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Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

31 May 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Daphne

Andy(N-di) = एंडी

Daphne(def-ni) = डेफ्नी

Devanagari Name Translation for Mathieu Duhalde

Mathieu(MATH-yoo) = मॅथ्यू

Sanskrit Names Translation for Amy Morris

Amy(Ami) = एमी

beloved = प्रिय (male)/ प्रिया (female)

Sanskrit Words Translation for Erin

love = प्रेम

inner strength = अंतर्शक्ति

soul strenght = आत्मशक्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle Gauthier

Cassidy(k-a-ss-i-dee) = कॅसिडी

पुत्री = putree

कन्या = kanyaa

आत्मजा = aatmajaa

दुहिता = duhitaa

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alan Boylin

Alan = एलन

Sanskrit Name Translation for Beauchemin Julie

Jeremie = जेरेमी

30 May 2007

Sanskrit Name Translation for Earwen

TEA = टिआ

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Erika Hrycun

always and forever = सदा शाश्वतं च

Sanskrit Name Translation for Deirdre Butler

Leela = लीला

Sanskrit Name Translation for Alexis Joven

Alexis = अलेक्सिस

29 May 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Daniel Bascuñana Garcia

desire = इच्छा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jemma

brilliance = तेजः

truth = सत्य

Sanskrit Name Translation for Ethan

LOVE = प्रेम

Hindi Phrase Translation for Ron Ranson

ROYAL NEPAL AIRLINES = शाही नेपाल विमानकंपनी

Sanskrit Name Translation for Maria Folgado

António(An Toh ni uh) = आंटोनि‍अ

Hindi Word Translation for Trupti

pharmaceutical = औषधीय

28 May 2007

Hindi Names Translation for Marc Eichhorn

Demi = डेमी

Colin = कालिन

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Nicolás Giulietti

think, wait, fast = चिंतय, तिष्ठ, उपवस

Hindi Name Translation for Alex Dixon

South Africa = दक्षिण अफ़्रिका

Devanagari Name Translation for Ludovic Ladrière

Théo = टे‍ओ

Devanagari Name Translation for Achsha Lamb

Asha = आशा

Devanagari Name Translation from Erik Duus

Abel = एबल

Sanskrit Words Translation for Robin Svensson

Happiness = आनंद

The Family = कुटुंब

Family Love = कुटुंबप्रेम

Eternal Love = शाश्वतप्रेम

Eternal Happiness = शाश्वतानंदः

Devanagari Name Translation for Josh Dixon

Hayley Kemp = हेली केंप

Josh Dixon = जोश डिक्सन

27 May 2007

Hindi Name Translation for GLR26

Russell(Rus-sell) = रसेल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Annapoorne Colangelo

क्रीडोद्यान = kreeDodyaana = amusement park

स्थल = sthala = firm or dry ground, dry land in Latin Terra Firma

स्थला = stalaa = a spot of dry ground artificially raised & drained

स्थली = sthalee = a natural spot of ground or land

पर्वत = parvata = a rock also a hill or mountain

शिला = shilaa = a stone, rock

उपल = upala = a stone, rock also a precious stone, jewel

ग्रावा = graavaa = a rock, stone

पाषाण = paaShaaNa = a naturally occurring large rock

प्रस्तर = prastara = a flat bed of rocks also a gem

अश्मन् = ashman = a stone or flint


पानीय = paaneeya

आप = aapa

वारि = vaari

अम्भस् = ambhas

उदक = udaka

जल = jala

तोय = toya

सलिल = salila

अम्बु = ambu

Sanskrit Name Translation for Julie Kennedy

never settle, always seek passion
मा कदापि तिष्ठ, सदा मदं मृगयस्व

passion = मद

Sanskrit Name Translation for Lori Chirakos

Lori(Lorree) = लोरी

Hindi Name Translation for Rahul Prasad

Rahul Prasad = राहुल प्रसाद

Devanagari Names Translation for JOHN WIGGLESWORTH

John = जॉन

Alannah = अलाना

Sanskrit Name Translaton for TARA NUGENT

TARA = तारा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Kristi Somerville

walk in beauty = सौंदर्ये चर

Sanskrit Words Translation for Jersey Banks

Passion = मद

Love is Life = प्रेमास्ति जीवनम्

happiness = sukha = सुख

26 May 2007

Sanskrit Names Translation for Innes McLean

Anna = आना

Ella = एला

Lucy = लूसी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Vanessa Rodrigues

