीम्‌ मित्राय नमः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Laura Childers Mansfield

moksha = liberation = release = मोक्ष

Sanskrit Name Translation for Christina

Christina (Kree-stee-nah) = क्रीस्टीना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Christine Brondyke

1) Breathe = श्वसिहि

2) Grace = कृपा

3) Om Namah Shivaya = ॐ नमः शिवाय

09 February 2008

Hindi Name Translation for LACHLAN McCONVILLE

Sharna = शर्ना

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Jade Chen

to love is to live = जीवनं प्रेमास्ति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation Laura Trollope

"always in my heart" = शाश्वतं मम हृदये

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Christa

"Lokas Samasthas Sukhino Bhavantu"
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु
Let all people be comfortable

Sanskrit Words Translation for Violet Raj

Wealth = धन

Blessing = आशीर्वाद

Angel = देवदूत

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Health = स्वास्थ्य

Sanskrit Word Translation for Adam Chamberlin

PASSION = उत्कटता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Julie Ebertowski

fate = नियति

opposition = प्रतिकार

serenity = मनःशांति

love = प्रेम

dream = स्वप्न

Sanskrit Name Translation for Brett Kodak

Kodak = कोडॅक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Matt McKenna

Word 1: Patience = धैर्य

Word 2: Compassion = करुणा

Word 3: Listen = श्रुणु

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Marta I.

NEVER GIVE UP = मा कदापि त्यज

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Pedro Pepió

Only God judges me = केवलमीश्वरः मां विजानाति

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vivian Quiroz

1. overcome = अभिभव

2. strength of will = इच्छाशक्ति

3. vivian(vee vee an) = व्हीव्हीएन

Sanskrit Mantra Translation for Chelsey

Jai guru dev om = जय गुरुदेव ॐ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Delyth Williams

Andrew = अँड्रू

Sanskrit Words Translation for Mandeep Singh

Word No. 1 Passion = उत्कटता

Word No. 2 Love = प्रेम

Word No. 3 Courage = धैर्य

Word No. 4 Breath = श्वास

Word No. 5 Truth = सत्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Dyanna Kozloski

compassion = करुणा

gratitude = कृतज्ञता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chad Craddock

Chad pronounced Ch-aad = चाड

millie pronounced Mill-ee = मिली

Warrior = योद्धा

Strength = शक्ति

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Tajda Vidic

LIVE FOR THE MOMENT = क्षणाय जीव

Sanskrit Word Translation for Lindsay Pritchard

"Lotus" = पद्म

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Renee Krahn

take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk
समीक्षस्वेति महाप्रेम महाविजयाश्च महासंकटास्पदाः

08 February 2008

Hindi Names Translation for onaxl

ewelina prenounce like ev-alena = एवलेना

lindsey is like lin-say = लिन्से

Hindi Words Translation for Stuart Dixon

1)Unique = एकमेव

2)Individual = व्यक्ती

Translations for Gary McKeown

Sanskrit :
Callum(KA LUM) = कॅलम

12th April 2006 = १२ एप्रिल २००६
Arabic :
Callum(KA LUM) = كالوم

12th April 2006 = ١٢ إبريل ٢٠٠٦

Sanskrit Word Translation for Camilla

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Sentence Translation for Dahlbom Ann-Catrin (VN U-N17)

What nourishes me destroys me
जो मेरा पोषण करता है मुझे नष्ट करता है

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jaime Stewart-McConnell

1) Love of Family = कुटुंबप्रेम

2) wife = पत्नी

3) daughter = पुत्री

Hindi Names Translation for Dean

dean - dee n = डीन

kerry - keh rry = केरी

Sanskrit Names Translation for Charlie Arthur

Charles - ch-ar-les = चार्ल्स

Sophie - so-fee = सोफी

Words Translation for CARLY COOK


love = प्यार


Mother = माता

Father = पिता

Sanskrit Words Translation for Chloe Kenvin

1. happiness = आनंद

2. challenge = आवाहन

3. happy = आनंदी

4. complete = संपूर्ण

Sanskrit Name Translation for Poorvi Chothani

POORVI = पूर्वी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Hamini Shah

Hamini = हमिनि

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Lucy Charles

"But deliver me from evil" = तु मां पापान्नय

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for David Bailey

My Hero Is Your Enemy = मम नायकः तवास्ति शत्रुः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Kristiann Frank

