06 January 2015

Translation of Words for Tattoo of Nikhil N. Patel

Sanskrit :

AANIKA = आनिका

12/08/2014 = १२/०८/२०१४

05/03/2009 = ०५/०३/२००९

Life needs joy in order to survive
जीवनं जीवितुमानंदमपेक्षते

True religion is in one's soul
सत्यधर्मः स्वात्मनि अस्ति

The pure unadultered love of one can nullify the hatred of millions
शुद्धादूषितप्रेमैकस्य सर्वेषां तिरस्कारः विफलीकरोति

Aariyana (pronounced aa-ree-ya-na) = आरीयाना

Gujarati :
Aariyana (pronounced aa-ree-ya-na) = આરીયાના

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