Laws of Attraction = आकर्षणन्यायाः

Sanskrit Names Translation for A H

Carmen = कार्मेन

Sanskrit Word Translation for Kate Barry

Coincidence = संयोग

Devanagari Name Translation for Sarah Shepherd

Khalil = खलिल

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sebastien Rueff

when you want you can = यदा इच्छसि शक्नोसि

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jathushanan Kugathasan

Akalya(Ahalya) = अहल्या

Sanskrit Words Translation for Damian O'Connell

Damian = डॅमिएन

Avril = अव्रिल

Tegan = टेगन

Random = अकारण

hyper-active = अत्युत्साही

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Georgina Ingles

Together We Belong = एकत्र स्मः

Sanskrit Words Translation for Neil Sheridan

Temptation = प्रलोभन

Honesty = सारल्य

Family = कुटुंब

Loyalty = निष्ठा

Faithful = श्रद्धालु

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tegan Woo

Balance = संतुलन = santulana

calm = शांति = shaanti

tranquil = मनःशांति = manahshaanti

aroma/perfume = सुगंध/ आमोद = sugandha/ aamoda

simplicity = सरलता = saralataa

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Armbruster

Sarah = सेरा

25 May 2007

Devanagari Alphabet Translation for Rochelle Phelps

ECI = सी आय

Sanskrit Name Translation for Reiza Ekatama Rajasa

Rajasa = राजस

Hindi Name Translation for Celeste Hardorff

Celeste Hardorff = सेलेस्टे हॅर्डोर्फ

Sanskrit Name Translation for Meena Verma

Meena = मीना

Sanskrit Words Translation for Robyn

inner peace = अंतर्गतशांति

peace for soul = आत्मशांति

Hindi Translation for Bert Rutten

Rebel for Life = जिंदगी के लि क्रांती करो

Sanskrit Words Translation for ASHISH AMIN

Ashish = आशिष

A6 =

Skip = स्किप

Skippy = स्किपी

All knowing = सर्वज्ञानी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Anna Cochrane

Bodhichitta = बोधिचित्त

at peace = शांतिपूर्ण

Hindi Name Translation for CONCETTA PALMER

Concetta(con-che-ta) = काँचेटा

Jamail(Jah-mel) = जामेल

Translation for Veronica Pearson

Hindi :

ryan = रायन

little king = chhota rajaa = छोटा राजा

sanskrit :

trust = विश्वास

acceptance = स्वीकृति

appreciation = गुणग्रहण

admiration = प्रशंसा

approval = अनुमोदन

encouragement = प्रोत्साहन

Hindi Word Translation for Benjamin Jordan

Life = जिंदगी

24 May 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Isabella

Do all things with love = कुरु सर्वं प्रेम्णा

Sanskrit Words Translation for bellab

believe = विश्वसिहि

faith = श्रद्धा

Sanskrit Word Translation for Illyana Gurgel

BLESSED = धन्य

Sanskrit Words Translation for Olivier Archambault

OLIVIER (O-LEE-VEE-É) = ऑलिव्हि

15 = १५

GOD = ईश्वर

DREAM = स्वप्न

Sanskrit Name Translation for Jaime Snyder

Rob = रॉब

23 May 2007

Hindi Name Translation for Lee Regis

LAURA(LAW-RA) = लौरा

LOU(LOO) = लू

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Wright

This too shall pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Devanagari Name Translation for Jenny Lundberg