obstacles = अंतरायाः

wisdom = प्रज्ञा

awakening = प्रबोधन

Hindi Words Translation for Marisha van Harmelen

Marisha = मरिशा

Rish = रिश

Life, laugh, love = जियो, हसो, प्यार करो

Sanskrit Word Translation for Chanda

Dad = तात

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Tiffanie Benway

"change my world" = मम जगत्परिवर्तस्व

Sanskrit Names Translation for Corina Pereira

Jonathan ( Jon- a- thin) = जोनाथिन

Amanda ( A-man-da) = अमँडा

Luke(Loo-k) = लूक

Rebecca ( Ri-beck-ah) = रिबेका

Corina (Co-ree-na) = कोरीना

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Trilby Johnson

Into the Light of Faith = श्रद्धाप्रकाशे

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sido Wijga

strength, courage & wisdom = शक्तिः, धैर्यं प्रज्ञा च

Hindi Phrase Translation for Anil Kumar

Assistant Manager = सहायक प्रबंधक

Sanskrit Words Translation for Francesca Spruce

-Balance = संतुलन

-Self = स्व

-Trust = विश्वास

-Worth = मूल्य

Hindi Phrase Translation for Neil Daniel Robbins

my family my heart = मेरा परिवार मेरा दिल

Sanskrit Names Translation for Jennifer Rae Paxton

1. Joshua (pronounced jah-shoo-ah) = जाशूआ

2. James (prounounced jaymz) = जेम्झ

07 February 2008

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Melissa Virahsawmy

I belong to Dharmesh = હું ધર્મેશની છું

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Luke Holdcroft

Two Become One = दंपती एकीभूतौ

Eternal Existance = शाश्वतास्तित्व

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Mark Quinlan

Only the Good die young
ફક્ત સારા માણસોનેજ મૃત્યુ જલદી આવે છે

Hindi Words Translation for Amy Elizabeth Torres

Love = प्यार

Peace = शांती

Imagine = कल्पना करो

Sanskrit Words Translation for Ashley Day

"hope" = आशा

"love" = प्रेम

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Iris Neher

"believe in yourself" = तवात्मनि विश्वसिहि

Sanskrit Word Translation for K

(to get completely assimilated with the surrounding) = एकरूपता

Sanskrit Name Translation for Rachel Cheeseman

Hailey pronuced "Hay-lee" = हेली

Gujarati Phrase Translation for Victoria Bebb

Forever In Gods Hands = હમેશાં ભગવાનના હાથમાં

Sanskrit Words Translation for Matthew Lucas

Demon = दानव

Silver = रौप्य

Hawk = श्येन

Poison = विष

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Federico Valiente

"Live in love" = प्रेमणि जीव

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Bhavar Upadhyay

Search = अन्वेषण

for = कृते

clean = विमल

Environment = परिसर

Hindi Sentence Translation for Michael Gordon

What I Did = मैंने क्या किया

Sanskrit Phrase Translation Jacob Page

1-jacob(jay-cob) = जेकॉब

2-god is love = ईश्वरः प्रेमास्ति

Sanskrit Names Translation for Tonya Bostic

Tonya (Ton-ya) = टोन्या

Joshua (Josh-u-ah) = जोशुआ

Josiah (Joe-sigh-ah) = जोसाया

Josh = जोश

Sanskrit Sentence Translation for Lauren Cousens

"with trust comes love" = प्रेम सश्रद्धमागच्छति
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