22 October 2017

Tattoos Sentences Translation for Nikki M. Carlson - Noah Carslon

Santosha = संतोष

Noah [NO-a] = नोआ

Nikki [NIH-kee] = निकी

bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh
ममास्थीनामस्थि मम मांसस्य मांसं च

embrace = आलिंग

for my lover is mine and i am his [spoken by female to male]
यतः मम प्रियः मदीयः अस्ति च तस्यास्मि च

for my lover is mine and i am hers [spoken by male to female]
यतः मम प्रिया मदीयास्ति च तस्याः अस्मि

two became one flesh = द्वौ एकीकृतौ

forever my love = शाश्वतं मम प्रेम

forever my lovely = शाश्वतं मम प्रिया(female)/प्रियः(male)


embrace = อ้อมกอด

Honor = ด้วยเกียรติ

[ meaning "to live up to or fulfill the terms of as in honor a commitment]

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