02 January 2019

Sanskrit Translation of Sentences for Tattoo of Barry Klein

Let go = गच्छतु

Hold on = गृहाण

Free from desire, you realize the mystery
काममुक्तस्त्वं रहस्यं प्रत्यक्षमनुभवसि।

Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations
कामनिगृहितस्त्वं केवलमाविष्करणं पश्यसि।

Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source
तथापि रहस्याविष्करणे समोद्भवे।

This source is called darkness
एषः उद्भवः अंधकारः इत्युच्यते।

Darkness within darkness
अंधकारमध्ये अंधकारः।

The gateway to all understanding
सर्वप्रज्ञां प्रति निर्गमः।

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