01 March 2020

Sanskrit Translation of Sentences for Tattoo of Trevor Singh

Strong = बली

Infinite = अनंत

Two Souls, One Heart = द्वावात्मानौ एकहृदयम्

Never Alone = न कदापि एकाकी

Stay Alive = जीव

Begin Again = पुनरारभस्व

From Darkness To Light = तमसः प्रकाशं प्रति

Go Forth With Love = प्रेम्णा प्रवर्तस्व

Love Fiercely = तीव्रमनुरज

The hardest part isn’t finding what we need to be, it’s being content with who we are
स्वस्थितिसमाधानप्राप्तिः ध्येयप्राप्तेः कष्टतरा

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