26 August 2012

Sanskrit Translations for Tessa Parkinson

The understanding of when to act and when not to act, what is to be done and what is not to be done,
what is to be feared and what is not to be feared, what is limiting and what will create opportunities,
is in the quality of self-trust.
यदा कर्तव्यं यदा न कर्तव्यं किं कर्तव्यं किमकर्तव्यं कस्माद्भेतव्यं कस्मान्न भेतव्यं यन्नियन्त्रणं यदवकाशकारीत्येतस्य ज्ञानमात्मप्रत्ययगुणाय

Stay strong = बलवती भव

Build your own style = तव स्वपद्धतिं निर्मायस्व

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