31 October 2013

Sanskrit Translation of English Sentences for Tattoo of Fabian Gonzalez

Life is a song, sing it. Life is a game, play it.
जीवनं गीतमस्ति तं गाय। जीवनं क्रीडास्ति तां क्रीड।

Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a dream, realize it.
जीवनमाह्वानमस्ति तं संमिल। जीवनं स्वप्नः अस्ति तं प्रत्यक्षीकुरु।

Life is a sacrifice, offer it. Life is love, enjoy it.
जीवनं बलिदानमस्ति तं प्रयच्छ। जीवनं प्रेमास्ति तमनुभव।

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