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Thank you so much! It looks amazing. I am blown away by the quickness of how this whole process worked. I can tell you are passionate about this language because you are making sure people have the true translations. Once again, thank you!
Kristi Capriglione‏

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and truly fantastic assistance. Know that every time I look at my new tattoo, a little part of me will always remember and appreciate the fact that you were willing to give this advice for free when it is worth much. Your service fills a large gap. Anyone wanting a translation to Sanskrit should contact you immediately. I can’t thank you enough.
Scott Forsyth

Thank you so much for making really special Sanskrit translations come into fruition for me. This is the only web-site of it's nature on-line; it's comprehensive & accessible. I appreciate the time & care that you took in making sure that I received optimal results. It's obvious that you are both adept & passionate about what you do to help people attain their translations. I am totally elated with the Sanskrit translations that I received from you!!!
Alanna Gisele Lewis

Thank you so much for the translation! Thank you very much for your fast and caring work! I will always be grateful and be reminded of you whenever I look at my tattoo. My skin and I will be forever grateful!
Henrique Moreira

26 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Sentence for Tattoo of Francesca Venturelli

शरीरं परिवर्तते आत्मा स्थिरः अस्ति

21 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Sentence for Tattoo of Hunter Correll

God is Love = देवः प्रेमास्ति

18 March 2017

Sanskrit Tattoos Mantra Translation for Jonathan S. Ladwig

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
असतो मा सद्गमय
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय
ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः

16 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Name for Tattoo of Dieter Van Oost

Pascale [Pas-kal] = पॅस्कॅल

14 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Sentence for Tattoo of Carson Pendleton

Only God can judge me = केवलं देवः मां विज्ञातुं शक्नोति

12 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Sentence for Tattoo of Tinamarie Sexton

I forgive forget = क्षमे विस्मरामि

11 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Phrase for Tattoo of Shelly Jelly

Path to Enlightenment = मोक्षमार्ग

07 March 2017

Sanskrit Translation of Word for Tattoo of Kim Brooks

courage = धैर्य
I am thankful to Prof. B.C.Ramesh, Associate Professor of Sanskrit, Tunga Mahavidyalaya, Tirthahalli, Karnataka for being Honorary Consultant of this Translation Website.

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