Elsie = एल्सी

Sanskrit Words Translation for Janet Bright

faith = श्रद्धा

hope = आशा

trust = प्रेम

love = विश्वास

eternity = अनंतता

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for WAYNE SEMPER

October 10, 1967 = ऑक्टोबर १०, १९६७

Sanskrit Word Translation for Mandi Kadrmas

forgiveness = क्षमा

22 May 2007

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Robert Jan van Asselt

With Your Kiss = तव चुंबनेन सहितम्

Sanskrit Words Translation for Henry Bennett

Beautiful = सुंदर = sundara

Thunder = मेघनाद / मेघाडंबर = meghanaada / meghaaDambar

Sanskrit Name Translation for Casandra Luna

Casandra = कॅसँड्रा

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Stephanie

in silence is safety = मौने क्षेमास्ति

Sanskrit Words Translation for Olivier PERNELLE

compassion = करुणा

serenity = मनःशांति

Gujarati Names translation for BETTS Sarah J

sarah(ser-ah) = સેરા

robert (ro-bert) = રોબર્ટ

cameron (cam-er-on) = કામેરોન

emily (em-i-ly) = એમિલી

love = પ્રેમ

21 May 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Elan Ahlstrom

karma = कर्म

Sanskrit Words Translation for Danielle

Self-worth = स्वमूल्य

self respect = स्वाभिमान

beauty = सौंदर्य

strength = शक्ति

respect = आदर

equality = समनता

Sanskrit Word Translation for go0o

jidnyaasu = जिज्ञासु

Sanskrit Phrases Translation for Rick Rodriguez

Family = कुटुंब

Strength = शक्ति

My Family is My Strength = मम कुटुंबमस्ति मम शक्तिः

belonging to a family = कौटुंबिक

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Andrew Kahl

Fear is the mind killer = भीतिः मनसः घातका

Sanskrit Name Translation for Daniel Grau

Romy(ROMEE) = रोमी

Pamela(as it sounds) = पामेला

Sanskrit Name Translation for Marisa Noordergraaf

Joshua(Joshuwa) = जोशुवा

Sanskrit Words Translation for Tashi Stricker

Tashi Delek = ताशी डेलेक

open heart = फुल्लम् हृदयम्

Sanskrit Word Translation for Matt King

BRAVERY = वीरता

20 May 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Carol

patience = धैर्य

Sanskrit Words translation for Kameel Vadhia

KAMEEL VADHIA = कमील वधिया

SCORPIO = wrishchika = वृश्चिक

Sanskrit Names Translation for Sachin Jot

sachin = सचिन

nitin = नितिन

shilpa = शिल्पा

futurecraft = भविष्ययान

Sanskrit Name Translation for Dr. Puneet Wadhwani

Ruchi = रुचि

Hindi Name Translation for Lee Regis

LAURA = लॉरा

Sanskrit Name translation for William Hayes

Niara(nee-AH-rah) = नीआरा

Cairo = कैरो

Sanskrit Word Translation for Heather Donovan

midwife = सूतिकर्ता

Hindi Phrase Translation for Amy Kedgulpiyapanich

I love you = मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हूँ

19 May 2007

Sanskrit Word Translation for Jen Carter

world = vishva = विश्व

om =

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Sehjung Yi

Have faith in me = मयि विश्वसिहि

18 May 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Subramanian LG

(These are the four upaaya or expendients to be used by a king against an enemy.

