29 February 2012

Sanskrit Quotes : Category :: Destiny

Sanskrit Quote:

रात्रिर्गमिष्यति भविष्यति सुप्रभातम्

भास्वानुदेष्यति हसिष्यति पंकजश्रीः।

इति विचारयति कोषगते द्विरेफे

हा हंत हंत नलिनीं गज उज्जहार॥

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

Night will be over, there will be morning,
The sun will rise, lotus flower will open.
While the bee inside the lotus flower was thinking thus,
The lotus plant was uprooted by an elephant.


  1. honeybee gets tempted to lotus fragrance and nectar and in the darkness of lust remains whole night trapped in the closed flower.bee dreams of next morning which is beautiful .but before the dawn of his dreams an elephant roots out the lotus and he dies there trapped in. whole world is like a lotus flower full of fragrance and sweet nectar and u r like a honey bee who naturally gets attracted towards it .The span you spend in enjoyment u feel more like enjoying it and when you are satisfied for the day, night has already arrived and u are in the trap of that worldly shackles.Even though u dont feel trapped and captivated but out of intoxication remains there in the world of dreams and reveries. You never know the end of your dreams and the elephant ,a metaphor of death, crushes and smashes you to dust.

    so donot get lost in the world of illusion

    GET UP

    ACHIEVE and


    1. oh! fantastic explanation.
      I'm highly impressed indeed.

  2. Oh what a classic but philosophical testimony we have in our Sanskrit literature.

  3. great explanation


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