10 June 2012

Sanskrit Translations for Stewart Spooner - Fisher Price

Samuel [Sam-yu-el] and Joseph [Jo-se-ff] = सॅम्युएल जोसेफ च

Be wise [clever] and Learn from your surroundings and experiences in your lifetime
चतुरौ भव च तव जीवनकालेषु तव परिस्थितिभ्यः अनुभवेभ्यश्च शिक्षेथां च

Seek fulfillment and happiness in those you love and may god protect you and watch over you always
तव प्रियजनेषु पूरणमानंदं चान्विष्यतं च देवः युवां रक्षतु सदैवावेक्षतां च

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