19 May 2012

English to Sanskrit Tattoos Sentence Translation for Lovy Pradeep‏

For Pope Benedict, Bishop Clark, all bishops, priests, religious and lay ministers who lead our Church, we pray
सर्वोच्चधर्मगुरवे बेनेडिक्टमहाशयाय मुख्यधर्मगुरवे क्लर्कमहाशयाय सर्वमुख्यधर्मगुरुभ्यः धर्मगुरुभ्यः धार्मिकसाधारणधर्मगुरुभ्यः ये अस्माकं प्रार्थनास्थलं नयंति प्रार्थयामहे

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