22 February 2012

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Sentences Translation for Ruma Dubey - Vinay Krishnaswamy ‏- Bartosz Gulik Barty

Nothing is weaker than water,
yet for overcoming what is hard and strong
nothing surpasses it
न किमपि जलाद्दुर्बलतरमस्ति

तथापि कठिनस्य बलवतश्चाभिभवने

न किमपि तदतिभवति

Water is the soul of the earth
जलं पृथिव्याः आत्मास्ति

Water is the blood in our veins
जलमस्माकं शिरासु रक्तमस्ति

The sound of water says what I think
यच्चिंतयामि तज्जलनादः वदति

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