saama = साम = negotiation, pacifying measures

daama = दाम = a garland i.e. giving gifts

danDa = दंड = a stick or rod i.e. punishment

bheda = भेद = breaking or splitting so as to lessen their strength

Hindi Phrase Translation for Stephen Crosson

Born alone, Die alone
अकेले जन्म लो अकेले मरो

Marathi Phrases Translation for Stephen Mackin

you reap what you sow
तुम्हाला मिळते जसे तुम्ही पेरता
पेरावे तसे उगवते

Devanagari Name Translation for Mitchell

Airaj = ऐराज

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Barbara Twist

Never regret = कदापि मानुशोच

Devanagari Name Translation for Rishi Maharaj

Maharaj = महाराज

Rishi = ॠषी

17 May 2007

Sanskrit Words Translation for Deborah Bates

Maitri = मैत्री

Karuna = करुणा

Mudita = मुदित

Upekha = उपेखा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Stacey Alford

Stacey(Stay see) = स्टेसी

Grace(Grase) = ग्रेस

Alford(Al Ford) = अल्फोर्ड

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Victoria Cummins

In Pursuit of Excellence

Sanskrit Name Translation for Sarah Betts

cameron(cam-er-on) = कॅमेरॉन

emily(em-il-ee) = एमिली

sarah(ser-ah) = सेरा

robert(ro-bert) = रॉबर्ट

forever = शाश्वत

Devanagari Name Translation for Merlin

MAURO = मौरो

CULICCHI(kulikki) = कलिकी

Sanskrit Phrase Translation for Jessica

I am the melody = अहमस्मि तालः

Sanskrit Word Translation for Allie

love = प्रेम

courage = धैर्य

allie = एली

Devanagari Name Translation for SARAH

SARAH = सारा

Sanskrit Name Translation for Pippa Hollins

Loren(LAWR-en) = लॉरेन

Parker(PAHR-kur) = पार्कर

16 May 2007

Hindi Translation for Paul Dorsey

Kalindi = कालिंदी

Hindi Translation for Karan

DESIRE = इच्छा

Stephen John Dewbery = स्टिफ़न जॉन ड्यूबेरी

KARAN = करण

Translations for Jaime Saenz

Jaime(Ha-eee-meh) = हाईमे

Andres(Ahn-dres) = आंद्रेस

Saenz(Sah-enz) = साएंझ

Jaime(Ha-eee-meh) = हायमे

Andres(Ahn-dres) = आंद्रेस

Saenz(Sah-enz) = सायंज
Jaime(Ha-eee-meh) = હાઈમે

Andres(Ahn-dres) = આંદ્રેસ

Saenz(Sah-enz) = સાએંઝ
Jaime(Ha-eee-meh) = חיימי

Andres(Ahn-dres) = אנדרס

Saenz(Sah-enz) = סאנז

Sanskrit Translation for Lori Collins

compassion for all living things
सर्वजीवितेभ्यः करुणा

Devanagari Translation for Eileen Young

Daniel = डॅनिएल

Sanskrit Translation for Paul

Do not die without fighting = युद्धेन विना मा म्रियस्व

15 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Jeanette Plobner

Hope = आशा

Love = प्रेम

Wisdom = प्रज्ञा

Hindi Translation for Gemma Dwane

live life in love = प्यार में जिंदगी जियो

Gemma = जेमा

Sanskrit Translation for Gina De La Chesnaye

my = मम

daughter = पुत्री

Sanskrit Translation for Tara Verbling

There is always hope = सदास्ति तत्राशा

Sanskrit Translation for Traci Donald

Traci (Tray-cee) = ट्रेसी

Hannah (Han-nuh) = हॅना

Alexa (Uh - lex - uh) = आलेक्स

Robert (Rah-burt) = रॉबर्ट

Sanskrit Translation for Sydney Saubestre

nirvana = निर्वाण

love = प्रेम

just breath = श्वसिहि एव

Sanskrit Translation for John Calvert

mental strength = manahshakti = मनःशक्ति

14 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Joanne

Joanne Hannan(Jo-An)(Han-an) = जोआन हॅनन

Hindi translation for Vincent Kaibarta

Vincent Kumar Kaibarta = व्हिन्सेंट कुमार कैबर्ट

Sanskrit Translation for Scott Schinkel

Family = कुटुंब

Faith = श्रद्धा

Love = प्रेम

Devanagari Translation for Heidi

Ellis(Ell is) = एलिस

13 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Cudjo Collins

Sati = सति

Devanagari Translation for Jay Crisp

Ella = एला

Bella = बेला

Jackson = जॅकसन

Sanskrit Translation for pyro demon

Harvin(har-win) = हरविन

Hope = आशा

Faith = श्रद्धा

Love = प्रेम

Hindi Translation for Veronica Stopka

Abigail = आबिगेल

Hindi Translation for TRACEY WHITE

NOAH(N0-AH) = नो‍आ

DYLAN(DILL-AN) = डिल्लन

Sanskrit Translation for Riley Smith

A I U A = आययू

12 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Tony Lionnet

Jason(Jay-son) = जेसन

Amber(Am-Ber) = अँबर

Sanskrit Translation for Kay Mac

strength = शक्ति

peace = शांति

impossible is nothing = अशक्यमस्ति किमपि

Sanskrit Translation for Mona Lisa

I recognize the light of God within you
अभिजानामि ईश्वरप्रकाशं त्वयि

Sister Goddess Warrior
भगिनी देवी योधिनी

The heart is the hub of all sacred places; go there and roam
हृदयं सर्वपवित्रस्थानकेंद्रं, तत्र गच्छ चर च

