24 July 2011

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Sentence Translation for Rae Gadd Aaron

We [two] support each other in the changes happening in our lives and we [two] grow together
आवयोः जीवनयोः भवत्सु परिवर्तनेषु परस्परं धारयावश्चैकत्र वर्धावहे च

Aaron Roger [aa-ron rodge-jer] = आरॉन रॉजर

24.07.2009 = २४.०७.२००९

Rae [Ray] = रे

24.07.2009 = २४.०७.२००९

Eli Rogic [ee-lie rodge-jik] = ईली रॉजिक

21.05.2011 = २१.०५.२०११

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