Sanskrit Translation for Reshi Vadhia

RESHI 1986 = रेशि १९८६

11 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Karine Bensekkouma

Bhaarata = भारत

Karine = केरिन

Sanskrit Translation for DARK KNIGHT

Cecy(Se-see) = सेसी

dark = कृष्ण

girl = बाला

Menny(Me-nee) = मेनी

witch = योगिनी

Hindi Translation for Richard & Taryn

Ruby(roo-bee) = रूबी

10 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Lynne Dyer

This too will pass = एतदपि गमिष्यति

Devanagari Translation for ROX

Rajneet = रजनीत

Sanskrit Translation for Sharon Chua

Sharon (SHER-un) = शॅरन

Clifton(KLIF-tun) = क्लिफ्टन

Sanskrit Translation for Rachael

remember your path, and proceed
तव मार्गं स्मर प्रयाहि

Sanskrit Translation for Yonna Montgomery

Radiating the light of life
जीवनप्रकाशं विद्योतनम्

Devanagari Translation for Minaxi Pindolia

MINAXI = meenaakshee = मीनाक्षी

BIPIN = बिपिन

09 May 2007

Hindi translation for DAVID Hostetter

DAVID = डेव्हिड

Sanskrit Translation for Kyle Brown

Right View = सत्यदृष्टिः

Right Intention = सत्योद्देशः

Right Speech = सत्यवाचा

Right Action = सत्यकर्म

Right Livelihood = सत्यवृत्तिः

Right Effort = सत्यप्रयत्नः

Right Mindfulness = सत्यध्यानम्

Right Concentration = सत्यैकाग्रता

Devanagari Translation for Charles Chase

Kshanti = क्षांति

Devanagari Translation for Emily Wood

Tyler = टा‍एलर

Hindi Translation for Zee Ali

Awais (ov-ais) = ओवैस

Zehra (zE-he-raa) = जेहिरा

i love = अनुरजामि

Devanagari Translation for Adya Mahardhika

Mahardhika = महार्धिक

Sanskrit Translation for Bonnie Lin

Without Love We Perish
प्रेम्णा विना प्रणश्यामः

08 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Stefan Wilson

Tanya = टॅन्या

Stefan = स्टिफन

Sanskrit Translation for Louise Douglas

karma = कर्म

Marathi Translation for Akshay Bapat

Akshay Dilip Bapat = अक्षय दिलीप बापट

Sanskrit translation for Marc

Marc = मार्क

Kaden(Kayden) = केडेन

Siani(Shawnee) = शॉनी

Stephanie(Stefanee) = स्टिफनी

kismet = किस्मत

Sanskrit Translation for Rob Brown

Robert = रॉबर्ट

arthur = आर्थर

Sanskrit Translation for Natasha Johns

growth = वृद्धि

enlightenment = बोधन

woman = स्त्री

Sanskrit Translation for Suresh Nathan

NISHA = निशा

07 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Patrícia K. Tessmann

Friend = मित्र

Friendship = मैत्री

best friends = उत्तमतममित्र

Sanskrit Translation for Simon Smith

love will tear us apart = प्रेमास्मान्कृंतिष्यति

Hindi Translation for Randy Verstraeten

Randy Verstraeten = रँडी वर्स्ट्रेटेन

Sanskrit Translation for Kate Pearson

KARMA = कर्म

STRENGTH = शक्ति

Hindi Translation for Andrew Poole

Abigail = आबिगेल

Daniel = डॅनिएल

James = जेम्स

06 May 2007

Sanskrit translation for Sabrina

balance = संतुलन

grace = कृपा

Sanskrit Translation for Toni Breese

Nirvana = निर्वाण

Sanskrit Translation for Peter Carpenter

Grace = कृपा

Dominance = aa-dh-pat-ya = आधिपत्य

rule = raajya = राज्य

control = niyantrana = नियंत्रण

authority = adhikaara = अधिकार

Sanskrit translation for Sarah Obbeek

beloved spirit = प्रियात्मा

Devanagari Translation for Clayton Coleman

Clayton = क्लेटन

05 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Tanya

Tanya = टॅन्या

04 May 2007

Sanskrit Tattoos Phrases Translation for Lisa Howells

Honour your true destiny
तव सत्यनियतिं संपूजय

Borne back ceaselessly into the past
नीता निरंतरं गतकाले

Sanskrit Translation for BJ Crank

Sesha = से शा

Joyce = जॉ

Delena = डे ले ना

1. Keni = ˈke-nē = केनि

2. Ken = ˈken = केन

3. Kenneth = KEN-ith = केनिथ

4. Bruce = BROOS = ब्रूस

5: love = प्रेम

Sanskrit Translation for Leigh McGregor

Ella (El-lah) = एला

Sanskrit Translation for Sigi

Common way = समानमार्गः

Devanagari Translation for Stephanie Cook

Thomas = थॉमस

03 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Lesley Mead

yogini = योगिनी

Sanskrit translation for Guillermo E. Sanmiguel H.

Beloved Child = प्रियशिशुः

Son of Gaia = गयापुत्रः

Sanskrit Translation for Andy Turner

Hannah = हॅना

Abby Dawn = अबी डॉन

My life = मम जीवनम्

Sanskrit Translation for Luisa Olivares

LUISA(Lu-e-sa) = लुईसा

Hindi Translation for Saxena, Jaya Harrover H

Jaya (jayaa)= जया

Sanskrit Translation for Angela Rudd

Forgiveness = क्षमा

Sanskrit Translation for Clair Hastewell

Ben = बेन

Sanskrit Translation for Justin Nixon

Justin Nixon = जस्टिन निक्सन

Devanagari Translation for Bonnie Serra

Raksha = रक्षा = protection

Sanskrit Translation for Ruby Saini

virgo = kanyaa = कन्या

Sanskrit Translation for Jason de Ligt

Jason = जेसन

perserverance = सातत्य

Sanskrit Translation for Don Wenig

Gift = पारितोषिक = paaritoshika

Student = विद्यार्थी = widyaarthee

Sanskrit Translation for Rohit Sehdev

ROHIT = रोहित

SUN = सूर्य

Sanskrit Translation for KAILA GOGAL

bliss = आनंद

02 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Nitisha Majithia

my eternal saviour = मम शाश्वतरक्षकः

Sanskrit Translation for Matt Nolan

Matthew 01-02-1979 = मॅथ्यू ०१-०२-१९७९

Sanskrit Translation for Craig DeNoyelles

aadhyaatmika-klesha = आध्यात्मिकक्लेश

Sanskrit Translation for Maryn Cords

Light(jyoti) = ज्योतिः

Devanagari Translation for Dewey

Karma = कर्म

Devanagari Translation Dan Reece

Elizabeth = एलिझाबेथ

Sanskrit Translation for Mark Cheney

Layla = लैला

Katie = केटी

Sharon = शॅरॉन

Sanskrit Translation for Daniel

not all who wander are lost = न सर्वे चरंतः नष्टाः

01 May 2007

Sanskrit Translation for Jennie Sheldon

Know your Rights = तवाधिकारान्जानीहि

Sanskrit Translation for Sally Eames

wind = वायु

fire = अग्नि

water = जल

air = वात

SJE = एसजे

Sanskrit Translation for Maria Bowen

Got Bliss? = किमानंदोऽस्ति

Sanskrit Translation for Megatron

A Perfect Circle = परिपूर्णवर्तुलम्

Sanskrit Translation for Kayshani Singh

Kayshani singh = केशनी सिंघ

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